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Tracy Morgan promises amends for anti-gay rant

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  1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 11:38am

    Poor Tracy.

    Having apologised for a joke (which was funny and illuminating) he now is being used as a pawn to what is now defined as right.

    It was a joke. It was illuminating a element of a problem.

    1. So you think someone saying they’d kill their son if they were gay was funny? Yeah right, fukcin hysterical. I thought I had a sick sense of humour. And what does it illuminate other than that he is homophobic? Please explain and illuminate me?

      1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 12:21pm


        The joke is about a man killing his son because he is gay. Its not that it is funny. Not all comedy illicts laughter. The reason why people feel uncomfortable is what makes the comment funny. Again, not ha ha ha.

        Ever heard of black comedy? Of comedy that isn’t about punchline. The type of comedy that is ‘nighty night’? Psycholoville? …?

        The joke wasn’t literal or even offensive and seeing as he apologised for it (which i wish he stood by and further illuminated his point) I think people should really get over it.

        Tracy Morgan has had more comments on this site than many other larger stories. I wonder why.

        1. You wonder why? Cause he said that he’d kill his own son if he was gay to a packed theatre who cheered and laughed? There are kids killing themselves in america because they are made to be so bad about being gay, and you think a bit of black comedy is funny? IDIOT. And also because some undergraduate diverted a homophobic news story to being about how racist the gay community is, all because one troll was racist on pink news.

          1. Staircase2 14 Jun 2011, 4:57pm

            Now thats simply not fair or true.
            Lola wrote a comment. A very fair and reasoned comment. The fact that you lot chose to spend more time arguing with her and trying to belittle her point says nothing about her or her comment and everything about you and why you lot are on here in the first place.
            Far from ‘diverting’ a homophobic news story she added to it.
            But ‘breadth’ and ‘depth’ aren’t generally the two words which are most demonstrated on here most of the time.
            If you’re all bright enough to write a comment then please make it a bright comment eh? All this mindless, negative attention seeking bollocks drives me insane.

        2. Tracy Morgan isn’t as intelligent as you think he is. If he was he would either a) have kept his opinions to himself or b) he would now not be apologising and instead have some conviction and backbone and stand by what he said. As it is he has just made himself look more of a prat. If I were a bullied gay teen he’s the last person I’d want visiting me to offer his sympathies.

        3. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2011, 2:37pm

          Yet people in his audience were laughing, cheering and applauding his comments.

          It’s one thing to know who your appalled at but quite another to know there were clearly many supporting this that we but don’t know who they are.

          Why isn’t he addressing those of the like of his audience and publically telling Them how wrong he was?

        4. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2011, 2:48pm

          “The joke wasn’t literal or even offensive”

          Wow dunno what planet your on mr.
          On this one the issue of getting a knife and stabbing ones own son just on the theory of his son happening to be Gay is Very offensive.
          I can remember my own father before I came out telling us that all Gays should be lined up and shot, not a great help in me coming out but hey-ho so long as you don’t find it offensive.
          (Should point out I still came out at 15 which was tricky enough and he is very supportive of me).

          Prehaps you should explain your theory to the 15 year who is being bullied at school no-one to turn to home and make it clearly why killing someone just because they are Gay isn’t damaging nor offensive and why hearing aggressive abusive language like this isn’t a reason he/she should kill themselves.

          We are supposed to be moving away from this deeply damaging language in the effort of telling youngsters ‘It Gets Better’.

          1. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2011, 2:49pm

            Yet where is this pillocks ‘comedy’ speaks does it suggest things are getting better for anyone?

            Yet again some don’t think of the deeper impact of such comments and the consequences.

          2. Staircase2 14 Jun 2011, 4:46pm


        5. Staircase2 14 Jun 2011, 4:48pm

          “The reason why people feel uncomfortable is what makes the comment funny” what a crock of unthought out lazy nonsense.

          1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 5:29pm

            I don’t need you to agree with me. So keep your language clean. I’m not being offensive to you. How easily we do it to ourselves?

            There are many jokes that border on poor taste this in your opinion may be one.

            It gets better campaign is, where? A few months ago, on everyones lips, now?

            I stand by the fact that it is a joke. That it is also a very telling joke. And that the person making the joke is just that, making it. He didn’t create the problem and he isn’t making it worse.

            If your first reaction wasn’t offence maybe you could read this news story from a different standpoint.

    2. This is not dark humour he has been homophobic before and as for the not literal. He made it literal. this was not Dark humour and it was not illuminating. You seem to think this is deep and meaningful have you ever seen Tracy Morgans act he’s not one for deep and meaningful.

      1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 5:30pm

        That is exactly the point.

        Because it is surface and lacking deep meaning is why you could to the conclusion that the joke crossed a line.


        1. burningworm 16 Jun 2011, 1:20pm


          The joke lacked depth which gives it its meaning.

  2. See its the comment above that gets genderqueer students up in arms and taking to the internet to post an essay about racism in the gay community. Can we just ignore the troll please.

    1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 12:09pm


      Insults? And you are queer?

      Present your argument.

      A purpose of comedy is to illuminate.

      My comment incites you to write an essay about racism?

      I’m queer and i argue with my peers a lot.

      Good luck

      1. Turn to the other Tracy Morgan story on this site and see the 200 odd comments that were sparked off cause someone whined in an essay the very obvious “why can’t we all just get along”.

        1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 12:16pm

          I’m not saying ‘why can’t we’.

          My comment incites you to write an essay about racism?

          What is your argument.

          Queer isn’t a tag, its an action.

