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White House launches LGBT website

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Reader comments

  1. I must admit from the start that I havent as yet looked at the website but this seems a very symbolic and positive step – hopefully federal and Presidential leadership on LGBT issues will lead to a gradual elimination of the bigotry in the individual states.

    1. Thats all that it is — symbolism so that gullible gays like you can fall for it and vote for this puppet for one more term.
      “hopefully federal and Presidential leadership on LGBT issues will lead to a gradual elimination of the bigotry”
      That is wishful thinking in the name of peddling this pathetic administration. Lets not forget that it was THIS administration that compared gay people to pedophiles and incest, it was THIS administration that is still enforcing DOMA, and don’t forget that THIS president is still OPPOSE to gay marriage and agrees with Sarah Palin on the issue.

      1. THIS president is still OPPOSE to gay marriage and agrees with Sarah Palin on the issue:

        1. Pepa stop politicking here, we know you are an anti-gay US Christian fundamentalist nutbag trying to infiltrate a gay discussion site.

          1. Here’s a sample quotation from a previous comment by pepa

            “I can now see you and your gay sex liberal friends rounding up elderly people (maybe even your own grandparents) and leading them to the gas chambers while saluting the swastika.
            This sociopath behavior is what makes gay politics and issues detestable to many normal people.”

            And pepa thinks he/she is normal (lol)

          2. Jock S. Trap 4 Jun 2011, 8:40am

            Here! Here! Pavlos.
            He’s a Republican through and through.
            I’d rather Obama got another 4 years than any Repubican esp of the likes of Sarah Palin.

          3. Well said Pavlos. Not to mention (s)he thinks we’re all “gay sex activists” – which is basically paedophiles and sex pushers. Not the sign of a very balanced mind.

          4. Well said folks …

            Pepa not only fabricates descriptions of people such as gay sex activists but also calls people rapists because they work in child protection …

            His opinion is not something I am interested in given the standard of comment we have had shown on this site. It is not wonder he has been barred from many other sites.

            Ignore the ignorant buffoon who has no idea of how to debate or what the word reasonableness means.

          5. Look on how the peaniut gallery give each other pads in the back.
            That is not going to change the fact that Obama OPPOSES gay marriage and AGREES with Sarah Palin.
            Funny I provide with the evidence of such, and your ignorance seems to be your own “politicking.” (even though this lgbt site was meant to be used a political site.)
            Stu – Your profession is still disgusting to me. Pedophiles and rapists should not gain any sympathy.

          6. @Pepa

            Firstly – learn to read – it is my former profession

            Secondly – dont judge all people in a profession by those you have encountered who may be wrong in their behaviour – it is offensive to do so (but you get off on being offensive don’t ya!)

            Finally, stop sounding so pitiful – “I still find your profession (correction former profession) disgusting …”
            Your accusing people of being rapists and fascination with searching of children is beyond disgusting, its depraved an an anathema to humanity

      2. Take your negative comments some where else. We DO NOT agree with you!!!!!

  2. It gets better? Not necessarily

    1. Cheer up James!. It could always be worse.

      1. de Villiers 3 Jun 2011, 6:22pm

        Yes – a Republican could be President who uses harmful language as George Bush did.

        1. Exactly. Obama is at least trying.

        2. Even though Obama has continued 95% of all the bush policies, and even go beyond (demanding more power to deploy the military in the US and engage citizens, more wars and more soldiers deployed than ever before, etc etc) But of course he is a liberal, and liberals are allowed to start illegal wars, molest children at airports, torture arabs, kill innocent people in other countries, give welfare to the super rich, give tax breaks to the wealthy, yes yes… but don’t you dare be a republican or else we will oppose these things… this doesn’t make any sense at all. You liberals are beyond help.

          1. Liberal is not a dirty word in UK, go peddle your trollish nonsense elsewhere.

          2. Jock S. Trap 4 Jun 2011, 8:43am

            It’s not the ‘liberals’ that are beyond help, it’s Idiots… Idiots like you pepa.

          3. “You liberals are beyond help.”

            Indeed we do. Help to get away from nutters like you who think being “liberal” is a bad thing. You should learn to open your mind.

          4. Yawn yawn yawn

            If you have evidence of child molestation – report it to the appropriate people and have them investigate – if you do not, then you are as bad as any child molester and you potentially allow other children to be harmed by your inaction.

