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Online football forums ‘filled with anti-gay hate’

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  1. Chutneybear 25 May 2011, 2:56pm

    The local club I support there does be a bit of banter , I take part in some of it (I rogered yer aul fella last night and he loved etc>) and most of the lads have stood up for me if I got the abuse of some people. Then again I am a fan of a small team St Pats, its mostly a team called Shamrock Rovers who are scumbags! Flaps!

  2. To call such comments ‘hateful’ would be giving some credit to these people.

    The comments are dumb. I’m serious. Homosexuality is a ‘disease’? ‘Brain damage’? I mean, how dumb are these people?

  3. I’d agree with this. I frequent the message board of my local football team on the ‘Football Mad’ forum network and there have been some horrid posts about gay / lesbian individuals. You report them to the moderators and nothing gets done about them, odd then that any racist posts that I report get moved pretty sharpish.

    Makes you think.

    1. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 3:19pm

      Thats the trouble, the clear discriminating way in the ‘difference’ of how abuse is being dealt.
      Clearly with these football clubs it’s fine to discriminate against discrimination in finding homophobia acceptable but racism completely unacceptable.
      Sadly I don’t give out hope in this being sorted anytime soon.

    2. Emma: if you find anything really offensive, then on your computer, press the keys ‘Fn’ and ‘Prt Scr’ at the same time. Then open a Word file and click paste, and the contents of the screen will appear. Send the document with the on-line evidence to PinkNews / website sponsors, rather than waste time alerting it to moderators who don’t care.

      1. Thanks for the tip.

        It annoys me that at the top of each message forum in the Football Mad network in particular it states that any discriminatory posts will be removed upon report. It’s even sadder that they’re discriminatory themselves in what they deem offensive.

        1. martyn notman 25 May 2011, 4:42pm

          it depends whether the person doing the removing is a grunting neanderthal homophobe themselves though. If they dont see anything wrong with it they wont take action.

      2. Good man AdrianT, action needs to be taken en masse rather than a handful of complaints, website moderators and hosts will then get the message if they receive enough complaints accompanied by evidence.

      3. PinkNews / website sponsors

        They are not sponsors, they are adverts generated by an advertising company that anyone can put on their site, so messaging the ad people would have little effect.

        1. Rubbish James

          I have contacted an advertiser in the past and offending comments were moved on the same day.

      4. Paula Thomas 26 May 2011, 8:55am

        Additionally I would involve the Police. There are offences the perps AND the mods can be charged with.

  4. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 3:14pm

    This isn’t anything news but I am glad it is being highlighted.
    I have visited to see for myself in the past and have to say that level of such hate is shocking.
    None of these know anything about the LGBT community they just assume with this attitude I hate all gays business.
    Clearly showing with one brain cell they would be dangerous.
    To be honest with such hate coming from the supporters how can they expect to get to grips with homophobia within this sport.
    Personally I’m not a footie fan prefer a mans game so prefer rugby.
    I guess some people also will say anything to shock when you can’t see the person sitting being the keyboard.

    1. Chutneybear 25 May 2011, 3:16pm

      Big men grabbing each others thighs is more manly than football ! ;) hehe!

      1. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 3:20pm

        Too right!! ;)

      2. Still prefer football or water polo as my sport of choice

        There needs to be elimination of homophobia – whilst seeing genuine banter as acceptable in most circumstances (how you ensure that I am not wise enough to suggest!)

        1. Chutneybear 25 May 2011, 4:15pm

          Stu +1 very well put mate couldnt agree more

  5. Is this news?! This is not surprising at all –

    I remember clearly reading through the hate fuelled comments on WestHamOnline, the day Stephen Gately died: a whole thread of people over the moon about it, calleing for ‘queers to be burned alive’ etc. The website owners did NOTHING, no-one was warned or banned. (Did anyone get a screen shot of that by the way?)

    My suggestion – if you see it, save the screen, send it to KickItOut, the football club it claims to support, local newspapers and any sponsors who support the website.

