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Reports say Ugandan parliament will return to the anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 12:15pm

    No surprise there then.
    Time for this government use threats of removing aid if they do me thinks.

  2. Do they mean on the grounds that the “sexual organ” is either too LARGE or TOO small?

  3. This Parliament seems unusually sex-obsessed – divorce on the grounds of penis size? Does not Uganda have other more serious issues to consider?

    1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 12:42pm

      Erm, I think that would be a no.

    2. I saw that too. Penis size? WTF? And we’re the ones the religious muppets think we’re obsessed with sex?

      1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 2:19pm

        Exactly, nothing but hypocrites and perverts.

  4. Eddy - from 2007 19 May 2011, 1:17pm

    My understanding has been that most countries in Africa are beset by many serious problems.

    Yet those individuals who make up the government of Uganda seem not to be aware of them! It appears that to them finishing off anyone with a tendency towards the same sex is a matter of prime national importance.

    Members of Uganda’s government are therefore deluded.

    And Uganda is a place everyone should steer well clear of.

    For if they are deluded about this matter, they are also surely deluded about a lot else!

  5. Staircase2 19 May 2011, 1:47pm

    “divorce on grounds of the man’s impotence or the size of their sexual organ”……….?

    They really are a bunch of idiots. (its official! lol)
    Any sensible legislation would allow people to divorce simply because they want to – all this ridiculous archaic need for a specified ‘reason’ is bloody stupid….

    1. Idiots is an understatement. They call themselves a Christian country, and they come up with this nonsense to end a marriage, a penis size????? I thought they believed marriage is unbreakable, or is that another of their hypocrisies.

  6. Pathological Homophobic Bias
    “We treat racism and homophobia as delusional disorders,” said Shama Chaiken, who later became a divisional chief psychologist for the California Department of Corrections, at a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. “Treatment with antipsychotics does work to reduce these prejudices.”

  7. What reports? It annoys me that Pink News STEALS their news. Give references where they are due, I want to read your article and the original, so that I can make an informed opinion

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