            The reality is you won’t because its pure vile rhetoric that you preach – and preach is the correct word.

          5. @Pepa

            If you genuinely believe that there has been child molestation – report it to the appropriate authorities dont just bitch about it here – the reality is you are the boy who called wolf and couldnt care a less about the welfare of children

      2. Of course, if you are at the bottom how much lower can you get?

        1. You could be a tyroll for instance.

          1. Make that… You could be a troll for instance.

          2. Tyroll?
            Is that a new vaccine you want all of us to take? lol..

        2. Jock S. Trap 4 Jun 2011, 8:43am

          You tell us pepa, you seem to be there.

          1. No. YOU tell me since you seem to know more about my own country.

  3. This is meaningless PR aimed solely at persuading LGBT Americans to vote for Obama at the next Presidential race.

    Let’s not forget that Barack Obama supports the coninued denial of legal equality to gay people.

    (Well we know that once he’s out of office he’ll start supporting equality – he’s just willing to throw us and our civil rights under the bus, while he’s in power, because it’s poltically convenient for him).

    He’s better than the Republican Party for sure. But Barack Obama has been a big letdown in terms of the LGBT community).

    We should have guess seeing as the extremist bigot Rick Warren gave his inauguration prayer.

    1. @David

      Whether or not it is PR is irrelevant – it is symbolic and the laguage used (having now looked at the website) is dunamic, clear and positive.

      Regardless of what prior decisions Obama has made – he has begun a process of removing DADT and also made numerous strong commitments to improving the rights of LGBT people is the USA. He is also honest, and acknowledges that there is a long way to go – whilst I do not agree with everything Obama has done – I do like how he is currently handling the LGBT issues – just wish he would press down a little harder on the accelerator in driving policy forward.

      1. This has to be unprecedented good news.

        And yes, Obama will fulfill his promise to repeal DADT.

      2. “it is symbolic
        That’s the whole point STU. It looks like you don’t mind being dooped by snake oil salesmen. BTW I have a nice beach front condo in Arizona I would love to sell to you, buy it now and I will include volcano insurance.

        1. Try duped.

        2. Jock S. Trap 4 Jun 2011, 8:45am

          Coz your not bitter or nuffin eh pepa?!

        3. @Pepa

          Even if you are correct, which I doubt … then we now have significant promises from the President we can hold him to account on

          1. Like repealing DOMA? Enacting ENDA? Enacting the reuniting families act?
            Please tell us Stu, since you know more about my congress and president, when will these things be done by your messiah?

          2. @Pepa

            You seem fit to comment on British affairs (without any knowledge)

            I feel fit to comment of US affairs (with knowledge having lived there several times)

    2. I hope you’re wrong David. I know Obama isn’t perfect. But he’s the best president the US has ever had IMO. I hope he does repeal DADT. And I hope he gets a second term and repeals DOMA. I hope he’s not all hot air as you suggest. You can but hope I guess. When someone says they are on your side, optimism should be the word, not pessimism.

      1. Lots of delusional wishful thinking, unless you are a hardcore liberal in the US you would not be worshiping this supposed Messiah. Not only has he failed on gay issues to the tenth degree, he has become an enemy to all civil libertarians and humanists. He is continuing torture, creating new wars, trafficking opium, stirring up cartels in Mexico, giving money to the rich, I mean you honestly think that these are sings of the “best president” we ever had? You must not live here then, or you must me completely delusional.

        1. Why hasn’t Jesus stepped in yet? he should have sorted it all out by now. Jesus for President!

        2. Pepa,
          All that you quote are legasies of the last administration, which the Republicians are now blocking the repeal off.
          President Obama is trying to make changes for the greater good; but he is stymied at every turn by the Republicians and the religious right.
          The Republicans want to put the rights of a section of society to a public vote…
          That is like allowing murderers to vote on their right to kill people.
          We all know that is wrong, but it could be construed as a similar concept; If you allow one vote to deny/allow the rights of a section of society to a popular public vote, then you must allow such a vote to all.