  6. Staircase2 25 May 2011, 3:49pm

    This isn’t actually surprising at all: in my experience 90% of football fans are complete knuckleheads.
    I’ve always hated the sport for that very reason – its the worst kind of moronic, dough-brained macho bollocks.
    The reason the FA has not done anything to deal with this earlier is because its simply outside of their consciousness to even THINK about it let alone see why its important. The same feelings originally existed regarding racism in the sport – and would probably have never changed had so many of our top football players not now been black.
    They’re bloody idiots – they should be forced by law to do something about it. The laws exist already – they just need to be implemented. Of course it would help if some of the spineless gay closet cases in football came out and stopped (in all probability) personally fuelling the very homophobia we’re talking about. But then ‘thinking outside the box’ is kinda hard in a world which doesnt have a box to think outside of in the first place

    1. Chutneybear 25 May 2011, 4:14pm

      You tell them lets walk down the road blow whistles and blare Kylie while acting like a gang of fairies…Fu<k sakes it comes from both sides, the average football fan doesnt give a dogs <unt if a player is gay or not, as long as the player preforms on the pitch. Your extreme reaction is what causes divisions along with the right wing element that inhabit some stadia. And players can stay in the closet if they want, its no one elses business we dont have to proclaim our gayness.

  7. Its worth checking out, an Irish forum open to all subjects, hugely subscribed to. They have moderators who come down like a ton of bricks on people who post racist stuff but you’ll see plenty of homophobic slurs.

    1. Chutneybear 25 May 2011, 4:57pm is terrible full of thicks, I suggest its friendly and does have its share of homophobes but the users gang up on them can be good fun

      1. Is not specifically for political news though? runs the full gamut of subjects. It was very telling to see some of the messages posted in relation to the Queen’s visit to Ireland last week, plenty of borderline racism towards the UK reared its head but nothing was done by the moderators who themselves can say and do as they please.

        1. Chutneybear 25 May 2011, 5:04pm

          It is more political but it also has general chat forum, culture, health services etc its more open than boards which suffers from trolls a lot I find.

  8. Funnily enough I read two threads on gay footballers on the Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC websites yesterday. 95% of posts were supportive and the worst of the other 5% stated “gays choose to be gay” but that was it.

  9. Yes, I went from football to rugby, I was a regular in the Liverpool ‘cop’ until I heard some of the abuse given to opposition teams. when Justin Fashnu came out I thought he was really great in being honest about himself, and helped me with with my sexuality, but was really upset when he could not take the hate that was shown him, and committed suicide, just like some of the kids being bullied today in school. Apparently, nothing changes!

    1. When Justin Fashanu came out I thought he was an idiot. I remember a Sunday night ad for the sun was “footballer will reveal he’s gay” Of all the papers to come out in and such a silly way to come out. I knew it wouldn’t end well

  10. Sorry, Justin Fashanu, apologies

  11. So all this homophobia in football. My analysis? maybe it’s because football fans are mostly lower-class bits of trash!

  12. Clark Downes 26 May 2011, 1:04am

    “Shocking attitudes”….really?! They seem to fit the stereotype, a stereotype that is rather real too.

    I think some of it is stupidity and some of it would never be said in person, not that that makes it right but it highlights the fact that online people will say more things than in person. Still there are a few that would say it in person.

    A lot of homophobia in football and in general can be interpreted differently. Some straight people dont see calling one another or something bad “gay” as wrong, and generally this is accepted. But by the same token if they called some thing bad “Asian” it would be. Though from my high school days calling someone a “Jew” was a common place insult but neither did this get picked up on. – I guess its in part to do with numbers other minorities are more visable and in mass and people automatically dive to protect them in the name of being seen as PC. But then turning round and calling their mate a “queer” is rather contradictory.


    1. Clark Downes 26 May 2011, 1:09am

      In my College class there is what you would call a typical larger/BNP/Far right lad. He used to give me and my gay friend grief and he left. I stayed and a year later, strangely enough Id now class the bully as a friend, not a close one mind. But through being told off by lecturers and by working in groups weve been foorced to work along side one another and weve talked about all sorts and yes he’s still BNP ect but hes changed alot and doesnt seem to care so much about the gay issue anymore. Occasionally he’ll make a comment but its so light weight and jokey that even ill find it funny, unlike before. Basically SOME people can change and become less abusive and slightly more accepting given the right circumstances. So its not all doom and gloom, some homophobic football fans can learn.

