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Brisbane gay safe sex campaign ads reinstated after uproar over their removal

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 1 Jun 2011, 10:41am

    Heaven forbid that children show know anything about health education! What is also significant is the advertisement is only targeted at gay men. Well over 35% of new infections in London are from heterosexual contacts, and in other countries it’s higher still.Not that I object to this advert, but there should be others showing male/female couples too.

    1. That specific advert was targeted at gay men, but was it part of a larger campaign targeting various different groups? I don’t know, but we should be careful not to jump to the conclusion that it wasn’t.

  2. Dan Filson 1 Jun 2011, 10:42am

    That’s HIV infections I referred to. Chlamydia is probably higher!

  3. Jock S. Trap 1 Jun 2011, 10:43am

    I think these Christians, like many others, need to Get A Life of their own1 and stop interfering in everybody elses!

  4. adshel’s removal of this ad was appalling. if you look at the 30 or so ‘complaints’ it is clear that they were all written by one or two people of the acl and then copied and pasted by other acl members. this wasn’t 30 or so complaints by members of the public, it was a united force by extremist christians!

    1. I suspect this is what they’ve also done with the marriage equality consultation process between MPs and their consituents. I also suspect the Christians from outside the constituencies are also boosting the numbers of negative replies because in most cases the MPs don’t even ask for your address when you write in. You just get bunged in on the neg vote for marriage equality….it’s pretty effective since MPs can just say they’ve had overwhelming support against marriage equality in their constituency when in fact it’s outside constituents from the ACL that are writing to them.

  5. There’s already a wide spread campaign on Autralian prime TV and on ads in bus shelters etc with a guy in pants saying something like what’s in you pants , I think the ad on tv just dsplays a whole load of different underwear one after the other. The message is aimed at STIs and to have your genies checked regularly. If this is ok, then I can’t see what the ACL is objecting to in this advert. It’s homopbia alright…if it was aimed at straights I suspect there wouldn’t have been a problem.

  6. Sadly Adshel made a kneejerk reaction instead of responding to complaints and pointing out the ludicrous nature of the issues they’d brought up.

    Poor show Adshel.

  7. I’m glad the ad was reinstated. Some Christians seem to be obsessed with sex. The first thing most people would see looking at that ad was a cute, affectionate couple. Children who were too young to understand the point of it simply wouldn’t have got the ad so it would hardly have had the affect these Christians said it would have. Don’t they have more important things to do?

    1. So completely and utterly true, I couldn’t agree more Iris!

      This ACL woman is quoted as saying: “…the issue was about the frank reference to condoms…” – Is she serious? She is actually saying that people should not know about condoms??? …what?

      Children should get the message that once they’re old enough they should use condoms, the earlier they learn that the better. If you keep hearing about wearing seat belts in cars, then you are much more likely to wear them (once you’ve grown out of child car seats obviously). It’s not as if mentioning condoms is the same as describing a sexual activity.

      Let’s allow our children to become responsible teenagers, they need to know how to keep themselves healthy and safe should they have sex much earlier than we want them to. And when kids become aware that sex is a serious issue that requires protection i.e. condoms, that awareness may even put them off for a bit until they are more mature.

  8. Paddyswurds 1 Jun 2011, 11:21am

    Its clear that these weirdo pixie in the sky creeps worldwide should be told that they have no business In peoples lives, never mind bedrooms. I also think it is rich that they pretend to be concerned with the welfare of kids in this regard as christians especially the Roman variety have been sexually abusing children world wide for decades, eons even, and are still doing it while being protected by the ex Naz! pope in Rome and bishops in countries worldwide.. It is time to start positive action against these people instead of this kow towing to their whims and unrealistic beliefs.

  9. Typical.

    Religion shows its ugly, evil, bigottde face once again.

    Religion has nothing to offer the world only division and hatred.

  10. Common sense has prevailed, Most Australians would not even pay any attention to the fact that it was Gay – these so called Christians do such harm to christianity as a whole.

  11. Readers should note that our Prime Minister has met with the so-called Australian Christian Lobby (ACL)on a number of occasions this year, but refuses to meet with any gay lobby. The ACL is an insidious group that claims to speak for Australian Christians yet is represents none of the mainstream churches. Whileever the PM gives credibility to these people what can you expect?

    1. The same Prime Minister who refuses to discuss at her party conference about the issue of same sex unions – despite the increase in debate about them in Australia.

      That in itself speaks of a lack of empathy and support for LGBT people from the Prime Minister and borderline homophobia.

      It is worrying that an organisation such as the ACL who endorse censorship of safer sex messages are tacitly endorsed by Gillard whilst she fails to even engage with gay lobbyists.

      1. You man the ATHEIST Julia Gillard who chooses to not get married to her live-in male hairstylist partner.

        That woman is a disgrace to her country and a disgrace to her sex.

        Vile, nasty, opportunistic bigot.

  12. Why are we quoting ‘Twitter users’ now? Couldn’t find any mindless celebrities to spew the same idiocy? Seriously, if 30 people complain (out of however many millions live in that city?) I’d say good on us it means at least 30 people saw our ad and learned something new today.

  13. johnny33308 1 Jun 2011, 1:15pm

    The ACL is a bigoted organization of Christian people whose hearts are so very obviously filled with the love of Jesus-AS USUAL for these sorts of judgmental religious nut jobs!

  14. Chris Lowry 1 Jun 2011, 1:34pm

    I have to say that although I disagree with Adshell’s inital decision to remove the campaign – I have to applaud their ability to stand up and say we were wrong and reinstate it.

    If only Heinz here in the UK could have done that after the outcry at them removing an ad featuring two men kissing.

  15. In any psychological battle one of the first attacks is the dehumanising of the enemy. For years gay people have been villified by the so called moral brigade. What really scared them is that this shows two loving gay men in a relationship as if.. they were (shock horror) normal people. It realy starts to shoot down the mantra of ‘immoral disease infested deviants’ when there is picute around. As a Brisbane resident I lookforwaed to seeing these adverts around.

  16. Whether or not this is about a homophobic reaction by the Australian Christian Lobby or not – surely the argument they are putting is damaging and short sighted.

    It is imperative that young people (who are sexually aware whether the ACL like it or not) are aware of safer sex.

    Failure to ensure that a safer sex message is portrayed is an abdication of responsibility and acting like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. The ACL should be ashamed of themselves – they act with the same propriety as the Pope in being reluctant to allow a safer sex message to be used.

    It seems odd that the ACL has been so vociferous publically about this particular advertisement involving a gay image – as (I presume) there was not such animated debate about other condom promoting advertisements prior to this one

  17. If christians don’t like condoms, then they don’t have to use them. but why do they insist in everyone following their idiocy?

    1. Bizarrely many responsible Christians like condoms … its a dogmatic and largely irresponsible group that promote ignorance and irresponsibility

      1. I agree the key word here Stu is “responsible”.

  18. The ad doesn’t even mention the word “CONDOM”. So how kids going to ask their paremts what a condom is???? This is clearly a homophibic action by yet another christian bigot. I encourage you to send a personal email to her via her husband, at and let her know what you think of her putting gay men’s lives at risk. SILENCE = DEATH!

  19. That last line was really sweet. :3

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