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30 Rock star Tracy Morgan: ‘I went too far with anti-gay jokes’

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Reader comments

  1. Staircase2 10 Jun 2011, 5:57pm

    What a complete and utter tosser!
    And now he wants to turn around and say ‘he went too far’?
    At which point? the idea of stabbing his own son to death or misunderstanding the phrase ‘ God dont make mistakes’?!
    That he then says, ““I want to apologise to my fans and the gay and lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville” says he’s assuming that none of his fans could be gay or lesbian.
    What a horrible wanker

  2. He should donate the money earned from the gig to a gay chairty for young bullied LGBT kids, seeing as he thought that gay people should not complain about something as insignificant as bullying. I’m sure the KKK think that black people shouldn’t complain about racist bullying.

  3. that’s not an apology.

    It was written by his PR company and translates as ‘I’m sorry I got caught being a ghastly bigot. Please don’t sack me from my tv show.’

    1. Agreed, typical pr stunt, sounds like the flimsy apologies from some murder music dregs like elephant man, when they are fearful of their concerts being banned etc outside of primitive countries. oh i forgot they still play murder artists on 1 extra .

    2. Agreed – damage limitation, I think.

    3. David Myers 14 Jun 2011, 7:40am

      I want meaningful signs of regret, such as exposing himself to the stories of bullied kids (gay or not) and the significant harm it does to many of them. After that, a real apology including a pledge to go around to high schools and speak out against bullying of all kids, might start to satisfy me. Otherwise I don’t believe he is sincere.

  4. Mumbo Jumbo 10 Jun 2011, 6:41pm

    So he went too far. That means he thinks it is acceptable to hate up to a point. So how far is it acceptable to go? What words is it acceptable to choose? If a stabbing is too far is a good beating OK?

  5. It’s amazing how one gets to learn how not to apologise when one is part of the LGBT spectrum, purely from the example of those who do hate us and get caught expressing that.

    I guess that this will be enough to make it all right with his straight fans, but does anyone in the LGBT community believe a single word of it?

    1. I don’t. I believe he meant every word about stabbing his child to death should it turn out the child is gay. He’s just going for some damage control. I suspect smart people in the community aren’t buying it either.

  6. He went too far? With what he said in public? Once a bigot always a bigot.

    1. “Tracy said he didn’t f–king care if he pissed off some gays, because if they can take a f—ing d–k up their a–… they can take a f—ing joke.”

  7. Is he taking the piss?
    He went on a tirade.
    That wasn’t a comedy skit.
    This guy should be abandoned.

  8. Keep in mind, this is not the first time he has made this kind of disgusting homophobic outburst. In 2009 audience members got up and walked out of a performance at Carnegie Hall in New York.

  9. Tracy who? He’s a nobody trying to be somebody it seems.

  10. He’s still a homophobe and he’s still got issues, and he’s still a poor comic.

  11. To be fair to the man, he is a comedian. He more than likely got caught up in the moment. Alot of you people appear to not be able to take a joke and take life to serious. Leave the man alone ffs hes said sorry..GET OVER IT!!! tut tut

    1. His comments were not meant to be comedy. I’d be the first to laugh at a joke aimed at gays such as “Wiil and Grace” TV show. These comments were homophobic and hateful rantings of a Ghetto bigot that are clearly meant to hurt a marginalized community. People like this make other bigots think it’s socially acceptable to discriminate, bully, and physically assault GLBT folks..

      1. Well id he’s a bigot then he’s a bigot. You can’t win them all..

      2. Exactly. It would be just as wrong if some white comedian went off on a tangent and did something similar but involving black people.

        And you are right…people use his bigoted crap to justify all kinds of mistreatment against GLBT people.

    2. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 3:20pm

      Comedians are supposed to be funny.

      Yeah that justifies comments about murdering you son if he was Gay DerryLAD…. Not!!

      Actually he didn’t say sorry, his managers did.

