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Chloe Sevigny to play transgender assassin in British series

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Reader comments

  1. OrtharRrith 10 Jun 2011, 5:05pm

    “I’m playing a pre-op male-to-female tranny assassin.”

    Off to a great start there then! Not!

    “It’s very realistic.”

    Yes, I gave up my hitwoman job after surgery, although I still dabble with the occasional high paid hit. Anyone else still keep their toes in the business?

    Don’t you just love realism on tv?

    Something tells me the title of the show is going to be very prophetic…

    1. Unfortunately, this will just add the dispassionate targetting of trans people by the daily fail :( The best advice anyone can give is to switch it off and watch Glee instead, it’ll be more fun :)

  2. Yay, another series where those in charge don’t care how the trans community is portrayed or wants to be portrayed!

    Yay, another series where they can’t even be bothered to get trans actors in to play trans people!

    1. The casting agency for this production did ask for a pre-op TS for this part. I don’t know how any auditions went. Either badly, or they’ve copped out by casting Chloe Sevigny. Which begs the question: why was it important that they wanted a pre-op for the part in the first place? It suggested that there might be a “Crying Game” moment of revelation. Maybe not now, unless Ms Sevigny is up for a bit of prosthesis!

  3. HelenWilson 10 Jun 2011, 5:28pm

    What was the point of SKY Atlantic contacting the trans community a few months ago asking for trans women (with or without any acting experience) to try out for this part, only to then go and give the role to a cis gendered woman?

  4. Cpt Kibbles 10 Jun 2011, 6:35pm


    i would say probably to make it look as if they tried when in actuality had no intention of doing so (kind of like job advertisments where the job has already been decided on but they dont want to fall foul of the law)

    1. Abso-fcuking-lutely. They ticked the box that was expected of them and then went along with what they had already planned.

    2. I don’t think there’s a requirement to have trans actors play trans roles. Does every gay role need a gay actor? Yes her use of the word tranny was offensive but let’s not compare sky’s encouragement of trans women to audition for the role with employers who actually break employment laws. Also why can’t a transwoman be a hitman? Someone has to be! Men and woman are payed a lot of money to kill people so why can’t they also happen to be trans? How sensitively the show portrays said trans person is another thing but let’s not jump the shark, ok?

      1. lady tanya 11 Jun 2011, 5:50am

        Hi J was going to say the same thing
        and I bet we get boos for saying it.
        but you do not need to be Trans ,lesbian, or Gay to play a Trans , Lesbian, or Gay. Is Tom hanks Lay?
        is Terrance stamp Trans , is Whoopi Goldberg Lesbian ( ok that one is still for debate)
        But you get where I am coming from.
        I do think one thing, why have a GG playing the part of a Trans Woman
        They do it every time, apart from better than chocolate,

        1. Not quite every time (Jaye Davidson..) but I take your point!

          1. Are you suggesting Jaye is trans? No so, as I understand it.

      2. theres an arguement that could be made that transpeople are physically different from cispeople in real ways that are just not there with gay and straight people. a gay character can only be known to be gay if they say it or they do something that audience sees as gay while a transsexual is physically different from a cissexual person. so its more like blackface in that a minority that is physically different is played by members of the majority, thus limiting the impact of actual members of the minority on the greater public.

        1. Physically different, eh? Having thought about the issue of such casting deeply over the years, the more you can persuade producers to cast men, or to plaster women in prosthetic stubble, brow ridges, enhanced chins, adam’s apples, barrel chests, and lots of body hair, and have them adopt weird voices, shave back their hair lines, behave like first-time-out-dressed cross-dressers (as in ‘Transamerica’),and use such terms as “tranny” and “GG”, to play “transgenders”, the safer it makes things for those of us who just need to be seen as women. Even more so if they are playing “mad, bad, or dangerous to know”, deceitful, aggressive characters, like assassins.

          I can only speculate that any trans actresses who were auditioned declined to play the role as appallingly as was wished.

          Those who need, know that many women of transsexual history are indistinguishable, as are men. We don’t need fictional portrayals of that.

  5. Great….killer trannies…. It’s a continuing theme of casting minorities as the evil bad ones in movies and tv series. Used to be the coloured guy……I guess they are running out of minorites they think they can demonise.
    Thanks a heap Sky Atlantic…..not!

    1. It seems to me the trans woman is actually the main character of the show and not the “bad guy”. Just because she kills doesn’t make her the antagonist. Ever watch brave heart, lord of the rings or countless other movies where the good guy kills? You’re all being a bit childish in generalizing this without watching the show.

      1. In those movies the film makers make sure that the entire audience identifies and sympathises with the character who kills so that the murderous nature of the film is glossed over or even glamourised. I really can’t imagine how the makers of this mini-series can succeed in doing that with a transgender character given the near-universal suspicion and outright rejection of trans people.

      2. Dear j,
        Bit of a difference killing in a cause vs being a hit person….just sayin.

        1. The most harmful, stereotyped lie they use against us is that we are “deceitful”. I’m guessing that assassins are always that, hence making the assassin trans. I’m not seeing that as positive.

  6. Cant they produce anything POSITIVE about transgender people? Disgusting and boohoo to the socalled ‘actress’ for taking such a role! Will not be watching such crap! This subject is very close to home for me because a very close freind has transitioned over recent times and it has been a huge learning curve for all of us who know her! Actually, a very positve and educational experience! Also has revealed to me the stupidity and ignorance of so many of the population.

