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Lady Gaga to address Rome gay Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Well every gay shindig needs a Madonna tribute act.

    1. Are you still plssed off that Gaga turned you down for that dancing audition you went for? Get over it, Madonna might do another tour.

      1. Ah eddy ‘number two’, if only your comments were as deep as your profile name….

        1. What kind of tribute act becomes more popular than the real thing CYMB?
          Lady Gaga is 10 times the woman Madonna is.
          Madonna is busy collecting kids while Lady Gaga is promoting gay rights.

          1. 10 times the woman? The topless shots prove otherwise Tigra. Gaga is like a petulant spoilt kid fighting back at whatever issues she had in high school.

          2. And you’re just fighting for the sake of it and labelling a great gay rights campaigner as a spoilt kid.
            Go to Iraq CYMB and see what kind of gay rights role models they have you hateful piece of crap.

  2. Berlusconi is a vile cretin. How can a many that is engaging in pedophilic behaviour and affairs when he was married want to stop loving gay couples have legal civil recognition?

    Hypo – to the -crite.

    1. Well, Italy is home to the Vatican.

  3. Nothing will change until Berlusconi goes, but luckily that will probably be soon! Italy has a lot of catching up to do on human rights.

  4. I have still not heard an explanation for why Lady Gaga sang a version of Born This Way on the TV show Good Morning America on the 27th May that did not include the lines about being GLBTQ. WHY did you sing a censored version Gaga. WHY. Has anyone heard a proper explanation for why this so-called “gay” anthem had the gay bit removed? It is bloody hard to take her seriously as a GLBTQ hero when I can hear her editing her own bloody song in a live performance.

    1. If you watch the rest of the performances, all of them were cut down, apart from Hair (which was extended, the reason the other songs were cut down). It was due to scheduling, and not her decision. And Gaga herself recently said the song is intended to be a self empowerment song, not just a “gay anthem”. She can’t just cater to us. It was Elton John that called it a gay anthem, not her.

  5. burningworm 9 Jun 2011, 3:27pm

    Its interesting that the debate around choosing to be gay is shrouded with this almost religious, biological right of passage;born this way.

    Just say for one second that it is based on a psychological response. Much like heterosexuality is. Much like everything in the way in which we experience the world and respond to it.

    No i did not chooe my sex but i can choose my gender. No i can’t choose how tall i am but i can wear heels. What is learnt or meant by this idea that we are born this way. Its almost like a self defecating argument but we eat it up as if choice is a dirty word.

    And let us not forget, some women, yes thats right, women choose it, have chosen it. Its a male led agenda to say, we don’t choose, why would we choose?

    1. burningworm 9 Jun 2011, 3:29pm

      Or, why wouldn’t we choose it. The answer that follows that is more telling than a slogan of, born this way. But hey why go any further…

    2. I see it the opposite way. The song isn’t about looking for pity and saying we were born freaks so don’t criticise us for being freaks; it’s saying we are who we are, we’re happy with who we are and that who we are isn’t about to change.

      (and the word is self-deprecating!)

  6. <3 gaga, wish i could be in rome this week. check out my lady gaga paparazzi google guitar vid

  7. Jock S. Trap 9 Jun 2011, 3:47pm

    Good for her.
    I’m sure it’ll help.

    1. ditto… and we can expect some delightfully outrageous surprises.. :)

  8. martyn notman 9 Jun 2011, 4:37pm

    address? perform perhaps, but shes not going to exactly set the world on fire with speech to a load of tanked up italian gays.

    1. Tanked up Italian gays? I might put in an appearance myself.

  9. Santa Gaga-tour of Vatican next :)

  10. She really is making the event for the festival organizers. It seems that this year, they couldn’t find a single sponsor for EuroPride in Rome until she signed on. Also, US Ambassadors appeared to be instrumental in securing her appearance.

  11. It is the Catholics who are making life hell for gays around the world along with the Christian who are helping them stop gay marriage and gay rights around the world. Stop the Catholics by doing everything you can before they stop gays dead around the world.

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