      It’s clear what this creep thinks and hopefully his position in the industry will sink…fast!

    3. David Myers 14 Jun 2011, 7:45am

      You get over it! Is he being “fair” to gays and lesbians who have had to live with this kind of crap all their lives? When he is convincing in his regret including making reparations for his disgusting bigotry, then we can talk about wheather he has learned his lesson, otherwise he doesn’t deserve to be “left alone”.

  12. Lynch that coon!

    1. Wow. Just, wow.

      Igorance can never be tackled by more ignorance.

      1. I agree James. I did want to say though that I dont understand how blacks and asians can be homophobic. They are part of a minority discriminated against but they appear to be more homophobic than white people. Strange! What if a white comedian said, “If my daughter came home with a black man I woiuld stab him, it is disgusting mixing the races like that”. He wouldnt be laughing then would he?

        1. I can totally understand, as an Asian myself I have also felt the shocking level of bigoted homophobia which emanates from the Asian community (Muslim sections mainly).
          Not only that, but I have witnessed Racist, Anti-Semetic, Sexist and ignorance of other religions come from Ethnic communities. Shocking considering badly discriminated black people once were. You’d think they would be at the head of the gay rights movement… guess not.

          1. Sadly, most definitely not, James. It is sad that those who were so oppressed now see nothing wrong in turning around and oppressing others. Just sad.

    2. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 3:20pm

      Are you trying to be an attention seeker?

      1. We haven’t seen Rich post in a few days…. maybe he’s back from the grave..

    3. Wooh!…well Enoch, I guess if you lived in Nashvillre that would make you wet yourself with laughter, I wonder how funny Tracy Morgan would find that, if you can stick your d**k up a vag**na then you can stick a smile on your face at a coon joke…eh!

    4. David Myers 14 Jun 2011, 7:46am

      STFU you troll.

  13. HelenWilson 10 Jun 2011, 10:40pm

    Psychology Today – Homophobic men most aroused by gay male porn, homophobia associated with penis arousal to male on male sex: ……….Who would of guessed that one!

  14. What you think… what you say, says a lot about you! this man has an act with a routine it can’t all be improvisation. Hopefully he’s sterile and can’t reproduce! he’s hardly a role model for being a parent when he implies he’s capable of calling his kid bigoted names and implying acts of violence against his kid. I applaud the people who had the mind and principals to stand and leave his performance. What is in the heart and mind of the people who applauded and stayed? Hopefully this is his last 15 minutes of fame before obscurity.

  15. Brandt Hardin 10 Jun 2011, 10:53pm

    If Mr. Morgan has that much hatred toward the Gay & Lesbian community, maybe he should pick up a sign and join The Westboro Baptist Church. You can see their fearless leader, Fred Phelps burning in a neon pink Gay Hell on my artist’s blog at Maybe there’s room for Tracy to ride the unicorn?

  16. I bet he’s lying, another person who was caught out and now issues a half-assed apology and thinks it’ll be ok!
    he has shown himself to be a homophobe, as a person I know what’s Ok to say and what isn’t and he must have known what he was saying as he said it, one of the audience pointed out how hate-filled etc he was

  17. The comedian said he “clearly went too far” with the remarks, which included saying he would stab his son to death if he came out as gay.
    I wonder how he would feel if a white comedian said” I’d stab my daughter to death if she dated a black man. Would he think that was a joke? He’s obviously a bigot and is now trying to salvage his useless career.

    1. Haha I just wrote that analogy above. True though!

  18. Tracy Morgan can have all manner of PR people say the most astute and politically correct things to cover his mistakes. I am reminded of a bill board I used to drive past every day for a PR company advertising for new clients. “We can help change your image!” Inset was an image of similar minded and controversial basketball player. It concluded it’s plug with “But you have to want to change!” Tracy Morgan might appear to want to but I think “is unlikely to want to change!”

