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26 May 2011

  • 26th May 2011

    Three men arrested for gay hate attack in Minnesota 49

    Matthew Thomas, Chad Hands and Ryan Frane. (Photo: Stearns County Jail)

    11:18 PM — Police in St Cloud, Minnesota have arrested three men accused of severely beating a gay man because of his sexuality. The three men, named as Matthew Warren Thomas, 24; Chad Vincent Hands, 21 and Ryan Andrew Frane, 23, were arrested and transported to a county prison.

  • Lawsuit to be filed over Tennessee’s anti-gay law 14

    Tennessee's new law will be challenged in court

    5:46 PM — A lawsuit will be filed against a new Tennessee law which bans employment protections for LGBT employees. The law, signed by governor Bill Haslam this week, bans cities and municipalities from making their own anti-discrimination ordinances and bans any area from having stronger protections than are available at state level

  • Men arrested for gay sex in Grenada 40

    Gay sex remains illegal in Grenada (Photo: Zak Gollop)

    5:28 PM — Two men on the Caribbean island of Grenada have been arrested for having gay sex. The men, aged 41 and 17, could face up to ten years in prison - the maximum penalty for same-sex acts.

  • Transgender woman attacked by mob in Virginia 25

    Police are looking for two more suspects

    4:30 PM — A transgender woman in Virginia was attacked by a mob outside a store last Saturday afternoon. The assault follows the beating of a Maryland trans woman in a McDonald's restaurant, which was filmed by a member of staff.

  • Video: Oprah Winfrey’s farewell to gay fans 15

    Oprah bowed out after 25 years

    3:48 PM — Oprah Winfrey ended her final show last night with a mention of her gay fans. The chatshow queen, who sobbed and laughed through her final hour, thanked viewers for their support over the last 25 years.

  • Ian McKellen supports Moscow Gay Pride 27

    Ian McKellen commended 'brave' marchers (Photo: Stefan Servos)

    2:58 PM — Veteran actor Ian McKellen has given his support to Saturday's Moscow Pride march. City authorities have banned the march but gay rights activists say they will hold it regardless.

  • Texas judge expected to void marriage of trans widow 19

    Nikki Araguz's husband's family say her marriage is void

    2:35 PM — A judge in Texas is expected to declare a trans widow's marriage void after her husband's family launched a legal challenge. The ruling will mean that widow Nikki Araguz, who lost her firefighter husband in a blaze, will not be entitled to survivor benefits.

  • California first-graders learn about marriage equality 56

    Eric Ross read My Uncle's Wedding to the first-grade children

    12:06 PM — First-graders at a California school celebrated Harvey Milk Day last week by learning about marriage equality. Eric Ross, the author of new children's book My Uncle's Wedding, spoke to 40 six and seven-year-olds at a San Francisco elementary school.

  • Schools minister Nick Gibb says lack of HIV education is ‘unforgivable’ 72

    Schools minister Nick Gibb said a PSHE review would not be sidelined

    11:15 AM — Schools minister Nick Gibb says the government is "hugely concerned" about figures which suggest one in four children is not learning about HIV and AIDS at school. Addressing a Lords committee on HIV and AIDS on Tuesday, he said a lack of knowledge in the school system was "unforgivable".

  • Brazil’s president suspends school anti-homophobia campaign 72

    Brazil's president objected to the material (Photo: Agencia Brasil)

    10:38 AM — Brazil's president has suspended an anti-homophobia campaign in schools because she thought the DVDs and leaflets were not appropriate for children. President Dilma Rousseff's spokesman said she had viewed the material and "didn't like what she saw".

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