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More US gay couples adopting children

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Wells 15 Jun 2011, 5:53pm

    LOL the woman in the picture looks like Hillary Clinton.

    1. A really ROUGH Hilary.

  2. Excellent news!
    Just think of of all those children that will get the chance at a loving normal life? What a beautiful thought.

    However, what makes me laugh. You know how all the anti-gay lot accuse us “Evil Gays” of trying to destroy the traditional family? Well when they try to ban Marriage Equality or strip us of our civil rights, they are the one destroying families. Not us, them.

  3. Jock S. Trap 16 Jun 2011, 9:00am

    Glad to hear more are adopting.
    It’s certainly positive news but as for Utah and Mississippi they should hang their heads in shame.

  4. The title should say:


    1. Edwin in Colorado 16 Jun 2011, 10:40pm

      Sottom I suppose you would rather see them in homes with abusive homes or wtih their natural parent or parents. Then get killed my same said parents.
      when parents split the children are the ones who pay for it.

    2. I agree they are being so confused.poor kids

  5. This is good news and shows that the gays are stepping up to do the job. Where are all the Christians who bitch about abortion and yet they care less about adopting kids. They don’t even care about their own kids who get raped and abused by Catholic priest.

  6. These children will not have a normal life!A child needs a Mother and Father,It will be so confusing wondering why the heck they got two moms.And not the regular U.S family with the dad.Brainwashing these kids,your just plain sick!and believe me it’s against God,and another thing I can say whateva I want cuz I got freedom of speech Forget Gay Rights!Yall are just a bunch of walking Aids!Yall need to get saved an come to God. o.O

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