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May 2011

  • 26th May 2011

    Video: Oprah Winfrey’s farewell to gay fans 15

    Oprah bowed out after 25 years

    3:48 PM — Oprah Winfrey ended her final show last night with a mention of her gay fans. The chatshow queen, who sobbed and laughed through her final hour, thanked viewers for their support over the last 25 years.

  • Ian McKellen supports Moscow Gay Pride 27

    Ian McKellen commended 'brave' marchers (Photo: Stefan Servos)

    2:58 PM — Veteran actor Ian McKellen has given his support to Saturday's Moscow Pride march. City authorities have banned the march but gay rights activists say they will hold it regardless.

  • Texas judge expected to void marriage of trans widow 19

    Nikki Araguz's husband's family say her marriage is void

    2:35 PM — A judge in Texas is expected to declare a trans widow's marriage void after her husband's family launched a legal challenge. The ruling will mean that widow Nikki Araguz, who lost her firefighter husband in a blaze, will not be entitled to survivor benefits.

  • California first-graders learn about marriage equality 56

    Eric Ross read My Uncle's Wedding to the first-grade children

    12:06 PM — First-graders at a California school celebrated Harvey Milk Day last week by learning about marriage equality. Eric Ross, the author of new children's book My Uncle's Wedding, spoke to 40 six and seven-year-olds at a San Francisco elementary school.

  • Schools minister Nick Gibb says lack of HIV education is ‘unforgivable’ 72

    Schools minister Nick Gibb said a PSHE review would not be sidelined

    11:15 AM — Schools minister Nick Gibb says the government is "hugely concerned" about figures which suggest one in four children is not learning about HIV and AIDS at school. Addressing a Lords committee on HIV and AIDS on Tuesday, he said a lack of knowledge in the school system was "unforgivable".

  • Brazil’s president suspends school anti-homophobia campaign 72

    Brazil's president objected to the material (Photo: Agencia Brasil)

    10:38 AM — Brazil's president has suspended an anti-homophobia campaign in schools because she thought the DVDs and leaflets were not appropriate for children. President Dilma Rousseff's spokesman said she had viewed the material and "didn't like what she saw".

  • 25th May 2011

    Australian lesbian attempts to remove sperm donor from child’s birth certificate 16

    A lesbian is fighting a legal battle over her ex-partner's child's birth certificate

    4:43 PM — An Australian lesbian whose former partner had a child with a sperm donor is fighting a legal battle to have his name removed from the child's birth certificate. The woman, whose ex-partner is the biological mother of the ten-year-old girl, wants the father's name wiped from the girl's records, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

  • Nevada governor signs transgender protection law 7

    Governor Brian Sandoval signed the law yesterday

    4:02 PM — The governor of Nevada has signed a law to protect transgender people from employment discrimination. Republican governor Brian Sandoval signed the bill into law at a ceremony in Carson City on Tuesday.

  • Scottish minister resigns over gay clergy 22

    The Church of Scotland voted to lift a ban on gay clergy

    3:12 PM — Another Church of Scotland minister has resigned over the issue of gay clergy. The Reverend Roddy MacRae, minister of Glenelg and Kintail, said he would stand down after the Kirk's general assembly voted to accept gay and lesbian ministers in future.

  • Online football forums ‘filled with anti-gay hate’ 93

    Research found homophobia in online football forums

    2:45 PM — Internet forums for football fans contain shocking attitudes towards homosexuality, a study suggests. The research, carried out by LGBT and sports campaigner Lindsay England, looked at 8,000 forum threads containing homophobic abuse.

  • Moscow Pride to go ahead despite ban 102

    Activists have held illegal marches for six years (Photo: Chad Meacham)

    1:36 PM — Gay rights campaigners say they will hold Moscow Pride regardless of a ban. Activists applied to hold the event in Bolotnaya Ploshchad city park on Saturday but Mayor Sergei Sobyanin’s administration turned down the request, citing a risk of public disorder.

  • Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah says $50,000 fine for anti-gay abuse is ‘fair’ 5

    Joakim Noah said he accepted the fine

    11:42 AM — The US basketball player fined $50,000 (£30,968) for calling a fan a "faggot" says the punishment is fair. Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah said: "I made a mistake. I’ll learn from it and move on."

  • Plymouth man banned from city pubs over anti-gay abuse 12

    Plymouth man Richard Ham was barred from the city centre's pubs

    10:56 AM — A Plymouth man has been barred from all of the city centre's pubs for 18 months after hurling anti-gay abuse at a group of women. Richard Ham, 38, was drinking in The Bank pub at Derry's Cross in February last year when he began verbally abusing the women, who were sitting at the next table.

  • White House condemns Minnesota’s proposed gay marriage ban 22

    President Obama said last year his views on gay marriage were "evolving"

    10:14 AM — The White House has issued a statement condemning proposals to ban gay marriage in Minnesota, although it stops short of backing marriage equality. The statement did not explicitly mention the move but called such efforts "divisive" and "discriminatory".

  • 24th May 2011

    Tennessee governor signs bill to wipe out gay legal protection 70

    Governor Bill Haslam has signed a law that makes anti-discrimination protections void (Photo: Brian Stansberry)

    6:09 PM — The governor of Tennessee has signed a bill which gay rights campaigners say will wipe out all any laws which protect LGBT people from discrimination. Governor Bill Haslam signed the law yesterday. It bans cities and municipalities from making their own anti-discrimination ordinances and bans any area from having stronger protections than are available at state level.

  • Terrence Higgins Trust receives £200,000 government grant 11

    Terrence Higgins Trust will run a new programme for young people

    5:02 PM — HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) has been granted £203,528 of government funding to run a sex education programme in schools and youth clubs in England.

  • Military chaplains want reassurances over opposition to homosexuality 57

    Chaplains want reassurances that troops will be able to express anti-gay views

    4:12 PM — Military chaplains are calling for reassurances that troops will not be punished if they speak out about their opposition to homosexuality. According to Associated Press, a joint letter from retired chaplains from 21 religious groups to the lead chaplains of the Army, Navy and Air Force says that troops may be unable to speak openly if they fear punishment.

  • Video: God Hates Fags demo leads to $50,000 donation to gay AIDS charity 28

    Many children took part in the God Hates Fags demonstration

    2:58 PM — A leading American comedienne known as 'the Queen of Mean', Lisa Lampanelli, has donated $50,000 to a gay AIDS charity in the name of the Westboro Baptist Church, home of the 'God Hates Fags' campaign.

  • Roommate of gay suicide student pleads not guilty to intimidation

    Tyler Clementi killed himself because he believed his roommate taped him having sex with a man

    2:46 PM — The roommate of a New Jersey student who committed suicide has pleaded not guilty to a number of charges. Tyler Clementi, 18, jumped to his death after allegedly discovering that his roommate Dharun Ravi had secretly recorded him having sex with another man and showed the footage to classmates

  • Toronto parents raise ‘genderless’ baby 110

    Baby Storm is being raised without a gender (File photo: D Sharon Pruitt)

    1:50 PM — A Toronto couple have revealed that they are raising their third child as 'genderless' in order to allow the baby to decide on its own gender. Kathy Witterick and David Stocker, who already have two sons aged five and two, say four-month-old Storm should be allowed to decide his/her gender when he/she grows up.

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