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New website launched to further promote gay marriage equality in Australia

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Reader comments

  1. There’s no question that we need massive support of our straight allies. I wonder why we in the UK don’t have a national marriage equality organisation devoted to this one issue as other countries do? Why aren’t we seeing a host of celebrities declaring support for marriage equality like we see in America? Every bit helps!

    1. agree….would be useful if our main lobbying gay charity Stonewall actually were a bit more enthuisiastic about the idea of marriage equality perhpas, after all they set up alll kinds of other groups don’t they, what was that really useless one they set up ,parliout??

      1. Dan Filson 31 May 2011, 2:05pm

        If you want a single issue group solely focussed on marriage equality, feel free to set it up. You may then come to appreciate the work of Stonewall fighting in a number of different fronts of which this is one.

    2. or perhpas , according to the govt, the next big step for us is a secualr CP in one or 2 churches (subject of course to as many opt outs as possible, can’t force them to deal with us beastly gays). After all it’s such an important issue and will affect at least 2 people a year if that. Did I miss the poll on how many gays actually wanted this change, I know there was one that said 99% of gays wanted marriage equality.

    3. Jock S. Trap 31 May 2011, 3:28pm

      Good point.
      I do think we have a government who basically isn’t sure what they’re doing as far as Marriage Equality goes.
      As for Stonewall, well, this is where they should be producing the positive you seek but are, are they my a**e!
      It’s all very well having a consultation but this is where Stonewall should be leading the way by getting a host of celebrities declaring support if thats what it needs.
      They should be encouraging things such as a national marriage equality organisation.
      Stonewall need to be guiding the government on this issue but sadly I just don’t see any guiding nor credible positive action.

      1. Jock S. Trap 31 May 2011, 3:30pm

        It comes to something when it may not seem much but a Tory government seems to be more active on the subject on Marriage Equality than organisations like Stonewall.
        Something worng with such a statement.

  2. Dan, nobody is saying that StonewallUK hasn’t done any good, it has. If it were truly interested in FULL equality, marriage would have been a far more important issue and it should NOT have said that British gays didn’t want to get married and that CPs were sufficient up until recently. Who exactly was he to speak for all of us with only a 20,000 membership out of 3 million of us? Even if some gays don’t want marriage, they should NOT be opposed to those of us who do and should support that choice. StonewallUK did not pursue it and only caved in to pressure from supporters of marriage equality when it realised it was becoming outnumbered and facing less financial support, lets be realistic. Right now, marriage equality ranks number 4 or 5 on its agenda. It should be right up there at number 1.

  3. John, StonewallUK actually claimed up until recently that gays didn’t want marriage based on a poll of its 20,000 membership. We’re alledged to be about 3% or more of the population. How on earth can a percentage of its 20,000 membership give Summerskill the authority to claim that it speaks for all of us? Yes, there was a poll on Pink News indicating 99% of us supported it.

  4. Lynne Featherstone, the Equality Minister, has promised that the government will introduce marriage equality in the lifetime of this parliament.

    1. The timetable set up in the March 2011 working for LGBTEquality: Moving forward is start date July 2011, end date ONGOING. No timetable has been set and she has also said to the “church times” that the whole process will be taken in “baby steps”, the lib dems are only the
      junior partners in the coalition and it’s going to take 2 yrs from when the law changed for the actual registration of CPs in a few denominations. If we truly are going to get marriage equality then this change is irrelavant, I don’t believe religious gays will want to simply register a secular CP in say a quaker meeting house when marriage is 3 yrs down the road. Let’s face it at the moment what Robert above suggested is what is required and it ain’t happenning…Why waste time, enery and money on CPs in churches when they even haven’t polled how many of us want it. What evident are they go to show in the consultation process that anybody wants it.

  5. confused, yes she did, quite right. My gut feeling is it will be sooner than expected.

    1. Jock S. Trap 31 May 2011, 3:39pm

      Sometime just before the next General Election prehaps?
      Either way would be good.

  6. Passed this year, enacted January 1, 2012! Wouldn’t that be super?

    1. Jock S. Trap 31 May 2011, 4:15pm

      Smashing, Great!!

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