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Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah fined $50,000 for anti-gay outburst

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Reader comments

  1. Lovely stuff, couldn’t have happened to a nicer bigot. Hit him where it hurts- in the pocket. He is only fugly looking c–t.

  2. Wonder how much would an N word cost a white guy. Apology is ok but why using those words in a first place?
    Why if f@got his first choice when angry or upset? Why is it not looser or any other derogatory word if he needs to let steam out? Why f@got? Being gay is not such a bad thing after all. Or is it? I quite like being one. Not sure about Noah’s hair thou. A bit queen-ish to me. He is still cute and shag-able.

    1. Jock S. Trap 24 May 2011, 11:26am

      That’s a good point.
      Would be interesting to know if certain offensive words are deemed less offensive by the payouts.

    2. No one would dare use the ‘n’ word- that’s the point, the white community have been apologising for that for quite a few years. F@g on the other hand is fair game I’m guessing cause the gay community have less chips on their shoulders than the black community. We’re also less liable to hold the world to emotional ransom, in a way perhaps we should be taking a leaf out of the black community’s book and making EVERYONE feel guilty for how we’ve been treated as a group.

    3. I hate this black v gay rubbish. He’s referring to black gay people too you know

      1. If someone uses the n word their career is finished I reckon the same should apply for using the f word

        1. Agreed – but that day’s going to be while coming, isn’t it?

          1. A long time coming. F@ggot is bandied about as a derogatory term so frequently in the US its ingrained into the public psyche. It will take a while to shake that one off.

          2. What we do is boycott anything or anyone who has anything to do with that person.

      2. Well James! look at it from the point that Joakim comes from a sector of society (the black community) that until the 80s perhaps were treated as second class citizens- so recent enough to still hurt so to speak. Now you’d think there would be a certain decency in that one group of people who were downtrodden and suppressed would have some sympathy for another group of people (the gay community) who are still being treated like sh!t. Instead he uses derogatory terms that we class as offensive to show his hatred towards us.

        1. CMYB the opressed becomes the opressor just like racist gay people who take their fustrations out on the minorities anti gay black people do the same. Hit them where it hurts in the pocket

  3. Jock S. Trap 24 May 2011, 11:20am

    Considering he earns around $12,000,000 a year it’s hardly a bit hit is it?

  4. de Villiers 24 May 2011, 12:01pm

    This is not a huge sum of money but it does contribute to making such language unacceptable in the public sphere.

  5. but of course Pink News doesn’t link to the video…

  6. He looks like an ugly version of Bam-Bam in The Flintstones.

    1. Holy cr@pola well spotted! Its uncanny!!

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