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Middle East

Tens of thousands expected at Tel Aviv Gay Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Hope the TelAviv Pride goes well.

    I expect that if Jerusalem tries to have a Pride this year that the cancerous bigotry of the jewish, christian and muslim cults will yet again raise its ugly, bigotted head.

    Religion is so disgusting. It really has nothing of value to offer the world.

    1. Always have to twist the knife with your personal anti-religious vendetta …

  2. Great post, David.

  3. Jock S. Trap 10 Jun 2011, 3:27pm

    Sound like a good time to be had!!

  4. I think the radicals need to get a better slogan writer, who’s going to get that all on a wee placard,

    Good luck to them all anyway.

  5. Tens of thousands expected! It speaks volumes about attitudes of love and acceptance in parts of the world where a person might not expect this volume of participation. Happy Pride Tel Aviv.

  6. SICK!!

  7. With respect David, it should be pointed out that one of the “lessons of history” we should by now have learnt is that probably the best answer to religious bigotry is to ignore it.

    Nothing drives bigots to despair more than the fact that you just don’t care what they think or do…..

    Obviously there is the need for first-class security during the Pride as also for Intelligence gathering before and after it, – but publicly, politically, stating one’s case with a bold voice should not become adulterated with cries of “bigotry” and the like.

    When that happens, one displays weakness and a public, political sensitivity which do no good but to encourage the bigots to believe that they have struck home, – and struck well.

    That is the last thing on earth that we should be doing.

    Bigots should be left to wither on the vine……

    1. I entirely agree that vindictive attacks on bigots do not generate a positive result – usually …

  8. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 11:49am

    Will the Palestinians be present?

    1. yeah, there’s 3 Palestinian LGBT organisations and they all operate out of TLV, out of fear of being out in their own community (they get publicly humiliated, beaten up, sometimes ‘honour’ killed…)

      I live in TLV and you see a lot of Arabs + Palestinians out and around on the gay circuit here, although they definitely don’t make any fuss about being arab… they just want to fit in tbh. It’s not easy but they get by!

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