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Gay men verbally abused through PA system by Trafalgar Square busker

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  1. That is how you deal with this issue. Brave man and one stupid busker.

    1. Bouncerman 6 Jun 2011, 1:52pm

      They are more controlled than me……………. I would have shoved his microphone into his vile gob and given him a swift ‘uppercut’ punch and hopefully breaking his jaw in the process, so that he couldn’t open his vile mouth to retrieve the mic!

      Perhaps my ‘angry’ facial expression stops homophobic speech/shouts/actions?

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 2:13pm

        I guess I can see where your coming from with that but then also you would have been the one arrested and charged while he got off scotfree.
        There’s something to be said for a cooler head.

      2. Bouncer man sounds like you could do triga

      3. Good man Bouncerman, I’d be more inclined to that method of acting also. Its the only thing these c–ts understand.

      4. yea sure,its easy be a keyboard warrior, but if you were that dumb to act on it, then you get nicked because of some loser .

      5. Totally agree with bouncerman. The busker was whipping up hatred against a couple in a crowded area. I would have stepped in to protect the couple with the same urgency as if they were being beaten up. Smashing the sound system, and his megaphone would have been priorities.

    2. Having a man arrested for being stupid is not brave, just weak.

      1. Really Pepa? Really? As weak as a right wing nut like you who panders and grovels to every freak Republican you can get your paws on?

        1. LOL… what a sad story… but eh I believe that everyone has the right to be stupid from homophobes to gay racist supremacists like Will.
          Calling the cops on someone who hurt your feelings is pretty weak… oh that’s right… I am talking to a British man who has no sense of what bravery really is.

          1. You uncivilised twat. I guess you’d agree that women who wear short skirts are asking for it

          2. Huh?
            You are doing one lousy job of trying to make me look bad James!
            But I bet you will be the one supporting rapists right to vote from their cell. I have a hunch.

          3. Oh pepa you are so foolish and so illinformed BUT you are allowed your own opinion how ever try and think with that TINY brain before you pass comment ?

          4. Sorry my TINY brain couldn’t resist the temptation of pointing out that criminal inmates were granted the right to vote.
            Didn’t know that pointing out facts was considered to be of a tiny mind, maybe if I became a drone and drank the kool-aid like everybody else I would be considered “smart” and “progressive.”
            What a farce. LOL

          5. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:36am

            “I am talking to a British man who has no sense of what bravery really is.”
            Coming from someone from a country that stalls respect for those it expects to defend them and their country, I find that comment totally lame.
            Bit like the commenter itself.

          6. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:39am

            As usual you comment is irrelevent to this thread.

          7. Pepa I’m wishing that your mum was barren

          8. Bravery is standing up to someone, Pepa, but strength is in having the self control to do it proportionately. There’s no bravery or strength in beating someone’s head in for shouting at you; having someone arrested for being abusive and intimidating is exactly the right response.

          9. You bunch of pussies

          10. “I am talking to a British man who has no sense of what bravery really is.”#

            You are quite the fool, aren’t you? I’m Irish, not British. Its the wonder of the internet, its actually global, not insular like you.

            As for the “gay racist supremacists like Will” comment, we’ve seen you offensive and racist nonsense before. You need medical help, pepa, you’re a disturbed and troubled man.

          11. @Pepa

            Hmmmm thats coming from an American – friendly fire – thats really brave

            WHat is brave is standing up for the rights of others not hiding under the ignorance of freedom of speech and failing to understand the intellectual issue of responsibility – something you either choose not to understand or clearly are incapable of

        2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:33am

          Here! Here! Will
          Couldn’t have put it better meself!

      2. @Pepa
        I agree, the man may have being stupid, but harrassment is a delibrate act intent on violating the dignity of another

        1. In that case I want Jock, Will and Stu arrested, they have violated my integrity. Their harassment is a deliberate act.

          1. You’re integrity? LOL! Sure. A paranoid and mentally deranged individual who called every gay person in here a paedophile is just bursting with integrity. You buffoon.

          2. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2011, 10:52am

            Crazy says what now?

          3. @Pepa

            I also want you arrested for harassment – remember calling me a rapist …

            At no point has anyone done anything other than describe how we perceive your actions – those of an ignorant person … we havent said thats what you are … Grow some balls

          4. If you really want to know what I think of you, just ask …

            Pepa, I think you are a very confused, irrational, ignorant (probably mentally ill) person who is pretending to be gay as a veil for his bigoted extremist remarks. I also think you are sick, having the depraved, perverted and oppressed views that lead you to call others paedophiles and rapists purely because you know their profession – no right minded or sane person would see that such views were reasonable or honourable and demonstrate that the words Pepa and integrity have never met each other

          5. Jock S. Trap 12 Jun 2011, 2:05pm

            Yep agree Stu, It’s why the most of us have now decided to ignore that particular person.
            It’s clearly it’s just reaction they want.

      3. Pepa

        You never fail to disappoint with your ignorance

  2. You know, the far right happy clapper so-called “christians” will say taking this man to court is extreme and a waste of time and money, but the idiot didn’t have to say what he said, and when you do things you shouldn’t, you should expect to be punished.

    I bet none of them say he shouldn’t have been making “judgements” of the couple though.

    Sarah – Gay and a Christian

    1. Don’t the Christians have a get out clause for being verbally abusive to Gays, it’s called the bible/god/jesus – anything but admit the fact that they are just plain nasty…

      1. There is no mention of the anti-gay busker being a Christian in the article,

        1. Yeah, so hopefully there’s a good chance of prosecuting him???

          1. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 2:18pm

            With any luck!!

      2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 2:18pm

        Your right, they called it Their right to expression ie their right to discriminate.
        They use the Bible to justify blaming God/Jesus.
        It’s supposed to stop all coming back to their own pigheadedness.
        Of course not things aren’t going their way they are acting up like a baby having a tantrum, throwing it’s toys out of the pram.
        No longer does the world focus on them so expect them to try anything and get more vicious with it.

        1. You are the queen’s subject, you have no idea that freedom of expression is an innate human right… the royalists have lost all sense of what it is to be human. Welcome to 1984.

          1. No our freedom of speech doesn’t include hate and harassment a bit different to your everyone can say what they want without having to deal with any of the consequences of their actions or feel the harm that they’re words cause.

          2. What is stopping you from including all other speech hate?
            There are gay liberals in America that say that if you disagree with the TSA molesting children at the airport you are engaging in hate speech. But eh, soon all this non-sense will catch up to you and soon you will end up behind bars as well one day.

          3. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:41am

            You don’t are spew some absolute rubbish pepa.

          4. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:44am

            OMG – There he goes again.
            pepa how is bringing up YET AGAIN the “molesting” of children relevent to this story?
            Yet again your off with your obsession of all things children.
            You truely are a disturbing individual.
            I really wish PinkNews would do something about this.
            I can’t be the only one to know this surely?

          5. Once again the link between gay men and child molestation brilliant how you manage to come out with the right wing view of us are you sure your gay Pepa??

          6. “But eh, soon all this non-sense will catch up to you and soon you will end up behind bars as well one day.”

            Yes, of course. We’re all child molesters in here. In fact all gay men are.

            What an offensive and ignorant individual you are, pepa, a marvellous of how damaged and stupid a gay man can get in desperate acceptance to the right wing fascist who spout this nonsense. Truly remarkable, you are beneath contempt.

          7. Nice to see how the gay liberals on here are running around like headless chickens. I bet they dream of putting me in jail and throwing away the key. These people are just complete fascists and have contempt for diverse opinion its not even funny.

          8. @ The Jockstrap,
            Oh please… you have brought up ejaculation jokes many times in the past, you have used rape and YES even child molestation in many threads.
            Stop pretending you are above everybody else. I know you are very narcissistic but again I will tell you to take up Stu’s advice and “get a thicker skin.” It seems you have more intolerance of what I say than trying to address my points. In fact you never do. You just call them “diversions.” Though I was making a point about how gay activists use the term “hate speech” on anything they disagree with. Which is consistent with the article.

          9. “I bet they dream of putting me in jail and throwing away the key.”

            No, a mental asylum. You clearly need help.

          10. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2011, 10:55am

            Me think the buffoon’s gate needs bolting.

