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Amsterdam city officials to be annually questioned on their support for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Good to see that it is not just the UK upholding these high standards and not allowing employees to let their homophobia prevent them from carrying out their jobs. If someone refused to carry out mixed race weddings because of their racist beliefs it would be no less unacceptable.

  2. Ian Bower 2 Jun 2011, 1:55pm


  3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jun 2011, 2:06pm

    Good to see countries holding up Rights, proud and making those people accountable to following them.

  4. When will religious and other people realise that their ‘rights’ are not being lost? This is about expectation – for too long have they been getting it entirely their own way, so long now that rebalancing it 50-50 feels to them like they have lost things. But they haven’t, its just equality.

  5. HelenWilson 2 Jun 2011, 3:05pm

    This seems far too lenient for my liking! We are supposed to have a evil gay agenda after all!

    The very lest the Dutch authorities should be doing is interrogate them with electric shocks to the genitals until they confess or convert.

  6. Its laughable her rights “trampled”! What about the rights of the couples in this country that still can’t be married because of morons like her!

  7. Is PinkNews thinking of covering the fact that LGBT equality is stalled in the netherlands because Dutch coalition government is being held to ransom by the fundamentalist partner, the Calvinist SGP? Or that Marja van Bijsterveld, education minister, will not sign a bill, that has passed parliament, forcing schools to doscuss homophobia, ‘because she doesn’t want to offend religious communities’??? It’s in the Volkskrant and the petition is on the website

    1. Another crucial point is not mentioned – In the Netherlands, the local ‘Gemeente’ or municipality, can employ what they now call ‘weigerambtenaren’ – officials who refuse to perform same sex marriages on grounds of conscience. In the Dutch bible belt townships like Staphorst, Urk etc, sometimes there is only one official who will perform gay marriages. There is a campaign to change this but with the Christian Democrats dominating the cabinet, since the murder of Pim Fortuijn, the chances are slim.

  8. Questioning staff on their ‘support’ for gay marriages is a waste of time and smacks of mind control. It should simply be made unambiguously clear that they will be expected to officiate at them in order to comply with their contract of employment, whatever they ‘think’ about them. And that they will be booted out if they don’t.

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