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Australian lesbian attempts to remove sperm donor from child’s birth certificate

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Reader comments

  1. Why was his name on the birth cert in the 1st place?

    I assume it was agreed at the time that his name would be on the birth cert.

    If the man sees his daughter once a fortnight (and has done for the last 9 years) and pays maintenance, then I suspect it’s too late to remove his name now.

  2. Admitedly, if I donated sperm to a lesbian couple, my involvement would be mandatory from the word go and I would make this clear. It’s baffeling that they hadn’t discussed this before the sperm was donated. I remember seeing something like this in QAF.

    I can’t agree with David’s attitude (a few posts above). Why shouldn’t his name be on the birth cirtficate, he is the biological father. Whist all this is going on, there is potentially a 10 year old girl who may, against her will, have her father blotted out of her life.

    It’s digusting that the two women took him for his sperm and his money, and then tried to push him out of the picture. What evil people, let’s hope the daughter won’t grow up to have such a lack of conscience.

  3. I think this is scandalous. Equal parenting rights for the lesbian couple should of course be without question, but you cannot rewrite a fact of biology or this man’s contribution to the child. You cannot claim rights for yourself and then immediately deny them to someone else.

  4. The reason I asked why his name was on the birth cert (and also why he has had regular access to the child) is because, that strikes me as an agreement that was reached when he donated sperm ie he was officially named as parent.

    The ex seems to want his name removed, because she’s broken up with the mother, and now wants to get a more solid legal relationship with the child. At the moment she is regarded as the stepmother, with far less rights.

    Too bad. These things happen, and she could have taken more care legally earlier.

  5. When are gay men going to wake up and STOP donating your sperm to women.

    They only befriend us gay men so they can get access to our sperm.

    They forget it also take’s a man to produce a Child. Men have every right to be part of the child’s life, whether lesbians like it or not.

    This is one of the reasons I am so opposed to sharing my gay social life with women. It is entrapment (Sham marriages) or being used as a sperm donor.

    This is what gay right has done to us.

    Time to have our sperm protected from all women, unless it is consenting and our sperm should not be given away for free any more.

    Lesbians want our sperm then they have to pay for it.

    1. Don’t let your anger lead you to make untrue generalisations. Yes, the man in this case is being poorly treated by ONE woman, but that doesn’t mean that ALL women are like that. Or were you joking with that rant?

      1. Quote: ‘This is one of the reasons I am so opposed to sharing my gay social life with women’
        What a loser! Some of my friends are women, some of those are lesbian. No problem whatsoever. Get a life radical53.

    2. Spanner1960 26 May 2011, 2:48pm

      radical53 “When are gay men going to wake up and STOP donating your sperm to women.”

      Yeah. Just donate it to other gay men. :)

      1. Now we’re talking! I knew hanging around on Pink News would finally start paying dividends! What’s your favourite way of receiving Spanner? Do you like it to be administered orally?!

  6. I do hope this will take ALL her money and she lands flat on her ass
    SHE is ONLY a stepmom so get used to it

    BITTER …. but not the dad ha ha ha ha

    This child has rights to know who her biological father is

    SHE sounds slefish ?

  7. What a mess. Embarrassing for the cause of gay parenting, A stupid lesbian acting like trailer trash.

  8. Yet another example of why everyone involved should get a proper legal agreement.

    1. Chutneybear 26 May 2011, 11:02am

      a voice of reason … :) flaps!

    2. Heartily seconded. This is all redolent of a total lack of thought, preparation, and proper contracts – and one woman being exploitative and vindictive. I only hope the child is not too damaged by it all.

      1. Completely agree. It does seem to happen more and more lately. People go into these agreements blinded by a whole host of issues and not aware of the actual legal implications.

        My heart goes out to the child in this. Frankly the ex-partner has no rights and therefore is not entitled to anything to do with the child. She should just try and petition her ex to still see the girl I can’t imagine the mother being unreasonable if her ex has been part of her life for years.

        As for the man in question. He was on that birth certificate for a reason and has been undertaking all fatherly duties with regards to payments and contact.

    3. There are so many lesbians treating gay men this way. Me and my partner both treated the same way. Until they get our sperm they are our friends….they do not seem to think of the children and men are human beings too.

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