          11. Yawn yawn yawn, Pepa

            If you honestly believe it is child abuse – report it …

            Rather than use it as a feeble arguing tool on here, about something no one in the UK knows about …

            However, knowledge is something you dont seem to think is necessary when it comes to arguiung – because you argue out of sheer ignorance of the UK and British ways …

    2. This type of incident is absolutely the ideal for a quick Police caution – no I don’t want to see police, CPS and court time wasted on it.
      Take this to court and it’ll cost between 2000 and 4000 pounds once all the official time and cost is added up – and the guy will get a 100 pound fine. Do we really want that?

      1. Incidents like this require more than a police warning you can get a police warning for drinking in public or getting caught shoplifting. This is obviously more extreme than this

        1. “obviously more extreme” please explain what was said? who was in fear or distress?

          with regard to shoplifting, don’t think of Tesco’s but imagine you are talking of a family owned business whereby if someone nicks a bottle of vodka the owner has to work two extra hours to pay for it.

          1. well yes that is a shame if you are shoplifting from a family owned business I do think it should be a stricter sentence than if you steal from a large company however shoplifting is a minor crime compared to hate crime and the punishment should show this. there was fear and distress caused to the gay men who where harassed aswell as to any LGBT people who might have been within ear shot this kind of behavior can make you feel very unsafe walking so therefore causing fear and distress.

          2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 4:10pm

            Here! Here! Hamish.
            I find it strange that being that this is a busy tourist area, nobody else “You” assume would have been hurt or distressed by this.

          3. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 4:11pm

            Sorry, and by ‘You’ I do mean andrew not you Hamish.

          4. How would you like to be insulted and ridiculed over a loudspeaker? I can’t imagine it being a very pleasant experience.

          5. de Villiers 6 Jun 2011, 5:59pm

            I understand the test to be if a person was “harassed, alarmed or distressed”. I would certainly feel harassed by such behaviour.

          6. David Myers 7 Jun 2011, 2:48am

            All it would take would be for a group of right wing skinheads to be hanging around and they then take his “broadcasted” taunting as license and begun to try to intimidate the couple, then you have assault and incitement to violence. This hatemongering should be considered serious, especially since no law officers came and warned him that he was practicing hate crimes and to desist.

        2. I think it depends on the prior conduct of the individual – a police warning can be a useful deterrant for those who have never previously offended …
          Clearly, if the busker had previously offended it would be inappropriate (and also outside of the remit for) a police caution.

      2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 3:12pm

        I guess the question for you then is at what point is homophobic unacceptable?
        With Gay people being beaten up for a walk to a bank ATM at 3AM, Gay people being beaten up just because of their shorts where do we stop saying no thats fine you carry on?

        Personally it is Never acceptable to allow homophobia.
        If this was racism you wouldn’t be saying it, or at least realise in wasn’t acceptable, so why is it because it’s homophobia?

        I guess if we just brush off these incidents they’ll go away right?
        Maybe you should remind yourself of the case of Ian Baynham and the many others and ask yourself when do we need to nip homophobia?
        When it starts?
        When it’s too late?

        1. sorry to disagree but you are geting too carried away (dare I say again!).
          This is reported as a single homophobic comment made by an amplified busker in a public place. Nobody was hurt, no physical abuse took place and given there were 2 gay boys and 1 busker I am guessing nobody was in fear.
          Therefore it was a minor incident nothing at all like a homophobic attack. With a homophobic attack the police and the courts should treat very seriously.
          Of course if they are totally busy dealing with smaller, maybe trivial incidents, they can’t have time to investigate the serious things.

          1. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 3:57pm

            People have a right to walk about their business without being subjected to homophobic abuse.
            You say no-one got hurt, how do you know that?
            Does Verbal abuse not hurt?
            I can vouch that verbal abuse can be just as painful mentally as physical abuse.
            These two men clearly right felt hurt by it.
            How do you not know there was anybody else Gay, Lesbian, questioning themselves there?
            That left feeling hurt and uneasy.
            What example does this set, that it’s fine, it doesn’t matter?
            Sorry but your are only thinking about yourself, not anybody else this effects.
            Is this behaviour the right thing for a 14 year old struggling, already with themselves and being bullied for it and now openingly hearing this in an open space, in a famous tourist spot?
            What about those others that heard this? Tourists?
            Do we just leave this kind of abusive language, not deal with it?
            How does that make us look as a country that accepts such homophobic abuse?

          2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 3:58pm

            We are better than that and not all of us only ever think about ourselves.
            This has deeper consequences, to do nothing would be a bigger crime.
            Why am I guessing you also agree with Ken Clarke and his “different” types of rape?!

          3. sorry I was not specific – when i said no hurt was caused I referred to no physical hurt.
            There is no report of others being physically or mentally hurt.
            My point is that a unacceptable comment should be dealt with in an appropriate way – which I believe, on the facts I’ve read, to be a caution.
            It is stupid to escalate this with a number of “what ifs” which are in no way related to the reported incident

          4. Do you take the same view of a “minor”racist or anti semitic incident? or is your limited understanding of the seriousness of hate crime just reserved for homophobia?

          5. David Myers 7 Jun 2011, 2:56am

            Andrew doesn’t want to deal with “what ifs”. Too bad, the difference between this incident and a serious or even fatal event is simply a matter of “what ifs”. Try this one for size:

            All it would take would be for a group of right wing skinheads to be hanging around and they then take his “broadcasted” taunting as license and begun to try to intimidate the couple, then you have assault and incitement to violence. This hatemongering should be considered serious, especially since no law officers came and warned him that he was practicing hate crimes and to desist. Therefore his “getting away” with his illegal verbal hate crimes (over a PA system) just gives him the message that such behavior will be tolerated. So the next time he does it, that is the time when a gang is hanging out. There should be consequences to his hatemongering, otherwise a next time will surely come.

          6. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:48am

            Not everyone hearing things like this report it.
            In fact I would imagine most wouldn’t , probably because of attitudes like yours.

        2. you can guess whatever you like about what is my attitude to Ken Clarke comments – you’ll probably be wrong in your guess

      3. Mumbo Jumbo 6 Jun 2011, 7:51pm

        No, Andrew. Exactly the same should happen to him as if he had issued forth with racial abuse against a black couple.

        1. some racism may well be deserving of a police warning too – it depends on the context and the harm done.
          If every racist comment in this country was taken to the courts, the Police, the courts and the CPS would all be bankrupt. Someone somewhere has to be pragmatic

          1. David Myers 7 Jun 2011, 2:59am

            No it doesn’t Andrew. If every racist public comment were taken to the courts, it would not be long before there wouldn’t be any, especially across a PA (for Public Address!) system.

          2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:52am

            I question your use of the word “Some”.
            You clearly thing people should getr away with hate.
            Probably up to the time you become the victim of it.
            Lets hope there’s no “what if’s” with that…

    3. So speaking unpopular language merits punishment? The Spanish Inquisition is here once again.

      1. Idiot its abuse which should not be tolerated

        1. Abuse?
          The gay man was not trapped in any way, he had the liberty to debate the man or leave.
          Calling something abuse is not only a weak cop-out but really shows how you will brand anything that you disagree with as abuse. I mean this is only the start. Here in America the Obama administration wants to silence any media outlet that criticizes it. The fact is is that you only use this event as an excuse to continue german style censorship on other things. It is bound to happen. Thank God that I don’t leave in London, I will have no freedom of speech and most likely a muslim thug would try to beat me up while I’m not looking, pay to watch tv (and give money to the stupid BBC), among other things… yup thank goodness for that.

          1. You’ve obviously never tried to debate with a homophobe they rarely listen and don’t do debate from what I understand from the article it didn’t sound like it was a debate opener and probably was merely offensive and unintelligent

          2. I have debated. If they cannot debate and if they are irate I simply leave and do something else that is more productive.

          3. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:54am

            I think all of us in London are thankful for that pepa!

          4. Yes you leave with there views unchanging and there hatred carrying on to hurt another person I’d rather they were shown the problems with those remarks

          5. @Pepe
            Tell me how you can debate with some one screaming at you with a megaphone.
            Surely an oxymoron non starter, do you not think?

      2. When, pepa, will we all have to the delight in hearing your rant that refers to us all as child abusing naz1’s? I like that hissy fit best, its my favourite.

