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Terrence Higgins Trust receives £200,000 government grant

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 24 May 2011, 5:30pm

    Here’s hoping it goes towards mnaking a difference!

  2. So, how about some of this money going to areas such as Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and Yorkshire, these are places that have a greater need for sex education and whilst there are HIV and Aids charities that have to raise monies themselves, without government help. In other words gay and transgender people whom live in the ‘sticks’ suffer humiliation every day, because of

  3. Is this wise? They can’t even get HIV prevention aimed at gay men right. Isn’t this a form of child abuse?

  4. a drop in the ocean

  5. HelenWilson 25 May 2011, 9:08am

    The government hand Terrence Higgins Trust a pittance while doing untold damage by inviting Christian fundamentalists to become sexual health advisers to government.

    Anti-abortion group drafted in as sexual health adviser to government

    Coalition appoints pro-abstinence charity Life to key sexual health forum, while omitting British Pregnancy Advisory Service

    1. Dont worry Helen youll no doubt be greeted with a bunch of uncle tom gays who spout off about how great the tories are, despite the fact all the evidence shows they are empowering groups that hate us.

  6. At the same time the tories are putting pro life abstinence only fright wing christian charities on the Council for sexual health and HIV.

    Pink news should run that story.
    Shows beyond doubt that gay people should NEVER vote tory, a whole chunk of them hate us and always will.

    I dont much like tony blair, however he took on the homophobes within labour in a way Cameron has not, Cameron has instead given them cabinet posts.

    If you dont like labour vote lib dem or UKIP, but never vote tory. They will screw us.

    1. de Villiers 31 May 2011, 7:29pm

      Funny – I was listening to someone only yesterday telling me how the Conservatives hated religion and wanted to destroy Christianity in any public space. I suppose it depends who wants to be the bigger victim.

  7. Why is the government giving money to the THT to run a sex education programme in schools and youth clubs when we have the Equality Duty, which forces schools and youth clubs to support young gays in the community whether they like it or not!

    Is the government thinking of scraping the Equality Duty????

    1. de Villiers 31 May 2011, 7:30pm

      I’m not sure that the Equality Act provides such strong rights. Do you know the part to which you are referring?

  8. Longterm PWA 7 Jun 2011, 11:20pm

    terrance higgins trust and other london based organisations are a bunch of band-wagon jumping parasites whose sole purpose is to keep themselves and hangers on in nice houses and titles, I’ve tried for three weeks now to get an advocate to attend a hospital meeting with myself, but are told ‘it’s not a service we offer’, anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves.

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