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Moscow bans gay Pride march again

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 18 May 2011, 5:57pm

    Typical & Disgusting.

    1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm 19 May 2011, 12:04pm

      i fancy the mayor he’s lush!

      1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 3:06pm

        Is that another Spec-Savers Ad?

        1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 19 May 2011, 10:30pm

          hope so jock still think he’s lush though!!!

          1. I hope that’s a joke?

          2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 22 May 2011, 8:30pm

            no eddy two i think he’s sexy!

    2. whats’ your business aboit it, stupid?

      1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:11pm

        Comedy mate, get up on that stage.

      2. How weird. Adam goes, and Rich returns. Both have the same retardation of mental intellect, wt of a 6 year old and appalling English. Coincident or Clarke Kent syndrome?

        1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:43pm

          Yeah I think your right there Will.

        2. Pray tell how my English is poor. There’s another person called Adam here (kindly pointing out that they’re spelling it with a small a), his grammar is poor but he most certainly isn’t me.

          1. The “other” Adam (small letter, small mind, etc)

        3. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 10:44am

          coincidence you buffoon

      3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 19 May 2011, 10:31pm

        get a life nugget!

  2. Mumbo Jumbo 18 May 2011, 7:39pm

    “….authorities cited complaints from Cossacks, religious groups and individuals.”

    Ah, the heckler’s veto.

  3. Good. These rallies are nothing more than a militant show of arms with the simple message of ‘look at us, if you disagree with us we’ll crush you’. Much like when North Korea has a military parade, to instill fear in the population.

    1. Adam, are you Rich? Or are you taking the piss?

      1. I’m I rich? Not overly so. We could all do with a little more wealth. I could never compare myself to the poverty stricken though.

      2. I really don’t see what my wealth, or lack of it, has to do with you though.

        1. Rich… as in Richard… I think thats whats Iris is trying to get through to you! :P

          1. Well I’ve never heard of the chap and I most certainly am not he.

          2. Strange… you sound as fanciful in your imagery as Rich. Maybe you both have the same chemical imbalance in the brain….

      3. No, he is not.

        1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:11pm

          Oh I think it is.

          1. I assure you, I am not he. Just look at the idiolect of the two different writing styles, anyone with half a brain can tell the difference.

            Plus i’ve previously debated you before, Jock. You didn’t accuse me of being anyone else then. On that topic I’m still waiting for a reply about Peter Tatchell being a nasty liar with you having to throw insults around.

          2. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 8:48am

            Alright Rich/Adam whoever you are.

          3. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 10:27am

            SO your waiting for a reply on another thread but under which name? Ronnie by any chance?

        2. Rich, there can’t be two idiot fakes in here like you. I’m with Jock, given you both can’t write, both have acute mental difficulties, both insult like a 5 year old, you’re probably the same person. I use the term “person” with some liberty, I hope you’ll forgive me, you’re more akin to an animal than a person. A dog, or a rat, or perhaps an insect….

          1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 5:51pm

            A Bug maybe?
            I see Rich as a Bug, a slimey little Bug.

      4. Adam, don’t pay attention to idiots like “Will”, “Jock S. Trap”, etc. They are retarded creatures. That’s simple.

        1. Perhaps. But a lot less than you are, my mess up little insect.

        2. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 8:50am

          Blimey, there’s a strong smell of BS, Rich, what have you been doin?

    2. Yeah, god forbid we ask for equality in a democracy, Adam. Someone should take away your rights and we’ll see how many stupid and histrionic comparison you make then.

    3. Adam, what a brainless moron you are. Comparing a totalitarian regime who ruthlessly rule a nation to a minority group who have no rights? The brain cells of some of the homophobes on this site are laughable.

      1. shut it wimp

        1. Please don’t pretend to be me, I don’t have to resort to ad hominems like many on this site.

          1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:05pm

            I am not you I am adam (with the little a)….

        2. “shut it wimp”?

          What a marvellously intellectual remark. Eat book much?

          1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 2:04pm

            why keep on about intellectuality? i don’t understand the need are you trying to undermine people because of what they are?? Hmmm sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me WILL! You know nothing about me whether my messages are fluent or full of sh*t so go back to your ‘quite good job’ instead of being on here…. day off or are you lying????

