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Moscow Pride marchers fear neo-Nazi attacks

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2011, 4:56pm

    It’s absolutely disgusting the way this is panning out.
    Another country, another load of bigots holding back society.

  2. There a good reason for fear. However, an organizer of “gay” pride action istated recently that they, “gay activists”, does not fear anything…. Question is who telling the truth?

  3. Neo-naz1’s:- the pinnacle of human evolution.


  4. “Gay rights activists are furious that the march has been banned for the sixth year…”
    I am glad that such homosexual perverts are furious. Let them go really crazy! Forward only, idiots!!!

    1. *snore*

    2. So who is this Rich fellow, that is hanging out at gay news sights? Can we say repressed homosexual tendencies.

      1. Jock S. Trap 28 May 2011, 7:38am

        We can… and have!

    3. Rich, yeah yeah yeah

      1. Remarkable spelling… 99%

        Good improvement!

        Just a misplaced punctuation mark.

    4. “Let them go really crazy!”

      Like you have done?

  5. Moscow Pride 2011 has asked for support from the international community.

    Here is what you can do right now:

  6. Does anyone else think the idea of n@zi russians as stupid.

    Hitler massacred the russians and believed they were racially inferior. Yet they support him.. hmmm.

    1. Well, of course they’re stupid. Or at the very least pathetic, but dangerously so.

  7. This is very good. I hope Peter Tatchell gets smacked again, interfearing old hag he is.

    1. I hope will will end up in hospital and…., whatever….

      1. Jock S. Trap 28 May 2011, 7:40am

        Wow, got speaking to yourself Rich and you don’t think there’s a seriously problem with yourself?
        You get to look more loony as each day passes.

        1. Maybe he/she has brain damage? I feel sorry for the fukcwit to be honest. He/she clearly has mental health issues.

          1. and he/she is obviously gay, pretending to be a homophobic non english muslim to get attention and stir up debate. Sad and pathetic.

          2. Jock S. Trap 28 May 2011, 10:43am

            Rich comes over with too much bullsh!t to be taken seriously.

          3. I see, I spposue that would have to be the case.

    2. Your curse will go home to roost.

    3. Isn’t the world a better place for having people like Lynne and Rich in it?
      (Actually, while I’m not keen on the overused word ‘loser’, it does seem remarkably appropriate in these instances.)

    4. Rich (original) 29 May 2011, 2:42am

      There was a mistake in my earlier comment. Here is what it should be:
      I hope he, Peter Tatchell, will end up in hospital and…., whatever….

      1. I hope you too, Rich, will end up (or go back to) hospital, you’re in need of treatment.

      2. Jock S. Trap 29 May 2011, 12:16pm

        Bitch Rich
        Never have I been more sure of your desire to get into Peter Tatchell’s knickers.
        I take it he rejected you?!

  8. Moscow homosexual thugs decides not hide and runaway from government anymore (as they did several times in previous years), stop make false adverticements on false place of meeting, and openly meet near the Kremlin on federal lands…. They want to go to the Grave of Unknow Soldier near Kremlin’s Wall, and pay “homosexual respect” to soldiers who dies during WWII. I am sure that’s mascarade not going to happend and all of them will be arrested and send to some police station for temporary confinement, and then will be obligated to pay fines for violation of governmental order.

    1. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn
      Rich, is it not time for your bed time?

      1. Rich (original) 29 May 2011, 12:25am

        My biological timer working differently from yours.

        1. Oh, tell me more !!!

          1. Rich (original) 29 May 2011, 1:00pm

            Intelligent person doesn’t need more, a stupid does. As usual, you are the stupid one :)

        2. Jock S. Trap 29 May 2011, 10:51am

          So, what do you want? A Blue Peter badge?

  9. HelenWilson 28 May 2011, 1:46pm

    An AFP correspondent saw the police then move in and violently wrestle both activists and members of the religious group to the ground before leading them off in handcuffs to waiting security vans.

    Those detained included the prominent US gay rights activist Dan Choi as well as Britain’s Peter Tatchell and France’s Louis-George Tin.
    Initial reports:

    1. “…attacked during the unsanctioned rally by members of an ultra-Orthodox group who had gathered near the Kremlin in anticipation.”
      Oh God (as it were), here they go again.

  10. Ross Stephens 13 Jun 2011, 7:16pm

    My Russian friend writes …I would like to return once again to a theme concerning the relation to gays to Russia. Ross, you are probable to hear already, that in Moscow gay parade was spent several days ago. Or you not to hear it?
    Gays-active workers tried to arrange gay parade and to show to all on what they are capable. And than you think all has ended? Gays-active workers have been neutralised by policemen, and some have been severely beaten. Now the relation to gays becomes even worse because of this meeting. Heads of our country have told that similar did not repeat any more, differently will be involved in business the weapon, and I will shoot on defeat.
    Yes Ross so there were events. It is very a pity To me, these people which tried to make better for many gays in Russia, but unfortunately it not to happen :(
    You know Ross, I would seem to me too could offer a life for achievement of good results for gays! It is necessary to use the best efforts, that the life of the

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