      1. Clark sounds like he’s tolerating you. It’s not the same as respecting you. Good news that hes not being explicit in his hatred but it still there don’t get too close find mates who respect you

  13. Homophobia cannot be eliminated from society over night. It takes time. Even a generational change. We all have to be patient.

    Keep educating people that there is no fear being gay or feel threatened by gays. Then the stigma of being gay will be gone for good from all aspects of society, not just sports.

  14. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 4:19am

    I wonder how many of these forum posters have sympathies with or marched along side the EDL/BNP?

    Homophobia always gos hand in hand with the far right – and don’t tell me to think other wise, do you really know any far left/ socialist football hooligans? just like with fundamentalist religion. They will never be on our side – gays are just a convenient ally right now.

    1. Homosexuality also goes hand in hand with the far right. And the lefties also have anti gay attitudes. Take Ken livingstone he’s buddies with people who think we are a disease and should be dead.

      1. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 10:17am

        You generally don’t have violent leftist anti gay violence.

        You frequently have violent far right anti gay violence, as well as conservative religious anti gay violence, all over the world. Look at Russia – the moscow pride will be threatened by the far right – all over eastern europe.

        Yes homosexuality does go hand in hand with the far right – in secret. Nick griffins past for example, and skinhead culture. It is the outward displays of agression and masculinity, that is a reason you will see a small amount of homos fauning over the bnp/edl – because there is an element of sexual attraction.

        1. Lefties are more into mental violence and denial of serrvices that sort of thing. There no black and white/ good bad if youre gay hatred comes from all over the place we have no allies

          1. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 10:45am

            Yeah – very true, nice to see people who see the world in shades of grey!

        2. I think a better approach would be to separate left wing economic views and say left wing social views that are always opposed to homophobia, and social conservatism that supports it.
          Left wing social views are not only held by left wing parties, and many parties who hold economically left wing positions are social conservatives.

          1. Best approach is to live well and do as much as you can to minimise the impact of anti gay people. We will only change the minds of anti gay people when they have something else to hate like when the aliens land or dolphins grow lungs and start hunting us for food

      2. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 10:26am

        Indeed James!!

        1. Jock you are a bit of a hypocrite, you condemn Ken livingstone for merely talking to a homophobe, yet as Ive already explained to you the Tories have put vile christian homophobes in government positions and yet you still proclaim how amazing the tories are.

          1. Is true dat

          2. Yeah Jock, how do you vote for the tories? You’re such a full on gay rights blogger. Although Scott, labour also put vile faith schools into action and most of what they did they had to do because of the EU. The tories would have had to do the same if they had been in power, I think? And tony blair did kiss the popes ring. So I guess the others are not that much better.

          3. Yes it is true, they have just included a no gay sex, abstinence until heterosexual marriage group in the anti HIV quango.
            Michael Gove has also backed a sexual ethics group in the commons that solely consists of anti-gay far right christian groups, who have said pleasant things such as children need to be taught that gays are dangerous.
            Say what you will about labour, they wouldnt do that.
            Labour made huge progressions in gay rights beyond the EU. For example on gay adoption, civil partnerships, equality legislation tht goes beyond EU laws.

          4. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 12:39pm

            OK let me explain to you children once more.
            Last time mind.
            I vote for the Tories once in 2010 because of the economy and because I don’t believe that any rights will be taken away.
            Lets not forget that at the end of the year we will have religious Civil Partnerships for those who want them and we also have a consultation of marriage Equality something we would Never have had under Labour had they remained.
            As for the economy I didn’t trust Labour with it and still don’t so long as Eds Milibore and Balls-Up are at the top.
            All parties have to earn my vote at the time.
            I have never and will never be loyal to one party.
            You can pick all you want but my vote is just that, I do not surrender to people who dictate that because I just happen to be Gay I must vote how they think.
            That is not how democracy works.
            One person, One vote, My Vote!

          5. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 12:40pm

            I have to say your bickering is totally immature because I don’t know anyone who whole heartedly agrees with everything their party of choice does anyway, so you bitchin for bitches sake.
            Grow up for pity’s sake.