        3. Jock S. Trap 4 Jun 2011, 8:53am

          Because pepa the Republicans have done so much for Equality…?
          If I remember rightly it’s the Republicans, holding back the DADT repeal.
          If I remember rightly it’s the Republicans that refuse to show respect to their men and women to serve to protect their country but cannot be themselves while doing it.
          If I remember rightly it’s the Republicans who introduce acts that bans the use or meaning of the word Gay, Lesbian, Transgender… in schools
          If I remember rightly It’s the Republicans that are holding marriage Equality esp in the likes of New York…
          If I remember rightly it’s the Republicans that are trying to stir up hatred about the LGBT community and adoption….
          etc, etc, etc.
          Yes, because the Republicans are true heros when it comes to LGBT Equality and Rights…. I think not, What a joke.
          If being ‘liberal’ means campaigning and winning on Equal Rights and not be treated like second class citizens then I’d happily call myself a liberal.

          1. This is is not about republicans, in fact I don’t recall republicans asking for the gay vote.

        4. @Pepa

          I get it – you don’t like Obama because he is black and likes gays and liberty

  4. Rich (original) 3 Jun 2011, 9:16pm

    “Each June, we commemorate the courageous individuals who have fought for LGBT Americans….”

    First U.S. goverment supported criminal persecution of homosexuals in al 50 states of America, and now, after more then 230 years, this government expressed admiration for its homosexual victims….. Where is the financial and other physical compensation for the pains, sufferings, traumas, disabilities, losses of jobs, public disgraces, terrible confusions, sleepless nights and millions of tears of falsely accused homosexuals who were deprived of normal conditions of life??????….. WHERE IS IT?????!!!!!!!!!! These poor, victimized by U.S. and state’s governments boys, men and elders don’t need Presidents words – they need the monetary compensations and new and comfortable homes in exclusive wealthy parts of major cities of America!

    1. just to let you know… gay people also pay taxes into the government, so in essence gay people will also be paying compensation to gay people for brutalizing gay people who are now dead and were prosecuted in the past by people who do not exist anymore…. oh yea sounds smart to me.

      1. Rich (unoriginal) and pepa, 2 trolls trolling each other.

        1. Jock S. Trap 4 Jun 2011, 8:56am

          Indeed, I think Bitch Rich and pepa need to get a room, sort out their lustful yearnings once and for all.

          1. You wonder why I think your name suits you perfectly?

      2. Rich (original) 4 Jun 2011, 1:00pm

        People of any country of the world never need gay-taxes because they don’t need any gay in their countries. I wish I never even heard of homosexuals in the world…. Nothing, but aversion generated by homosexual practices and massive political troubles in every normal society.

        1. But you have heard of homosexuals Blanche and I hope it does your crazy head in.
          Homophobia isn’t normal it’s pathologogical, go fret over your own sexual practices you dirtbag.

          1. Homophobia is pathological.

          2. Homophobia is pathological; like wearing a pair of spectacles upside down…

        2. Wow. A massive improvement in the English from Rich again…. and with even more Americanisation in his spelling.

          He’s not even able to troll effectively. How embarrassing for him.

          1. Wow as well. Wil,l just look at the massive improvement in Rich (Orginals) use of the English language – lol.

        3. okay, then by all means stop collecting my taxes, I would be VERY happy not to pay them. Please contact your congressman.

  5. Rich (original) 3 Jun 2011, 9:22pm

    Let’s be realistic and not make up false, hypocritic proclamation, Mr. President!!!…. Even I don’t support homosexuals, I do recognoze their rights to be compensated when they has beed persecuted by your government before you became the U.S. President….

    1. Burn Rich 4 Jun 2011, 1:44pm

      I thought you were supposed to have set yourself on fire? Get on with it slowcoach, we’re waiting and getting impatient to see you burn.

  6. Jock S. Trap 4 Jun 2011, 8:38am

    This is excellent progress but one word missing stands out loudest… Marriage.

    1. From the White House LGBTwebsite
      “…the President has demonstrated that his vision for a brighter future includes greater equality for LGBT Americans.”

      Nice try but there isn’t really such a thing as “greater equality”, there is either full equality or discrimination.
      So yes J.S.T, marriage equality is conspicuously absent.

      1. Jock S. Trap 4 Jun 2011, 3:50pm

        That is a very good point Pavlos and one too many Daily Mail readers make when they claim we are demanding more rights.
        They just don’t get it that we Only want Equal Rights.
        Nothing more, nothing less.

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