          2. LOL! Oh, it gets better! Being wound up, are we? Shush, now. Calm down.

            (I also like you have put my name in block capitals, make me look as important as I am, so cheers for that)

          3. @adam so you admit that you are on here as a faker with nothing actually worthy to say because none of it is true to your actual life.

          4. He’s a troll. He claims to be “out” 30 years, and then writes like an angry teenager. What do you think?

          5. “whether my messages are fluent or full of sh*t”

            Its the latter, I assure you.

            Justin I agree. He’s a child that wandered into a gay site to think he can have some fun. Well, if you can call that fun, personally I prefer having friends….

          6. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 11:50am

            i eat food actually and occasionally ‘read book’ reprobate, however i WILL never be up there with you on your intellectual pedestal……….. must be great to be like you seeing as every one has a lower intellect than you which you continually use as your weapon of defence on here…. i don’t think so though……

          7. “however i WILL never be up there with you on your intellectual pedestal”

            I believe that is fairly obvious to everyone now.

      2. An idiot is you. You are talking on the subject without any comprehension of it. Having zero experience with it, you are a typical ignorant plus an idiot. What do you know of Russian jurisprudence? Nothing. What do know of real life there? Nothing. If so, then why open your mouth about Russia?

        1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:23pm

          Seriously Rich, stage, comedy. Give it a whirl.

          1. I see Rich’s language has suddenly gotten better again. Up and down, it goes. Still stupid comment though.

        2. Rich, what do you know about Russian Jurisprudence?

    4. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 8:35am

      Think that one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard, Adam.
      Adam now is it?
      Whats up couldn’t get what you wanted under Rich?

    5. Typical militant gay Pride march eh! Adam, goose-stepping soldiers, rifles and tanks scaring the terrified population with their guns and ammunition.

      1. LOL! Yeah, Queers über alles! :)

      2. didn’t you know? Rifles are so last year? Now we goosestep to the sounds of Gaga and carry feather boas.

        1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 12:43pm

          …and glitter!

        2. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:00pm

          stereotypical much? gaga? ffs! get an identity baaah!

          1. I think thats kind of the point. Its a joke mate calm down

          2. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:49pm

            i am not your mate hamish so do one! VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

          3. Eh? Is English not your first language, Adam? Would you like some help with spelling and grammar?

          4. Wow adam your arguments have got less and less mature as you’ve gone on you say in one of your posts you have been in a LTR since 1994 so I assume u are atleast mid 30’s so grow up and actually get involved in a debate if you want one if not then fu<k off

          5. Maybe he’s actually Rich? Same dyslexia.

          6. How about you go and f*uck yourself and stop telling people they should behave a particular way.

      3. Well yes, they are militant. In this country I have know of those who have been both socially and physically attacked by the marchers. How is that not militant? How is carrying effigies of those who displease you and then destroying it not militant? Gays, in this country, have full equality before the law and thus, in this country, there is no need to march.

        Now you may not have full equality in Russia but there is no need to be militant. And if you start marching now, you’ll get your equality and then you’ll continue to march suppressing and bullying those who do not share the same world views as your own.

        Oh and whoever the chap is pretending to be me, and posting infantile and ironic comments, please stop. I want rational coherent debate. Not a mass of hysteria and childishness.

        1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 12:56pm

          We do Not have full equality, where did you get that bit of info?
          In fact you claimed you were Gay but this message suggests otherwise.
          It suggests your a fake who actually knows nothing.
          Prides are needed as much today as they were 40+ years ago.
          They will continue esp until we get full equality.
          There is Every need to march.

          1. I am not gay. Oh, and it’s spelt you’re, not you. But you have full equality. You can adopt, you have the same legal rights as homosexuals with partnership (civil partnerships and marriage are the same thing), you have full equality before the law. In fact, you actually have more rights before the law as what would be regarded as common assault, if done against a homosexual, can count as a ‘hate’ crime.

          2. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:25pm

            Actually Civil Partnerships and Marriage are NOT the same thing, they do not have the same benefits.
            Therefore we are still unequal.
            Therefore we do not have Full Equality.

