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Tennessee governor signs bill to wipe out gay legal protection

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Reader comments

  1. Back to the days of the Scopes Trial etc…can they be any more antedeluvian in their attitudes than they are, or seem to grow every day? One hopes that someone in DC does something about this. It is insane how a supposedly democratic country ‘of the free’ can still single out a group for outright discrimination.

  2. David, we’re the last group they can hate and blame for societies’ ills. We’ve more or less replaced blacks and jews as the new scapegoats. As long as that remains and discrimination is legal when it comes to LGBT people, then America won’t be truly free until the 14th amendment is applied to make it otherwise.

    1. You’re probably wrong on that one. The fact is that these hate mongers hate themselves. And they hate the fact that they hate themselves. So they project their self hatred onto others. It makes them feel better. They don’t care if anyone else gets hurt because it’s far less painful than being hurt themselves. Their egos are far too fragile to let that happen, even to the point of self denial.

      1. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 8:51am

        I think there is truth in both your comments.
        Robert rightly points of that we are the last group they wish to blame everything on.
        However I think John you hit the nail in with your comment about them projecting there own hatred onto others.
        It’s what these fundamenatists do so well.

  3. Welcome to Tennessee, the new Uganda.

    1. Sure looks like that. How embarrassing to have these people represent you in government, and to set you back 100 years.

      1. (By you, I don’t mean you personally, speaking about the inhabitants of Tennessee)

      2. How embarrassing for the State of Tennessee when it is hauled to the US Supreme Court to explain WHY it enacted a law which is against a Supreme Court judgment in 1996 ? (The case was Romer v Evans. Google it ! :) )

        1. and I am hopeful that new federal law and the constitution also trumps this

          1. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 8:55am

            I hope so Stu, otherwise I do worry what’s coming next.

      3. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 8:54am

        I agree Will, it is embarrassing but I’m more worried about the people voting these people in, in the first place.
        I mean what were they thinking and as you say to set that state back years.
        It’s just bonkers.

    2. Uganda was exactly my thought, probably the same evangelical outfit at work.

    3. The powerful stench of Harvest Evangelism, as in Uganda. Transforming Tennessee and covenanting the state to the services of “God”.

  4. I wonder how many businesses would stand behind their claims and move to other states? The massive increase in unemployment coupled to the losses of corporation taxes might make the Governor change his mind.

    1. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 9:05am

      Let’s hope so.
      I do think this needs to be a case of sense triumphing over madness.
      People, especially in positions of power, cannot be allowed to continue to stifle humanities natural progression.
      Of course, religion will keep trying but here’s hoping they loose more of there hot air.

  5. Wow there not wasting any time on destroying gay rights are they

  6. America, land of equality and justice for all except gays, blacks and women.
    Would their founding fathers have ever imagined that China would have more equality for people than America?

    Boycotting Tennessee, who else is with me?

    1. Everyone on the planet except a few over powerful bigots in Tennessee

    2. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 9:08am

      Definitely with you Tigra 07!
      No way am I helping fund them.

  7. The obverse of this, of course, is that if there is no anti-discrimination then there must now be legally sanctioned positive discrimination against gay people. Brilliant! It means that you are now legally protected, in the State of Tennessee, to attack anyone you fancy attacking just as long as they are gay. All non-gay persons being protected, by law against any such attack, because that would be illegal.
    It just goes to show the rest of the civilised world what kind of warped mentality is succeeding in taking over the USA.
    God help us all if any of them ever get their itchy fingers on that big red button.
    Be afraid. Be very afraid. The heterosexist mob are everywhere.

  8. Oh what a surprise… no-one else left to bash now, apart from the LGBT community. When will they sit up and take notice its the 21st Century? When will they stop trying to bring in draconian policies? Tennessee is the new Uganda.

  9. All normal people living in the State of Tennessee, run now and claim your right to asylum in any other part of the planet (except Uganda, the country that your Senate has modelled its legislation on).
    The Morlocks of Tennessee have taken over.
    The Morlocks have taken over.
    Run for your lives.

    1. Morlocks? Cave dwelling Neanderthals more like!!! Honestly Tennessee. MOVE INTO THE 21ST CENTURY!!!!!

      1. I think the situation in Tennessee with the takeover by Harvest Evangelism parallels more closely ” Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

  10. This law is against the judgment given in Romer v. Evans 1996 when the United Supreme Court ruled against the State of Colorado.

    Thus a Federal State cannot prohibit anti-discrimination laws for gay men and women.

    I’m now AGAIN questioning the intelligence of the people in power in the US…..

    1. This is not really the same as romer, though it does seem to target Nashville specifically. There does appear to be an anti-gay agenda, but nothing that can be fought in court…

  11. A gay person should not have more legal protection than anyone else. I miss the days when people kept their personal bussiness personal.

    1. Exactly. Couldn’t agree with you more. We should have exactly the same legal protection as heterosexuals take for granted. All on the same level playing field and no more over-taxation of gay people to pay for heterosexual’s lifestyles.

