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Hip-hop DJ pleads guilty after being arrested for loitering and engaging in oral sex with another man

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 2 Jun 2011, 4:06pm

    And Hip Hop is generally so homophobic.
    I had to chuckle! :)

  2. Is the counselling bit a standard sentence for loitering or is it just because gay sex is involved?

    I hope he doesn’t get into trouble from his hip-hop “friends”, though

    1. Jock S. Trap 3 Jun 2011, 9:45am

      I have to admit I was wonering the same thing.

      1. Jock S. Trap 3 Jun 2011, 9:45am

        Sorry “wondering”

  3. I don’t get where the “prostitution” element enters into this one. Were either soliciting in the street? Seems bizarre to me.

  4. “Cee was ordered to complete three months – or 12 sessions – of counselling with a doctor”
    I am astonished as this appears to once more suggest that homosexual behaviour is a mental health problem.
    DSM IV quite clearly excludes homosexuality from the list of mental disorders (indeed it hasn’t been in the DSM for some years now).

    Was the judge a Catholic (because this sounds like a Catholic line – that LGB sex is “instrincially disordered”).

    Cee should be challenging this in the courts. By all means fine him for having sexual behaviour in public (lewd behaviour is lewd whether gay or straight), but “counselling”??

    1. Staircase2 2 Jun 2011, 4:50pm

      Aside from the silly catholic conspiracy statement and that there is also no indication hes having counselling because they have declared him mentally unwell I agree with you! lol
      It does seem odd to send someone for counselling just because he’s been caught having sex twice! On those grounds every straight couple with more than one child should be having the same counselling therapy! lol
      Uptight attitudes towards sex and sexuality never cease to amaze me…

    2. de Villiers 2 Jun 2011, 5:20pm

      > Was the judge a Catholic (because this sounds like a Catholic line – that LGB sex is “instrincially disordered”
      It is usually unacceptable to reduce a person to individual characteristics. It denies people their individuality and makes them referable to only one part of their identity.

  5. concerned resident E3 2 Jun 2011, 4:32pm

    FHS, since when did pinknews want to stoop to the gutter. It is bad enough that some places still criminalise these acts but surely it just fans the flames of homophobic reaction to broadcast the names of the people who have been charged?

    1. pink news is a racist site us stories about black gay issues are usually ignored fcuk the cnuts who own it i wont be back

  6. So what? Let them get on with their lives, man.

  7. Stuart Neyton 2 Jun 2011, 4:41pm

    Why is this even a crime?!!

    1. jamestoronto 3 Jun 2011, 3:39am

      I don’t think this had anything to do with the gay sex aspect but rather they were having sex – period – in a parked car which in most jurisdictions is considered having sex in a public place.

  8. Staircase2 2 Jun 2011, 4:42pm

    This all seems ridiculous.

    Aside from the fact that he’s clearly in the closet celeb how is this newsworthy?
    And more importantly what are they doing arresting people for having consensual sex in the first place?
    ‘Curiouser & curiouser’ perhaps? lol

    1. Galadriel1010 3 Jun 2011, 1:20pm

      Because it’s in a public place.

  9. Meanwhile the real criminals are robbing us blind with service charges and taxes.

  10. maybe the counselling is due to it being a “prostitution offence’?

  11. Not sure why this is newsworthy

  12. Jezzer uk 2 Jun 2011, 7:54pm

    What a joke, 12 counselling sessions to talk about what???!!1 the fact he likes d**k
    Stuff like that surely just merits a fine.
    Shame on you Pink News for spreading the name

  13. Has he actually been homophobic? If not, what is the news hook for this? (That he’s black and might be?)

    1. Cause he’s black The daily mail had the same story probally for the same reasom

  14. Why didn’t he just get a room?

    1. Mark Antony Heath 3 Jun 2011, 2:04am

      I was wondering the same thing myself

  15. The sentencing had nothing to do with ‘gay sex’ BUT rather the fact that he committed an offence by engaging in sex act in a public place. If it had happened with a man and a woman, it would still be an offence and the charges would be the same. Nothing is wrong with gay sex – Adults in the US may engage in sex acts. but it must be done in the privacy of their homes. Cee should’ve known better after his first incident – COME ON – Accept who you are and take the man home, or find yourself a steady partner and make a home of love. But the Hip hop culture that he represents, tells him that being gay is unnatural, unmanly and so he ends up becoming a ‘pervert’ instead of owning up to his sexuality and live a respectable gay life. Hope this stand as an example to other gay hip hop artists/producers etc.

  16. Gay Daily Mail Reader 3 Jun 2011, 11:09am

    He can always turn this to his advantage. Remember George Michael! Joking aside, commiting a sexual act in a public place is illegal whether it is gay or straight – let’s keep it in our bedrooms please as we have to think of other people.

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