          1. Why ask someone to write an essay about racism? Why don’t you write one about homophobia that you find funny? That’s what this is about HOMO FUKCING PHOBIA. Can we stop going on about racism. Comedian is homophobic, that’s the story. And what’s this I’m not a tag I’m an action? What the fukc are you going on about?

          2. Sweet jesus… you read a comment in full ever?! I was making reference to the essay/article/story ‘thing’ by Lola Olson re racist comments made towards Tracy Morgan when he said his anti gay jokes. Comments made on Pink News and Facebook compelled Lola to post that writing as she had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and realised people sometimes just don’t like other people. And as for ‘queer’, I’m not, I’m gay.

          3. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 12:24pm


            I suggest you read the comments. And then make a comment. Because nothing you have typed directed at me makes any sense.

          4. Comment above for burningworm

        2. @CMYB

          It was a bit more than “why cant we all get along” and it was evidential of problems in various communities … lets not pretend otherwise

        3. Staircase2 14 Jun 2011, 4:52pm

          Thats not actually what she said at all – and you know it. I don’t believe for a second you’re so stupid as to not understand what Lola actually said.
          But I’m now beginning to see that you’re getting off on the disinformation simply because it gives you some extra limelight. The words ‘big’ ‘ish’ ‘fish’ and ‘little pond’ spring to mind…..
          Shame on you in your little pond….

          1. The words ‘can’t’ string’ ‘a’ decent’ ‘sentence’ ‘together’ come to mind with you arsecase2.

    2. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 12:25pm

      Fair enough i misread.

      But i don’t see how my comment would make genderqueer students take up arms.

      I don’t see it.

    3. “genderqueer” oh please. sounds like some pretentious rubbish.

      1. Staircase2 14 Jun 2011, 4:44pm

        Lol As opposed to the word ‘gay’ which is of course FAR more informative…

        1. yes i agree gay is more informative than the vague”genderqueer”. Thanks for supporting my point.

          1. Don’t expect Staircase to support anyone’s point of view. The name staircase intrigues me though, I was going to suggest that like a stairs more men have gone up him than he cares to remember but I’m probably wrong.

      2. I agree rapture. It’ll soon be LGBTQGQIHPFBD. Maybe it’ll eventually be an anagram that we can rearrange to form one word that actually makes sense.

        1. burningworm 16 Jun 2011, 1:21pm

          Lets hope so.

          Everyone is welcome.

  3. Tracy Morgan promises to make lots of PR moves until we all pretend he isn’t a gross bigot.

    Sadly, some fools fall for this crap.

  4. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2011, 12:12pm

    Gotta time machine has he?

  5. This apology is a better attempt than the previous one. We’ve all said things that sounded much funnier in our heads than when spoken aloud. If he has truly realised that he screwed up then he should be given the benefit of the doubt. But – we’ll be watching. Now, I want to hear apology from the loathsome bigots in the audience who laughed along, rather than sitting there in horrified silence.

  6. Insincere to the point of nausea. pr backtracking. What’s he gonna do , pick up a tranny hooker like the homophobe eddy murphy and proclaim to be a godly christian giving a gurl a ride home from the wrong side of town, actually he probably does ride em home already, hypocritical bigots like him fit the prototype.

  7. Staircase2 14 Jun 2011, 4:43pm

    This all now strikes me as even odder given that we now learn that his dad died from AIDS. I also found out yesterday from trying to figure out who he was that his character in 30 Rock is ‘a homophobe’. Curiouser and curiouser.

    1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 5:33pm

      Character. As in role?

      I have followed his career if you knew his style of comedy you wouldn’t take offence.

  8. Sam Maloney 14 Jun 2011, 8:12pm

    You’d think a black guy whose father died of AIDS and has a disabled brother would have some understanding of issues of discrimination and bigotry…

    But then again, he’s never struck me as particularly bright.

    If nothing else, the response of his audience and his defenders have served to remind me that no matter how supportive and enlightened my own circle of friends and family are, there’s a wider world of hate that needs to be confronted and engaged. The struggle is far from over…

  9. Two meetings? Bollocks. Empty words – a facile faux-pology. He dropped his mask – and what was underneath was ugly indeed.

    Morgan should donate money ( a LOTof it) to the Trevor Project and other organizations (MORE than one) that serve queer youth in crisis. And serve regular shifts for two weeks at shelters for abandoned and abused LGBT kids.

    Kevin Morgan’s original report of this is chilling. It wasn’t “A joke” (one, singular), It was about the twelfth statement in his arrogant and callous “rant.” Capped with . . . “then said he didn’t F-ng care if he pissed off some gays, because if they can take a F-king dick up their ass… they can take a F-ng joke.”

    Not a joke. And to Tracy Morgan: “F-ck you.”

  10. jamestoronto 15 Jun 2011, 4:25am

    A better suggestion than stabbing your son, Tracy, why not give the KKK your street address so they can drive up blow your brains out for the whole neighbourhood to watch and roar at. Funny, eh? Just hilarious I thought. You are one sick F–K. I would be terrified to be a child of yours. Apologise all you want for the homophobic rants. As a gay person I am offended. BUT for stating so forthrightly that you would kill a child – yes I know you said ‘stab’ but the implication is there – is absolutely unforgivable. NOTHING you can say will ever erase that from my mind. I am offended as a human being and I am insulted that I have share the same planet as you.

  11. Wim in Holland 15 Jun 2011, 9:04am

    Will somebody control if he hasn”t a knife somewhere before he “meets” the youngsters.

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