          6. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 12:44pm

            Ken Livingstone didn’t just merely talk to A homophobe, he sides with Many.
            He invited Islamic Preachers who openly talked about how we should be put to death.
            He broke ranks with Labour to side with an extremely homophobic Major in Tower Hamlets, whose chambers are frequently chanting homophobic comments.
            He openly worked for Iranian TV Knowing how the regime treats it’s LGBT citizens.
            The list goes on…
            It’s a tad more than a Mere talk Scott.
            May I request you do your research before being a hypocrote yourself.

          7. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 12:45pm

            I would like to correct that

            I put that Ken Livingstone didn’t merely talk…
            He very much Still does!!
            At least Boris doesn’t openly invited these nasty Islamic preachers.

          8. Jock either you are not understanding my point or you are intentionally mischaracterising it.

            Point of info – the religious civil partnerships are a result of a Labour peers amendment to the 2010 equality act, so credit to labour as well for that.

            Im not saying you shouldnt vote tory because of their economics. I happen to disagree with their economics, but I know it is a point of legitimate difference, one that needs debate. I dislike laissez faire economics hence why I do not want to vote for Lib Dems or the Tories.

            But you must surely agree that voting for a party that undermines your own rights as a citizen, is an illogical choice.
            If its purely economics why not vote for UKIP? Or the LIB dems, both of them have extremely similar economic policies to the tories.

            I cannot see how you can justify voting for the tories again. I can see why you did in 2010, heck I hate the tories, but even I thought they had changed away from the homophobia, but there actions prove they havent

          9. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 12:49pm

            No Scott, Labour just introduced Amendment 70.
            Funny how thats always ignored isn’t it.
            I don’t deny what happened under Labour or that some of those thing were force via the European Courts of Human Rights.
            But are you convienently forgetting Gordon Brown said that Civil Partnerships were enough we didn’t need marriage?
            In any case my vote was purely on the economy and who I trusted to sort it.
            I knew are rights wouldn’t go.

          10. Once again Jock you intentionally misconstrue my point. It is totally legitimate to crticise Livingstone for his link to nutty homophobes. All im asking for is consistency.

            On the HIV Prevention Quango the Tories have taken an unprecedent step and included an anti gay, unscientific group that preaches that children should ONLY be taught that they should be abstinent before they have a heterosexual marriage.

            Now Jock what impacts upon our lives in the UK more, the fact that Ken wrongly invited a bunch of homophobes, but has at the same time consistently stood by gay people in terms of actions. Or the tories, giving nice rhetoric, yet screwing us with actions.

            You claim people have to earn your vote, but your unwillingness to note the conservative parties severe failures indicates that you are really rather ideologically attached.

          11. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 12:57pm

            No, I don’t believe that undermines my own rights as a citizen otherwise I would never have voted for them.
            I certainly don’t believe it was an “illogical choice”.
            They have already put in place for past convictions to be quashed.
            They are the only party to take seriously LGBT immigrates, though I have to check whats been happening.
            And now we actually have the subject of marriage on the table.
            Three things alone that Labour never did.
            If I believed for a minute that are right would suffer then I wouldn’t have voted for them.
            I find it offensive enough when religion tells me I have no mind of my own and find it worse that people within the LGBT community preach they are too but then actually preach those exact words to anyone they diagree with.

          12. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 1:05pm

            You ‘well why didn’t you just vote for UKIP’
            Again an immature attitude.
            Why should I vote UKIP, I already made the decision who I felt I had more trust in the economy.
            Why would I feel strong about that and then vote for a party who had not only any chance of getting in but voting for them may have ment I allowed Labour back, which is the last thing I wanted.
            Hence MY vote.
            As it is the Lib Dems get my vote at election, not because of loyalty but because they usually speak most. So either way if I had we would have gotten what we did anyway so don’t really see the point in rehashing this over and over again.
            You say about some actions well again I disagree. You miss out the money the government is giving to THT for example.
            Even I accept that faith groups are a part of community even if I disagree with them but there’s little evidence that they are speaking for the majority.
            Besides things can only change from within so…

          13. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 1:18pm

            I’m done on the subject it has nothing to do with this thread.

        2. Once again Jock you show your hypocrisy. You rightly condemn labour for allowing amendment 70, yet you do not condemn the tories for also voting for it, and for now increasing the number of schools that can use such an opt out.

          Everyone else can see the hypocrisy in that cant they?