          3. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:27pm

            Oh and when you tried to correct me, I think you meant
            ‘and it’s spelt you’re not, you’r’.

          4. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:29pm

            Advice maybe educating yourself about Civil Partnerships and Marriage.

          5. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:30pm

            Oh and ‘different but Equal’ doesn’t cut it either so try again, in case your gonna try that route.

          6. “I am not gay.”

            But you spend you time on a gay site ranting about stuff you don’t know anything about. Wow! Yes, I will listen to you, you sound perfectly normal!

          7. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 4:44pm

            Yep, I guess thats what happens when he eats them chip out of the Daily Star wrapping.

          8. LOl @ Jock! Well, edcuation by any means, eh?

          9. Well they are. The fact is is that they enjoy all the same benefits before the law. fact.

            I made a typo, your mistake was one of lack of education. And why do I go onto a gay news site? For the sane reason I read Islamic news sites and Jewish news sites, to gauge different opinions. You make it seem like it should be something exclusive to you.

          10. “The fact is is that they enjoy all the same benefits before the law. fact.”

            Its been shown clearly to you its not a “fact”. Your acceptance of refusal to understand or acknowledge the reality is irrelevant.

          11. Well no, it hasn’t be shown clearly at all. All I have seen is Jock pontificating from a soapbox without using any examples. I have used examples. Many would argue that you are the ones being presented with facts and refusing to believe.

          12. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 8:55am

            Why would the government be having a consultation on Equal Marriage if we already have it?
            Civil Partnerships are not the same as marriage.
            While it looks like we’ll get Religious Civil Partnerships by the end of the year they are still working on Marriage equality.
            So, being your clearly such a wise thing, – cough – you clearly knopw So much about Gay and Equal rights do tell why consult on Equal Marriage if we already had it?

        2. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 1:01pm

          You have a Very warped few of Pride, marches and in fact being Gay.
          effigies? Well tell us what you look like and I’ll gladly start that one personally.
          Pride Marches tend to be the most peaceful and only those who don’t agree start the trouble.
          Get over your homophobic self and get real.

        3. “Gays, in this country, have full equality before the law and thus, in this country, there is no need to march”

          Your grasp on social history and current events is somewhat lacking. There are still homophobic attacks, driven by only an irrational hate of gay people. Legal equality does NOT exist. When the religious give up their battle to suppress gay people and out lives, then you have an argument, until then you are simply blind to the facts, or perhaps biased with your ow homophobia.

          1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:30pm

            People get attacked all of the time for lots of different reasons not just homophobia so stop singling out one thing you imbecile! lame excuse…..

          2. That’s is a stupid argument. The fact others get attacked for OTHER reason does not diminish the fact homophobic attacks happen. Get a brain before challenging me with this tripe.

          3. @adam However racist attacks have gone down but homophobic attacks have risen that’s fairly worrying to me but maybe you like the fact people don’t like you because of your believed sexuality

          4. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 5:56pm

            A bit pathetic dontcha think, I mean this is a LGBT News site for the LGBT community to comment on LGBT issue.
            So I think it’s pretty lame to blame people for singling out homophobia on a news site.
            Homphobia is a real issue still in this country and one that needs sorting…
            including yours.

        4. It’s a game of semantics and you know full well it is. Marriage and Civil partnerships have the same taxation rights under law, same hotel room rights (proved by recent Cornish case). Ineed, the judge said they have the same rights under law!

    6. Adam, here is one real bastard, who maliciously use someone’s name here, and that creature’s name is “Will”. He do such nasty thing all the time on this site….

      1. You’re right, I am a bastard. Towards cockroaches like you, at least.

        1. will the freak 19 May 2011, 10:43pm

          get a life and some friends will….. by golly i wish had the intelligence you keep bouncing on about….. thing is people don’t need to talk about pronunciation, punctuation et al – yes WILL, I learned that load of latin bollox along with referencing when i was a student at sheffield uni………. it is you who WILL always be the retard… dick head!

          1. LOL! Getting upset now are we Rich/adam? It makes me feel warm in side to watch you hissy fit.

          2. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 9:01am

            Wow Rich, don’t ya think we can see through you?
            Your so predictable.
            Stage mate, give it a go, comedy is clearly your thing.
            Either that or you could bore the pants of someone else for a change.
            So what name will it be next?