  19. friday jones 11 Jun 2011, 1:20am

    I have to admit that even though the original statements were outrageous, the apology sounds sincere and isn’t one of those fake “I’m sorry if you were offended” fauxpologies. He’s actually sorry for what he said, not our reactions to it. That counts for something in my book.

  20. jamestoronto 11 Jun 2011, 1:31am

    This pathetic excuse for a human being is a joke – and not because he is funny. Bear in mind he was playing in Nashville, Tennessee which rapidly acquiring a reputation as the centre of hate and stupidity in the USA. Wonder what the headlines would read if the word “black” “latino” or “white” was used instead.

    This guy’s career is numbered. Messages to the producers of 30 Rock can’t hurt.

  21. COMING FROM A GAY BLACK MAN: Tracy Morgan is not sorry about his stupid anti/gay comments and trust me it was no mistake. But, he was surprised by the negative reaction to what he said by most folks. I only wish our closed minded black brothers could learn that gay’s are real people with feelings. Also, I have never been able to understood why my black people have the nerve to be prejudice toward Gay’s People. After all we both are classified as a minority. Meaning we both are part of a struggle FOR= JUSTICE .

  22. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 8:29am

    Too late really.
    It’s clear this is how he feels and he got carried away with the sick people in the audience cheering and clapping him on.
    He is a loser and nothing now will change that.
    End of.
    I was a fan of 30Rock.
    Clearly while he is in it it ain’t work p***ing on.

  23. the opposite of love is indifference. hatred comes from some deep seated desires the unsatisified idiot.

  24. I don’t buy it.

    I think he just lost himself and showed his true colours. Very sad. You would think being in Hollywood/Manhattan would have opened his mind a little bit.

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 12:05pm

      Clear he ain’t all that!

  25. NOTHING you sau will make us believe you are sorry.

    1. you have to give the guy a way out though, to make it worth his while changing his attitude.

      1. David Myers 14 Jun 2011, 7:51am

        want meaningful signs of regret, such as exposing himself to the stories of bullied kids (gay or not) and the significant harm it does to many of them. After that, a real apology including a pledge to go around to high schools and speak out against bullying of all kids, might start to satisfy me. Otherwise I don’t believe he is sincere.

  26. Brian Souter – the homophobic Scottish business man who ran the hateful Keep The Clause Campaign has been knighted in today’s birthday honours. Please sign the petition to register your disgust at this.

  27. He only issued a mediocre apology after Tina Fey, the pro-gay scriptwriter for 30 Rock on the NBC channel in America of which he is a cast member took him to task and apparently, NBC merely scolded him. Unacceptable. The tv channel needs to make an official statement given its low ratings in viewership. Unfortunately, what he said is not so uncommon in the black American community apparently, especially among the southern Baptists, many of whom voted against marriage equality in California. They don’t view gay rights as a civil rights issue or comparable to their own struggles. They’ve learned nothing from their own history and neither has this idiot.

  28. Rossco, thanks for posting the link. Absolutely disgusting! I wouldn’t mind betting if it causes a stir, a palace spokesman will will deny any knowledge of Souter’s track record of anti-gay statements.

  29. An interesting note, Kevin Rogers, the young man who was in the audience of Tracy Morgan’s show and broke the news on his Facebook page, had to come out to his own family as a result of all the attention. He was interviewed on CNN:

  30. I wasn’t there, so all I can say is that it sounds pretty sick. Let’s hope none of his kids are gay, or ‘unworthy’ in any other way: daddy couldn’t handle it.

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Jun 2011, 3:22pm

      Well if they are, lets hope they realise their ‘Daddy’ ain’t worth bothering with.

  31. No amount of weak sauce apologies can change the fact that he said he’d kill his own child for being gay. That isn’t a joke – it’s a threat, and it’s an ugly one.

    I wasn’t aware of this, but it turns out the new president of NBC is gay. Tracy Morgan probably wasn’t aware of it either, but I bet he sure is now.

  32. burningworm 13 Jun 2011, 12:36pm

    Hold up!

