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Chilean president Sebastian Pinera seeks ‘regulation and protection’ for gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. It’s a slight shuffle towards equality, but any sort of step in the right direction has to be good.

    1. yes but how do we kill off the church of the endless hidden molestation of children worldwide,

      the church whose german born leader in 2009 UNexcommunciated bishop williamson, a holocaust denier

  2. Its a step in the right direction …

    However, fortunately many South and Central American countries are making significantly bigger strides towards equality and standing up to the rhetoric of the Catholic church

  3. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2011, 4:37pm

    I guess it’s progress of sorts but at least it’s offering some kind of protection which is a step up.

  4. It can only get better for Latin America. Its just a question of time before they all follow Argentina’s fine example. Amazing that a country like that can go one final step further than the UK in a shorter period of time amid all of the roman cult’s influence and anti-gay venom. I’ve no doubt, Spain was its model, another brilliant example of courage. I’m surprised Brazil of all places didn’t follow Portugal’s example.

    1. Brazil is doing a great job with LGBT equality as is Argentina. Other nations surprisingly have also followed including Colombia, Nicaragua and Panama. In many ways South and Central America are as liberalised as many parts of Europe and in some cases more so.

      1. BRazil and Columbias supreme courts both voted Unanimously last year that gays get equal rights under law.

        Whether that will mean CUs or marriage dont know. Columbias govt has until some time in 2013 to enact legislation. BTW it has marriage by common law now, but the delay re getting the rights may be 2 years.

    2. billy wingarten 19 Jun 2011, 8:17am

      Tiemf frame – about the end of may, Brazil’s supreme court voted 10 – 0 to require civil unions for gay folks.

      Just another stake in the heart of the catholic church, whose manifesto is to claim innocence in the face of damning evidence, regarding the endless molestation of children all over the world.

      A molestation hidden for centuries. And church policy has been to simply re-assign vile priests to new locations, where unknown they continued their crimes………

      while keeping the collection plate full.

      If there was a God, , vesuivius the second would long ago have erupted directly under the Vatican.

  5. Rich (original) 30 May 2011, 6:30pm

    Chilean president Sebastian Pinerais a immoral politician. Shame on him!

    1. Chilean President Pinerals has certainly moved towards a situation where the LGBT population have more of an equal standing with non LGBT citizens – that is a positive and moral thing to do. He has however lacked courage to stand up against the bigotry of the Catholic church and others in standing against same sex marriage.

    2. What exactly is immoral about homosexuality?

    3. Gay Imaam.
      South African Muhsin Hendricks is an Islamic cleric and a gay man.

    4. billy wingarten 19 Jun 2011, 8:19am

      Why is rich here on a gay blog? Will someone figure out who he is and please date him, the man is obviously lonely for another gay man.

      His fears and sadness crying out in his opposition to what he really is

  6. Rich (original) 30 May 2011, 6:34pm

    Chilean president Sebastian Pinera is an immoral politician and Chiliean people should recall him from the office as soon as possible in order to save the country from homosexual politics.

    1. Rich

      The so called homosexual politics are the politics of equality.

      The reality if that moderate people and passionate liberals will not stop until there is true equality however long that takes.

      In the past we have made efforts to overcome slavery, apartheid, racism, sexim etc. There are still battles to be won in these areas presently and in the future.

      We have made dramatic successes in achieving equality on grounds of gender and orientation issues in many countries and the vast majority of social research and media reporting demonstrates there is growing tolerance and acceptance of orientation and gender equality globally. There is still a long way to go but it is a battle that will be won. Mixed to this are the fight to ensure age equality, equality for the disabled and fairness for cultures.

      1. Rich (original) 31 May 2011, 1:54am

        Stu, you wants achieve impossible equalities…. :)

        1. Every Thursday evening Muhsin Hendricks gets together with a dozen or so companions to study the Quran. Muhsin is an Islamic scholar but also a very unusual one. He’s gay, and so are the other members of his study circle.

