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President Obama declares June ‘LGBT Pride Month’

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent, but Is Obama till struggling with marriage equality?

  2. Spanner1960 2 Jun 2011, 1:29pm

    More posturing bullsh|t.
    A MONTH!?

    We used to have Pride marches that lasted a day, said who we were and then we all fcuked off back to our normal lives.

    Nowadays they just drag the thing out, prolong the agony and bore everyone sh|tless with the same old stuff. Equally goes for black, Jewish, muslim, 7th Day adventist, Whales, pro-nuclear, anti-nuclear, women’s, men’s, dog’s, goldfish month.

    One day is quite enough.

    1. Patrick Lyster-Todd 2 Jun 2011, 1:41pm

      My … who rained on your parade lol?!

    2. How on earth could you fit all the activities of an LGBT Pride month into 24hrs!? It is not just for a march- there’s a lot more to it than that now- Arts festivals, political activities, educational events in communities and in schools, charity fund-raisers etc etc…

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jun 2011, 2:10pm

      Spanner love, do get over yourself.
      Not all of us are ashamed to be Gay!

      1. Lets have a self hating queen day for Spanner

        1. Jock S. Trap 3 Jun 2011, 10:07am

          I think thats everyday for him!!

      2. Spanner1960 3 Jun 2011, 2:55pm

        Who’s ashamed? I just see no need to bellow from the rooftops “Look at me!! I’m a gay!!”
        Most of us have far more important things to do than justify our sexuality and desperately seek attention from those that really don’t give a flying toss.

  3. de Villiers 2 Jun 2011, 1:57pm

    This is very positive in that it moves the “centre” position on gay issues. Contrast it with the very unpleasant comments made by President Bush and leading Republicans during the previous Presidency.

  4. Jock S. Trap 2 Jun 2011, 2:09pm

    It certainly is positive, I applaud Obama for trying to be visibly supportive but they are taking too long in scrapping the DADT bill and where’s the policy for marriage Equality?
    I would rather him than any Republican so guess he has time to sort.

  5. why doesn’t obama support gay marriage then? dick cheney supports his daughter getting married – and dick cheney shot a man in the face!
    why doesn’t obama fully, really recognize gay people’s rights? he says he does and then says he believes marriage is between a man a woman…

  6. Obama is MOST progressive President to grace the White House and I wish for him a successful election! I am sick of seeing gays rant about Obama not doing enough when they can’t point to another who has done better or WHO IS WILLING TO DO BETTER. So WHAT IF Obama hasn’t come out and say he supports Marriage equality? The fact that he has stopped defending DOMA is an indication of his leaning. The man has done so much & his doing so much more. Today I read of his initiative with regards to LGBTQ youth who are homeless and the measures to ensure that quality foster care are provided and a better chance for them to get adopted etc. This did not happen under the Republican, and if the GOP should form the government again, they and their conservative so-called Christian movement will do everything to undo ALL THE GOOD that the Democrats have done so far. So stop cussing at the man and be thankful of the positives; he isn’t Santa Claus that can make his run in one night, he’s simply a man.

  7. Gay Activist 3 Jun 2011, 4:14am

    To right Putt

    Obama is the best president we have ever had on signing 3 laws – namely the hate crime legislation, the repeal of DADT and increasing HIV funding and education programs – progress takes time (especially when Republicans unfortuately control the House). The Republicans in the House just last week passed an amendment to repeal the repeal of DADT in the House – which will never pass the Senate anyway or be vetoed by Obama anyway!!!!!!

    Remember Rome was not built in a day!!!!!!

    More Progress To Take ACTION ON Obama:

    * Introducing laws on ENDA (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender protection from discrimination in jobs, goods and services and/or housing).

    * Introducing the DREAM ACT and spouse recognition in other countries for immigration purposes.

    * The protection of gay students legislation. Was it called the legislation COBRA??????

    * The Repeal of DOMA (the Defence of marriage act)

    * Anymore bills or acts I have left out – please let me know!!!!!!

  8. Um, let’s see. Oh yes, there’s an election coming up. A lawyer and a politician.

  9. David Myers 3 Jun 2011, 6:29am

    Putt and Gay Activist are totally right. Perspective is needed here. Not only has Obama done more than any other president, but he is also a pragmatic politician who picks his fights strategically and spends his political capital carefully. Be doing so he is able to accomplish more than anyone else has and more than any one could if they took a more “politically correct” doctrinair position that was not pragmatic and would have no other result than to unify opposition to any acheivable goals. We should not give up on any of the steps it takes to make us truly equal to all other citizens, but we do it in a on-going pragmatic achievable basis without giving up on our ultimate goals.

  10. Nice :-) Thank you

  11. Obama has actually accomplished very little. Certainly not enough to claim the title “fierce advocate”. Getting excited that he’s done more that Bush is off the mark. He should be compared against other leaders of today. Gov. Brown, for example, won the CA governorship not only supporting marriage equality, but refusing to defend Prop 8. Obama just takes the path of least resistance. He is not a leader.

  12. Why does Barack Obama STILL: oppose the right of same sex couples to get legally married.

    How is his position any different from those people who wanted to ban his parents from getting married because they were of a different race.

    Obama is a slimy, opportunistic career politician just like all of them.

    I have no doubt that once he is out of office he will decide that once again he is in favour of equality.

    It’s more convenient at present for him to be anti-equality however.

    Typical, spineless politician.

  13. Wellinformed 3 Jun 2011, 11:21am

    So isn’t National LGBT Pride Month held every year in June? Not exactly new news, is it?

  14. This is an excellent piece of progress by Obama. Seeing the President of America show love and respect for LGBT people, something no other president has done before is incredible. It sends out all the right messages. Thank God Obama is the U.S. President.

  15. Hypocrite!!!

    Bombing other countries to “defend human rights”

    but not even implementing them at home.

    Obama is a terrible puppet of the capitalist, neoconservative and neoliberal elites.

    But the worst thing:

    All the other potential presidents are even worse nightmares!

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