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Three men arrested for gay hate attack in Minnesota

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Reader comments

  1. Someone needs to take this to Tennessee and shout at them, saying this is what your insane ban will bring…

    Hope they get 20 years each… a far off dream, but even 5 years each might knock some sense into the anti-gay clans…..

  2. Of course, I am sorry for the victim and I sincerely hope the perpetrators get raped to death in jail – but this is an incident 4,000 miles away. There are many injustices and threats to liberty brewing here in the UK, which must take priority.

    Suggestion: why not do a side column for minor stories like this – or a weekly round up of U.S. stories? That way, important stories capture the readers’ attention.

    1. Actually, I hope that the perpetrators get saved from rape and that their saviours are a group of gay men.

      As for PN reporting about this, the world tends to follow/copy laws made in the States. The more coverage things like this get, the more the public outcry and the less likely things like that are put up with here and elsewhere. LGBT issues should be raised no matter where they happen. We need to be united, no matter the distance.

      1. the world tends to follow/copy laws made in the States
        Fortunately, when it comes to civil unions and gays serving in the armed forces at least, much of Europe doesn’t.

    2. What is it with this notion of rape as some kind of justice? Rape is an horrendous crime; as horrific, if not more so, than the offence these scumbags are charged with. As far as I’m concerned you are truly medieval in your thinking. I only hope you are not a part of the crimial justice system.

  3. musclelad23 27 May 2011, 1:29am

    pretty boys like that will make easy meat in jail.

  4. I wish them to stand strong and on release become more intelligentin their future cinduct. Good luck, guys! I wish you all the best!!!

    1. Next time they should discriminate against bad spellers, they deserve it…

      1. martyn notman 27 May 2011, 4:57pm

        hey it cant be easy typing on a keyboard with those big troll hands…

    2. “more intelligentin their future cinduct”?

      LOL! Oh, superb! I think that statement is the very definition of ironic.

    3. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2011, 10:02am

      Does Rich even know how stupid he comes across?

      1. Sadly not, it seems, Jock. Rich has been told so many times how stupid he’s making himself look, but he just carries on. You have to wonder about someone who praises people who’ve beaten up an innocent person and wishes them all the best. Signs of mental issues, if you ask me.

        1. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2011, 1:16pm

          There does seem to be a deeply routed problem Iris.
          Such hatred just isn’t natural.

    4. You are a joke Rich and talk some bile! Why?

      1. Jock S. Trap 28 May 2011, 8:51am

        Because he’s a joke!

        1. you are correct there Jock S

    5. Clearly, you have lots of time to waste every day, coming onto an LGBT forum and leaving a load of trashy, uncoordinated and totally mis-spelled comments.

      You must have blunted that axe by now.

  5. More male heterosexual gutter trash!

  6. johnny33308 27 May 2011, 4:28am

    Wow! Three more self-loathing closet cases, gay all the way. Isn’t our culture wonderful, forcing people to hate themselves just to be acceptable in society. Charming!

    1. No, some thugs are just thugs, who can pick on anyone they see as weak or despicable or just outside their tribe. Homophobic violence does not always indicate internalised homophobia.

      1. It doesn’t always indicate it but more often then not, that it what it is. You can tell just by looking at Ryan’s eyes that he is gay. I believe that all three of them are gay actually. Time will tell but I bet they all have been lovers at one time.

        1. Don’t be so ridiculous. You’d have to have supernatural powers to glean so much from one badly-reproduced snap – unless you seriously believe that every single photograph ever taken of you reveals The True You to any stranger.

  7. Dan Filson 27 May 2011, 7:23am

    Once again, comments dwelling on – with some glee – the prospect of them being raped in prison. This is as pornographic and disgusting as the kind of abuse these perpetrators probably shouted at their victims. How can you commenters sanely rejoice in the prospect of anyone being raped. Shame on you.

    The Presidency is being sucked into the gay marriage debate whether it wants to be or not. This could be a battleground issue in the 2012 Presidential election.

    1. Quite right. This sort of vicarious gloating over the rape of prisoners hardly attracts censure now and in fact the oblique threat of rape in prison is now a commonplace in American cop shows (‘you’ll be spending ten years sleeping with your back to the wall’, ‘How long do you think a cute young guy like you will last?’) etc, and is treated as an unquestionable and even reasonable fate for male prisoners even by sympathetic characters. The assumption is usually also that the rapists are straight and that, guess what, ‘gay’ means the weak and submissive. Scary.

      1. pussies

        I hope you get their asses ripped out

  8. Unlikely in the extreme – they may, if they’re unfortunate, learn about what rape is, nothing more, nothing less. Gay is not ‘all about’ being raped.
    Your comment is little different from the attitudes of some barbaric men who believe that lesbians will ‘straighten out’ if they’re raped.

