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Increasing number of countries becoming more tolerant of homosexuality, survey shows

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Reader comments

  1. This is good to hear. Still have some way to go, but things will quicken up in pace very soon.

  2. Is the report available online anywhere? Would be interesting to see the findings in more detail. I looked on the NORC site but couldn’t find anything.

  3. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2011, 11:00am

    Encouraging but clearly more needs to be done.

    1. Yes, the more we hear about this report, the less credible it becomes.

  4. What the slower countries need is to see on their TV screens ordinary gay people – couples too – showing how ordinary they are. It may sound dull but the fact that there are gay people all around and they don’t wear horns and a forked tail is something that will reduce homophobia. Conceivably more than Coronation Street.

    1. Seconded, but we need far more 3-dimensional images of lgb people and relationships on our own tellies as well.

    2. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2011, 1:50pm

      Totally agree with that Dan.
      People need to see that LGBT people/couples are just the same and normal.
      Problem with that is too many bigots who are frightened of seeing that.
      I guess it suggests how insecure about themselves they really are.
      Guilty of something one might say.

    3. @Dan

      Totally agree, but not just in western drama’s, soaps etc also in domestically produced television in countries where significant more work needs to be done such as Russia, Cyprus etc.

      1. I especially liked Parvez Sharma’s ‘A Jihad for Love’… about gays in the Muslim world.

  5. Ooer missus 30 May 2011, 12:19pm

    Surprised at the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most cultured cities in the world, and I would expect it to be more enlightened.

    1. I’m surprised at the Czech Republic as well. They have one of the lowest rates of church attendance in Europe so this result is a bit unusual.

      1. There is not any percentage of before and recent percentage of lack of acceptance. For all we know, although acceptance of homosexuality in czech republic may have decreased , it may still be comparitively moderate to other states. I disagree with these findings anyhow , as i believe there is a growing intolerance to homosexuals particularly amongst the younger generation, perhaps people surveyed are more aware of equality laws now, and hence are also more wary of being overtly homophobic.propensity is to be latently homophobic and covert in their hate. The anonymity of the internet is bombarded with homophobia .

        1. Good point, rapture. I’ve been shocked by the homophobia from young teens and adults, and, to me, it’s a form of bullying that they latch onto because they see it on sites like youtube. Yes, I agree it’s increased (in my perception) in recent years.

          1. Yes , youtube, twitter, myspace…….. if its lame or rubbish its “soo gay” “faggy” . If there is an assertive comment about homosexuality , the vast amount of commentary following will be derisive of lgbt as being perverse , evil , lower than dog poop . However ,these same people may be less likely to be so openly offensive when asked directly their views on lgbt as some do not like the label of homophobe , although thats what they are , the same applies to racism. How many articles on pink news where a homophobe in a homophobic attack has denied in court ,they hate gays and proclaim to have gay friends etc etc etc , they just don’t want to be publicly defined as a fascist in case it may impede on their reputation at some stage. Anyhow the survey is misleading as most in this country are aware by now homophobia is rising.

  6. concerned resident E3 30 May 2011, 12:57pm

    sorry, but it is folks like you that most ordinary people these days find repellant.

  7. Homosexuality is not a danger!!!! YOU are a danger to yourself with your warped idealisms. YOU see the LGBT as an easy target to vent your anger and self infatuated, deep seated frustrations upon.
    Go seek help from a shrink. You are the degenerate one, not the LGBT community.

  8. ” the educated, the non-religious”….A bit redundant….

    1. … touché… :)

    2. Well, the more educated one becomes, the less likely they will be religious. Most scientists are atheists. It makes common sense really, anyone who likes to be told “all the answers from god” (i.e. via talking snakes, etc) is less likely to ask the questions.

      Rich, above, is proof of the inverse – he’s a rabid religious fanatic, and hence an illiterate and perverted idiot. Point in case.

    3. Rich

      You speak perfectly good English in plenty of your other statements – so either you are an imposter posing as Rich or you are playing a ridiculous childish game seeking attention …

      Grow up

    4. Who cares Rich, you make very stupid points of zero relevance.

    5. Yes but these billions of religiously indoctrinated individuals hardly agree with one another on any particular teaching.

      You know as well as I do that every religion in the history of civilizations has splintered into thousands of denominations so that it’s impossible to speak of the unity of any religious belief.

      Many of these denominations are still at each other’s throats – you know that – so how can you pretend to speak for all of them.. ???

      Have you recieved a mandate, or have you heard the voice of a deity commanding you to save the world??