        2. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 10:52am

          you’re a nobody who from what i can gather is on all the time WILL a bastard you aren’t you might be in penning your garbage on here but if we were to meet in real life i would rip you to shreds darling

          1. Sure you would, child. Now run along, we have no time for your tantrums or silly threats, both are meaningless to me. I’m sure you and your mommy need to collect your dole, or methadone, or something.

          2. Nice and easy to say that behind the anonymity of a computer screen isn’t it.

          3. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 3:31pm

            OMG adam what are you 5?
            How pathetic
            “I would rip you to shred”? Seriously?
            OMG – hilarious, I keep telling you to go on stage, it’s clearly the way you tell em.

      2. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 8:57am

        Again Rich, Seriously, stage, comedy, you crack me up, hilarious.

        1. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 10:55am

          feck off jock are you scottish? it’s sh*te being scottish (trainspotting 1996)

          1. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 3:33pm

            No Rich I ain’t Scottish and I ain’t going nowhere either, certainly not to your hometown of Feck.

      3. Rich, you are the one that plays games. We can all see that, it appears you cannot.
        I wonder why

  4. Oh, and here we are again, scared of a little gay love, scared of a little diversity…

    Why not join the 21st century and accept it?

    There be similar problems in Poland unfortunately.

  5. Well done, the UK must follow.
    Prime Minister listen up, the equality Act should include, homosexuals not forcing their outdated nonsens on to other.

    1. Actually, its other countries catching up with most of Europe, Joe, not the other way around. Silly Joe. But thanks for coming onto a gay site and ranting, like any “normal” straight person would, you do impress us with your rapier wit and razor intellect.

    2. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 8:37am

      Oh dear Joe, not very educated are you?
      Never mind dear.

    3. GayWebHosting 19 May 2011, 10:26am

      “the equality Act should include, homosexuals not forcing their outdated nonsens (sic) on to other(sic).”

      Good grief man, go away and get yourself the most basic of educations before you come on here sprouting your homophobic rubbish!

      I would say that the ONLY people who are trying to force their ‘outdated NONSENSE’… are the god-squad bigots who cannot accept they are living on myths and fairytales..

      1. shut it you patronizing gimp… why is it when any one says something against the ‘gay grain’ they are labelled uneducated bigoted outdated…..etc i have been out for over 20 years and (still) think pride marches are pathetic and ridiculous….. people don’t need ‘i am gay get over it’ shoved in your face all of the time! ffs every straight person has gay friends colleagues etc nowadays so let it lie….. we ain’t something new and we ain’t something different!

        1. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 12:38pm

          We need Pride because it is still relevent because we are still treated like outcasts.
          Take Tower Hamlets for example, the message needs to be there due to certain posters.
          You may not agree with the Pride but I’m guessing ‘If’ you are Gay I don’t suppose for a minute you have abstained from any Equal rights won over the last 40 years.
          Rights that had it not been protested by the likes of those visible Prides we would still be fighting for.
          The fact that there is still a problem with som ein society accepting us shows the need for us to be visible.
          It is also necessary to promote the numbers to show we are far from a minority, to show that we should have Equality and that does include the right to marriage.
          Get over yourself and stop being a hypocrite.
          You may not like Pride but even you have benefited because of them.

          1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 12:54pm

            No hypocrisy here Jock. Just stating a fact. Been in a LTR since ’94 and neither of us want a civil partnership or get married if we could. I have never thought of myself as a minority as far as my sexual orientation goes and never encountered much prejudice throughout my life. It is you who say there is still a problem with some in society. Can you elaborate more?

          2. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 1:08pm

            So because you don’t want a Civil Partnership nor marriage nobody else should either?
            How selfish.
            You say your not a hypocrite so adam you’d be happy that you or your partner were sacked just for being Gay would you? You’d think that fair.
            You be fine being denied housing on the grounds of your sexuality, denied another job? Denied a room at a hotel, a shop?
            If you don’t know those in society who have a problem with the LGBT community then I do have to ask what planet you’re on and if you are genuine or just trying to make a fake point.
            So are you for real or yet another faker?
            I’m guessing the latter.