        1. then you are a sadist if that’s case

          1. No, just mildly amused by your gibberish. Very mildly. You’re paranoid conspiracy blog, which is a joke, I’m sure, is much more entertaining, but in a car-crash kinda way. I’m sure I am not the only person who thinks you’re as mad as you are stupid.

          2. Will, definitely not the only person in fact I’d be surprised if you could find someone who doesn’t think that.

          3. @ Will
            Oh please get a grip.
            Calling me stupid is pretty childish. Even I can think of a better comeback than your pathetic dither. Grow up. You are long winded, predictable and quite boring.

          4. Ah, another histrionic outburst. Marvelous.

            Incidentally, you demonstrate very little education, hence stupid is the correct term for you. Get over it. I would have thought you’d be used to hearing that by now, I surely can’t be the first, nor the last to do so.
            But do rant away, it clearly makes you happy to do so, so who am I to stop you having a hissy fit.

          5. Pepa

            The facts are that you have an incoherant and insustainable argument and when that is countered with good evidence all you do is throw insults …

            Mildly amusing – in the way you smile at an elderly aunt who urinates on a seat or farts – it gets annoying and irrelevant after a very short while

        2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:56am

          Indeed Will.
          I like the way he makes such assumptions about London yet denies the Facts that he is a Republican who doesn’t want LGBTQI troops to serve openly in the US to protect the likes of his sorry ass.

          1. they are not protecting me from anything.
            I have more probability of dying in a car accident (the number one killer in the US) than being attacked by a scary looking mooslim with a beard and a turban.
            Geez I thought you knew that by now, but since you are getting desperate you will throw all that you got at me. Go ahead.
            YET you told me above not to bring up subjects that are not relevant to the article. May I ask what does the US military have to do with hate speech?
            Do tell I would like to know… or as usual the rules only apply to me and not you or your gay fascist friends on PN.

          2. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2011, 11:02am

            “your gay fascist friends on PN” = Those people that never agree with me.

            “I ask what does the US military have to do with hate speech?”
            It’s all about respect or in your case lack of.

            “they are not protecting me from anything.”
            The fact you clearly have no respect for anybody serving in the armed forces says it all about you.
            At least our troops are allowed to be open about themselves and are even more respected for being so.

            “than being attacked by a scary looking mooslim with a beard and a turban.”
            I actually think that comment says it all.

      3. I think you fail to understand history – this has no parallels to the Spanish inquisition and is demonstrative of a nation supportive of human rights

  3. Ian Baynham was kicked to death in September 2009, not ’10

    Sort it out, Pink News!!

    1. Why was it even necessary to mention other incidents that happened in the area in the past? Looks like a lazy journalist trying to pad out the article and make it more juicy.

      1. Mark Healey 6 Jun 2011, 1:54pm

        It is important because if the area is becoming a hotspot for trouble then the authorities and our communities need to aware and make sure that the issue is addressed. It is also important to remember what has happened here in the past, and to ensure that it is not forgotten – lessons need to be learned, new users of the square need to be educated that hate crime in all it’s ugly forms is not acceptable here.

        1. Robert J Brown 7 Jun 2011, 4:27pm

          Hi . . . one incident does not make it a hotspot . . . it’s simply one incident.

          I’ve encountered homophobic abuse standing outside a gay bar in Soho . . . on numerous occasions . . . many a time those drinking in and outside the bars just ignored them – they gave up and walked away.

          On one occasion I took on three guys who shouted out ‘faggot’ to those of us standing outside a well known gay bar . . . they got a bit of a shock and I doubt it they’ll do it again.

          Sometimes we need to stand up and speak out regardless of the circumstances.

          At the time I didn’t know that there were three of them – I only heard one voice – however I chose to do something because I was fed up with others never doing anything to speak out effectively against hate speech . . . because hate speech DOES have an effect on an individual whether we are affected personally or not.

      2. Yes it is important. FFs, someone got kicked to death in virtually the same spot for being gay. Can’t you see the connection there? Looks like you’re trying to silence gay guys from remembering extreme homophobia to me.

      3. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 2:20pm

        A disturbing comment Paul, do you think we should forget cruel acts that have been also in the same area?
        Wonder if their family would agree?
        I certainly don’t.

      4. sorry – but I too was left wondering about the validity of bringing in the previous incident. A “hotspot for trouble” seems to suggest the busker chose that point to shout homophobic abuse. I just don’t believe that.

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 3:15pm

          It means that the area needs to be looked at.
          People’s safety surely has to be of the utmost importance.

        2. GayWebHosting 6 Jun 2011, 7:05pm

          Yes, incredible. Gay hate speech is gay hate…simple. It starts as speech, ridicule and turns to anger and violence. Homophobic hate speech is an offense and this guy should be punished…. not given a slap on the wrist.
          Give him a clear message and send out a message also to others.. Do this, act in this selfish and hateful manner and you will regret it!

          Honestly, sometimes ‘we’ are our own worst enemies. How can ANYONE argue that moron should simply get his wrist slapped? Incredible.

          1. I am arguing that IF the incident would not be seen by a court as particiualrly serious, a caution, which goes on the person’s criminal record, may be the correct disposal.
            The incident is words not violence.
            The argument that it starts with comments and finishes in violence is extremely weak.

          2. It starts as speech, ridicule and turns to anger and violence.
            Hm, if that is true that all ridicule and hate speech turns to violence then that would mean that Stu, the smelly Jockstrap, Professor Will, among others, will then conspire against me and would therefore try to commit violent assault. In that case I would be calling the police and put them on notice.
            LOL. You liberal-neo-cons-corporatists are just too predictable with your stupid logic.

          3. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 10:58am

            Oh here we go again with the Paranoia.
            Time to up the meds pepa.

          4. Indeed Jock. Paranoia – the recourse of the foolish and the fearful.

          5. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 3:48pm

            Not forgetting loser, Will.

          6. Pointing out your stupid logic Jockstrap

          7. And we’re pointing out your infantile paranoias. So?

          8. @Pepa

            Paranoia again … you really ought to see a professional about that …

            The only times I speak to any of the contributors on these threads that I am aware of is on here – so there is no conspiracy that I partake in. Perhaps the obvious conclusion is that there are some reasonable people who agree with each other and recognise the futility and ignorance of your incoherent positions.

            Hate speech – I shall remember you of your hate speech – referring to people as rapists, paedophiles, calling Jock Smelly (particularly adult that one!) and many more

            As for political viewpoint – you have neither any understanding of the British political system (your presumtpions on here demonstrate that vividly) nor of mine (or I suspect others) political affiliations or views …

            Paranoid hysteria from you – yet again … .yawn yawn yawn

      5. I think it is extremely relevant.

      6. If you are not capable of making the connection between this and other homophobic incidents in same area , and i’m being particularly charitable to someone like you in saying, you are the one with a very “lazy” mind.

        1. Two incidents, one appalling and one relatively mild, two YEARS apart, and you think it’s a hotspot of homophobia, do you? Wow.

          1. Two incidents reported in the media, you mean, which is still 2 too many. Using your reference to a “hotspot of homophobia” I’m not aware of the police statistics ,only online info relating to increase in homophobic incidents at london pride in the square etc, but as you seem so self righteous in the matter, why don’t you provide some facts rather than mouth off old cliches.

          2. why don’t you provide some facts rather than mouth off old cliches

            Good advice – so please lead by example and post the statistics that make Trafalgar Square such a Hotspot Of Homophobia.

          3. @Rehan , so your come back is to ask me just what i had asked you? to support your reference to the square being a “hotspot of homophobia” Yes i do agree, i do give good advice and obviously lead by example, thus your need to emulate my question, which i have noted you have failed to answer.

          4. Mark Healey 7 Jun 2011, 10:49am

            I believe I was the first to mention the word hotspot – see my comment above and the context of my statement. “It is important because if the area is becoming a hotspot for trouble…”. “IF” is the important word – we need to ensure that we look at the facts, is the area becoming a hotspot? if so then we need to respond and ensure that adequate resources are invested in resolving the problem.