      You don’t have to suffer like this… help is available… and there is no shame in asking for help.

  9. lol. If we are perverts… why do you virtually come on here everyday? Comment on every article? Constantly think about Homosexuality?

    You’re a very confusing man Rich.

    1. He can’t stop himself, James. Sad really.

    2. @Rich

      I nearly laughed at that last posting you made – you really should consider becoming a comedian.

      Now if you understand anything about fascism then you will know that the antipathy of a fascist is equality. For example economic equality between a member of a state and an immigrant would be seen as wrong. So, look at Will, Iris, Jock S Trap, myself and others – seeking equality and a sense of proportion on these threads and consider the use of the word fascist again ….

      I suspect you have confused yourself, Rich … Trying too hard I think

      1. @Rich

        Fascists were anti equality.

        You just dismiss any counter argument as irrelevant and wrong even when there is evidence that you are completely and utterly wrong, such is your dogma and the blinkers that you have to any alternative view point.

        Your lack of rationality and failure to undestand that global society has moved on and is continuing to move on towards ensuring and enshrining equality in both practice, law and attitudes means your dogmatic attitudes will soon be where the belong – buried in the past – seen only as an aberration of history and irrelevant to modern humanity or humility.

      2. Rich – people who live in facist glasshouses really shouldn’t throw stones. We don’t agree with your opinions and would sooner you weren’t trolling us on our own news network. On several occasions you’ve expressed that if you had your way we’d all be dead in a police cell. Which comes across more facist?
        Shame you can’t just sew big pink triangles on our lapels and round us up in concentration camps anymore huh?

      3. “criticizing”?

        Notice more Americanised English, and a dramatic improvement in the level of grammar. And boy what an improvement – quite literally over night.

        This always happens when he gets annoyed about something, the English drastically increases in ability and the Americanisations become more apparent.

        The more I see this kind of imbalanced behaviour, the more I suspect we’ve seen Rich before in another disguise, perhaps one who got shot down too many times for their lame argument, so now he’s trying to go with the shock and awe tactics to convince us he’s a rabid anti-gay muslim instead.

        The only consistent thing is the stupidity of the statements.

    3. @ Rich: Culturally degenerated? You claim to be fighting homosexual fascists.
      You won’t succeed. Your pointless insults only makes us stronger, so get back under that bridge and stop wasting your time. Must admit that reading your inane diatribes has left me in fits of hysterics. I’ve made 53 posts in a week and 51 of them are in reply to your pointless hate filled views.
      You are only fuelling the fire to encourage more people to reply to you in defence of what you clearly despise.

    4. You may have a point.

      Perhaps you could express exactly how you feel abused on this site if you would refer to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

  10. What exactly is morally wrong with Homosexuality.. ??

    1. Nothing, Rich is just a moron with neither the intelligence or ability to do anything else but shout this nonsensical lunacy on a gay site.

      More idiots like him, and we’ll have equality in no time.

    2. Again:- Rich is just a moron with neither the intelligence or ability to do anything else but shout this nonsensical lunacy on a gay site.

    3. I was about to ask Rich the same question!

    4. Yes but, what exactly is morally wrong with homosexuality???

  11. Funny how Rich-the-bitch’s spelling has gotten better…. an very American.

    More proof that he’s a fraud.

    1. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2011, 1:56pm

      Oh Completely Will
      What a Fake!

    2. Yep, I’ve noticed he’s muslim, except when he’s not, and he’s prone to calling people “guy” at the end of sentances… a verbal tick he lifted from South Park’s Saddam Hussein. His grammar mysteriously improves on every second post.
      When it comes to staying in character, I’m not even convinced he knows who he is from one minute to the next.

      1. What I don’t understand is Pinknews has banned people before for much less then this. Either they seem to think this kind of freak will increase ad clicks, or they do not care.
        Personally, its just tiresome now. Same fake postings by him, and same nonsense.

        1. With you there Will. If this was any general national news website he would have been banned by now, but it seems he’s quite free to spew homophobic bile on PinkNews. Hasn’t he just got a bit tedious now? Doesn’t anyone monitor this site anymore?

        2. Agreed, Will.

        3. mmmm…increase ad clicks…you mean like in marketing…. I never thought of that ;)

  12. so thank you to all the activists who put themselves on the line in the 60s and 70s and to all those LGBs who were “out” before out was a (relatively) safe plave to be

  13. I was surprised to see Switzerland listed in the top five. I would have thought Sweden and Canada should have been among them. I wonder where the UK ranked? I’ve tried finding the full list but not successful thus far.

