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May 2011

  • 10th May 2011

    US Navy wants to allow gay marriages on bases 10

    The Navy plans to allow gay marriages on bases

    10:32 AM — The US Navy is planning to allow chaplains to conduct gay marriages on its bases once the ban on openly gay soldiers is lifted this summer. The move would allow chaplains to perform the ceremonies in states which allow the practice.

  • 9th May 2011

    US Olympic official quits over gay marriage comments 17

    Peter Vidmar was chef du mission of the 2012 US team

    5:52 PM — Former Olympic gymnast Peter Vidmar has resigned as the chef du mission of the US 2012 team after anger over comments he made about gay marriage. In 2008, Mr Vidmar, a Mormon, joined the fight against California's gay marriage law.

  • Girl, 13, is latest victim of South African ‘corrective rape’ 45

    South Africa's government condemned the attack

    4:39 PM — A 13-year-old girl in South Africa has reportedly become the latest victim of the 'corrective rape' epidemic. The girl, who was attacked on Thursday in Pretoria, was said to be open about being a lesbian and it is believed she was targeted for this reason.

  • Gay MP David Laws may be reprimanded over expenses 36

    David Laws may be reprimanded for his expenses (Photo: Keith Edkins)

    2:33 PM — Liberal Democrat MP David Laws is expected to be reprimanded over his expenses claims when a parliamentary standards report is published this week. The former chief secretary to the Treasury's return to government may be hampered by the verdict, reports said.

  • Chaz Bono ‘thrilled’ with results of transition 249

    Chaz Bono is publicising his memoirs and a documentary

    2:29 PM — Chaz Bono, the son of singer Cher, has spoken candidly about his transition from female to male. Speaking ahead of a book and documentary about his journey, the star said he never had a moment's doubt that he was supposed to be a man.

  • Gay activists’ petition against Ugandan ‘kill gays’ bill 30

    An earlier protest against the bill (Photo: Brett Lock)

    12:55 PM — Gay rights campaigners hope to collect enough signatures to ask Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni to refuse to sign an anti-homosexuality bill. The legislation, in its current form, calls for harsher punishments for homosexuality. For "aggravated" case, such as those involving disabled people, those with HIV or minors, it calls for the death penalty.

  • Gay MP Nigel Evans ‘in denial’ when he voted for Section 28 75

    Nigel Evans said he went through a "neanderthal phase"

    11:42 AM — Gay Conservative MP Nigel Evans says he was in denial and going through a "neanderthal phase" when he voted for Section 28. The MP for Ribble Valley, who came out last year, backed the legislation to ban mention of homosexuality in schools and once voted against lowering the age of consent for gay men.

  • Study finds gay men are more likely to have had cancer 84

    It is not clear why gay men were more likely to have had cancer (Photo: Katie Tegtmeyer)

    10:55 AM — A large US study has suggested that gay men are more likely to have had cancer than straight men. The research, from California, found that gay men were almost twice as likely as straight men to have been diagnosed with this disease. On average, diagnoses happened a decade earlier for gay men.

  • 6th May 2011

    MP claims Foreign Office is ‘playing avoidance game’ over Bradley Manning 26

    Bradley Manning has been transferred to another jail

    5:52 PM — Foreign secretary William Hague is playing an "avoidance game" over a gay US soldier accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, an MP has claimed.

  • Watch: Lady Gaga’s new video Judas 90

    Gaga's video shows the Apostles as a biker gang

    5:46 PM — Never one to turn down the chance to shock, Lady Gaga's new video shows her as a modern-day Mary Magdalene torn between her love for Jesus Christ and Judas.

  • Activists call for gay marriage progress after SNP win 53

    SNP leader Alex Salmond supports gay marriage

    5:28 PM — The SNP are to form Scotland's first ever majority government after their victory in yesterday's election. The party, which has promised a consultation on marriage equality, won a surprise majority with 65 seats in the 129-seat parliament.

  • Country star Blake Shelton rapped for ‘anti-gay’ tweet 32

    Blake Shelton told GLAAD to find a "real villain". (Photo: Keith Hinkle)

    4:23 PM — Country star Blake Shelton has been criticised by a gay group for a Twitter post he made. In a twist on the lyrics of Shania Twain's song 'Any Man of Mine', he tweeted: “Any man that tries touching my behind, he’s gonna be a beaten, bleedin,’ heaving kind of guy.”

  • Gay friend of Boy George speaks out after attack 51

    Philip Sallon is recovering (Photo: Christina Lindsay)

    3:41 PM — A gay friend of Boy George has spoken out after he was attacked in central London. Philip Sallon, the socialite and event organiser, was badly injured in the April 2nd attack in Piccadilly.

  • Second student in Tyler Clementi suicide case to appear in court

    Tyler Clementi jumped to his death last September

    2:19 PM — The second student implicated in a gay US teenager's suicide is to make her first court appearance today. Molly Wei, 19, was charged with invasion of privacy after allegedly watching a secret recording of Tyler Clementi having sex with another man.

  • Gay Arizona dads adopt 12 children 57

    The couple are dads to 12 kids (Photo: D Sharon Pruitt)

    2:14 PM — A gay couple from the US state of Arizona have revealed they are adoptive parents to 12 children. Steven and Roger Ham cannot legally adopt in the state as a couple, nor can they marry. But they have given a dozen children the chance of a 'forever family'.

  • Gay footballer Anton Hysen on coming out 63

    Anton Hysen on Attitude's back cover

    11:47 AM — The world's only openly gay footballer, Anton Hysen, says others in the closet should not worry about fans' reactions. The Swedish star, 20, came out earlier this year, declaring that it was "f**ked up" that no other players had done so.

  • Brazil’s Supreme Court approves civil unions for gay couples 51

    Brazil will allow civil unions

    10:37 AM — Brazil's Supreme Court has voted overwhelmingly to give gay couples the right to civil unions. The panel backed the measure 10-0, with one abstention.

  • 5th May 2011

    Police appeal over anti-gay attack in Woking 14

    Police are appealing for witnesses

    5:51 PM — Police are appealing for more information about a homophobic attack in Woking last month. A gay male couple were attacked in the incident, which took place on Monday April 18th at around 11.20pm.

  • Ricky Martin thought being gay was ‘evil’ before he came out 57

    Ricky Martin said he was happy now

    5:43 PM — Ricky Martin has revealed that he believed homosexuality was "evil" before he came to terms with being gay. The star came out last year.

  • Government ‘still not collecting data on gay asylum claims’ 6

    The UK Border Agency says it is reviewing data collection

    4:17 PM — The UK government has admitted that it is still not collecting data on the number of people who claim asylum or are refused on the basis of their sexual orientation. Ministers promised last year that they would protect gay asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution.

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