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Plymouth man banned from city pubs over anti-gay abuse

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Reader comments

  1. I wish I’d never heard that excuse I don’t need gays about before but it’s still one used quite regularly unfortunately. As if us going for a drink is something against them

  2. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 11:15am

    Trouble with this is it sounds like, yet again alcohol is being used as an excuse for homophobia.
    I would have maybe urged the judge to order this person into some kind of alcohol rehibilitation but his homopghobia is already there and disturbing so.
    He is just using alcohol to spout his rather unpleasant ramblings.

  3. dave wainwright 25 May 2011, 11:56am

    Unfortunately in Plymouth our city centre is rather small and drinking venues few and far between in the centre of town and attract professional alcoholics who tend to make problems , we also have our fair share of flat earthers in Plymouth and on the penisula, we are far from civilisation , fortunately we have an informed and dedicated police force who take great pride in their diversity training and do not tolerate homophobic abuse and prosecute those who make homophobic assaults whether physical or verbal .

  4. martyn notman 25 May 2011, 12:14pm

    see if the relatively small police force down there can do this, why do the much larger Sheffield force seem to think its not their job?? Had all sorts of aggro in straight places round the city.

  5. Unusual (isn’t it?) that a drunk straight man was worried about a group of gay women. Good to hear that another customer intervened, though (pity it wasn’t the bar staff first).

  6. I think a well deserved “fair play” needs said for the man who stuck up for these people. Also the drunk sounds like pure scum and I can hear the entitlement dripping from his words. As if just because he’s straight he deserves to run the bar – maybe if he cleaned himself up and stopped being an alcho he could dictate his own business.

  7. All credit to Devon & Cornwall Police for pursuing this …

  8. Stu,The Devon Police maybe, but not so sure about Cornwall. Have you ever read the blogs from The Pink Pasty on U Tube,Shocking the way Cornwall police treat gay people

  9. But ill hazard a guess that he loves watching Lesbian Porn, He is just another biggotted idiot who has alcohol and agression issues

  10. this the same richard ham that sells drugs for highs … To get in touch, please use one of the following options:
    50 Belair Road, Peverell, Plymouth, Devon, PL2 3QH

  11. I know some people will look on Plymouth quite negatively for occurrences such as these. However I really think it reflects well on Plymouth, when faced with intolerance it is nipped in the bud. Especially when you consider in places such as London, which are suppose to gay-friendly, the crimes committed against gay people are much more violent and extreme.

  12. Spiritbody 7 Jun 2011, 12:39pm

    This is the kind of story that i dont even get agnry or upset about really. I just start laughing. What a tit.

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