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Gay LAPD sergeant wins $1m in discrimination case

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Reader comments

  1. To Protect and Serve.

    1. Not us

      1. Indeed.

    2. Dan Filson 20 May 2011, 4:15pm

      To Protect and Serve Whom? Surely.

      1. Precisely. Our one remaining accusative/dative conjunction/interrogative pronoun must be protected.

    3. JERRY Falwell is prob rolling over in his grave because his assistant came out and admitted he was gay.

      I hope the bugs had a good meal re fallwell. Liberty university – its anything but liberty. Just like all the family groups eg Family research council – all just hate gays and are on the SPLC hate group list.
      BTW most of their people are of the religious culture that justified slavery and segregation per the bible Gays are just these stinking bigots next victim
      I have a lot of fun when there are public Jesus freak protests against gay
      I proudly show off my cross – made of two dildos.

      All the kids have a good laugh and most of them wearing crosses pull the symbol of hatred of and toss it in the gutter

  2. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 3:54pm

    Good for him.
    Employers etc need to be reminded that people cannot discriminate to please themselves.

  3. martyn notman 20 May 2011, 4:03pm

    no word on whether his superiors still in their jobs? i suspect little will change if they are, no matter how much he wins. on a lighter note hes really called Sgt Crump?? Wasnt that a character in Postman Pat or something?

  4. “I was a religion major at Liberty University. Jerry Falwell would roll over in his grave if he knew I had hired you.”
    Hard to think of a better recommendation.

  5. That’s terrible desion. But California going crazy for several decades in relation to homosexual degenerates…. Also California becomes practically bankcopt because of crazy support of illegal latinos who are thieves of state treasury… Most idiotic state in the U.S. is the California.

    1. did you get off and have fun coming to a gay website? Are your shorts all sticky?

      Its almost always that way. Hey – suck dick – you might begin to understand yourself and your self hatred

  6. bankcrupt, I mean

    1. The word is “bankrupt”

      You correct yourself and you still get it wrong, you moron. Thats what you get for being a religious freak commenting hysterical nonsense on a gay site instead of going to school, Rich. Makes you a dumb fcuk. The more like you the better for gay rights, we can run circles around your kind! LOL!

      1. Apparently, you don’t care about California at all. All is important for you is your retarded English language, well known for its illogical structure. The real moron, consenquently, is you!…

        1. Apparently you don’t care about gay people, only peddling obnoxious low-brow insults and islamic nonsense in a gay site. There, we’re even.

        2. Apparently it has the same structure to Chinese langauge in many respects and they’ve been around for thousands of years incidently. Please feel free to call them both retarded and illogical.

          1. actually chinese, Russian,and Japanese dont have words like a, an and the. Which make it easier to understand the followingg words.

            I think greek also, not sure.

        3. sorry for the illogical structure – virtually every language has that, eg in the romance languages the adjective follows the noun,

          Eg the House yellow.

          Whats next in your bad of idocracy – dont you realize the more you say the lower your IQ is proven

  7. lady tanya 22 May 2011, 7:41am

    dam i wish i got discrimination against, but the company I work with likes me
    I work in the care profession ,
    Good luck to him

    1. lady tanya 22 May 2011, 8:02am

      And before i get some one damming me for saying that
      it is bad to discriminate against anyone for anything
      Love to all

  8. IMO he should consider deducting his expenses and donate the balance to a charity for the families of cops killed in the line of duty.

    1. Why?

      At the end of the day if he has been wronged and this comes across as true then he has every right to take that money and use it in any way he wishes.

      Perhaps it’s the Romero bigot that needs to contribute money to charity..perhaps an LGBT one.

      1. Note the Romero name Spanish or italian

        The guy is just another fan of the RATZinger pope who shows how well he learned his lessonss growing up in Germany in the 1930s

        Say sieg heil to the Pope.

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