        2. They said the same about abolishing slavery, Rich and those bigots (like you) were wrong

    2. So let us hypothesize for a moment or two to imagine that your country’s president, where ever you are in the world, changed their constitutional laws and brought in policies that made what you enjoy doing, apart from promoting hate of the LGBT community of course…. illegal with the penalty of harsh labour for 2 years… How would you feel then, Rich? I bet you’d take a stand and say something! See how you like oppression, you silly warped, hate filled luddite.
      You contribute nothing of worth to the forum, nor does any of what you do contribute, have any merit.

      Do you actually have a life away from this forum, or do you get up every morning and stay up all night feeding this hate thats festering away inside you? is that your sole purpose in life, to waste your life spouting trash on an LGBT forum?

      1. Rich, do yourself and us a favour and set yourself on fire. I’ll buy you a £10 ESSO voucher and a box of matches. Burn baby burn…

        1. Comment of the week. Where do I donate £10? I love a good witch, sorry I mean rich, burning evening!

      2. Rich (original) 31 May 2011, 2:09am

        Islam rejects oppression of these who believe in Allah. Homosexuals doesn’t believe in Allah, – they stands against Allah and His beloved Muslims. Homosexuals striving to violate the Allah’ Order for Mankind, they striving to oppress Religion by using liberal governments and force Muslims to accept homosexuality in the world. That’s not going to happen. Muslims will punish not only such oppressive governments, but also the agressive and irreligious homosexuals who initiating oppression of Islam in any place on Earth. That’s my expectations of the future.

        1. Many, many Gay Muslims do in fact believe in Allah… you know that.

        2. “Muslims will punish not only such oppressive governments”

          Sure they will. How, exactly, by mailing them boxes of sand?

          LOL! Some of your comments sure do make me laugh. I mean , it so unlikely you are that mad, you’d be locked up by now. But its so obvious you are most likely an imbalanced american christian teenager, trying aggravate people…. well, maybe not teenager, but mentally anyway. Either way it is not normal doing what you do, but it is funny. Pointless, as it has no bearing on our lives, but funny.

          1. Yep, Rich is in his teens or very near, American, and a very sick young man. He’s also very obviously gay, although he hates himself for it.
            Sad really.

          2. Agreed, Iris, far from normal. But I do enjoy when he “flips” back into “good English mode” – but only when he gets annoyed. As emotional unstable as he is mentally unstable it seems. Oh, I do enjoy a good laugh though…. :)

            I suspected Hank at first, he does have a disdain for Muslims (like Skinner and pals) but even then, Hank has a small level of intelligence (not a huge amount, granted) and considers himself too much a man of civility to do something like this. Having said that, its not like this site is shot of religious basket cases with the IQ of plant pot to think we are all equally mentally weak not to see through their charade – they usually forget, or prefer not to accept, gays are managers, teachers, solicitors, engineers and other high positioned and educated professionals….

            …which all goes back to my first point, its so funny sometimes :)

        3. Jock S. Trap 31 May 2011, 10:45am

          “Islam rejects oppression of these who believe in Allah.”
          Well thats the biggest load of Bullsh!t.

          “Homosexuals doesn’t believe in Allah”
          Another load of Bullsh!t, there are plenty of LGBTQI Muslims that do believe not matter what you say.

          “Homosexuals striving to violate the Allah”
          More Bullsh!t since plenty don’t believe therefore worship Allah. To most Allah means nothing.

          Are you that full of Bullsh!t you can’t see the crap from the typing to see what you write?
          And lets not forget how Peaceful you are….LOL OMG what a funny, funny loon, oops man you are!!

        4. He also did what everyone in Muslim communities is expected to do, and got married.

          “It was a sort-of-love, sort-of-arranged marriage,” he explained. “It was more love from her side. I thought OK, fine, if there’s a woman who wants to marry me …”

          Seven days before the wedding he told his wife-to-be that he was gay but they agreed to give the relationship a try. It lasted six years.