    1. I meant ‘gay sex is not ‘all about’ being raped.’

      1. (OK, neither of my comments now make sense since the post they were replying to has been deleted.)

        1. Its funny rich can post all kinds of nastiness and they never get deleted

          1. martyn notman 27 May 2011, 3:05pm

            they probably cant understand what hes writing..i cant most of the time.

          2. Yes, I’ve wondered about that too. I’m developing a theory that it’s really a PN insider trying to generate a reaction (and it’s working too, judging by the torrents of responses he gets).

          3. I agree. I am questioning its policies. BME LGBT stories are totally ignored too

  9. I’m sure they will find county jail a most illuminating experience.

  10. Wow, I’d show those boys a good time in my cell!

  11. Shame – the guy in the middle is quite attractive, on the outside. Clearly, in the inside, he is vile.

  12. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2011, 9:59am

    Such discrimination from people so young. Such hate for what?
    Minnesota has to take some of the blame for treating it’s LGBT residents so badly and disciminating.

  13. Ryan Frane and Chad Hands take about 10 seconds to find on Facebook. Leave ’em a nice welcome home message for when they’re released :)

  14. haha, and apparently one of them studied ‘Criminal Justice’ at St. Cloud university!

  15. Those three are definately cornholing each other most probably when they are having a good ole’ time drinking beer and just ‘hanging out’. They are self hating gayboys. It is another example of the Republican agenda to reap the hate crop they sow at every chance they get.

    1. Steady on, you’re getting a little carried away with your porn-video fantasies, I think.
      They could more easily just be bullying thugs who pick on those they see as weaker.

  16. “pretty boys like that will make easy meat in jail “.

    daaa like that is going to make us all safer !! Subjecting perpetrators of violence to9 violence never works.

  17. Anyone know the stats for homophobic attacks in relation to how widespread homophobic attitudes are in a state.

    Because it could be the case that in a state say where only 20% of pop are homophobic, there are more attacks as such people feel scared and threatened.

    Whereas maybe in somewhere like texas there are less attacks as everyone is so openly homophobic they do not feel so threatened

  18. Tattoo “GH” on their foreheads that way they go through life easily identified as dangerous “Gay Haters” on the streets and when ever they look in the mirror for the rest of their lives, they will be have a permanent reminder of the lunacy of their youth and the mental and physical scars they inflicted on their victim. Sadly their lawyers would likely appeal such a punishment as “inhumane”

  19. Just out of curiosity… in cases like this where if convicted they have a criminal record which is likely “Violence” or in the UK “GBH” is there any form of register these people get put on in any country?
    I know hate is a hard crime to prove. the hate seems to go unrecognized where as the violence “might” be punished. Offender registers exist for other crimes which is why I am curious if there are any of public record-reference for hate crime?

  20. Rich (original) 29 May 2011, 3:02am

    Most of homosexuals, or so-called “gays”, are so intolerant to different opinion on them… They wanted to have respect without being respectful themseves to people who are different from them. They do go to societies with their strange homosexual politics and they openly and systematically disrespecting established moral order of traditional societies, and they do systematically offending religious institutions in the western and eastern world, they offending the religious mentality of billions of human beings on this planet, being openly disrespectful to all of them, – and yet, these homosexuals demanding respect for themselves….. They are talking of human rights, but disregards the human rights on religious life of billions of human beings, the majority of humanity. What a shameful creatures, these homosexual perverts!….
    I don’t mind to speak with any homosexual on any issue unless he keep himself decent and respectful to his opponent. That’s not the case here…

    1. “These homosexual perverts!”
      Poor Rich. Poor, silly little Rich. Your understanding of decency and respect is deficient.

  21. Each time sensible people propose to educate our children about gay related issues, religious-impaired parents and conservative Republicans jump in to oppose, claiming that it is the gay-agenda, and that their kids should not be taught about “gay sex” in school.

    Well no one ever proposes to teach gay sex, but one thing for sure, these 3 men stand as perfect example as the importance for educating our children that homosexuality is natural to some people and we must all respect their existence. Failure to do so will bring about this outcome of violence towards gays because they are not educated about gay issues.

    The laws of the land protects the safety of gays, yet traditional churches continue to incite hatred and fear in the hearts of their members -They are simply setting up their members to go to prison. I hope these guys parents are happy, because they are also to be blamed.

  22. David Myers 23 Jul 2011, 2:07am

    Criminal charges is fine and I hope they are convicted and given jail time. They should also be sued by their victim for emotional and financial damages.

  23. Wonder which one of the three was trying the hardest to convince the other two that he isn’t gay???

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