    The man is genius. The joke was funny and if you understand comedy you would understand what he is saying.

    Comedians speak the truths that we shy away from. To even suggest that someone who is gay may be killed by their own family is a reality. This comedians scope is that deep.

    If you don’t get the joke thats on you and if you only find something true or funny when the finger isn’t being pointed at you, you have no platform to stand on.

    So. Being that he apologised, get over it.

    1. The fact that some people would be killed by their family for revealing that they are gay is precisely why this “joke” is NOT funny. If you told a “joke” advocating the lynching of black people, or the return of the death camps for Jews then i doubt there would be many people rushing forward to defend your “edginess” or “artistic licence” – and rightly so. That people feel they can defend homophobia in the name of art or entertainment only serves to reveal their bigotry. You have unmasked yourself.

      1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 11:26am

        I have unmasked myself. Why is that, because i don’t agree with you or with some uniformed idea of what is right and wrong. What can be said and what can’t.

        My suggestion to you is to unbuckle my argument and not to judge me.

        The joke is timely. I don’t see how equating Jews or black people makes much sense because both of those groups belong to our group, there are no single issues anymore.

        He apologised;get over it.

    2. David Myers 14 Jun 2011, 7:57am

      You get over it. Until he does something to prove he’s not just mouthing an apology, none of us will believe it. Your claiming to “understand comedy” is no excuse for your excusing of him. Bet you aren’t even gay. Just another troll.

      1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 11:13am

        I am queer. And i don’t read headlines. I know comedy is more than a literal form of speech delivery. I know that when someone says they would rather their child be straight than gay that they are advocating for ease.

        The joke never advocated you to kill your child, the joke was that he would. Why is that statement illuminating? Why is it that an audience found it funny?
        You can not blame the comedian because you feel uncomfortable.

        I like comedy that is more than a one liner and has a deeper political statement within it.

        Seeing as he aplogised in the very real way that apologies are made these day; get over it.

        1. many people do a fake apology to save face but they aren’t sorry for it, they wanna save their own face./image

          1. burningworm 16 Jun 2011, 1:15pm

            If you knew his comedy you would understand the joke. It isn’t personal. Its irony, black comedy, the joke is on him and if he stood up and explained it, you would still have issue with him. So accept the apology, its in the form of every other public apology.

  33. This should not be tolerated and his “jokes” and his career should just GO AWAY!

    Hate is hate, pure and simple!

  34. I never watched him on 30 Rock simply because I thought he was a lousy actor and not very funny. In fact, I pretty much avoided that show because of him. (Studio 60 premiered at the same time and was a much better show!) And I believe that his “apology” was simply damage control issued by his talking heads. Not buying it (or anything else he is connected to).

  35. tracy morgan, you are a throw-back, many in that TN. audience, who laughed at your hateful bigot rant, would have also laughed and cheered at the sight of you swinging from a tree.Is your memory so short? You who some consider less than human, you jerk, have sunk so low,you passed the gutter. Comedian? You are not funny. Stop your pussy whinning, you are the joke. Apology? You showed your true self, you said what you meant,and meant what you said. 30 Rock? No more. To see your stupid face, would sicken me.

    1. burningworm 14 Jun 2011, 11:47am

      Sometimes wrong is right.

      But you being wrong in this moment isn’t one of them. Tracy was wrong and at the same time right (listen to the minor key)-comics speak out what you hold in. The joke was timely and funny, illuminating and has people talking. He should have explained it, seeing as he apologised.

      Get over it.

  36. It absolutely infuriates me when knuckle-draggers like him,& plenty of right wing politicians make these deeply hurtful comments & are called on it they try to squirm their way out of it.I wish just one of them would grow a spine & admit,”Yeah,actually I did mean what I said” I’d have more of a grudging sense of respect for someone who did that,rather than the attempt to backtrack & say they were misinterpreted! Who’s going to believe his ‘apology’ anyway?!

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