    2. Thats why we’re campaigning for EQUALITY…. Not about having more rights over Heterosexual couples or people… its about having the same!!!

      Why should we keep our business personal??? Nothing wrong with showing a little affection to the one you love, even if he is the same sex.

      Now, be a good boy and put your head back under the stone……

    3. So… your boss and your land lord should have the right to fire you and evict you because they don’t like the person you’re dating?

    4. A gay person should not have the same legal protection than anyone else. I miss the days when people kept their personal bigotry personal.

      1. You may want to rephrase that will or just explain why u read the gay news.

        1. It was a copy of Steve’s comment above, revised slightly to show how his statement was bigoted.

          1. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 9:16am

            Will, yes and your right to do so though sadly that kind of irony on these ‘types’ of people is wasted.
            They never get it, they’re too busy being too self-aborbed in themselves.

    5. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 9:14am

      If there was an awards for most uneducated comment I think you’ve just won first prize.
      Why do these muppets think fighting to be equal means to be more protected?
      As for keeping personal business personal, where and how has someone being LGBT affected you.
      Somehow I think you make assumption because it’s hardly fact.

    6. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 9:20am

      I’m actually curious, Steve… How do the LGBT community not keep their business personal?

      1. I think he means kept our business in the closet

        1. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 12:13pm

          Yeah, just wonder if he’d respond with specifics, I mean he Must know that we are who we are and that we can’t hide that just as he can’t hide his bigotry.
          Having said that being Gay is not some kind of ‘Act’ unlike some bigot, who chooses to be that way.
          Though of course, yet again bigotry taught is fine to have in the open but not how people are born.
          Of course when he’s says people he just means Gay people but in all seriousiness what do we do differently to straight people in the open?
          Most Gay people don’t feel comfortable holding hands in public because of fear of attack, so thats out.
          Even less people feel they can kiss in the street, again because of fear of attack, so thats out.
          Yet at no time have I heard of a straight couple being attacked for doing either.
          So Steve is part of the problem.
          Only seeing what he believes.
          Though in reality I doubt he’s seen anything, more just assumed or read it in the Daily Mail.
          It’s so sad how these people can never have minds of there own.

  12. I’ve just had a look at the wonderful wildlife pictures on their tourism website. Looks gorgeous. Actually it looks exactly the same as my country – Scotland. The only difference is that we don’t have grizzly bears and political bigots enacting Ugandan Law by the back door.
    Save you’re money and come up here instead.
    (You might catch sight of a few grizzly bears in a bar or two though)

    1. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 9:17am

      I dunno, I’ve alwys though of Alex Salmon as a bit of a ‘Political Grizzly Bear’.

  13. de Villiers 25 May 2011, 12:10am

    > The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry initially supported the bill, saying it would help businesses in the state.
    What an appalling statement – as if removing rights from minority groups should be enacted as being “good for business”.

  14. Edwin in Colorado 25 May 2011, 12:32am

    The hell with traveling to Tennessee to see their sites. I wonder how the Grand ol Opery will like performing to no audiences. Nor vidsiting all the other sites there.

  15. Reading the Pink News which I have generally reviewed as a UK European forum, it is sad to see the number of US banner headlines of late in different states including Minnesota, Tennessee, all presenting propositions and proposals to change constitutions or enshrine bans which seek wipe out gay legal protection or allow people to speak out their prejudices about LGBT people, it presents a very discouraging picture or regression and oppression in the US, If this is the current voice of the people then it’s voice as an advocate of human rights on the world stage must surely be hypocritical when countries to the north and south and around the world are decades ahead in their thinking and attitudes, at least these countries won’t be bearing the shame their the prejudices of their ancestors.

  16. Steve, well said and thank you!

  17. John, I totally concur! Well said!

  18. The breathtaking ignorance and stupidy of a man who plunges Tennessee back into the dark ages and who obviously does not want or like his job.

  19. Let’s see if this law can withstand a court fight. I have to believe in the end it will fail.

  20. Jock S. Trap 25 May 2011, 8:48am

    What on Earth is happening to Tennessee.
    I guess Religion happened.
    It seems to be taking a massive step backwards.
    Yet another bill that is wrong and openly allows discrimination.
    Will they be demanding all LGBT people pay less tax as well?
    Somehow I don’t suppose so for a minute.
    It’s seems we are worth something when it comes to money but nothing when it comes to humanity.
    Disgusting, truely disgusting, what next the same styled Uganda bill?
    I see Bill Haslam is also an elder at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church and has been involved in Young Life and many faith-based organizations over the years.
    You just knew this have the Evil undertones of religion plastered all over it.

  21. Gay demons comin at ya Tennessee so look out, you asked for it.
    There are now going to be so many gay demons directed at Tennessee you won’t know what hit you.