          1. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 1:15pm

            What I find hypocritial on here is how certain people find every thats wrong thats the fault of the Tories regardless of if they are truely responsible or not and Labour somehow come out squeaky clean even time.
            I find it right when we critise a Tory MP for whatever thing they have done but when a Labour MP does exactly the same somehow the hypocrites still turn it to the Tories completely dismissing the actual story.
            I find it hypocritical that the Tories rightly get blasted for Section 28 but still clearly you blame them for Amendment 70 even though it was a Labour bill.
            How is that right?
            It’s not it you being a hypocrite.
            Thats me DONE with this subject as it has nothing to do whatsoever with the topic of the thread.

          2. Once again Jock you either didnt read my post or intentionally lied.

            I said labour was wrong for supporting amendment 70, I merely added that the tories voted for it and continue to support it.
            Any labour MP who voted for section 28 was wrong!

            Man oh man are you conservative party cheerleader. You do the same thing labour party and tory party cheerleaders do, when someone criticises them they do not respond to the points but rather attack the other party.

            I learnt long ago that there is no changing such peoples minds.

            If you think placing an antigay, anti condom right wing christian group on supposedly scientific HIV prevention group is not homophobic, then there is no way on this earth anyone can convince you. You clearly have a religious fervour for the tories.

            See unlike you when i was wrong about voting I change my mind, i voted labour in 2001, and I now realise I was wrong to do that because Blair was 80% a idiot.

        3. Jock answer these simple question:

          Can including an anti gay, anti condom, anti science, pro exclusive marriage, right wing christian organisation of the HIV prevention Quango (which is supposed to be an expert panel) be seen as anything other than an anti gay move?

          Is the backing of a new Parliamentary group on sexual ethics by michael gove, which contains solely right wing christian groups, which each proclaim that being gay is wrong, and that children should be taught only about abstinence and heterosexuality, any thing other than an anti gay move?

          Once again you have intentionally misconstrued what I have said. I have no qualms with you about ideological differences on economics. We simply disagree and I respect the disagreement. BUT when you vote for a party that has a history of hating you, then gets in and continues past labour govt anti gay policies and creates a whole load more, you appear as nothing more than a uncle tom.

        4. MY god jock you are such a hypocrite. YYOu attack groups like imaam for trying to change islam from within, and for working with the muslim community, yet when the conservatives enshrine far right christian groups into positions of power you suddenly become all for working with such people! wow.

          Why would you vote for a party that has a history of hating you, who gets loads of its money from people who hate you, who have the most MP’s who hate you, and who pursue policies that attack you?

          Another simple question which you will not answer – If a bill allowing same sex marriage appeared in parliament tommorrow, would the opposition to it come from labour, the lib dems or tory backbenches? Bet you wont answer that.

          1. EDL supporter 26 May 2011, 2:44pm

            IMAAN are not trying to change islam from within. The only thing that they want is for muslims to stop calling for homosexuals to be executed – they accept everything in islam (as muslims must do). IMAAN have publicly stated “we would welcome the Caliphate”. That is exactly the same police as Hizb ut Tahrir and Al Qaeda. There are multiple islamic conferences in London every year calling for the Caliphate. IMAAN have announced that they would sacrifice universal human rights, provided that muslims are able to subjugate everyone else. As the Quilliam report showed last year, most “moderate” muslim groups in Britain share the same pro-caliphate agenda as Al Qaeda.

          2. Why do you only comment when anything to do with muslims is mentioned?

            I personally dont care what religion people have, as long as they keep it to themselves, that the state remains secular, and that policy is evidenced based.

          3. Al Qaeda? What the hell has this got to do with football?

          4. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2011, 12:20pm

            Exactly Will.

    2. I’ve just been on the EDL website because I didn’t know anything about them. And I was surprised that they say that they are against homophobia and part of their mission is to stop islamic homophobia? They seem to just want to stop radical islamic fundamentalists – that’s it. Whereas a quick look on the BNP website clearly shows that they think homosexuality is evil. So I don’t know if you can put EDL and BNP in the same group. I wouldn’t support either personally, but they seem quite different.
      It’s funny you mention marching alongside. I remember seeing liberals and socialists marching alongside islamic fundamentalists to stop the war in iraq. And we know what islamic fundamentalists think about LGBT. We used to be able to talk clearly about left and right wing, then islamic fundamentalism came along, who are right wing (hate jews, LGBT, non muslims, women’s rights, religious equality, etc), but they are pretending to be left wing.