          5. Thanks Mark, I know you said ‘if’. However, rapture believes that it already is, because of these completely different incidents 2 years apart. I agree all homophobia should be unacceptable but, as we do not live in a perfect world, it’s never going to be wholly eradicated, and the best we can do is try and control it – and I for one think the police response in this instance was pretty reassuring, specially by comparison with the probable reaction, say, 20 years ago.

          6. Yet again, Don’t assume to attempt a thought on my behalf, or now passively backtrack to another commenter who made the “hotspot….” reference that you insist i proclaim. You really should learn to read correctly before making any more inaccurate comments.

          7. @ rapture: I refer you to your own comment above, which really is pretty simple to read – do you or do you not imply (erroneously, in my opinion) that these 2 disparate events signal a trend in one particular locale?
            (Incidentally, please note the absence of the quotation marks above that would signal a term being mistaken for one of yours.)

      7. Its called incitement. PN is as guilty as this homphobe in question. They both incite hatred of each other.

        1. @Pepa
          Provide evidence that Pink news is inciting hatred!!!

          1. PN readers have called me every name in the book from a troll to stupid, to a mental patient, to calling me a loser, and using foul language and even calling my mother a whore in another thread.
            These are signs of incitement of hatred here on PN.

          2. There also articles which pit christians in a bad light and incites hatred of them.
            I don’t tolerate hatred. But eh, I am on here so I will let those who hate me do so at their own pleasure. Because haters only know how to hate.

          3. “These are signs of incitement of hatred here on PN.”

            Well, lets ignore the boo-hoo’ing from you (again!) look at that, shall we?
            “mental patient” – you display acute paranoia and have delusions about being persecuted, so yes.
            “stupid” – you make stupid accusation and statements without proof. You demonstrate no intellect or reasoning. So, again, yes.
            “loser”- anyone that calls all gay men paedophiles, is something along these lines, so yes.
            “incitement of hatred”- you call all gay men paedophiles. As this is not even remotely true, this is very much hate speech.
            So, I see nothing incorrect in your analysis. Its quote factual. Thh proof are your comments.

          4. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2011, 11:06am

            I guess thats the difference between most LGBTQI people and you pepa…
            We’re about the love and respect, whereas your not.

          5. @Pepa
            Are you saying that you have not resorted to call people on pinknews names?

          6. you call us gay sex advocates you say we want to talk to children about sex you accuse us of pedophilia and child molestation. That is hate speech!! you may be able to throw around the sympathy card when you actually deserve any!!

          7. @Pepa

            You complain of name calling

            Yet you call us rapists, paedophiles, bigots, gay sex activists, supremacists, and smelly (amongst many)

            Pot kettle

            The positive thing is our arguments are coherant and honest – your’s are irrelevant and infantile

  4. martyn notman 6 Jun 2011, 12:56pm

    How in hell did he get onto public address system? dont they have any security? I guess we are lucky he didnt have a bomb strapped to him and was shouting Jihadist statements….good on them for reporting him though, little steps like that all add up to a better world all round..

    1. You can buy portable PA systems off the internet for relatively cheap.

    2. Galadriel1010 6 Jun 2011, 4:02pm

      He was a busker, so he must have a license and probably paid for his pitch. Easy. As far as I’m aware (I’ve never applied for a busking licence, so I’m not 100% sure but I can guess), getting a licence involves demonstrating your talent on your instrument, not demonstrating your beliefs.

      That all comes afterwards.

    3. David Myers 7 Jun 2011, 3:05am

      So, as a minimum, he should have lost his license as he had used his PA irresponsibly and illegally.

      1. Galadriel1010 7 Jun 2011, 12:21pm

        I expect he has. And with his licence goes his livelihood – surely the best punishment possibly.

  5. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 1:03pm

    This is disgusting.
    This is supposed to be the 21st Century but clearly some wish to remain in the past with the pathetic behaviour of idiots.
    I really hope this does go to court and this idiot made an example of.
    Gut feeling?… £50 fine? bt only if pushed.

    1. Don Harrison 6 Jun 2011, 1:41pm

      Hopefully he will loose his busking licence too

      1. Mark Healey 6 Jun 2011, 1:49pm

        It should also be flagged up to the GLA Square’s Team who are responsible for managinig the square and ensuring that anyone using a PA system is authorised to do so, if the busker had authorisation it should be revoked and he should not be granted permission again. If the busker did not have permission then the police and the square’s heritage wardens need to act to ensure that he is immediately moved on in future.

      2. I’d definately imagen he would, you’re granted a licence to busk, and that’s it. Using your PA system and pitch to spout off your opinions – even non-hateful ones – would result in the loss of licence I assume, so using it to commit an offence should result in a black-listing.

    2. This is supposed to be the 21st Century but clearly some wish to remain in the past with the pathetic behaviour of idiots.
      I agree. Some think this is 15th century and that the Spanish Inquisition is still popular.
      Or more likely some still live in the pre-magna carta era, where the surfs are not allowed to speak unless allowed to by the lords or the king, human rights weren’t invented yet.

      1. @Pepa


        Go and relearn your history

        Go and relearn your understanding of human rights

        Both are wrong and irrelevant

  6. Excellent that these men got the busker arrested so quickly.
    Even if it’s a relatively small fine (possibly not so small for a busker), it’ll be a short sharp lesson is what’s no longer acceptable.

    1. Yes I know, freedom is repugnant to many of you.

      1. No harrasment isn’t exceptable I know in america where homophobia and racism is rife you would of course think it terrible for someone to actually respect the feelings of other people

        1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:03am

          All I’m getting from pepa’s arguements is that the UK clearly treats it’s society with much more respect.
          Never thought about that before until pepa starting ranting.
          Well, who would have thought it?

      2. @Pepa
        Freedom of speech, is not freedom to harrass others!!!

        1. But then you lower that line… when something is said that you don’t like you then turn around and say it is harassment. Harassment is when the victim has no possible escape or shelter from the harasser (like in a work environment). This guy had the opportunity to walk away or deal with the guy the hard way. No police no nothing. Just deal with it or leave. I would just leave, but if they kept following me then we have a problem and they will regret it and I will physically stop them (I have done so many times in the past), its called standing up for yourself. Calling the police is not only unnecessary but really weak.

          1. So better to get into a fight when you will then be just as liable in the case of police interference that makes you brave and strong…. or just stupid, people who fight are the people with the inability to think without there fists.

      3. @Pepa

        No I recognise that there are competing rights and the person who is being punished is the one who (using a legal term) injured the rights of the other.

        Harassment is a criminal offence in the UK (and most of the civilised western world (strangely not inmany states of the US)

        However, the USA do have laws on libel, defamation, abuse, and other offensive in relation to verbal outrbursts …. these are the legislators wisely recognising that freedom of speech carries with it responsibilities and that freedom from harassment and being caused offence is necessarily ensured by legislation

  7. This is 21st century london. It’s more anti gay now than its was

    1. But 20 years ago you couldn’t get someone who hurled abuse (and people did, I assure you) at you arrested straight away.

      1. Thats true but you could have beat sh@t out of them without being caught on CCTV

        1. Really? Counter stupidity with brutality, is that really what you recommend? Personally, being neither violently inclined nor particularly physically aggressive, I would rather have the law on my side.

          1. Rehan you must be young to believe in the law i can think of 5 gay men mirdered and their killers are still on the strees in london.

          2. That is terrible James!, but are you saying the law ignored all 5 of these murders altogether? I think the fact that, in this incident, the police arrested this busker straight away suggests a greater respect for the rule of law in this culture than many many others.

          3. Rehan
            There are murderers of gay men walking around london maybe it was a one off maybe its a serial killer. All i know in south east London 3 gay guys murdered in 8 years and no suspects. High profile incidents have a response but Simon Pearse died of a fractured skull and not much has been done about it. I’m going to defend myself if anyone tries any rubbish with me

          4. Yes in Britain you can get arrested for saying WORDS, but not for killing somebody. Maybe it will all get better once the murderers, molesters, rapists, and fraudsters are all allowed to vote and change the law from their jail cell.
            Just wondering what the hell is going on in that country.

          5. The ability to have a say is as you say a Human Right regardless of your criminal past. A lot of criminals are criminals because of a failing of the system for them or unjust laws should they not have the ability to change that.