  22. Tennesee the ‘hate state’.

  23. The interesting part of this story is the reprehensible behaviour of companies like Fedex, Nissan, AT&T, KPMG etc.

    All these companies were on the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, which until 2 days before the bill was signed into law, supported this horrific law.

    Over a month ago they were all informed what the bill would do to the civil rights of gay people. They sat idly by and did NOTHING.

    Only when they realised the backlash they would face, did they decide they would oppose the bill.

    It was too little, too late.

    What can we do about this – well if you currently use Fedex, then contact them and tell them that you are switching to UPS because of how their complicit in bigotry.

    LIkewise with Nissan and all the other companies who value profits over civil rights.

    And of course avoid Tennessee like the plague.

  24. The following companies were all on the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and sat idly by and did NOTHING as the toxic law passed – even though they were all informed well in advance what the law would do.

    If you use anyv of the companies below then you should get in touch with them to tell them how disgusted you are by their refusal to take any action when it mattered. And to tell them you will be avoiding usng their goods and services until the toxic law is reversed.

    United Healthcare

    1. It’s not the words of your enemies but it’s the silence of your friends that you remember.
      I wonder if any of these companies will make a statement condemning this bill.

      1. They have all condemned the bill now.

        But the bill is now law.

        They had the opportunity over a month ago to put serious pressure on the governor to veto it.

        They did NOTHING.

        A condemnation of the bill at this late stage is nothing but offensive, meaningless PR.

        They need to be told that there will be financial consequences for their disgraceful failure to act.

  25. Wasn’t the KKK invented in tennessee? I imagine the governor would suit a white pointy hood.

  26. I have never been more embarrassed to be from Tennessee. This is just one more reason our state has such a bad reputation within the US and globally. I live in Memphis, TN which is one of the most racially segregated cities in the US, but surprisingly has a fairly strong LGBT community. Hopefully, people like myself can change everyone else’s opinion of Tennessee. There’s more of us then you would think and we’re trying to make a change!

  27. the governor of tennessee needs to be immediatlely removed from office, for harrassment and discrimination, and tryingd to inact hate attacks thru legislation upon the citizens in tennessee, and actions and sanctions and reprimands has to be given to all out of control officials and people who seek to harm and violate others rights like the white house just released a statement against bigotry and unconstitutional acts on inhumanenees, racism and bigotry is acts of terrorism and harrasment, and no official or group can be allowed to keep violating others, when their duty is to uphold fairness and equality as constitutional citizens themselves, serious actions must be take against these official like colbly and these others assaulters , media andjournalism needs also to get into these bigoted governores priveate background where there is guaranteed evil and corruption, in thier oown personal lives, check this mans own personal marriage, for sex trafficking , and underage pedephilia, and

  28. Didn’t JFK, as the Republic’s chief magistrate, threaten intervention by Federal troops in Mississipi in the early 1960’s if they didn’t end racial segregation on college campuses according to national law?
    I hope that one day lgbt discrimination is banned by Federal law and that the President of the day has a similar will to enforce it. ‘States’ rights’ shouldn’t be a licence to treat people how they like.

  29. Good governor! Congrats!

    1. Handsome, is he, Rich? ;)

      1. Jock S. Trap 27 May 2011, 3:28pm

        Oh yes it’s Very much a “Rich n Bill Sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g” moment”

  30. Having lived in the southern US due to inherited property (that I dumped at a huge loss to get out of there quickly) I can only say this is not a surprise, this is nothing new, this is the South and always was and likely always will be. This is why national and not local laws matter so much in the US. What is funny is that supposedly it is the Republicans who are the primary supporters of local control, one of many of their own principles they sweep under the rug when it suits their agenda. That they have the audacity to continue to associate themselves as the “party of Lincoln” is an abomination as they would be the first to vote against anyone like him today.

    1. As a Brit with an interest in US history I endorse what you say about Lincoln and the Republicans. He wouldn’t recognise today’s GOP.

  31. Commander Thor 25 May 2011, 8:22pm

    How long does it typically take from removing protection to disenfranchisement to the gas chambers? I mean, is it years or decades?

  32. Shove the governer on a stretching wrack and let’s see how reprogrammable human beings really are.

  33. We just need the UK to do away with the Equality act, which is basiclaly ‘The Homo Act’. Its giving gays too much freedom to sue people left right and centre.

    1. Yeah, and replace it with the “Ignorance Act”, which will bring the rest of us intelligent folk down to your level for your benefit.

    2. Jock S. Trap 26 May 2011, 10:32am

      Oh dear, how very sad.
      I’m sorry for your lose.

    3. Great idea – why don’t we do away with all those annoying bits of the Race Act too that interfere with people’s divine right to be pig-ignorant racists? I mean why should we stop sad, losers with low self-esteem taking out their frustration by bullying others, eh?

  34. lady tanya 11 Jun 2011, 6:01am

    Is there a way we can all send him a e mail and just bom bared him with lots of emails telling him how we feel

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