      1. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 9:58am

        oops, I clicked the reported button on your comment eddy – sorry about that didn’t mean to.

        What the EDL website says and what it members say in private or on the pitch are two different things. Much like muslims use the left as useful allies to further extremist agendas, the gay are being used as a strange bedfellow to further the edl’s view of the world.

        Before anyone starts, again – after much soul searching (yes I am only 23) I think you will be pleased to know I no longer consider myself part of any faith. It has been a difficult process and very hard to come to terms with.

        However I still wont tolerate any group targeting any other with irrational prejudice. And no hatred towards all of islam is still not rational – as being raised with muslims I knew who were friendly, kind, hard working and wanting to get on with there lives. Likewise I wont tolerate islamists trying to enforce barbaric misery into people who choose not to be muslim.

        1. EDL think my enemies enemy is my friend. When theyre done with the muslims theyll be after the queers

          1. EDL supporter 26 May 2011, 3:06pm

            EDL hospitalised neo-n*zis who made anti-jewish remarks:

            Those are the kinds of hooligans I want on my side. Not the insipid middle-class communists at the UAF who support islamo-fascism in all its forms.

          2. Bloody hell. The best you can offer is someone being hospitalised. IF EDL win their battle I can assure you anyone who is not a white hetrosexual will be next

          3. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2011, 12:24pm

            Funny how a comment page about football forums ‘filled with anti-gay hate’ suddenly attracts an EDL supporter.

        2. Musclelad, you reported me? I’m gutted. You sure that was an accident? I agree with what you say, I wouldn’t support the EDL myself. I don’t know anyone who is an EDL supporter, so I’m just going off what they say they are, I was just interested to find out about them as I’d never looked before and was shocked to see they weren’t homophobic. And it’s important to keep the distinction between the very openly homophobic and racist BNP party and a group who say they are not. I don’t like either group, but they are different.
          Its good to hear you are sorting your head out with your religious faith. Difficult process (but that’s quick soul searching, it took me years and years, not weeks!). It’s worth it in the end because you won’t believe that your ‘creator’ hates you for being the way you are.

    3. EDL supporter 26 May 2011, 12:01pm

      And of course who is the first person to bring up the EDL in this context – it’s you! Then you complain when people like me start defending EDL here. What a hypocrite and simpleton you are. Do you really think that all these football fans are “far right”? Why don’t the left-wing football fans on those forums challenge the homophobia – maybe they are homophobic too?

      Did gay people have rights in the communist USSR? Or in Cuba, where they put us in concentration camps. And in Germany in the 1930s the party was called Nationl Socialists – weren’t those socialists homophobic??

      For your information, Tommy Robinson wanted EDL to have a “stamp homophobia out of football” campaign. He thinks that any homophobic abuse should not be tolerated, just like racism should not be tolerated.

      People like you clearly just despise the working-class. And the Police Domestic Extremism Unit concluded “EDL are not far-right”, but you just can’t stop hating, can you?

      1. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 12:50pm

        I was brought up on a rough council estate. The house opposite ours was a drug den. We had very little at all after my dad being discharged from the royal navy for a botched operation leading to disability – but we didnt live on benefits, he worked hard day and night to make a life for me and my siblings to the point I barely saw him. You know NOTHING about me so how dare you say I despise the working class.

        Our house was attacked with fireworks shortly after 911. My mother has been attacked by edl supporters for wearing a hijab. I will never ever ever in a million years agree to what your movement is doing and continues to do. apostate or not. (

        Thats a nice PR move of tommy robinson, but be realistic. The majority of the EDL tolerate us at best. Question them a bit and they will say how they are fed up of the PC bbc always putting us on tv, or our exposure in the media Just as bad as muslims really.
        The national socialists were far right – if you deny that then you are a simpleton

    4. EDL supporter 26 May 2011, 12:40pm

      And right on queue – here is Tommy being interviewed on radio TODAY about ridding this country of extremism: A group of MEPs were scheduled to turn up in Luton (visiting only muslim areas), to try and stop the spread of the the Defence League concept across europe (where it is indeed spreading). Both Tommy and the MEP for Luton say how proud they are that racism has been stamped out in football. Yet only Tommy goes on to talk about standing up for gay rights and women’s rights.