          6. @Pepa

            Histrionics this time

            Having arrested a couple of people for murder in the UK – I can categorically confirm that murder is a crime in England & Wales

        2. David Myers 7 Jun 2011, 3:07am

          Your an idiot James. I think you are a troll as well.

          1. I walk around like im on the verge of violence i get left alone if i drop my guard i get aggro i dont have the luxury of living in a posh part of london. soft posh poofs make us all targets. imagine if black people were as soft as you lot theyd still be getting called ni**er on the street

          2. de Villiers 7 Jun 2011, 7:57am

            > imagine if black people were as soft as you lot theyd still be getting called ni**er on the street
            I am sure that some of them are.

          3. soft posh poofs make us all targets. Others say aggressive and in-your-face types bring attention to themselves/attract violence.
            sorry, but I find both arguments glib and unconvincing.

          4. Ok Rehan

            I usually agree with you nut not this time. i’d rather die on my feet than on my knees begging

          5. David Myers

            Go fcuk yourself

          6. “I walk around like im on the verge of violence i get left alone if i drop my guard i get aggro” So you are forced to act in a way that is unnatural to you and you think this is fighting back I count it as begging on your knee’s its as bad as pretending to be straight to avoid agro

          7. Yes Hamish you’re right

          8. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:08am

            “soft posh poofs make us all targets”
            That comment just made you as bad as the homophobes James!
            Why can’t people just be themselves and not pretend to be something they ain’t?
            There is no excuse abuse weither it be verbal or physical.

          9. Because we’re at war people want to kill us and as seen in east london being nice does not work

    2. I also think it is one step forward and one step back. The step forward I agree is the fact that harassment is taken more seriously by the police than it used to be.
      Good news, but we must also keep up the good work of reporting abuse no matter how low level. However, this is clearly not low level harrassment, from a low life homophobe, or should I say “Homophone”

  8. Mark Healey 6 Jun 2011, 1:38pm

    Well done Gareth and Paul for not ignoring the problem and getting the police involved to tackle it. You should contact PC Andy Ricketts who is Westminster’s LGBT Liaison Officer who should then make sure your kept informed about how the case is progressing.

    I would urge caution when getting involved with homophobes, always consider your own safety first and if in doubt call the police and let them deal with it. 999 in an emergency or 0300123 1212 if non-urgent. Always better to flag it up.

    We all need to continue to make a stand and make it clear that hate crime in all it’s ugly forms is unacceptable in the heart of London. Join us for our next Vigil against Hate Crime on Friday 28th October 2011

    1. Thanks for the numbers. I’m thinking about reporting some of the hate speech to the london police that is being promulgated on this site by Stu, the Jockstrap, and Will.
      Have a dose of your own medicine.

      1. you don’t live in london so go ahead and when you can point out how they directed Hate Speech at you then you might have a case

      2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:10am

        Thats a big load of crazy there pepa.

      3. Yeah right 7 Jun 2011, 11:12am

        what is your problem, pepa? you’re so negative to everyone.

      4. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:27am

        Prehaps the British police could contact the US Police dept to investigate your disturbing obsession with Children within these threads.

        1. Nope In America we have freedom of Speech. In the UK you don’t.

          1. @Pepa

            No in Britain we understand that with rights comes responisbility – we are grown up in that regard and do not accept that anyone can say anything – nor do you in the USA – and it is fatuous and false to claim that you do … I can refer you to numerous civil liberties battles in the courts – courts that by grand jury have recognised that rights carry responsibilities …

          2. @Pepa
            Also exercising that freedom of speech such as perverted child abuse comments on the internet can lead to arrest by the FBI – I know I have referred some US citizens to the FBI in the past …

      5. @Pepa
        Provide us with the evidence that Stu, Jock and Will are promoting hate on this site.
        I will give you untill the end of the day to come up with solid proof, rather than just hearsay.

        1. Will:
          “You are nothing but inbred trash”
          “You are a loser”
          “You are mentally ill”
          “You sad little troll”
          “You are dangerous”
          ” You are nothing but scum”
          “You are stupid”
          “A brain cell/stem might make him dangerous.”
          “Go kill yourself”

          I have more if you like…

          1. @Pepa
            But Pepa, are you now saying that you have not being calling Will, Stu or Jock similar names?

          2. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2011, 11:13am

            You gonna need to prove I ever told you to ‘go kill yourself’ pepa.
            Thats just not something I say even to the most annoying creepy child obsessed person like yourself.
            Actually I have to question if any of those ‘comments’ are.

            In any case you were asked to provide proof!!

            Now I’m going to be kind and admit to the brain cell bit coz that I do know.
            Though I have never told anyone to kill themselves so yet again you make it is to please your own ego.

            I think Will’s mentally ill comment really is a given though!

          3. Pepa, all the above is true. Why would you think this is insulting? You demean all gay people by calling them sex obsessed paedophiles. You obsess about paranoid conspiracies about “kool-aid drinker” and self derived persecution complexes. You produce no arguments, no proof, you cannot debate, you display low brow and histrionic racist overtones when you are challenged….

            …I’m sorry, everything that was said about is based on YOUR comments, not mine. So, quite the boo-hoo’ing and cop on, you’re the dysfunctional one here.

          4. @Pepa
            Can you address the major contradiction which you are raising.
            1. The street busker should be allowed to scream homophobic abuse at two gay men
            2. Pink news readers should not be allowed to call you names.

            Why the double standards ?

          5. I think your misunderstanding what hate speech is saying something cos you dislike someone is not hate speech, Harassing someone because of there ethnic background or sexuality or gender can considered hate speech people disliking you is just because your a bit of a Kn0b

          6. @Pepa

            I think JohnK asked you to provide evidence of all 3 of us promoting hate …

            Not only have you failed to address me at all …

            Nor have you considered your own comments accusing us of being paedophiles, rapists and stupidity …

          7. @Pepa
            I see that you have not been able to address the contradiction which I pointed out to you !!!

      6. “I’m thinking about reporting some of the hate speech to the london police that is being promulgated on this site by Stu, the Jockstrap, and Will.”

        Off you go, you sad little troll. And then you can explain your definition of “gay sex activists”, which we are all, apparently.

        Why not cut the hypercritical nonsense, and grow a brain stem.

        1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 3:51pm

          Or a ballsac, or just a spine.
          A brain cell/stem might make him dangerous.

      7. @Pepa

        Bring it on … when the reality of the offences that you have commited and the integrity of our behaviour is examined by the police – it would be your deportation that was sought …

  9. The moment we start getting more equality, these idiots come out of the woodwork. Its happened everywhere,espcially when same-sex marriage was legalised in 10 countries. In Canada for example, there was a resurgence of anti-gay attacks after marriage equality was passed. Expect the same in our own country. They’re losing the cultural war and they know it, so they lash out as a last act of desperation and frustration.

    In America, we are scolded because we suppress hate speech in the UK, even if it leads to the commission of a violent crime. Yet, Americans can be prosecuted for shouting “fire” in a theatre or threatening the life of a politician using hate speech. Makes no sense.

    1. that’s so stupid – that some loonies obsess over free speech when it suits them

      1. thats so stupid – that some loonies obsess over equality when it suits them.

  10. Chester, yes, but that’s the way America does it although in no way is there total freedom of speech there although many people in America think there is, especially the right wingers who are addicted to re-writing history to suit their own agenda.

    1. What? This is what I hate about PN. Many people here know peanuts about American law yet now over 60% of the articles are about my country and people think that know too much.
      in no way is there total freedom of speech
      *shakes head in embarrassment*
      US Constitution, Amendment 1:
      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
      I keep forgetting that I am talking to brits who have never lived in a country where there is freedom of speech. Now they want to take it away from us.

      1. Yeah right 7 Jun 2011, 11:14am

        oh, i see your problem, pepa. you’re a racist!

        1. Indeed. When he can’t actually rationalise his nonsense he goes into two modes:- racism or paranoia. Both are rather pathetic, and indicative of a child’s reaction to begin told off.
          Well, the best this little fool can do is a lame blog and accuse everyone here of being either a naz1 or a paedophile, it shows up his level of intellect, and his lack of power to make a difference.
          Which brings us back, no doubt, to the reason for his paranoia and racist/paedophilia remarks.

