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Watch: Viral video shows the impact of homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Becks 10 Jun 2011, 4:37pm

    Such a powerful video and a very worthy cause.

  2. Another Hannah 10 Jun 2011, 4:41pm

    excellent, a charity that actually gives to those who don’t have much………and need some tangible help……

  3. Hows comes homophobic groups like LIFE and the Catholic church seem to benefit from the “big society”, but groups like the Albert kennedy trust do not?

    1. Religious Privilege!

      I have just researched 12 months of my councils spending lists and the council gave in total to religionists £6.7 Million and Nothing to the gay community. When I get the FoI request back from the Council stating as such, I’m going Public!

    2. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 8:51am

      When it boils down to it there is nothing stop any one of us from volunteering to causes like the Albert Kennedy Trust.
      To make sure that those vunerable are looked after.
      The big society isn’t about money it’s about people.
      LIFE and the Catholic Church, as well as the Terence Higgins Trust haven’t benefited from the “big society” they’ve benefited from the government.
      The Big Society is about people helping people, not necessarily money.

      1. the big society should be about respecting all members too. I dont think the tories respect us gays

      2. Thats a false analogy. The terrence Higgins trust does good things, life does not.
        I agree with James (ahhhh). The big society is about funnelling money to groups who have been left behind by the majority of society (catholic church, right wing protestants, evangelicals) in order to try and strengthen these dying institutions.

        1. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 12:13pm

          But money isn’t involved in the Big Society.
          It is about people helping others.
          What your saying is what pisses me off about religion in that they feel we can’t do anything good and decent unless your religious.
          Thats total crap.
          Labour have left this country so nasty, greedy and selfish where people don’t do anything unless there is something in it for them.
          Waiting for hand out and for somebody else to do it.
          Well I have never fallen for that.
          I do give my time to helping others and always will, without the need for prompting or money.
          The majority of people helping others are not religious and it’s not about money, it about time.

          1. I doubt very much you can blame labour for making some people nasty and greedy. The big society is about money; its a continuation of privatisation projects since the 1980’s whereby council and government services are put out to tender to be run by private institutions that have an agenda.
            I suggest you read some history as well; the people who found and run organisations like centre point or AKT, or THT or MIND, are overwhelmingly labour supporters, so dont attack all of them.

            Times all well and good, but it needs money as well, and some people (oftentimes the working poor) dont have any free time as they are working numerous jobs.

            If the conservatives really believed in a big society they should devolve responsibility for most services to local government, who can be held accountable at the ballot box.

          2. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 4:08pm

            If you think helping people is all about money then I guess that says it all about you.
            You insult the many who go out of their way to help within the community from young to old, they’re are many people happy to do this work, without being paid just the reward of doing something.
            There are So many good people who do this work and so many more who will from all classes.

            Labour left a society that relied on handouts.

            You clearly would be surprised the amount of people who, unlike you put others first not just themselves.

            This is the Big Society, it has been going forever, it has just gotten a different to it.
            Not all of us live by greed and self importance.
            Helping others can actually be so much fun too.

          3. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 4:09pm

            This is the Big Society, it has been going forever, it has just gotten a different ‘name’ to it.

          4. Wow, could you try to mischaracterise what I said anymore. Jock, calm down, my disagreement with a tory policy isnt an attack on you personally, try not to be so defensive.

            Where did I say people only do things for monetary reward? Was it when i mentioned institutions such as centrepoint that do excellent work for no monetary gain whatsoever?

            My point is that the vast majority of helpful charitable organisations need support from the state in order to continue. Especially organisations like centrepoint or drug rehab programmes, as those who are the weakest in society oftentimes are the ones least likely to receive large charitable donations.

            The Tory vision of a big society is no different from the tory social policy of the 19th century and in tghe 1980’s. It suggests that care of the most vulnerable is not the responsibility of the state, but must rather instead be taken care of by philanthropy. Well guess what, its a historical FACT that it didnt work. The failure of such a…

          5. … approach led to the creation of the labour movt, and of the creation of the social democratic state that was formed in 1945; which said that the state has a responsibility to care for the sick, the elderly and the unemployed, and the care of such groups must not be dependent on the charitable donations of the rich.

            Now pay attention to this jock, as I would hate for you to mischaracterise me again; I am in NO WAY arguing that the vast majority of people who donate time and moneyt to charity are not doing excellent work, of course they are, no one could claim otherwise. I am merely highlighting that it is not enough, charities need regulation, direction and funding from govt sources.

            If you really want to learn some facts about how charities work, you should search on google for the works of a fella named Etzioni, who founded the modern theory of communitarianism (an idea that Cameron uses in rhetoric but not in reality).

            The work of Etzioni in the USA illustrates that…

          6. .. have the highest taxes and the largest states (that is most generous welfare systems, unionised public workforce, strong public sector) such as Massachusetts, Delaware, New Hampshire, New york, Vermont also had the most vibrant charitable sector (in terms of time and money donation). Whereas states that adopted the “welfare is a handout” approach, and thus had weak unions and small public sector, such as Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, alabama – actually had the smallest charity sector.

            Thus the EVIDENCE suggest that you cannot have a big society (in terms of a vibrant charitable sector) unless you have a strong social democratic state.

          7. big soviety is an extension of care in the community which has helped to stigmatise mental health issues. and if you don’t volunteer you will be called selfish

          8. Jock S. Trap 12 Jun 2011, 7:37am

            Scott it’s not me I’m defending, it those others that do incredible work in helping others.
            I guess the difference between you and I is that you are bias to one party whereas I am not so you will always view something another party does as wrong, plain and simple.
            Truth is had the Labour party come up with the ‘Big Society’ you would have been shouting it’s good deeds from the rafters even though it would have meant the same thing whatever party did it.
            I don’t see the point in being like that.