      The liberal-left are playing catch up to an organisation that arose from the working-class and the football terraces. And I for one am glad that the only organisation that is challenging the 20 year spread of islamic extremism here, is an organisation that prioritises anti-racism, gay rights and women’s rights.

      BTW it was interesting to read in the report about homophobia in football forums the islamic refrain about “stoning us”.

      1. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 12:56pm

        Your priorites are focusing on Islam and islam only as the reason for all societal ills and problems in society.

        Leaving religion is the best thing I have done – I have come to realise, it wasn’t for me – And there is alot in islam which is just not compatable with how I view the world. But please leave people alone who wish to just get on with life and practice it – continue to attack extremism by all means – but I assure the majority of muslims dont want a shariah state or blow us all up. They just want to live a normal happy life.

        Blaming all muslims will get you and your movement nowhere.

        I’ve finished here.

        1. EDL supporter 26 May 2011, 3:10pm

          The leaked Quilliam report from last summer stated that all the mainstream muslim organisations in Britain share the same pro-Caliphate, pro-Sharia aims as Al Qaeda.

          The gay muslim group IMAAN also said they welcome the Caliphate.

          If muslims protested against Hizb ut Tahrir, and Zakir Naik, EDL would not need to exist. When those moderate muslims get off their arses and shout down the islamo-fascists, then we will be in a much better place.

  15. Anti-gay hate is usually an expression of self-hatred and a denial of one’s own same sex attractions however strong or slight,

    Most people find themselves somewhere along the scale between 100% gay and 100% straight.

    Homophobes unrealistically want to be perceived as 100% straight but that is not the norm. They need to calm down, it doesn’t mean you are gay even if you do sometimes feel same-sex attractions.

    I live opposite a pub, and we’ve all seen the groups of football supporters drinking outside the pub, three or four pints or more and they are hugging and kissing and groping each other, calling passing groups of rival supporters queers and poofs etc

    1. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 10:19am

      Yeah funny how after a few beers alot of these hooligans end up in a triga film. hahaha

      1. so true

        1. and they are some ugly muthafukas

          1. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 10:43am

            still would though – have done, infact. lol

          2. Cheesy knobs and smelly asses


          3. Hey, my fella keeps getting asked to be in a triga p0rn. they’re not all ugly muthafukas.

          4. Triga is the most disturbing and bleak porn I have ever seen. It’s so full of hatred. who ever is asking him to be in it must really hate him

          5. musclelad23 26 May 2011, 12:57pm

            I was asked to be in to.. wasnt sure whether to be flattered or insulted – you just have to look like a bit of rudeboi.

          6. I’ve seen the sets its an insult

          7. Musclelad do you look a bit like that bloke in the uniform dating ads ——>

  16. Tony Gay Life Coach 26 May 2011, 11:56am

    I was recently interviewed on talkSPORT radio on what it would be like for a high profile gay footballer to come out….

  17. Banter is what my former workplace called it too when they were being homophobic.

    1. Banter or you’ve got a chip on your shoulder if you complain

      1. Exactly right.

  18. This is why sex education including sexual orientation in schools MUST be mandatory, no matter if the parents object. Homophobia is learned behaviour, usually coming from the homes as well as the daily rags such as the Daily Mail, religious cults such as the C of E, RC, Orthodox Judaism, Islam, they all participate and contribute to homophobia and intolerance. Children don’t come into this world homophobic of bigoted. This is also a negative reflection on many of the parents, bad parenting that produces today’s and tomorrow’s homophobes, not just in sport but in every aspect of life. Until that is addressed, nothing will change. Education is key.

  19. To be honest I thought I’d seen improvement in British attitudes towards gays on football forums overall, especially since many British sites have a ‘no homophobia, racism, sexism’ policy etc, so I’d be interested to know which ‘8,000 sites’ these researchers have been on.

    The sites where you tend to get more rabid responses seem to be the foreign-based ones, those that draw in fans from further afield like Egypt or Turkey, where comments such as ‘all homosexuals should die’ are commonplace.

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