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May 2011

  • 24th May 2011

    US anti-gay campaigner: ‘We’re losing on gay marriage’ 58

    Anti-gay campaigners including Jim Daly concede they are losing the fight

    11:31 AM — One of America's most prominent anti-gay campaigners has conceded that the battle against gay marriage is being lost. Jim Daly, the chief executive of Focus on the Family, told an evangelical magazine that the majority of those under 30 now support gay marriage.

  • Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah fined $50,000 for anti-gay outburst 16

    Joakim Noah was fined $50,000

    10:33 AM — US basketball star Joakim Noah has been fined $50,000 (£30,968) for calling a rival fan a "faggot". The Chicago Bulls star, whose team lost to Miami Heat in the NBA play-offs on Sunday, was caught on camera saying “f**k you faggot” to the fan.

  • 23rd May 2011

    Church of Scotland ends moratorium on gay ministers 19

    The general assembly has decided to lift the moratorium

    6:02 PM — The Church of Scotland has voted to end an moratorium on ordaining gay ministers. A temporary ban was instituted in 2009 after anger over the ordination of an openly gay man, the Rev Scott Rennie.

  • Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah apologises for gay slur 10

    Joakim Noah said sorry today

    5:07 PM — Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah has apologised for calling a fan a “faggot” at last night’s game. The player, whose team lost to Miami Heat in the NBA play-offs, was caught on camera saying “f**k you faggot” to a fan. Today, the 26-year-old said: “I apologise. “The fan said something to me that I thought […]

  • Consultation on Liverpool’s gay village ends 34

    Liverpool's gay quarter is to be improved

    3:48 PM — The consultation on developing Liverpool's gay village has ended. Local councillors hope to turn the area into an international destination and plans include making a central square surrounded by restaurants and cafes.

  • Man jailed for six years over homophobic glassing attack 55

    Shane Smitham was jailed for six years

    2:12 PM — A Cumbrian man has been jailed for six years after glassing a gay man in the face in a homophobic attack. Shane Smitham, of Firth View, Workington, had been drinking at the victim's house for several hours on January 8th before he "flipped".

  • Surrey newspaper goes pink to celebrate gay award 12

    The Surrey Comet's pink masthead

    12:24 PM — The Surrey Comet turned its masthead pink last week to celebrate winning an award from a local gay and lesbian group. The newspaper won a 'Heart of Equality’ award from the charity Gay Surrey last Tuesday, which was the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO).

  • Church of Scotland to debate gay ministers today 13

    Rev Scott Rennie's ordination sparked the debate

    11:43 AM — The Church of Scotland will debate today whether gay ministers should be ordained. The General Assembly will decide whether to retain a ban on ordaining gay ministers until a report is published next year.

  • Minnesota voters to decide on gay marriage ban 79

    Minnesota voters will be asked whether gay marriage should be banned in the consitution (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    10:50 AM — Voters in the US state of Minnesota will decide next year whether to place a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Late on Saturday night, the state House voted to allow voters to decide the issue.

  • 21st May 2011

    Tennessee Senate approves ‘don’t say gay’ bill 629

    Tennessee's senate voted for the ban

    12:08 AM — Tennessee’s Senate has passed a bill that proposes to introduce a ban of discussing homosexuality within schools. The bill, approved by 5 votes to 4 at the Senate will ban all teachers in public elementary and middle schools from talking about the subject.

  • 20th May 2011

    Another US poll finds majority support for gay marriage 23

    A majority want marriage equality, the poll said

    5:41 PM — A Gallup poll has found that 53 per cent of American respondents support giving gay couples the right to marry. This is the first time a Gallup poll has found a majority in favour of marriage equality.

  • Gay LAPD sergeant wins $1m in discrimination case 23

    The LAPD may appeal the decision

    3:24 PM — An openly gay Los Angeles Police Department sergeant has been awarded $1.16 million (£700,000) after winning his case for discrimination. Ronald Crump, 39, has worked for the LAPD for 16 years. He claimed he was harassed after he claimed about a supervisor's treatment of him because he is gay.

  • Gay MP says straight couples face discrimination over hymn Jerusalem 62

    Chris Bryant said he was fighting for the rights of straight couples

    3:04 PM — The hymn Jerusalem risks becoming "reserved for homosexual couples", a gay MP has claimed. Chris Bryant, the Labour MP for Rhondda, claimed that church policy means straight couples are increasingly being banned from using William Blake's famous hymn at their weddings because clergy deem it is "not addressed to God".

  • California firm agrees to drop gay websites ban in schools 5

    One company has agreed to stop blocking gay websites (Photo: ttarasiu)

    2:45 PM — A California web filter provider has become the first major company to drop a feature which allows schools to ban gay websites. Lightspeed Systems says it is working to remove a filter which allows schools to block the non-adult educational or supportive LGBT websites.

  • Cardiff race equality chief accused of homophobia 69

    The footage was captured before last year's general election

    2:19 PM — Calls have been made to sack the chief of a Cardiff racial equality group after he was filmed making apparently homophobic comments. Mohammed Tufail, director of Cardiff and Vale Race Equality First, was recorded seemingly questioning a Muslim group for supporting a gay candidate.

  • Elton John dedicates AIDS benefit dinner to Liz Taylor 2

    Elizabeth Taylor said she was on a "crusade" against HIV and AIDS

    1:19 PM — Elton John dedicated an AIDS benefit dinner to late friend and supporter Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor, who died in March, founded the amFAR HIV and AIDS charity and John said she would remain the charity event's "guiding star".

  • Rhode Island House approves civil unions 17

    Rhode Island is expected to approve civil unions

    11:22 AM — The Rhode Island House approved a civil unions bill yesterday. The measure will now go to the Senate, where it is expected to receive broad support. However, some gay rights activists are furious that a gay marriage bill was scrapped in favour of what they see as watered-down legislation.

  • German football captain warns gay players will face abuse 40

    Philipp Lahm said gay players would be abused (Photo: Stephen Depolo)

    10:32 AM — Germany's football captain has warned that gay players will face verbal abuse if they decide to come out of the closet. Bayern Munich star Philipp Lahm, 27, said he would welcome gay players but claimed they would face difficulties.

  • 19th May 2011

    California’s transgender protection bill makes progress 4

    California's assembly passed the measure

    5:27 PM — A California bill to improve legal protections for trans people has been approved by the state assembly. The Gender Nondiscrimination Act (AB 887) passed with bipartisan support on a 54-24 vote on Monday. It will now go to the state Senate.

  • Ted Nugent ‘repulsed’ by gay sex but ‘not homophobic’ 72

    Ted Nugent says he couldn't give a "rats ass" whether people are gay

    4:42 PM — Rocker Ted Nugent says he is "repulsed" by gay sex but has nothing against gay people. Speaking on Piers Morgan Tonight, the gun rights activist said he thinks gay sex is "against nature". He said: "If you're gay, have a nice day. I couldn't give a rats ass."

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