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US House of Representatives passes bill to delay lifting of military gay ban

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Reader comments

  1. I understand that gay persons in the service might want to keep their positions and should be allowed to do that. However until we enjoy equal rights and protections under the law I don’t think that gay men and women should serve to defend the partials rights we all enjoy. Full equality or no service.

    1. Maria elizabeth 27 May 2011, 6:08pm

      The gay and lesbian troops never look at it that way. They don’t isolate one from the other. They are serving their country. That is the difference between law makers & and the gay and lesbian troops.

      Your message was kind and thoughtful Thank you.

    2. Jock S. Trap 28 May 2011, 7:51am

      So the fact that these heroic people are willing to hide who they are to fight and portect their country isn’t enough then?
      Thats makes them even more courageous because clearly they are put country first and themselves last to protect those who discriminate against them.
      I have a feeling the powers that be will try to halt this so many times.
      They clearly have no respect for those serving.
      Yet those LGBTQ people serving are the bravest and we should Never forget that.
      It’s what makes them stand out against the rest above other troops.
      The only way to stop that is to make them serve openly and equally.
      All troops are special but clearly some more so than others.
      I’m just grateful here in the UK ALL our troops are treated equally with the utmost respect.
      Now lets let them and us marry!!

  2. Once upon a time President Truman signed an Executive Order (9981) ordering the desegregation of the US military. He knew that it would be used as a tool for political brinksmanship so he stepped up to the plate and overrode congress to stop them interfering for their own ends. If there is a will, and given that DADT repeal has already passed the upper house, then it could be done again. Except, of course, Obama knows that it will be co-opted by the GOP as one of its precious “wedge” issues – Guns, Gays and Abortions – to convince the ignorant masses to vote against their own interests.

    I suspect that the Obama administration knows that acting for civil liberties – like the right of GLB servicemen and women to service openly – is politically unsafe in the run-up to 2012 and that the ignorant Fox “News” washing mob must be pandered to in case it elects someone insane like Bachmann.

  3. Do you know that 30% of gay people voted for republicans in last US election. Man they are some Dumbass gays in usa.

    1. martyn notman 27 May 2011, 6:30pm

      probably the rich ones who want to stay that way. Self interest (and money) will always make strange bedfellows- shame they are happy to sell everyone else up to river so they can hang onto their cash.

      1. Sadly you are right….I’m not rich….but “wealthy” enough to vote my conscious, not my wallet. These gay republicans are a sad sot in my opinion…most of them measure their worth in money and things….to make up for their incredibly low self esteem……

        1. I think that’s what make them republicans, their sexuality is secondary. That’s not a criticism of them simply a recognition of their position.

  4. Scott, yes I did know that which loast the Democrats control of one of the two Houses.

    Did you know that the head of GOProud, a so called gay organisation’s head, Chris Barron, opposes marriage equality and actually opposed repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell back in February? Plus, and this is ironic, he married his boyfriend in Washington, DC last year and claims his organisation doesn’t support marriage equality. He also claims that the gay American left = the American Taliban. Its beyond disgusting or sick. Talk about self-loathers, he’s the epitomy of one. Why does America excel with ingrates such as this and a gay one no less?

  5. Great news.

    1. Jock S. Trap 28 May 2011, 7:53am

      Oh Rich your so funny!

      1. Indeed, and doubly so – both funny ha-ha AND funny peculiar!

    2. Don;t get too excited Lynne, its a “delay”…. and lets be honest here sweetheart, we’re winning far more equal rights then we are losing. So yeah, that is great news. How’s that reality for you?

  6. jamestoronto 28 May 2011, 5:13am

    What a difference a border makes! I am so thankful that I was born on the north side of the 49th Parallel (i.e. the Canadian half of North America).

    Gays have been serving openly in the military in Canada for almost 2 decades now. And, sadly, some have been killed in action and others have been wounded. But they serve with pride because there is a command structure in place that encourages inclusiveness and openness. The Canadian Forces – as do several police forces including the RCMP – openly recruit at Gay Pride events and fully sanction participation in Pride parades.

    Civil rights and the supremacy of civilian law over military regulations are taken seriously. It is far from perfect but when marriage equality became law federally five years ago, the Canadian military stepped up to the plate and authorised the marriage of two (male) soldiers on an army base by a military chaplain with the same full honour parade accorded any couple.

    1. Jock S. Trap 28 May 2011, 7:56am

      It always good to hear about Canada.
      A shining example if ever there was!!

      1. David Myers 29 May 2011, 9:27am

        I totally agree and I am a dual US/Canadian citizen. I’m tired of being ashamed of my country of birth. Go Obama.

  7. Jock S. Trap 28 May 2011, 7:45am

    More excuses from the shameful expecting troops LGBTQI or Straight to protect them but with complete disrepect.
    Think it’s time to remove our Heroic troops from working alongside such countries that clearly have no respect for the job they do.
    What the hell has Obama and Gates not being in the forces got to do with it too?
    Absolute crap.

  8. This is just another stalling tactic by the republicans who never wanted Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) repealed, the majority of them in fact. Ironic isn’t it, that American gay men and women have been serving alongside their gay counterparts in Iraq, Afghanistan and never was one word mentioned by their top military brass about a negative impact on unit cohesion, the reason republicans used to keep DADT in place. Why did the American military then accept help from us Brits in the first place if its so bad to serve openly? The Obama administration is rankled somewhat about British forces leaving Afghanistan, 10,000 of them and the republicans aren’t saying a word about unit cohesion. I wonder why?

  9. Jamestoronto, here, here! Oh beautiful Canada! I wish our Prime Minister were as courageous as your former Paul Martin. Canadians have every right to be proud of their great country and as Jock says, a ” shining example”, the brightest star for equality in my view. Lets hope our marriage equality consultation beginning shortly will yield much fruit as it did in Canada and elsewhere.

    James….Toronto is an exquisite city, I envy you living there. I’ve never met such polite, warm people in my life as I have there. I have great affection for it and for Canada and its people. An example for us all and for what full equality means.

  10. Beyond parody. They want ‘assurances’ of things armed services all over the world with out l&g troops already know perfectly well. They are frankly just taking the p**s.

    1. You don’t understand — to Republicans, the experiences of other countries don’t count because America Is Special. That thinking has infected the administration to a certain extent, which is why other countries were able to implement open service in six months or less, and it took our military ten months just to figure out what to do.

  11. The House is controlled by conservative Republicans so what else would you expect. Republicans are catering to their base of right wing conservative Christians. The Senate, controlled by Democrats will never pass this. Even if they did Obama would veto it. Thank God for separation of powers.

    1. David Myers 29 May 2011, 9:29am

      Here here!

    2. Interesting to not that this went through the house and was announced while the President was out of the country…. made me wonder about the timing and why?

  12. Its fine to fight and die for your country but open and honest about yourself? Who you kidding buddy!

    Might be a new recruitment message for the US military.

  13. How many more stalls are there going to be?

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