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US Sheriff’s department ‘paid evangelicals to turn lesbian straight’

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Reader comments

  1. why do these two idiots have jobs when they do what they have done?

  2. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2011, 11:59am

    American or Uganda?
    What a way to show open bigotry and no give a toss about humanity.
    America – Land of the Free – Could they be any more backward?

  3. Paddyswurds 27 May 2011, 12:10pm

    …It’s Georgia ffs. Do you really expect anything better? Another ignorant backward southern state. They fought tooth and nail to retain slavery.. They are pre Neandertal.

    1. That’s not true.

      I know many men and women who live in Georgia and are very liberal. If’s a few idiots who have power who have done this. You can’t blame the state itself as sa whole.

    2. David Myers 28 May 2011, 3:43am

      There you go again . . . . making absolutist statements. You’ve got to intellectually understand that you can’t hold all Georgians accountable for the stupidity and bigotry of a few idiots in positions of power who’s miserly little lives are totally corrupted by power on such a small scale. Cheap Whores! They, I am sure, do not represent the vast majority of Georgian citizens and you know it!

      1. Christine Beckett 28 May 2011, 11:31am

        Well, yes, rash generalisations can be unfortunate and are often inaccurate. But in this case i am not so sure.

        Mendirin’s post does raise the question of why, if so many folk in Georgia are liberal and so few of them are stupid, ignorant “idiots”, are officials like these STILL in positions of power?

        And one would imagine that the state would not have a staunch Baptist (Nathan Deal) as its Republican governor, if there were NOT a rather large number of inhabitants who favoured such a political ethos.

        When the state banned same-sex marriage, it did so with a majority vote of close to 80%.

        Generally speaking, the majority white population of the state of Georgia IS right-wing, religious and Republican, especially in rural areas.

        I’m sure that Uganda also contains some liberals.


  4. martyn notman 27 May 2011, 12:11pm

    It is very odd, sadly in American i could believe anything true.

  5. We need to be challenging the helping professions to clean up their acts. Although things are not great on this front in the UK.

  6. people in the uk love to mock americans, but it is definitely the case that many DUP supporters and politicians, and many tory supporters/ backbench politicians think in exactly the same way. they are just smart enough to rarely talk about it. so maybe a little less cliche america bashing and more focus on our oown backyard.

  7. The American Taliban is alive and well it seems.

    Scott, I second that. We need to get some support from straight British celebrities to help our struggle for full marriage equality. At least America has an endless list of them, all pro-active. We have none and without our straight allies, we won’t win. I find it appalling that Elton John doesn’t support civil marriage equality yet in America, straight celebrities see it differently and do something about it. We need every bit of straight support we can muster, its key to winning.

  8. In light of the terrible thing that has been done to her she should be released immediately, given financial compensation and appropriate free medical care.

  9. Welcome everyone to Georgia, its 1785 everyday here!

  10. johnny33308 27 May 2011, 5:18pm

    The bigoted and prejudiced climate here in the South is something these people are actually proud of, calling it their ‘heritage’ or ‘history’. Many still believe this saying they’ve had since they LOST the Civil War 150 yrs ago “The South shall rise again”. Most would still prefer slavery over being civilized. This is America!!!! Might as well live in Uganda or Kenya….

  11. I hope she gets megabucks in compensation and scares the sh*t out of these local tin-pot bullies on the public payroll.

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