          1. LOL
            And your level of intellect Will?
            Calling me stupid and a troll and my mother a whore… that is the new Intellect?

          2. Please do not add lying to your repertoire of weak characteristics. I never referred to your mother.
            My intellect is obvious. Its the polar opposite to your obvious stupidity, and lack of formal education.
            Maybe you need to focus on the fact you accuse all gay men of being paedophiles, with your sex obsessed mind. Its perverse. Its foolish. Its indicative of a weak and corrupt mind.
            So, forgive me if I have no sympathy for your childish crying and lies on this site.

          3. Jock S. Trap 8 Jun 2011, 11:15am

            Here! Here! Will.

      2. @Pepa
        You may correctly quote the US Constitution (I havent checked – it wasnt worth the energy) but what I know you fail to do is consider the numerous cases that are before federal courts every year where interpretation is given and this leads to some people being told they can not say some hateful things …

      3. @Pepa

        Oh and if you hate PN that much – go away …

  11. This city is getting progressively worse by the week.

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 3:17pm

      I don’t know if I agree with that.
      Certain areas are I suppose but London in General isn’t it’s just we now hear about it now.
      It fills up internet news site and channels.

      1. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 4:02pm

        Have to add, having said that I only ever suffer my 4 years of hell 2005 – 2009 after being in London all my life.
        I think it’s just certain people in certain areas.

        1. “certain people in certain areas” do have means of mobility out of there too.

      2. Central London Jock. Trafalgar bloody square- not some sink estate where you come to expect bigotry and bleakness but the centre of the city where tourists from all over the world converge and share in the experience of London. Some experience.

        1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 4:00pm

          Whilst I do say that 1 attack is too much I do feel to label London homophobic is unfair.
          We only hear about the bad bits coz it sells news papers and websites.
          What about the thousand/millions of people who go through having a great time with no attacks or abuse?
          It’s that, that stands out and I know some areas are getting worse but Central London is generally a safe enviroment with just a handful of pillocks who go out to change that every once in a while.
          However those attacks means we must never trivialise these attacks as some suggest.
          It is naive to say that one busker’s verbal attack doesn’t hurt or affect others.
          That’s being as disrepectful as the homophobic busker.
          All hate crime should be reported and treated as serious otherwise it breeds more hate.
          I would rather it sorted at the verbal stage that just leave it til someone dies when it’s clearly too late.

          1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 4:01pm

            Bit like saying while theres a small hole in the door of the plane, “Oh it doesn’t matter, no-ones getting hurt” then carry on flying knowing at some stage that door will blow out and cause a few problems.
            Why leave it to manifest when you can deal with it straight away?

      3. Yet this is the guy that wants all “hate speech” banned because it leads to violence, now he says there is nothing to worry about and that there isn’t violence.
        My suspicions are true, he like most of the others here, don’t care about gay people, this all about control and having power over others through censorship and behavior.

        1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:13am

          Ya doo-lally fella!

        2. @Pepa

          I refer you to your comment “my suspicions are true” … meaning you have evidence … – provide it …

    2. Agreed, If you’re gay, don’t come to london, unless you are rich or want to be in a gay ghetto prison. londoners are intolerant of lgbt.

      1. nonsense – absolute nonsense

        1. @ Andrew: correct. You need to know that rapture detests London (though he continues to live here), he thinks anyone who’s gay and doesn’t also hate it must live in a “super-rich” (I quote) bubble.

          1. I really hit a nerve with that “super -rich bubble” comment to you about 6 months ago? ,still not over it , can’t handle the truth?

          2. Actually i no longer live in london, have moved on in life to someplace more civilized. leave the rat race behind and all that.

          3. I’m with Rapture on the ‘super rich’ argument. If a person can afford to avoid running the risk of some abuse be it verbal or physical then they are going to experience a more cocooned version of London. Night buses, deprived residential areas of London, the queue for the bloody ATM outside a gay club or bar and now Trafalgar Square. Anyone who doesn’t admit that being well heeled cushions you from the realities of life is truly in denial.

          4. Agreed CMYB, its tragic to think some lgbt people are still refusing to acknowledge whats happening. They must have a very insular existance, although they would be the first to bleat on about diversity, but ironic they do not validate diversity in their personal lives .or else they would have some awareness of the extreme diverse views regarding lgbt. Anyhow, i had an aquaintance like that, who had his blinkers on also, was like a fool saying how tolerant london was etc , you know the typical simpleton , but after getting a dose of hard homophobia from new neighbours , he quickly opened his eyes. It’s sad that it takes a personal experience for some to empathise with the reality.

          5. @CMYB and Rapture, Oh come on you get a bit of homophobia everywhere it doesn’t reflect the tolerance of the many the intolerance of a few. Homophobia doesn’t effect most people but it is still out there so it will obviously effect some people London may not be the all tolerant city that it portrays but it is nowhere near the worst in the country.

          6. CMYB and Rapture you’re damn right. London is now for the wealthy or the very poor. In the last 10 years I’ve seen how polarised London has become the artists and bohemian types have to move to margate to find studio space. And when the artists leave so does the culture.

            London is now cultural waste ground with grime music as the cultural high

          7. I really hit a nerve with that “super -rich bubble” comment
            Yes, because it was so breathtakingly ignorant and so heavily loaded with shoulder-chips that I couldn’t believe (and still can’t) that a supposed adult could make it.
            You have a seriously warped idea of the world if you think people who have to work 40+ hours a week to live in small West End flats can be called, within the context of London, “super-rich”.

          8. @CMYB: first, “super-rich” usually refers to people who’re worth £100m and over, and I agree their lives seldom need to come in contact with London as most of us know it.
            And you’re right that being comfortably-off can shield you from a great deal of unpleasantness, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking unpleasant situations are somehow more ‘real’ than pleasant ones, that’s a fairly childish argument that suggests nothing more than a great deal of envy and class resentment. The REALITY is that London, TAKEN AS A WHOLE, is a remarkably tolerant place. To experience an alternative, perhaps a quick trip to Kampala or Dubai or Moscow might enlighten.

          9. @ rehan To enlighten you, this discussion is about growing homophobia in london which is rising amongst “out” gay men , that may not be inclusive of somebody like you. Your desperate attempt to dismiss that fact by making it comparable with somewhere like dubai is as ludicrous as saying to a victim of racism in 80s brixton , oh never mind it could be worse , you could be in south africa. There is no need to go to kampala anyhow, i’m well aware of the abusive techniques used by some of the ugandan community in this country regarding hate of lgbt, you sound like fluffy , dopey scott mills if you believe that.or maybe you are insular to the diversity of london and have remained sheltered you in your cocoon.

          10. @james! how refreshing to have someone like you with an insightful and sincere on here. You have a passion and are indignant of injustice ,unfortunately lacking in many here. There is less social mobility now than in the 60s , it appears a class system has come to the forefront yet again. Sadly london , once a crucible of creativity , street style and bohemia is now dead on its arse.

          11. @ rapture (hopelessly inappropriate moniker, BTW): actually, this article is about ONE incident of homophobic abuse, which was immediately challenged and then reported to the police, who acted swiftly. I note, however, that you have tried to make the discussion (as you have before) about London’s “growing” homophobia.
            Those of us who’ve been around for a while (and yes, not only am I out, I have been out since well before you were born, thanks for asking) can remember when, in a situation like this, the police wouldn’t have been willing to assist. The fact that the incident has been reported at all suggests to me not that homophobia is growing but that its unacceptability is. But if it makes you flee the scary capital, good for you – just don’t imagine that all those who choose to live here (some of us with rather more experience of the world than you, obviously) buy into your scaremongering b0llocks.

          12. @ rehan, firstly if i wanted to flee , i could have done earlier , i choose to leave a city i grew up in (like many londoners do or would wish to) as i have higher standards than you, and do not wish to live in a city which espouses scum encrusted urban living. You appear to very gullible and impressionable to the phoney kudos/hype affprded to london , which unfortunately is really non existent. As for growing homophobia , even the met police have revealed that the crime statistics reported are just those reported (the tip of the iceberg) as there are so many gay/bisexual men living in “tolerant” london on the down low and so many have lost faith in justice against homophobia and there is widespread suspicion that this hate crime will not be taken seriously amongst lgbt. A swedish friend who visited me in london asked me “how come there are no out gay couples in london” meaning showing affection in public , i said they are scared to be open in public. Enough said.

