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Coronation Street star gets anti-gay abuse on Twitter

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Reader comments

  1. Good to hear that twitter have suspended the account … I hope the police are involved and deal with this appropriately – using correct legislation (ie aggravated by hatred offences)

  2. Has he reported the account and what was the result for inciting hatred online?

    1. It says in the article the account was suspended.

      1. so they can just go set up a new one under another alias? I meant had he reported to the police like he said he would and what did they do?

        1. Soz, i didn’t realise. Is telling someone they hope they will die illegal? Someone told me to kill myself (twice) on pink news the other day.

          1. In some circumstance it is …

            I think you were quite laid back the other day, Eddy

          2. who told you to kill yourself, was it Pepa by any chance funny how what he says is fine but ours is bullying

          3. I get that all the time , that they hope gays like me burn and die in severe pain etc etc, its so often on youtube , you kinda get desensietised to it , its so common.

  3. Good for him for taking action. And if the comments get threatening then absolutely report them to the police (if people can sue twitter over super injunctions, we can certainly expect action over threats).

    Threats aside – If I was him, I would not take hurtful remarks too seriously and keep in mind John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Theory – Start with a normal person, add anonymity, add audience, and you sometimes get a complete dickwad as the outcome.

    Most people who talk tough on forums like Twitter (or, indeed, the trolls on PN) would not say boo to a goose in person and are really not worthy of a great deal of concern.

  4. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2011, 4:08pm

    Glad Twitter took action.
    Would they have if it wasn’t an actor though?
    I hope so.
    Good for Anthony for standing up against this.

  5. Always report an incident of homophobia however trivial it might seem. It’s the only way to show that we are not prepared to be insulted and that we mean business. Well don Antony! Blacks and Asians have done it for years and so now must we.

  6. ‘Threatened to call people’? What does that mean? Should it have been ‘threatened to call the police’?

    1. Yup,some other junior ‘reporter’ who can’t be arsed to use any kind of editing aides,lol! Or simply just do a quick scan of what’s been written before hitting ‘send’!

  7. Anyway, it’s a bit rich to have homophobic abuse coming from someone whose username sounds like it’s condoning bestiality.

  8. it is possible to track down the sender (well narrow it down to a router) I hope th police investigate and bring this vile filth to court.


    1. Paddyswurds 14 Jun 2011, 7:58pm

      It may be possible to track depending on the stupidity of the tweeter.
      If they used a proxy ip or a PAYG phone then it is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to trace.
      However homophobes of this sort are usually too thick to have thought out the implications and so will most likely be easy traced.

  9. Chances are most of the gay hate came from Christians who hate gays. Like that cop who was Mr. Gay UK, chances are the Christians set him up. I am a gay Christian and the Christians are always trying to make trouble for me, some even threatened to kill me.

    1. I dont thinks so. None of the convicts of Hate Gay assault have ever been christians

  10. He doesnt do himself any favours the way he acts. Hes a queen.

    1. and thats wrong how …?

      Its not how I choose to live, but ….

    2. So if he doesn’t act “butch” like I’m sure you do, then he’s just setting himself up for abuse? Wow, James, you sound like a homophobe who likes to suck dick.

      1. Patrick Lyster-Todd 15 Jun 2011, 3:21pm

        .. and what’s wrong with being a queen? Better than being a twat, James …

  11. You only have to see some of the comments on you tube to see the amount homophobia on the net

  12. Poor girl is mad because she sees a HOT HUNK she can’t have. Some straight women can’t stand to know they can’t have a handsome and charming man, even if they are not qualify to have such a man. I hope she learns.

    1. Chutneybear 15 Jun 2011, 10:48am

      lol, you’re hilarious,flaps to that

      1. You’re being humerous,yes?! A ‘hot hunk’?! This IS Sean from Corrie we’re talking about,lol!

  13. Dan Filson 15 Jun 2011, 1:56am

    “CORONATION STREET STAR GETS ANTI-GAY ABUSE ON TWITTER” I’m truly astonished he hasn’t from the very first day he appeared on Corrie. Is this really the first instance?

    1. Hahahahahahaha,bloody well said,that man!

  14. Eddy - from 2007 15 Jun 2011, 12:24pm

    I’ll be impressed if the police DO investigate this sufficiently to expose and charge the person involved.
    For this is exactly the kind of action that is needed to send out the message that expression of homophobia will not be accepted.

    1. I think the biggest problems will be identifying the user – if the are using a PAYG mobile then it may not be possible to trace them – or if they are outside the UK jurisdiction this may be a problem also.

  15. I’m sure that Anthony knows to keep his dignity when holding his corner. He’s quite within his rights to say what he has done, even though I feel sure he could add a great deal more!
    Anthony seems to be true to himself – a quality that many people could do well to take to heart.

    1. very well said barry :)

  16. “Don’t worry tweeps,I’m not upset,she looks like Worzel Gummidge” Oh,very adult & mature.Christ! Either report it to the bizzies or don’t,depending on whether you want to take it that far,Mr Cotton.But ffs,stop bleeding twittering on about your life,you aint THAT important!

  17. burningworm 17 Jun 2011, 12:13pm

    Its great that Twitter removed the account. That is where it should end.

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