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Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah apologises for gay slur

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Reader comments

  1. johnny33308 23 May 2011, 5:49pm

    It is quite clear that a casual sort of bigotry exists in America. When people here become annoyed or angry their bigotry asserts itself and they show their ignorance, intolerance and bigotry as though it were something to be proud of. Many of them ARE proud of their hatred and bigotry. This is very sad for all of us. My much beloved country has been ruthlessly destroyed by those with ‘religious’ conviction… the name of their god…..

    1. de Villiers 23 May 2011, 6:27pm

      There is a lot of casual bigotry – where even lip-service is not paid to behaving properly. It does appear, however, that this particular individual may not be the most religious and god-fearing.

    2. sounds just like the UK then.

  2. Boy. It’s always the ugly ones.

    1. Nice grannies-bun up-do!

  3. Jock S. Trap 24 May 2011, 9:55am

    Some ignorant people will never learn.

  4. Joakim lives in an age where its okay to call gay people f@g or f@ggot but unacceptable to call Joakim a bigotted half c@ste n!gger or whatever race he is. Lucky for some.

  5. Freedom of expression, he is entitled to his opinion..

    1. ok you’re a cnut

    2. Well said James, so obviously you’d totally be up for allowing gay people to live their lives without undue interference and discrimination, wouldn’t you? At the end of the day, its freedom of expression, isn’t it? Of course you would, its all about human rights and dignity at the end of the day.

      Good man, James!

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