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Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City ordains first lesbian rabbi

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  1. Really – who cares.

    These religious cults have nothing of value to offer the world.

    Religion is by it’s very nature exclusionary; divisive and undemocratic.

    Conservative judaism allows lesbian rabbis? Church of Scotland allows gay priests?

    Big deal.

    The fact that until this yea, gay people were prevented from holding these positions should be evidence of how little these religions have offered the world until this point.

    Religious belief is akin to mental illness.

    Judaism has no more validity than scientology. Christianity has no more validity than Moonie-ism.

    Stop giving credibility to these absurd cults.

    1. concerned resident of E3 30 May 2011, 4:16pm

      With all due respect, don’t be so naive David. It matters that the religions move forward on these issues precisely because they have millions of followers. Homophobia and heterosexism will only be eliminated in our society when the larger and most conservative elements in our societies (the churches, mosques and synogogues) start acknowledging our rights. Thank goodness many of them now are.

      I also take exception to your description of religion being by its nature “exclusionary; divisive and undemocratic”. Maybe you should take a look at the Quakers, Unitarians, MCC and Reformed Synagogues before making such inaccurate generalisations.

      1. Absolutely it matters not just to individuals but to ensuring that equality meets the needs of all

        There is progress and we should welcome it – whether or not we, as individuals, choose to engage with those groups or not

      2. But ‘Concerned Resident of E3’ – conservative judaism is a tiny religious group, so this news is deeply irrelevant for all but the most tiny number of people.

        The largest and most powerful religions in the world remain cancerously bigotted – the catholic and muslim cults.

        We need to fight religion to ensure that it is not allowed to pervert our democracies with their absurd rules.

        That is the ONLY time that religion should be watched – to monitor how they are continually trying to hamper human rights.

        1. @David

          We do indeed need to fight to preserve democracy and stop it being undermined by ideologies …

          However, we also need to ensure that our justified desire to see both the flourishing of equality and democracy does not lead us to weakening the rights of others who pose no threat to the rights of others. In other words, religion should not interfere with democracy or how civil society lives and is managed but nor should society place restrictions on how the religious deal with issues internally.

  2. @David

    Clearly, you don’t care – fortunately in the rich tapestry of life and cultures that form part of global life there are people both gay and not who are interested in whether various faiths are able to accept and integrate LGBT people into their movements.

    You may or may not choose to engage with such organisations – but others will and for those who are gay and Jewish this is a significant event

    The fact may be that most religious groups were homophobic in the past – but then the UK used to agree with slavery … there comes a time when people wake up and smell the coffee …

    You are entitled to your view – I personally welcome the opportunity to see some positive role modelling on LGBT issues from with faith groupings.

    1. Most religious groups remain homophobic.

      People with religious ‘faith’ aer suffering from a mental illness.

      If I claimed to believe in goblins and wizards etc people would think I am iill.

      someone who believes in ‘god’ deserves sympathy but needs to be watched very carefully, because they are most likely to be a homophobic bigot.

      Religion sucks.

    2. Stu – you say: “for those who are gay and Jewish this is a significant event”

      Which begs the question – are these people so stupid and brainwashed that they remained in a cult which openly hated them?

      What type of masochistic nonsense is that.

      Gay catholics are idiots. Gay muslims are fools; gay baptotdyd are morons.

      ‘God’ is clearly a fictional character (and a nasty, violent, murderous character at that). Any gay person who chooses to believe in ‘god’ deserves every contempt.

      1. @David

        You are entitled to your views but to castigate all followers of faith as mentally ill is as damaging and bigoted as people who call homosexuals mentally ill.

        We can have long debates on the merits and demerits of religion (and I would be largely on to non-religious side as I do not see evidence to substantiate many of the claims). However, the reality is that there are established faiths – however you choose to berate them does not fail to establish historical relevance (not of proof but of history) and even if it is storytelling, it means something to some people.

        The most respected psychiatric societies neither regard homosexuality nor religious faith as a mental illness.

        1. de Villiers 30 May 2011, 6:56pm

          – yes, it’s very bigoted.

        2. It is not bigotted to consider someone who believes in fictional character as mentally ill.

          If I heard voices in my head I’d be diagnosed as having a mental illness.

          Religionists believe (despite no evidence whatsoever) that a malevolent sky fairy created the world in 7 days.

          It’s a very, very, very fine life between religious belief and insanity.

          1. Not according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the World Health Organisation or the American Psychiatric Association … I tend to accept their collective views rather than the comments on you David …

          2. de Villiers 1 Jun 2011, 2:22pm

            David, your view of religion is simplistic and is obviously the product of no proper knowledge either of philosophy or of theology. You are being wilfully stupid by saying there is a fine life between religion and insanity. Each of your further pronounced chants demonstrates your lack of learning.

  3. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2011, 4:39pm

    It’s progress I suppose.
    Lets hope it changes attitudes.

    1. Recently a lesbian friend of mine attended a women only Bhuddist Yoga retreat to be told by the majority of the women attending that gay males were mostly paedophile and were a danger to their children.

      We still have a long way to go, unfortunately. These ordaining examples are a good start but then these congregations are getting a little short on attendance.

      1. The death of religion is the reason these stupid, bigotted, fictional cults are now allowing gay members and priests / rabbis etc.

        If conservative judaism or the Kirk of Scotland actually had followers then is no way on earth they’d allow gay clergy.

        These admissions are the final acts of dying cults.

        We should be celebrating the end of religion in the western world and encouiraging (through financial support) the growth of secularism and atheism in those countries still stricken with religiious belief.

        1. Your tenure of your argument does sound a tad bigoted and demented, David

        2. de Villiers 1 Jun 2011, 2:24pm

          David, if you had by chance been born in different circumstances to an American preacher, you would be as full of bile towards gay people as you now are towards religionists. Your personality manifests itself regardless of the unchosen circumstances of your birth.

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