  7. okay, frankly I love the concept for the show. but im expecting it to be extremly badly done and her choice of comments doesnt bode well.

    and the casting. there are lots of transsexual actors out there. off the top of my head alexandra billings, alexis arquette or candis cayne would have been fine. but apparently giving work to trans people is a step too far…

    1. I agree — I find it completely offensive that movies continue to cast non-trans women to play transsexual women. They need to stop blackfacing us.

  8. My got you people are quick to jump the gun. i think this is great
    in the 80s and 90s the only storylines gay characters got in soaps or dramas were about specifically gay issues like coming out or homophobia, so the public didnt get to see that being gay is just a very small part of out lives and that we have the same problems/enjoyment in out lives as straight people.
    its great that for once a trans woman is being portrayed as (enter character) first and a tarns person last.
    the character will most likely be a strong, independent bad ass assassin, there are worse things than that.
    and your acting like the public are going to assume all trans people are assassins, lets give people a little bit more credit.

    1. Try living life as a trans person and you will soon lose faith in what the public thinks. ATM they think we are, deluded, sex freaks wanting to infiltrate womens spaces and pedophiles. I guess adding killers to that won’t make much difference :P
      I think most of us are thinking assassin does not equal the positive role model we would like to see trans folk portrayed as. And we need those positive models to counteract the largely negative bias we face everywhere. I don’t think this series will help.

      1. Gwen , you are so spot on with your comments.

  9. Skins showed the reality of many youth – even though some don’t want to believe the role sex/drugs now plays in young people’s lives. It would surprise me if they backed away from the realities this time. I think I will wait until the show is completed/airs before I rush to judgement.

    1. ‘Skins’ had flashes of pure genius. I loved the lesbian pair in the last series-but-one. However ‘Skins’ never really managed to pull off their ambition of of making is a comedy drama. I often worried that the lesbians were meant to be laughed at, and I was missing the joke. And the last series was pure drivel, probably because the team were busy remaking their first series in America, where they managed the spectacular fail of creating a high school in Baltimore with no Black students, then pretended it was meant to be somewhere else with no Black students. And the same team also does ‘Shameless’, which has always seemed to me basically propaganda against the benefits safety net. So, essentially, I wouldn’t see the ‘Skins’ connection as positive.

  10. Brian Souter – the homophobic Scottish business man who ran the hateful Keep The Clause Campaign has been knighted in today’s birthday honours. Please sign the petition to register your disgust at this.

  11. rose white 12 Jun 2011, 3:08pm

    so long as this tranny assassin only murders dykes and faggots I don’t care.

  12. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL..!!
    Why is it these morons just love to make life Oh so much more difficult than it already is..!
    I am a Pre-Op Transsexual and I know first hand the bigotry that these arseholes stir up with their money making drivel.

  13. Come on Pink News 12 Jun 2011, 3:50pm

    This story really needs a [sic] after “tranny” to be honest.

  14. Christine Burns 12 Jun 2011, 4:10pm

    So long as “very realistic” doesn’t mean they’ve blown a chunk of the budget on prosthetics for the seemingly compulsory obsession with filming what’s supposed to be between her legs I’ll try and keep an open mind

    1. Is that the same ‘open mind’ that you had with Julie Bindel…..seem to have let her get away with murder too in your interview!
      I really thought that you were ‘supposed’ to be on our side….but no, wrong again just like Stonewall.

    2. You intend to keep an open mind.

      Is that in the same way you kept an open mind when interviewing the blatantly transphobic Julie Bindel? That interview came across more like a case of self indulgent Stockholm Syndrome, than an interview.

      This program is from the genre that makes transsexual people out to be murderers, sex obsessed sexual deviants and mentally unbalanced.

      There is nothing to keep an open mind about. Embracing hatred of transsexual people, does not make it go away. That mindset encourages transphobia.

      1. The self-elected face and voice of transgender Britain is probably angling for an interview with the star in order to persuade her to base aspects of the character upon herself. It would be a very interesting idea too. Fortunately I don’t have Sky Atlantic.

  15. Given her prior experience I would have thought she’d know better than to use the word “tranny”. I’m sorry, but for many of us that’s the equivalent of the word “f@g”.

    1. Too right. A hateful term.

  16. A Tranny? Well,yes love,you do look like an old banger these days but…..
    So,is this going to be subtitled
    ” En Femme Nikita” ? ;)
    Not sure why people are getting panties bunched over the idea of a TS Assasin,crikey,”Leon” made french people cool for a bit so why not,and here’s a far out idea,wait untill its actually been made before insisting just how awfull this will be.
    Honestly,I swear some of my fellow TS just look for anything to p!ss and moan about,grumpy negs’,Its a new world people,some of us can see that,others are too busy jumping at shadows.

    1. Have you NOT read ALL the replies to this story so far…..!

      I’m sorry but you are actually coming across as a transvestite would rather than a ‘A fellow TS’…… ALL of my fellow TS friends are absolutely seething at this story.

      LEON was a very well thought out and compassionate film but this TRANNY assassin lark is just a means to derail ANY respect that we have gained over the last few years.

  17. why not use a pre-op trans actress?

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