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Church of Scotland to debate gay ministers today

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Reader comments

  1. most of the ministers ive spoken to, in Scotland and in England, are gay anyway!

    1. A significant minority I know are gay … but I suspect I am more likely to encounter the gay ones ……

  2. Jock S. Trap 23 May 2011, 12:39pm

    Nothing I like more than debates to question if me as a person is acceptable… Not!
    Time for these people to get real and stop their own bigotry.
    Live and Let Live.

  3. concerned resident E3 23 May 2011, 12:51pm

    Alarmingly, the principle leader of the opponents to gay oprdination in the CofS was my best friend at school. He knows I am gay and we are still friends. We have spoken at length about this and he feels strongly that there is an issue of church teaching where historically ministers were encouraged to be married. He is quite conservative about church reform but I would not say he was homophobic. I am aware that this is not necessarily true of all the opponents but it is worth bearing in mind before we tar all those who vote against with the same brush.

    1. Unfortunately, the conservative element of many churches may not be intrinsically homophobic in their views on individuals own orientations and general rights and equality – however, when they restrict an individuals access to particular roles without due cause then they by their actions bring about homophobia

  4. This is good news regardless of how it turns out.

    If the cult accepts gay ministers then it will cause a schism in the church as the bigots will abandon the church.

    If the cult refuses to accept gay ministers then sensible people will abandon the cult.

    Anything that does damage to organised religion should be celebrated.

    We must never lose sight of the fact that organised religion largely speaking is designed to promote hatred and intolerance.

    1. concerned resident E3 23 May 2011, 2:32pm

      The Church of Scotland is not a “cult” and it is a good deal more liberal and acceptiong of wider society than the far more conservative Anglicans ona whole range of issues.

      1. tis a cult
        it’s just more acceptable then many

    2. silly Wingarden 23 May 2011, 8:52pm

      And is also the cause or the supporting cast in most wars.

      Hitler came to power by leveraging the hatred of the Jews from his chuch – the catholic monster in rome.

      Hiriohito was a weak man, but looked upon as a demigod. The Japanese army, very insular and non- worldly, drove him to support their participation in WWII.

      BTW, Hitler has yet to be EXcommunicated by his church, even though he is the worst murderer in history. I think the reason is obvious.

      1. The ‘obvious reason’ that Hitler has not been excommunicated is surely… that he is dead? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that Hitler attended church very often, so it maybe never seemed like much of an issue.

  5. Its always been a view that I have had, that religion is the root of all evil. Its used as a weapon to defeat minority parties.

    If people choose to abandon the congregation because of gay people in the church, then thats their lookout. Let them get on with it, they can bury their heads in the sand.

  6. I couldnt give a rats behind what the church of scotland/england thinks. My view is that as long as they dont get public subsidy or try to enforce your values on others (which they do) then believe what you want.

    So if the Cofs wants to continue to be homophobic, then go right ahead, but then the state should cut all ties with that organisation.

    Does anybody reckon a gay group who said christians couldnt be leaders would get public money?

  7. In the ’90’s I knew a CofS minister who was kicked out because he had a boyfriend. He was a brilliant theologian and Biblical scholar, as well as drop-dead gorgeous. His ability to shoot down selective and incoherent appeal to the Bible probably made him even more threatening. Christian homophobes have a great knack of shooting themselves in the foot by driving talented and intelligent people out.
    In the name of a consistency it probably rarely practises, the CofS should debate the propriety of ordaining people who have not sold all their goods and given the proceeds to the poor; who have interest-bearing bank accounts; etc etc. They should also review their highly un-Biblical ordination of women, which they have practised since 1961.

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