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Outrage at capital’s HIV services funding cut

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Reader comments

  1. Take most of their funding and use it for better sex education, it’ll be cheaper and everyone can benefit from it.
    If infections are still rising then they need a better approach, not more money.

  2. The only people i can see complaning are the charities with big wage packets or the people who already have HIV and expect everyone else to pay for their mistakes and barebacking.
    How many lesbians do you see with HIV? My point exactly, this is a mans problem and the ones taking risks should be held accountable, rather than whining for more funding that wouldn’t be needed if they practised safe sex anyway.

    1. What if the didnt catch HIV from sex?

    2. A lot of the people NOT complaining are the ones that know nothing about it, and they know nothing about it a) because education of young people in this country on the dangers would be laughable if it wasn’t so shocking, or b) have come from countries where HIV transmission isn’t anything like as prevalent. Again here the there is little or no education provided.

      I’m all for people taking individual responsibility for protecting themselves, but that one works if people have some notion of the potential dangers out there.

      HIV education in this country is failing millions, and as a result HIV infection is costing us millions.

      There will always be problems and there will always be mistakes, but education is key to fighting the disease.

      It is now patently clear that medicating people with HIV as soon as they are diagnosed almost entirely removes the risks of them passing the disease on to others, so they is no excuse for withholding medication until the last possible moment.

    3. How can you be so cold and callous. Life is never so simple and clear cut. Of course more should be done to educate people, the government has to take a great level of responsibility. Sex education is this country is wholly inadequate and until this issue is addressed as a whole STD’s will continue to rise rampantly.

      1. As you and i both said Daniel, this needs education not more moneg.
        Use better sex ed and teach everyone today that HIV affects everyone.
        Rather than paying charities big wages anyway

    4. First I take great exception with the statement “This is a mans problem” Lesbians excluded if that is your perception, together with the POSTER IMAGE for this article help perpetuate HIV as a gay disease. Reality is people from all walks of life male and female (even if excluding lesbians) have found them selves infected with HIV because they were care or health workers infected by needles or blades in the work place. drug users sharing needles. Women in “monogamous” relationships who had affairs them selves or had bi sexual husbands. People who received blood products. Children born with HIV Even with education could safe sex have helped these people? Safe sex is only part of the solution. Further, far to many people irresponsibly marginalized this disease as gay like the headline image which only serve to justify bigotry and homophobia for many mindless prejudiced groups.

      1. Nobody deserves to get HIV because they stupidly had unprotected sex. I think it is disgusting the way some people believe if a gay man gets it then he deserved it. Can anyone really say that they have never made that stupid mistake? I am very careful myself like very careful but I did make that mistake once (just once) and luckily I was fine.

        1. And yet James, even with 1 in 7 gay clubbers in London having HIV, people will still “stupidly” have unprotected sex.
          It’s their own fault in that example, there’s no other excuse there.

      2. Yes, i found that poster a little hard to not notice aswell Steve.

        HIV affects everyone and the money can be better spent and the message can be better received by teaching better sex ed rather than the crap i got at school where we learned the names of things and that’s all.
        That is third world country kinda sex ed, it’s no wonder STDs and STI numbers are rising fast.

        Ignorance isn’t the answer either, no one should fool themselves into thinking that a lot of gay men aren’t stupid and never have unprotected sex, the majority of HIV cases are down to no safe sex.

  3. These figures confuse me.

    The story says that :
    -28,000 people in the capital has HIV.
    – 1 in 10 gay men in London has HIV.

    London has a population of about 7.5 million. Therefore even if every 1 of those 28,000 people are gay (and this is clearly not the case) , it would mean that London has a gay population of 280,000 people IE 3.7% of London’s population.

    Something doesn’t sound right.

  4. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, Millivres/Prowler film and sell barebacking videos!

    1. Thats what I’ve been saying all along. hypocrites

      1. Jock S. Trap 1 Jun 2011, 10:56am

        I guess it’s too easy to go about blaming everyone else for our own actions.
        Trouble is it means while your too busy blaming, you denying the real issue.

        1. Porn influences behavious its a fact Jock.

          1. People are responsible for their own actions James.
            Making excuses for others is causing this funding to get wasted and HIV cases to increase.

          2. Tigra

            I know people are responsible but porn has legitimised has made bareback socially acceptable

          3. James that’s ridiculous.
            Are you seriously saying people copy everything they see and have no self control?
            Take care not to watch the same films as Hitler in that case

          4. do you work for prowler or something? so bareback porn has nothing to do with sexual practices or attitudes? You stupid fcuker

          5. Don’t forget that Status, the new HIV prevention organisation is run by Peter Scott and David Bridle. The first guy is heavily involved with the current pan London prevention campaign; the second owns Boyz. Now, doesn;t Boyz often moan about bareback porn BUT THEN CONSTANTLY TAKES ADVERTS FOR PROWLER and SAUNAS. I don’t say this especialy to dis them, but people in glass houses… Were all part of the problem and the solution is often in the media and commercial world tempting us all to do things that are bad for us (not unlike BUrger King tempting us to feed ourselves with processed junk). Who’s responsible? We all are.