          A month after the divorce, Muhsin’s mother started asking questions. “She said: ‘There’s rumours spreading that you divorced because you are gay’,” he recalled.

          “I thought: ‘I’m not going to hide it any more’ and just blurted it out. I said: ‘Yes, I am gay and this is who I am and I’ve made peace with that.’ Well, she obviously fainted. But then when she got back on her feet we started taking about it and began the whole process of getting to understand it.

    3. Do not feed the troll!

      1. Why not, ’tis fun to wind him up and watch him go skittering around the room! Just like a clockwork mouse really: small, insignificant and made out of plastic.

      2. PN is now removing his comments on other threads – and quite right too.

        1. Good news :)

        2. Jock S. Trap 1 Jun 2011, 10:05am

          Is is Bye Bye Rich though?
          Here’s hoping!

  7. This is actually an incredibly important moment in the LGBT moment. If Chile actually does recoginse LGBT unions, South America will become the first continent to have a majority of countries recognising LGBT unions in law.
    6 have Marriage Equality/ Civil Unions & 7 don’t recognise LGBT unions – this could potentially be a BIG turning point.

    1. LGBT movement**

  8. Unlike the other countries that already have some form or total recognition for same sex partners, Chile is a different case. I’ll be the first to be surprised if anything close to a civil union –equal marriage is unthinkable- for same sex partners comes to terms in that country. But the very fact that it’s mentioned by its president shows that –even if slowly- something is moving on. Maybe in the decade ahead some strings can be pulled, once the older junk pass away leaving society to more updated thoughts.

  9. johnny33308 30 May 2011, 11:40pm

    “The Catholic Church says it will not recognize the aberration of gay marriage.” This organization posturing as though it actually has some sort of moral authority is ludicrous. They are a very large gang of pedophiles-nothing more, so their “opinion” about anything is so totally irrelevant it is laughable. They make a complete mockery of human values. They need to mind their own business-and they need to lose their tax-free status as they are a business like any other. They are NOT a religious organization-they are much more like a gang of criminals. Dirtbags!

    1. Yes, a bunch of (supposedly) celibate men dictating the definition of marriage – it would be funny if it’s wan’t so damaging.
      Still, Argentina has managed to progress, let’s hope it’s the thin end of the wedge for chile.

    2. billy wingarten 19 Jun 2011, 8:29am

      Teh catholic church is also the source of the Blood Libel and christ killer propaganda that gave the world the Hatred of Jews.

      A hatred old Adolph leveraged to gain power and 55 million died for the church that claims to support life.

      and Adolph was baptised catholic in Austria. He has yet to be EXcommunicated.

      Instead this horrible institution of mass murder UNexcommunicated Bishop Williamson, a holocaust denier.

      the soon the better that the people get over their brainwashing. the british govt could make taxes optional – by auctioning off rights to burn and destroy the empty catholic churches.

      And chase all of the hierarchy back to Rome. Where a battalion of Marines would make swift work of taking over the Vatican, And insuring work for thousands of historians by going through the church records and proving that the church has been worse then Adoph, Stalin, Mao , Pol Pot and others in its quest to have power at any cost.

  10. The good thing about South American Catholics is that they basically don’t believe in anything that the ‘official’ Church has to say! It is the Protestant nations that are the ‘real’ enemy to full equality for all people!

    1. billy wingarten 19 Jun 2011, 8:32am

      yes. And something that is much more difficult to expose as the protestant extremists are much more diverse communities held together by a common thread of hating someone, be it Blacks, Jews, gays etc.

      But there is hope. the UU, UCC, MCC, PresbyterianUSA, United church (of christ in the USA), Evangelical Lutherans, Reform and some conservative Jews all support gay people and gay marriage is around the corner.

      its just, in the USA, the slavers like many of the christian evangelicals, who are nothign but their own devil in disguise as a church

  11. chile has made great advances through this decade since 1998 when homosexuality was decriminalized. Heres a video showing the first same-sex couple wedding in a TV show, that is appearing in one of these days in a mainstream channel enojy ;)

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