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Exclusive: Credit scoring company Equifax discriminating against trans clients

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Reader comments

  1. lavienenrose 6 Jun 2011, 11:29am

    Major nitpicking, pointless investigation, these companies are doing their best – we’ve got bigger fish to fry tbh…

    1. Shut up you muppet

      1. That adds alot to the debate you obviously thought a long time about that response

  2. I don’t know. Yes, we have bigger fish to fry, but this is easily solved and they should be following the legal guidelines. There is no excuse for outing a trans person.

    1. Yes but turning it into a News headline seems a bit far couldn’t you merely file a complaint and then investigate how they have followed up your complaint. It sounded as if they just needed there error pointing out

      1. Hate trans poeple Hamish? I reckon you do

        1. Actually I have many friends who are trans funny how you jump to that when really I at no point mentioned they should discriminate I merely mentioned there are other ways of drawing attention to discrimination

        2. Also funny how you ignore my other comment to Jane Fae about it and merely try to insinuate I’m discriminatory presumably because I pointed out the idiocy of your earlier comment

        3. lavienenrose 6 Jun 2011, 2:32pm

          James you really are a vile pig, stop jumping down our throats and reflect before misfire yet again. Hypersensitive doesn’t do you justice!

          1. lavienenrose 3 hours ago Report Reply
            Major nitpicking, pointless investigation, these companies are doing their best – we’ve got bigger fish to fry tbh
            How do you know they are doing their best and not discriminating? Bigger fish? What if you’re declined a mortgage or insurance. Denial of service is discrimination you didn’t even deserve me dignifing your comment muppet

            Hamish 31 mins ago Report Reply
            Actually I have many friends who are trans
            mmmm its like saying I have black frinds but ~I’m going to say something racist. I’m not convinced

          2. No I was merely referring to the fact you know nothing about me James and as for the I have black friends and then I go and say something racist point out to me the Anti-Trans comment I said and then I will apologise and retract said comment

          3. Yes but turning it into a News headline seems a bit far couldn’t you merely file a complaint and then investigate how they have followed up your complaint. It sounded as if they just needed there error pointing out

            Would you reckon it’s a bit far if they were doing that to Gay , Jewish or Black people?

          4. It says in the article that it seems like an honest mistake and its not exactly an issue that can be compared to the LGB or another minority as we could never come across this issue it is a complicated issue which comes from an ignorance of what people know about transgender people it should be dealt with I’m not saying it shouldn’t but I believe the tactic they took was an extreme way of coming to the same means. At no point is that offensive to transgender or in anyway lessens there right not to be discriminated against stop trying to make me look discriminatory because of your immature commenting earlier in the thread. And once again you ignore my Pro Trans comment later on in the thread and if thats not good enough how about my other pro trans comments in other discussions…. Leave the debating to those with the mental capacity to actually debate!!

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jun 2011, 3:23pm

      In 2011with companies there is no bigger fish than treating ALL customers with the respect they deserve.
      If it wasn’t for they customer, Whoever they are, they forget they wouldn’t exist.

  3. yes, it probably DID just need pointing out, Hamish. But you might be surprised how often, how co-incidentally corporate bad practice changes after i call them.

    and that’s not just me. Its just a sad rule of everyday life. If you phone an organisation with your everyday hat on, they’ll pat you on the head and nine times out of ten, do nothing.

    if ANY journo starts sniffing round, things happen. I know that very well from dealings with Facebook – where they can get dozens of complaints and do nothing… and stuff magically happens after i call.

    Organisations SHOULD listen to everyone equally. They don’t.

    Equifax are probably breaking the law. Not maliciously, and i give them absolute credit for that: i believe they will do something about it.

    but it IS a story: will be a much bigger one if they did decide to do nothing, which i don’t think they will.

    1. Yes its a shame that they don’t listen to everyone and I read the story again and realised it mentioned Trans men and women complaining. I wonder who they complained to and wether Equifax had ignored them. If they had I would say that then it is a story worth really looking into.

      1. Oh, well, glad you finally maybe approve. I’m amazed someone would think that drawing people’s attention to something might be going a bit far, especially when it’s something that clearly affects members of the community that this site serves.