          6. No it doesnt James you dumb inbred.
            Bareback is more common among straights and theres less bareback gay porn made than straight.

  5. Jock S. Trap 1 Jun 2011, 9:23am

    Very worrying.
    Don’t see how we can expect to tackle this problem without the proper funding.
    I also find the picture that goes with this story wrong.
    It surely demonstrates one group gets it while others will think they are immune.
    It’s this attitude that contributes to the problem and probably helping the rise in infection because of misinformation.
    Whilst I realise Gay men have to be targets I would have though some brains who have been able to do it more effectively in a way that doesn’t make other groups vunerable.
    Lets not forget that heterosexuals still have the bigger infection rate.

    1. No It’s not about money its about social acceptability. Make barebacking as unnacceptable as drink driving or shooting up. It will be a start. It’s glamourised as real sex and porn producers make it. don’t blame anyone else its up to us and money has nothing to do with it. We sorted it out in the 80’s and 90’s in a hostile enviroment because we used to care about each other.

      1. Jock S. Trap 1 Jun 2011, 10:54am

        Sorry James but most of that is rubbish.
        Money is needed for all forms of education on HIV to get the message out to everyone.
        There are of course many who just are not interested in safer sex and the odd few that sadly actually wish to be infected thinking it’s an easy ride.
        Life just isn’t as sweet and dandy as you would have it.
        It is ALL down to the individual nothing more nothing less.
        You can carry on blaming porn but thats just ridiculous and moves away from the problem without dealing with it.
        People don’t as a rule watch a horror film or a thriller then go round killing people so why are you now insulting the LGBT community the same way the church does by claiming LGBT people don’t have a mind of their own.

        As for you comment:-
        “We sorted it out in the 80′s and 90′s in a hostile enviroment because we used to care about each other.”
        I beg to differ.
        People still care for one another but clearly we didn’t sort it out or we wouldn’t be having the problem we have today.

        1. When I was younger some bloke who I fancied told me we had to do it without a rubber or it would hurt I told him to fcuk off. A friend was not so lucky and is HIV+. Its not so easy when you’re young and easily influenced. Don’t be such a hard faced git.

          1. Exactly why i feel this money should be used for better school sex ed so kids know this stuff before they start having a sex life.

          2. Jock S. Trap 1 Jun 2011, 4:48pm

            It’s not me being a “hard faced git”.
            It’s me living in the real world where every human being is responsible for their own actions, no matter how or who you want to blame.

          3. Life aint like that Jock a homeless vulnerable person may have to fcuk to get a place to sleep. Don’t be so bloody heartless

    2. I totally concur with your comment on the picture image for this article appearing to be about a disease versus highlighting the fight against cuts affecting people in the gay community. It lacked sensibility, showed no sensitivity! Instead used images and could fuel perceptions of retro “80’s” campaigns which fueled paranoia, fear, work place discrimination or hate attacks.

      1. Jock S. Trap 1 Jun 2011, 4:49pm

        Totally agree, Steve.

  6. Could PinkNews sponsor some of the services that are to be cut?

    1. do be an idiot this site is all about the money

      1. Islamic Relief is still advertised on Pink News, they only give a crap about money and not the gay community they “represent”.

  7. Condoms not Vatic@nts.

  8. Sam Maloney 1 Jun 2011, 9:34pm

    I don’t know the economics of the situation in London, but I have to say, I HATE the image accompanying the poster: After all these years of trying to get mainstream society involved in AIDS prevention and seeing it as a species wide issue, the motto ‘HIV is a Gay Disease’ seems to send exactly the wrong message and isn’t likely to increase public support for more funding.

    One might also speculate that the campaign hasn’t been very successful if the rate of infection is that high. Perhaps the problem is that the younger guys see it as a treatable condition, not particularly serious. Those of us who came of age in the early ’80s know better.

    1. Your bang on the mark about younger people seeing HIV as a treatable disease. A friend who works for a support organization (not UK) recently indicated that younger people until diagnosed tended to indicate they thought they were invincible! in part because of the generation they are, They know about HIV “but” haven’t yet knowingly met people or friends who have symptoms get sick and as in the past pass away one by one when it was not a manageable illness. He said he hears the following logic…”I am young until recently a virgin I am not affected” or “don’t have sex with older men” and “I am young, I have sex with people my age who have limited sexual experience so likewise even though I have bareback sex people my age won’t be infected” With logic like this sadly it is no wonder infection rates continue to rise especially amongst younger people who believe they are not affected and hence become infected.

  9. Is that fair to PinkNews James? PinkNews could easily sponsor some of the HIV services being cut for just £20 or £30k a year and make a real difference and save lives too. They are decent people, I’m sure.

    1. this is media they are not the nicest people you know

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