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Three out of four Australians believe gay marriage will soon be a reality

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 8 Jun 2011, 12:33pm

    For a start the non-married, atheist, female, labour prime minister needs to change her mind. Her stance is so illogical

  2. Dan Filson 8 Jun 2011, 12:38pm

    Has she explained why marriage should just be between a man and a woman? She presumably can use logic?

    1. She read Vicky Hartzlers bumper sticker slogan and since then she just keeps parroting it.

      Marriage can be legally contracted between two persons of the opposite sex as well as between two persons of the same sex, as already successfully happens in about 10 countries throughout the world and in certain jurisdictions of Mexico and US.

    2. The govt/pm’sreasoning is that is “appropriate”. Here’s the latest response from the govt on a marriage equality petition

      The unofficial reason is probably becuase she doesn’t want to upset the Catholic wing of the labour party and trade unions which are pretty powerful in Australia…

  3. Dan Filson 8 Jun 2011, 12:40pm

    Has she explained why marriage should be only between a man and a woman? Presumably she can use logic?

    People should press politicians who come up with statements like that and force them onto the back foot.

  4. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2011, 1:03pm

    Bring it on then!!
    Stop dithering and do what your electorate wants.

  5. “in November lawmakers agreed to consult the public over the issue,”

    Aaaaaargh – why does the public need to be consulted on minority rights?

    These ‘consultations’ – like the Tories and SNP are promising are merely stalllng tactics.

    As for Julia Gillard – she is a truly disgusting wretch of a human being – happily abandoning all sense of justice in her craven desire to appeal to bigots.

    1. “Because it is a game”… If a government has a conscience regardless of it’s majority or minority it will address the issue, A government with a majority early in it’s term can believe in or gamble with a legislation, where as a government with a minority (or bias MP’s) or coming up for election will likely go the route of consultation or weight of public opinion. Timing is key whether a government or minority. People like governments that react to public opinion! When is your next election? J/K

      1. I doubt there is much “public opinion” in the UK around marriage equality. Unlike Australia there is hardly any news around the issue, if a celeb gets a CP in the UK, then it’s reported as though he has just got married. There is a lot of confusion wth Joe public in the UK as to what gays want and already have. Until marrigae equality gets a little bit more publicity in the UK and Stonewall actuall starts campainging for it, polling the public , leaking news items on it to the media etc then who knows what public opinion is!!!

        1. Jock S. Trap 9 Jun 2011, 9:38am

          Polls in the UK usually show between 55 – 70% in favour of marriage Equality, john.

          1. I’m aware of the times one (awhile ago) which showed 61% and the PN one (and I guess there have probably been a few others) but you’ve got to admit compared to Australia and the States where there is constant polling and constant news items then the subject of marriage equality in the British public is very low on the public consciousness…..I think there is going to have to be a lot more evidence than this on public opinion to convince anyone…yes I agree it’s probably in our favour, but we need more evidence and just relying on a few old polls doesn’t give public opnion and developing public opinion which it would be nice to have…

  6. Dan, its all about the procreation mantra, religion based. Although she’s an atheist, she’s playing to the religious base. I know a number of atheists who are against same-sex marraige by the way. It doesn’t always follow that just because they’re non-believers that they’re pro.

    The percentage of Australians polled who think it is inevitable is almost idential to those in the UK interestingly.

    Does anyone have an idea when the consultation begins in our own country? The sooner, the better. I don’t see it mentioned at StonewallUK as of yet.

    1. “Work with those who have an interest in equal civil marriage and partnerships on how the legislation can develop.” start dae July 2011 End date Ongoing

      “Consultation on how to enable those religious organisations that so wish to host civil partnership registrations on their premises, and amend the relevant legislation.” Start date April 2011 End date November 2011 and according to lesbian gay foundation “in effect by February 2012” (2 and bit yrs after the change was voted upon – does’t give me much encouragement of the progress of marriage equality if this tiny change has taken this long!)

  7. To right, mate! Gay marriage will be a reality in Aussi. Just keep fighting for it.

    1. Yeah, she’ll be right, no worries!

  8. The Australian politicians have a responsibility to represent the views of the people. If they don’t it will be a failing of democracy.

  9. John, pretty depressing if that’s how long its taking for that absurd religious CP nonsense to happen. If Cameron doesn’t get SSM passed before the end of his term, he can forget about any support from those of us who want it. Lets face it, he only was able to form a government with the help of the Liberal Democrats. Someone ought to light a fire under his arse and get cracking.

  10. We gay Christians will be praying for you until all are all free to get married, man to man woman to woman, love is love and there is no stopping it. God created gays to be born on earth and love one another.

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