        1. Oh get off your High Horse and read my comment again I was merely saying anyone can overlook something and it doesn’t need to be brought to the attention of the LGBT community which as we can see through the comments on this thread will respond, without understanding the story or even reading the article, with outrage. I’m not saying anyone should be discriminated against I just think this is causing outrage where none is needed

    2. Tim Chapman 7 Jun 2011, 7:04am

      This is a bit like some banks’ practice of discriminating against civil partners. Halifax, Barclays and Bank of Scotland, for example offer products that may be applied for online. They require marital status data, but proscribe the answers via a picklist, typically, single, married, divorced or widowed. People in CPs are not accomodated and so cannot apply unless they are prepared to state they are something they are not and to make a declaration that what they have said is true. No such difficulty if you’re single, married, divorced or widowed! Unfortunately, marital status is not a protected characteristin in the Equality Act, so they can do this. That does’t mean they should, but it does mean they can ignore me completely (Halifax & BOS) or even to ‘”uphold my complaint” but to offer no commitment to resolve it with reference to any timetable (Barclays). Perhaps Jane will give them a call, too, with her Jurno hat on.

      1. Isn’t what you are complaining about discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, since civil partnerships are only for LGB, rather than marital status discrimination? Marital status discrimination is covered by the Equality Act, as by the Sex Discrimination Act, implementing part of the UK obligations under the Convention Against All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, but only in protecting those who are married or in civil partnerships, not those who are unmarried, who are protected in most other countries, and are the ones most often discriminated against. As in all L&G people before Civil Partnerships.

  4. Gee. I’m kinda glad that 10 years ago they just erased my old self completely. i was mad because i had good credit at the time and had to start from nothing, but that was WAY better than this, imo.

  5. Susy Doll 6 Jun 2011, 9:46pm

    I am in Canada, but my credit score misteriously dropped by 100 +/- points since my name change.

  6. I used the Experian service to break the link to my old name, this notified Callcredit and Equifax and got them to do the same and guess who left some details on their in my old name? Equifax!!! I called them and the operator basically didn’t believe it was me and actually said I don’t sound like a real woman.

    I called Experian and they sorted it all for me, polite, friendly and professional. Equifax need a course in customer care

  7. Anyone who thinks these organisations are capable of getting much right even on the almost non-existent occasions when they actually have good intentions is probably someone who has never had to deal with them. Speaking as someone who tracks their credit continuously, and is very careful, and still had an incidence of identify theft. And did everything one is supposed to do, filed all the appropriate forms, yadda, yadda, blah, blah….. Like almost everyone else who has had to deal with these cretins, years latter nothing has been done to correct the errors. Equifax and it’s ilk have little concern for the welfare of anyone but the banks they work for. Banks have proven over and over they cannot act even in their own best interest and it is left to the taxpayers to wipe their noses and bail them out. But as long as we have politicians bought and paid for by the banks……….

  8. This is something that I have encountered in the past. I do know that it has affected people trying to get mortgages in the past.

    I also know of situations where people who were working with good credit ratings, did not get there credit card renewed after they transitioned.

    Over the years I have heard of this in UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, France and Poland.

    I don’t know the full extent of it, but have off and on seen people complaining about sudden out of the blue credit problems, upon change of documentation during transition.

    This might be something to keep an eye on for the future.

  9. It is just another of the evils perpetrated against trans children that the government does not allow them to change their paperwork until after they have gotten enmeshed in the records of these twerps.

    And just to remind people, the reason the responsible civil servant gave, when the Gender Recognition bill was going through parliament, was that the decision to change sex was like that of deciding to get married, which could not be taken until 18 either (except one can marry at 16, with parental permission, and does anyone realise they have to get married at 2, or 3?). But then PFC and GIRES and Mermaids had lobbied against them having the right to change their documents.

    1. A suggestion.

      Use a freedom of information request to get copies of all lobbying by everyone regarding the gender recognition act and find out exactly who opposed what.

      You might find it very illuminating regarding PFC, GIRES, Mermaids and the shrinks.

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