    In any event, this proves just how wrong Rich (the unoriginal) is.

    1. yea.. I wondered about Canada too.

      Stephen Harper has a majority (Conservative) Government now, but he did promise not to touch the gay legislation.

    2. I’m also surprised about Switzerland. Sure it is correct if you take downtown Zurich or Lausanne, but that’s not the average country – San Francisco is not the average USA either.

  14. Forgot to take the medication today, Rich (original) …?

    You sound even more distressed and confused than ever … nurse!

  15. I’m ashamed that South Africa is near the bottom of the list, we have such a progressive constitution. Obviously having progressive laws does not automatically translate into having progressive citizens

    1. @GaySeraph

      The constitution in SA is very good and a model not just for Africa but globally

      Unfortunately will rapes of lesbians etc there is a significant issue to be dealt with in terms of celebrating LGBT equality

  16. I have reported every single posting from the poster identified as RICH for trolling and homophobia. I am inviting everyone to do the same. Anybody reading this at Pink News?

    1. I am about to do the same Johnny

      1. We all need to do this. Everyone here needs to report every one of his twisted and insane comments….

    2. It would be good if his details were just reported to the police or something…there must be something in all those comments he’s posted that must be illegal…..the least PN could do is get rid of them….

      1. I have tried emailling Pink News repeatedly about various things but none of the emails are going through at the addresses published on the website

    3. Pink news has google ads its get more dosh when we click. And Statistics will show that more people respond to Rich than any other commentator.
      They’d be mad to ban him as pink news are only in it for the money. this is not a charity it a right wing scandal rag which is becomming more like the star or the sport

  17. Highest acceptance of homosexuality in EUROPE????
    Where is GERMANY?
    In Europe, GERMANY for sure is at least no. 3 in the total ranking of acceptance of homosexuality – with the Netherlands taking the lead….
    I was born in the middle 50th and I grew up realizing the level of acceptance getting higher and higher by decade.
    Today, Germany has the biggest number of openly GAY living *personalities*:
    Minister of foreign affairs – Guido Westerwelle
    Mayor of Berlin
    (former) Mayor of Hamburg
    and many others.
    The REPORT should be *studied* again and the missing figures should be added to show a *reasonable* result.

    1. I see what you mean, ofc.

      1. I just read the original report – there are many more BIG MISTAKES – e.g., the report still metions 2 (two) GERMAN STATES (western GERMANY & eastern GERMANY) – since more than 25 years now, GERMANY has been RE-United….
        I think, there are for sure more severe mistakes and I wonder, why such a weak report was published at all.


        1. mmmm… maybe Christopher Brocklebank (who wrote this article for PN) could explain why he chose to refer to this particular report…

  18. Exactly how does what people do in bed threaten the infrastructure of society?
    I might think I’m powerful in bed, but whoa… to fatally hurt someone !!!! I don’t think so.

  19. It’s a serious error to confuse homosexuality with pedophilia.

  20. Surely you can do better than that !!!

    Isn’t there something drastically immoral about carelessly doubling, tripling the population of our (only) planet at this particular time in history?

    What can degrade a society more than overpopulation??

    Some would question the possibility of humanity’s recovery based solely on the availability of food, and most would not blame homosexuality for this world-wide crisis.

  21. I see Rich’s erudite comments are being removed…. thank you Pinknews, we were all getting sick of the same call to the gas changers from him.

  22. I see Rich’s erudite comments are being removed…. thank you Pinknews, we were all getting sick of the same “call to the gas chambers” from him

    1. Actually “gas changers” is probably right… every time he comments it’s another brainfart.

  23. In Australia we are going backwards. Victoria just broke the rules of parliament to introduce laws that allowed religious bodies to actively discriminiate against gay people. That includes many hospitals run by these organisations and I believe services to the community as well. The overwhelming attitude of Australians is either to support gay mariage or more likely (knowing most aussies) to simply not care one way or the other. Yet both major political parties (and media too) are in thrall to a tiny vocal religious right minority. Very sad to see this happening ATM.

  24. Gay Daily Mail Reader 6 Jun 2011, 1:14am

    If you look at countries like Russia and Latvia, not only homosexuality illegal during the days of the USSR, religion was also suppressed or discouraged. Since then while homosexuality has been legal there has been a re-emergence of the church in those countries and people are able to turn to them for moral guidance. In time attitudes towards gays will improve. Two steps forward and one step back it seems.

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