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Birmingham Pride largely a success, despite police investigation of two homophobic incidents

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Reader comments

  1. Until the early 1990s I lived in Birmingham before leaving the UK for a new life in The Netherlands. I have fond memories of the Hurst Street/Thorpe Street which was only just beginning to become a “Gay Village” at the time. Birmingham Pride was not a concept though and was almost unthinkable in the largely hostile climate of the time, so it’s really great to read about this now.

    1. Birminghams still a hostile homophobic city. I live here and you usually cant even go Hurst st without homophobic people inside the clubs. Sure pride might be a two day let off but for the other 363 days of the year its an anti gay hell hole. Even a gay police woman told me that when she came to take a statment for my hate crime. She said London has homophobic pockets but all round Birmignham is worse as a whole.

      Pride only goes well because its seen as a public holiday event, if it was less advertised as such it wouldn’t go as well. its the same with most events in the city center – in particular St. Patrick’s day.

      1. I see. Very discouraging.
        Obviously there’s still a long way to go then.

      2. CFD – I agree. My Partner and I have spent the odd weekend in Birmingham and it is very homophobic. Our record was SEVEN incidents in one weekend. Mostly whilst walking through the churchyard outside Snow Hill Station. Strangely, we don’t go back there anymore. We now prefer Nottingham as a place to meet up when at opposite ends of the country through work. One of the most “not-straight friendly” places we’ve visited.

  2. It reads like the Birmingham police got it right on this occasion. Congratulations to them, if so.

    1. Its true they did, getting there photos taken with the drag queens, dancing to lady gaga and generally making it clear that they were in full support of the event, it great to see that the police aren’t going to tolerate any homophobia, makes us feel a bit safer I suppose.

  3. Jock S. Trap 30 May 2011, 12:10pm

    Sounds like a good weekend with idiots kept to a minimum.

  4. Are we going to get any anti Brummie rhetoric? Or does that only apply when it’s Liverpool homophobia on the Pink News threads?

    1. Dan Filson 30 May 2011, 1:39pm

      Trying to stir up Brummie-Scouse hostility by any chance? Won’t wash, mate!

      1. No Dan he isnt trying to stir up anyway Brummie vs Scouse rhetoric. He is pointing out that if this was Liverpool Pride then we would see the usual racism against scousers. Double standards!

  5. Birmingham Pride was amazing, ive never felt so gay! its great to have one weekend in the year to just celebrate birmingham and the whole of the uk’s diversity and acceptance to the GLBT community. It was fantastic to see so many straight people out in support. I honestly cant wait for next year to see if we can top 2011, trust me it wont be easy!

  6. I have to say that Birmingham Pride was fantastic, and the policing was just right. The police presence was visible without being oppressive and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves too. Great weekend and the weather managed to hold out too.

  7. I got punched in the mouth randomly on Hurst St at 2.30am on Monday morning after leaving the Village. You honestly can’t have an event like that on the edge of a really rough estate (which it is) and not have it wristbanded. The atmosphere on the streets that night was unpleasant. I witnessed a disturbing amount of straight male troublemaking. I found the police response to be inadequate.

  8. I found 2011 pride the worst I’ve been to so far. It was a much more hostile atmosphere and a visibly largely police presence than previous years. I usually really enjoy it, but the mood was really changed by the large numbers of birmingham’s not so finest. I really hope the gay community take this event back from the rif-raf next year!

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