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California’s transgender protection bill makes progress

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Reader comments

  1. heres hoping it passes.

    there is one thing that amazes me about the gay community – the level of ‘transphobia’ in this community.

    One would think that gay folks would be very supportive of trans people, but not always.

    it just shows that hate, from wherever it comes, is totally irrational.

    And yes, I know a gay man who had a terrible coming out story, but was transphobic. So very sad.

    BTW one of my treasured pix is that of me kissisng a trans friend on her face, while my wife looked on.

    Wierdest look I ever saw on my wifes face.

    1. lady tanya 20 May 2011, 6:55am

      hi Steve md2
      it amazed me too, when i came out, I got it from them all, lesbians, gay strait and then there is the religions lot, don’t get me started on them.
      This world amazes me there is so much hate in the world and I wish I new why???
      so I hope California gets it trans rights like we have hear in old blighty , not that it stops the trans hate or the gay hate, but at least the police are more helpful now.
      just to ask what would have her face been like if you had kissed you trans friend on the lips
      Love to all

  2. One more crazy bill in California…. And there will be many more in the future. Terrible!

    1. lol…ignore.

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