          13. @Rapture Homophobia has been growing through out the UK but as usual these people obsessed with london don’t understand that the research into homophobia is nation wide and so using what the police say as proof that london has got more homophobic actually points out the flaw in your argument

          14. @rapture, my poor sweet, anyone aged 26 who claims to have lived in 11 different London boroughs and thinks Fitzrovia is a “bubble for the super-rich” is in no position to accuse anyone else of gullibility or susceptibility to hype!
            Seriously though, you seem unprepared to concede that the statistics on homophobia could reflect the fact people increasingly feel able to report homophobia in a way they didn’t before, and this indicates a more worrying suceptibility to (negative) hype. And if you’re going to bring up your own unfortunate personal experience, well, people who’ve been around a lot longer than you have personal experience (and of living in more than one city or country at that) as well, you know.

          15. @rehan, another weak response i see. I’m not going to waste time here, splitting hairs with you trying to educate and help you. I would prefer to give my energy to constructive discussion , which is something you are unable to provide. The tedium of your commentary is of a very pedantic, petty individual that some others would find unnerving, that you refer to threads from many months ago from specific users. Perhaps that is how you spend your time stalking commentary online. Personally, I do not recall you from previous threads as your commentary was instantly forgettable i suppose. still harping on about the super rich of fitzrovia which yet you have still failed again to alter my views on this and growing homophobia.

        2. Coming from someone as stupid as you , who does not respect the seriousness of a hate crime incident and considers what happened to this pair “minor” , i’ll take your simple commentary as a compliment to my clear insight.

        3. Then why ban “hate speech” if what rapture says is “nonsense.”

          1. @Rapture

            My experience of London being gay friendly may be personal – but it is one shared by many of my gay friends and associates …

            It certainly is not hypothetical – it is experiential and real

            I am aware others have different experiences but they are not mine nor those of most of my friends/associates

            My times living and with extended stays in London have been in Croydon, Enfield, Chiswick, Victoria, and Clapham

        4. Andrew go and kiss you man anywhere outside zone one and see what happens

          1. Absolutely James. And even in Zone 1 you’re playing with fire. If a couple of lads walking thru’ Trafalgar Square can get a mouth full of abuse from some crusty f’king busker then London clearly isn’t the oasis of LGBT bliss it pertains to be.

          2. My fella got bottled in the face off oxford street for having a snog and i got spat at by some filthy london chavs.

          3. @James!

            I snogged my ex boyfriend in the middle of a platform of a railway station in zone 6 – no problem

          4. @stu ,
            You are talking rubbish, london is not a gay friendly city. Your experience of london is hypothetical and personal, and maybe perceived differently by others. I’m really happy for you that you have had such an easy time in london and you believe it welcoming of lgbt but your view is not mine or that of many other lgbtq londoners . What area of london do you live in btw?

          5. @Rapture

            I am certainly not speaking rubbish (see my reply to you above – posted in error in wrong place, apologies)

      2. Yeah, because all openly-gay men in London come from delightful and (according to the ignorant) gay-friendly places like Brazil because they’re rich or so that they can live in ghettoes, eh?

        1. i don’t come from Brazil or a “place like Brazil” unless you class Lancashire as like Brazil.
          In the words of a famous tennis player – you cannot be serious!

          1. @ Andrew, my remark was in response to rapture’s observation that Londoners – all 8m+ of them – are ‘intolerant of lgbt’.

          2. de Villiers 7 Jun 2011, 7:58am

            Preston is my Paris!

          3. @ Rehan
            It seems like it if you have banned anti-gay hate speech… why ban something that isn’t a problem?

        2. “Gay friendly places like brazil”, you really are in a “bubble” naive little world..

          1. Maybe they should all actually visit these places instead of reading about them here in PN.
            But eh, you are talking to people who think that believing in a god is mental disorder and that killing senior citizens is a good thing.

          2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:16am


          3. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:17am

            Not you rapture the pepa creature.
            Getting more loon’ with every comment.

          4. @jock , agreed , anyhow i call my toilet pepa , apt heh?

          5. @ rapture – you missed ‘according to the ignorant’, but thanks for proving my point.

      3. @Rapture

        Absolute nonsense

        I have NEVER been welcomed as much as a gay man in ANY city as I have in London – that is not to pretend there is no bigotry against LGBT people – there is …. but the experience of most LGBT people on a daily basis in London is positive and without rancour

  12. So, the guy was using speakers t o broadcast homophobic hate speech and Paul and Gareth had to APPROACH a police officer!!!! Would have thought the police would stepped in first without being asked!!!

    1. Guess it depends on how homophobic the police officer is.

    2. should the Police monitor the comments of every busker with a tinny little amp? is that the sort of world you want to live in?

      I sdon’t

      1. I want to call the pro-thought police advocates’ bluff and have the police monitor these comment sections. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them actually do get arrested for inciting hatred.
        These stupid laws don’t apply to me, I am an American.

        1. We can tell by your lack of intelligence, far right views, paranoia and belief in conspiracy theories

          1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:19am

            I’m guessing he hasn’t ever read the Daily Mail comments.
            Though I think he would feel at home… hang on, no, on second thoughts I bet he’s a resident of the Daily Mail.

        2. “These stupid laws don’t apply to me, I am an American.”

          Yes, the country that affords less human rights to its citizens than the EU. Well done.

        3. @Pepa

          Oh we have another newly thought (sorry you dont think), newly invented label to throw at people “pro thought police advocates” – paranoia!

          Now wasnt it you earlier that was snivelling away in despair about name calling …


          Yet, what is Pepa doing – name calling …. strange child

        4. As if the police in the UK do not have more important things to do than moniotor a gay website, in case “Pepa” gets a a good telling off by a load of gay men.
          Reaks of self importance !!!The sooner you get used to the fact that you are nobody like the rest of us, the better it will be for your mental health, and your some what over inflated ego

          1. Well said, JohnK

    3. GG, my Partner had to explain the law to an Officer who didn’t have a Scooby as to what ‘hate crime’ is. He wanted to let off a group of people who had threatened to kill us with an £80 fine and a good telling off.

      This (alleged) homophobe in Trafalgar Square should at least be charged with a Section 4A and given that he used a Public Address system to make his comments, this can also be a Section 4, both of which are serious offences.

      Though I appreciate that the Police cannot be expected to hold the whole of the Blackstones Police Manual in their heads, it doesn’t take a genius to tell right from wrong.

      (having said that, looking at some of the things going on in the world today, I may have to caveat that comment with something about 50% of the population are below average IQ)

    4. Yeah right 7 Jun 2011, 11:17am

      you know, GG, I wondered about that, too. Makes you wonder about the police attitude to Gays.

  13. Ooer missus 6 Jun 2011, 5:18pm

    Abusing passers by has always been an offence, it used to be called Conduct Likely to Cause a Breach of the Peace. Time was that an abuser of gays would probably got away with it, but modern laws make it clear they can’t. This guy with a PA system would have been liable to arrest, whoever he was shouting abuse at.

  14. CMYB, I wouldn’t agree with that. Take Amsterday for instance. Arguably the gayest city in the world, the first and foremost nation to legalise same-sex marriage over ten years ago, yet its having homophobic attacks in certain parts of it, no less than London. When it happens in London, it makes headline news, over sensationalised. Its not as if the entire city is riddled with it. It will never be stamped out completely and neither will bullying. Its all learned behaviour, children grow up learning bad behaviour usually as a result of ignorant, bad parenting. When parents fail to instill respect for others in their children who become tomorrow’s adults, what can one expect when bullying and hate speech rear their ugly heads? Of course, the majority of the religious denominations have also been complicit in institutional anti-gay brainwashing for almost two millenia and continue to do so.

    1. These attacks occur because of the policy of forced multi-culturaism and the ghettoisation of communities.

      1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:20am

        Of which you know… what exactly?

      2. I agree, that multiculturalism has not worked, and that some people are living in isolated ghettos which means that some communities become cut off and disaffected.

        1. However, celebrating diversity rather than monoculture is the way forward, and not a return to stilted nationalism, although the later does require us to negotiate very difficult and complex tensions.