            On another person I would attack is the Archcreepy-bishop of Canterbury this week who attacked the coalition.
            Not only should he keep his conk out of politics he view of the Big Society made me laugh.
            You, Scott, clearly share his view (mainly because it isn’t Labour) but when the Big Society is about people helping others I have to wonder that the old tramp wants.
            There’s no winning it seems.

          9. Jock S. Trap 12 Jun 2011, 7:39am

            I will apologise though I wasn’t attacking you in Any way just commenting so I apologise for you being a senitive soul.

        2. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 12:18pm

          Weither you agree or disagree there are plenty who think LIFE and the Catholic Church may do good things.
          My point was that it’s about other peoples time.
          None of them benefit financial ie money isn’t given via the Big Society.

          1. yes until they find out youre LBGT. don’t be a mug jock

          2. Jock S. Trap 12 Jun 2011, 7:41am

            Not getting what you mean, James!
            Even you know I don’t think much of religion so I don’t get what your comment is referring?

          3. … such services will be provided to all irrespective of religious belief or sexuality. Call me old fashioned but I quite like public services that can be accessed by atheist gays. And before you do your typical “but labour did it first” routine, I will say that part of the thing I hated about new labour was its inclusion of religion in public services such as education.

            So in reality, you are unfortunately so blinded by hatred of the labour party you cannot see that the governments policies are damaging the charitable sector. For example look at the warnings by the charity commissioner.

            Also Jock ad hominem attacks from you in no way effect me, I just wish you would actually read what I have written and then give an honest response as to why you disagree with me. However, given past debates with you, I know this is unlikely.

          4. Jock S. Trap 12 Jun 2011, 12:21pm

            “so blinded by hatred of the labour party” WTF
            Thats your response? Seriously
            Get a grip.
            I get fed up of repeating my selfish to you I don’t have loyalty to ANY party either like or dislike.
            If any party talks to ME at the general election that is who I vote for weither it be Labour, Lib Dem, Tory etc.
            You so soaked up and consumed by Labour you can’t see two feet in front of you whereas I am much more balanced and will see things from different aspects.
            Your immature response esp the piece about reading what you’ve written are a poor excuse as I wouldn’t be responding in the first place if i hadn’t read your comments.
            It is the whole reason I am replying but your too immature to listen to debate, yet again.
            So like before I won’t bother responding, it’ just not worth it.

        3. Once again Jock you mischaracterise opposition to you opinion. While i make no denial to being left wing, I am not patisan, I have voted for Labour, Lib dems and SDLP in the past and will choose whatever party I view as being the best.

          In defence of the archbishop, he didnt actually attack the big society he said the govt approach to it was confused and that people were worried it was a cover for cuts.

          Also you seem to imply that I was attacking those who do hard work for others, clearly you have not read my posts. What i said was such noble people need support from the government to fully meet their organisations aims.

          The reason I attack the big society is because is just a massive PR project with no real substance (much like labour programmes such as ASBO’s or “the big conversation”). I also dislike it due to the governments declaration that it is a way of getting religious organisations more involved in the provision of services, despite the fact there is no guarentee that…

  4. PumpkinPie 10 Jun 2011, 6:08pm

    Wow. That was really quite jarring. Especially the bits with Paul O’Grady and Ian McKellan.
    Showing this happening to people we see as celebrities just added an extra layer of surreal unpleasantness to it. Excellent use of celeb participation.

  5. That was really good. Made a powerful point effectively. Well done AKT.

  6. Well done to AKT, a brilliant charity. Could PinkNews perhaps pay for this wonderful ad to appear somewhere like ITV or Channel 4?

  7. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 8:47am

    A strong ad dealing with some of the issues we face.
    The Reason why the Albert Kennedy Trust is very important and a worthy cause.
    Not one of us can honestly say we wouldn’t end up like this.
    We tend to take what we have for granted for ourselves and others.

  8. bluejovanka 11 Jun 2011, 11:59am

    an excellent cause, everyone should get behind this one

  9. Brian Souter – the homophobic Scottish business man who ran the hateful Keep The Clause Campaign has been knighted in today’s birthday honours. Please sign the petition to register your disgust at this.

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 4:11pm

      OK not someone I would say deserved it I agree but very much doubt a knighthood would be removed.

    2. Yep all those idiots cheering for that silly wedding should remember that we are not welcome

    3. The knighthood was probably a result of a recommendation by the SNP – basically ‘cash for honours’

      1. Jock S. Trap 12 Jun 2011, 7:47am

        Think you hit the nail on the head there Dave!

  10. Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals Christians have been proven to spend millions of dollars and man power to stop gay marriage and the “gay agenda” in America.
    The problem is gays are being tricked by the Christian who have gay connections to tell the gays that “other people and groups” are to blame, so the gays spend their time and money chasing after people who have nothing to do with gay marriage. Somebody wake up the American gays and remind them the proof has been found it is the Catholics, Mormons and Evangelical Christians who are stopping gay marriage and the gay agenda and soon gays if the gays don’t wake up and see this. Don’t be tricked it is the Christians who are gunning for the gays.

  11. lady tanya 12 Jun 2011, 7:46am

    wow what a powerful video when will it be on TV

  12. Mark Healey 12 Jun 2011, 11:38pm

    Very impressed with the Albert Kennedy Trust and the good work that they do, good to see this video making an impact too.

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