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14 June 2011

  • 14th June 2011

    French parliament rejects gay marriage bill 62

    The French government rejected gay marriage (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    6:10 PM — The French parliament has rejected a bill designed to give gay couples the right to marry. Today, lawmakers voted by 293 votes to 222 to block the bill, which was not expected to pass.

  • Protest held at Northern Ireland ‘gay cure’ conference 49

    'Gay cure' advocates say finding God can help people turn straight

    5:58 PM — Around 50 gay activists held a protest today outside a small 'gay cure' conference held in Northern Ireland. The event, held by the Core Issues Group, featured David Pickup, an American speaker who says gay people can be turned straight.

  • Former Mr Gay UK ‘devastated’ by rape charge

    Mark Carter denies rape and sexual assault

    5:16 PM — A policeman and former Mr Gay UK has told a court he was "devastated" at being charged with rape after a Christmas night out with colleagues. PC Mark Carter, from Birkenshaw, was charged with sexually assaulting three men and raping a fourth in December 2009.

  • Gay campaigners welcome mosque’s pledge 121

    One of the stickers which appeared in the area earlier this year

    4:34 PM — Gay rights campaigners have welcomed what they say is the first significant promise from the East London Mosque to stop hosting homophobic speakers. Earlier this week, a letter signed by 12 activists, including writers Julie Bindel and Paul Burston, said it was clear that there was a religious campaign in east London to intimidate gay people.

  • Coronation Street star gets anti-gay abuse on Twitter 34

    Antony Cotton said he had to stand up for himself

    3:24 PM — Coronation Street star Antony Cotton threatened to call people after being on the receiving end of anti-gay abuse on Twitter. The actor, who plays Sean Tully in the soap, was told by user ‘kittykatlovex’: "I hope you get AIDS and die you freak."

  • US defence secretary says progress on gay ban could come this month 14

    The ban is set to be repealed this year

    3:10 PM — US defence secretary Robert Gates says he sees no bar to repealing the military gay ban and could endorse the change at the end of this month. Speaking to Associated Press, Mr Gates said he will back progress if the chiefs of the military recommend moving forward at the end of this month.

  • 125 complaints over EastEnders gay bed scene 126

    Viewers complained over Syed and Christian's scene

    1:40 PM — At least 125 people have complained over an EastEnders scene which showed a gay couple lying in bed. Viewers complained that the episode, broadcast before the watershed, was inappropriate and could "confuse" children.

  • Tracy Morgan promises amends for anti-gay rant 43

    Tracy Morgan promised to make amends (Photo: Alex Erde)

    11:19 AM — Comedian Tracy Morgan has promised to meet teenage victims of homophobia in an effort to make up for an anti-gay rant. The 30 Rock star sparked outrage when he said at a recent gig that homophobic bullying was "insignificant" and that he would "stab" his own son if he came out.

  • Another lesbian blogger exposed as a man 45

    'Paula Brooks' is Bill Graber (Photo: Bill Graber/Washington Post)

    10:43 AM — Another blogger who claimed to be a lesbian has been exposed as a middle-aged, heterosexual man. 'Paula Brooks', the executive editor of LezGetReal.com, is actually 58-year-old Bill Graber, a former Air Force pilot and construction worker from Ohio.

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