      3. Staircase2 7 Jun 2011, 1:07pm

        Actually there is no ‘forced ghettoisation’ in London – and nor is there ‘forced multiculturalism’. And there certainly isnt a ‘policy’ to enforce these things either.
        What an odd thing to say….
        I think you should change your newspaper! lol

      4. @Pepa

        Where did you cut and paste that idea from … because that required some thought – not original thought, you don’t quitre manage that …

  15. I meant “Amsterdam” in my previous post, my apologies.

  16. I’m just trying to imagine this happening in Bedford where I live,& demanding a local cop arrest a homophobe for committing a ‘hate crime’! Chances are the cop wouldn’t even know what a ‘hate crime’ is! But,the fact that the Met’ is now,seemingly,taking these incidences seriously,we can only hope it filters down to smaller constabularies,AND SOON! I kind of agree with the popular concensus,that the busker should’ve been chinned.But I guess in order for we in the LBGT world to be taken seriously means we have to ‘play by the rules’,so long as the rules are abided by from all sides!

    1. No. Gays don’t play by the rules. Gays have incited hatred on this board and elsewhere in England. Yet nobody calls for their arrest. But then once they get the same treatment then all of sudden they demand that said person be arrested.

      1. @Pepa
        Provide some evidence, not hearsay!!!

        1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:21am

          Oh JohnK
          We know that ain’t gonna happen.

          1. Jock, lol
            At least I have given Pepa a chance, he cannot accuse me of being unfair, or unwilling to engage in civil debate

          2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 4:08pm

            Your clearly a man with patience.. :)

            As for the latter part of your comment, I’m putting quids on he will accuse you of all that having seen his ‘work’ in previous threads.

            Trouble is he hasn’t a clue what ‘civil debate’ is.

      2. If a gay guy had a PA in trafalgar quare and were shouting racist abuse at two black guys. Not only would he be arrested, but he’d probably get his face smashed in by them. You need to get things in context Pepa. Your thinking is completely unbalanced and homophobic.

      3. Gays have incited hatred? Gays don’t play by the rules? Pepa, you are one fcuked up closet case. There is not freaking way on earth you are gay. Probably some religious troll with a blog to tarnish all gay men. Fcuk off if you don’t like gay people, and stop pissing all over this site with your hate.

      4. Who has incited hatred – when – which thread – what time – provde verifiable evidence …

        Not just rumour monger and accuse

        THEN explain your name calling, your hate filled vindictiveness – all of which I can evidence if I need to (although many followed of these threads will know what I am referring to)

    2. Staircase2 7 Jun 2011, 1:11pm

      …spreading the word if far more powerful than spreading the chin….
      (it may appeal to the testosterone fuelled ‘Im a man’ brigade but its never the answer in anything other than a defensive situation – if we’ve learnt nothing over the years its that the ‘Im a man and therefore I act like an idiot’ concept that str8 men have been adopting for YEARS is a complete nonsense – and usually a cover up for their own insecurities to do with their sexuality – so why should we as gay men be advocating the same ridiculous nonsense?)

  17. Stewart William 6 Jun 2011, 10:47pm

    Scum dropout with no job … Who is the loser!

  18. Oh please, hes allowed to say what he feels. FREEDOM OF SPEAKING.

    1. Freedom of speaking is shouting homophobic abuse with a loud hailer at passers by? Really? Strange, if I did that in a place of work, I’d be fired for abusive behaviour to a colleague. But doing that on the street is okay? What if he shouted n1gger? Is that okay? What about the rights of people to live a life with undue interference, shouting “fag” or “n1gger” tops that right in your book?


      1. These are just WORDS. Just like the words that you hurled at me. Live with it.
        Take Stu’s advice and “get a thicker skin.”

        1. You live with it. We’ll do sometime about it. That’s what makes us different, and ultimately better, than an offensive and histrionic individual like yourself.

        2. @Pepa

          There is a whole range of difference between observational comments about someone who is vindictive on threads like this (such as you) carried out in a light hearted manner with the repostes from them being depraved and ignorant … to someone on a platform in the middle of one of the busiest squares in Europe shouted targetted abuse at passers by on the basis of their orientation …

    2. de Villiers 7 Jun 2011, 8:02am

      Freedom of speech is not an absolute right but is a right to be balanced.

      1. Freedon of sppech is not the same as abuse

      2. that doesn’t make any sense.
        then I would say that marriage is NOT an absolute right but a right that also requires “balance” of some form or order. Therefore since heterosexuals reproduce and are more monogamous, these people would be entitled to marriage and not the gays.
        If you are willing to take away somebody else’s right be prepared for them to do likewise. So don’t cry about it when they do the same thing to you.

        1. How are gays less monogamous you say this sh!t all the time and I’m yet to see any proof

          1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jun 2011, 11:23am

            He doesn’t know facts just assumptions.

        2. Marriage isn’t a “right”. It’s a public institution and as such should be available to all people equally. Freedom of speech is a right, which can be exercised as long as it doesn’t infringe other people’s rights. There has to be a heirarchy otherwise you get conflicts that can’t be resolved, where one man’s expression meets another man’s freedom from intimidation you get a deadlock. Common sense requires weighting the rights and balancing them to find justice.

          Rights to life, liberty and freedom from persecution and intimidation have to be held higher than rights to political, social or religious expression. The opposite results in priests burning heretics and political opponents disappearing in the night.

        3. Pepa wrote
          “Therefore since heterosexuals reproduce and are more monogamous, these people would be entitled to marriage and not the gays.”
          Pepa, provide evidence that all heterosexuals reproduce!
          Pepa, provide evidence that all heterosexuals are monogamous!

        4. “Therefore since heterosexuals reproduce and are more monogamous”

          More utter rubbish form pepa, I see.

          You were shown before figures and facts that rubbishes this right-wing religious stereotype nonsense from you, but you conveniently ignore. Keep your silly prejudices to yourself. Unless you can back this up, you are just a fool.

        5. You are so fukced up.

        6. Pepa is a bit of a cnut

        7. @ pepa: “Heterosexuals are more monogamous”? Are you even remotely aware that between a third and half of the world’s men are part of cultures that permit polygamy? What weird planet do you live on?

          Oh God, broke my own rule, fed the troll. Dammit.

          1. I think he’s more of a genuine fool then a troll, Rehan.

          2. @ Will: bless him, someone needs to believe in conspiracy theories.
            I suppose…!

        8. @Pepa

          There is a lack of monogamy in both heterosexual and homosexual spheres – perhaps it is more evident in the homosexual press, but that does not mean that heterosexuals are not as promiscuous (sometimes more so)

    3. He has a buskers licence, so he has entered into a contract by which he can have a space to play music, and access to an amp in order to broardcast that music.
      So no, he’s really not allowed to “say what he feels” at all, he’s allowed to play an instrument. He’s grossly missused the position he was granted in order to abuse members of the public.

    4. Another Hannah 7 Jun 2011, 6:19pm

      freedom of speech is the freedom to abuse, and cause a nuisance? No it isn’t. You don’t shout it in the street, that’s abuse not freedom of speech. There are some warped people in the world! Try doing this to another minority and see what happens

  19. burningworm 7 Jun 2011, 6:40am

    A mass of applause

  20. Why can’t you lot just ignore this pepa – clearly an ignorant and sad individual that deserves no attention!
    nothing worse for these type to be ignored…and they will soon tire!

  21. Staircase2 7 Jun 2011, 12:55pm

    What has the Musicians Union got to say on this matter?
    Someone should contact them and ask for a response….

  22. I think what these two did was the right thing. as it states in the article they did approach the busker initially before going to the police. As for the outcome i hope they are swiftly given a fine no need to drag it to court.

    As for the topic of free speech i think some people have taken it out of context. the concept of free speech was devised so people could have the freedom to express their views without fear of imprisonment, such as what happened to Liu Xiaobo. However the health and well being of citizens should always take prority over freedom of expression. this is where hate crime legiislation come in. If your comments harm the well being of someone or incite hatred which could lead to phsyical harm then actions can and should be put in place to watch what you say. however being offended doesn’t not count as detrimental to well being in all cases. this applies to both sides. e.g while pepa’s comments are offensive, so are some of the comments directed at him/her.

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