        2. Then don’t march, adam. No ones asking you to, so simple solution. Personally, from your comment, you have other issue that need attention, so worry less about others marching for their rights.

          1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:38pm

            why so suspicious? no i am not another faker…. you come up with this crap about being denied as job, housing etc you are the one living on another planet sadly! do you only hear one side of the media by the sounds of it and this is on here….. will i marched last year @ newcastle pride and was on local tv the same night but still think it’s ridiculous….. i have pics on facebook as there was a big crowd of us went …… i will be going this year too but don’t take it seriously like most! you lot must have had hard live’s or have massive chips on your shoulders maybe???? other issues??? yeah will sad twats like you probably!

          2. Big deal. What do you want, a gold star?

            As for the chip on shoulder remark, I assure you, only a mirror will show you the one in this forum with a chip on his shoulder. Some of us are proud AND confident in who we are…. not to mention educated. I have a job, and quite a good one, but thanks for asking. The fact that some want to fight for legal equality is a testament to us, and little about your social awareness or understanding of the world around you. Maybe next year, go an evening class instead of pride, and we can all benefit, there’s a good chap.

          3. @adam I think if you’d have bothered to actually read his comment he was saying this is what loud and overt protests like pride have got us. Yes the law stops people from doing that but before it was completely legal. And as for taking it seriously I don’t think people go around burning things and starting riots it is a laugh but it has a serious meaning and in countries like Russia is still a very serious march

          4. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 3:20pm

            Actually adam my point is, thats how things used to be but thanks to those Prides you hate so much, that kind of discriminatory behaviour is no longer acceptable and I’m betting you don’t opt out from those rights do you?
            So while you whinge about those willing to stand up and be counted, trying to improve our rights, you do actually use and expect those rights so yes, that does make you a big ol hypocrite.

          5. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 3:21pm

            So you sit there panning Prides but you do go to them?
            Erm.. ok

    4. You idiot. Your the outdated one thinking equality should be bid pending on what gender you are attracted to and who you love.

      The uk has a long long way to go to achieve lgbt equality but Russia is in a dire place with equality. They need real preassure put on them but I feat money will cross hands and gay people will be ignored. I’m the cynical type thanks to people like you Joe who wish to make my life so much less than yours.

    5. Every day straight men and women have straight pride. Every day we have to fit in with them, what they do, what they want and we see it everywhere. We see it on TV, in shows, on movies, in papers…

      Just several days a year we get to do and see something different and I don’t think that’s at all a bad thing.

      Another self-loathing queen I see. Where’s Paddyswurds…you’d love him.

      1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 12:57pm

        That’s the most hilarious post I have ever read in my entirety ion here and that isn’t very long! Bless! Self loathing moi? I am out proud but not overly loud sister! x

        1. While I’m delighted you’re “proud” silently and meekly, why bother coming to a gay site adam? Perhaps you can share that silence with us too, so we don’t have to endure your fcukign stupid remarks about how we should all shut up and keep quite about our lack of equality to make you feel better?

          1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:43pm

            hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha bet you don’t even go on the scene you jealousy and hatred gets you know where hypocrite and youn can tell by your anger sad sad sad sad the sun is shining…… what is the matter with you???? are you ugly or something?

          2. Beautiful. Does the amount of “haha’s” in the comment make it more intelligent a remark? I think not.

            Run along adam, school is about to begin, and I do not deal with playground “wit” such as yours.

          3. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 3:25pm

            OMG adam…
            Does your Mummy know you playing with her PC?

          4. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 11:22am

            what a complete oaf getting your words all wrong…. and you of the highest intellect??? wow i am quite a modest person whereas people like you only give out that you are superior….. and i think you have superiority complex if this is actually a syndrome i would call you a retard WILL

          5. Awwwwh, are you going to cry?

          6. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 3:34pm

            adam, run along dear, adults talking here.

        2. Asking us all to get back into a closet sounds a bit self loathing to me.
          Don’t get me wrong I hate it when people go over the top with the victim card. But we are not equal yet (though not much further to go) and have no reason to quiet ourselves down.
          It is part of our culture and every other minority is aloud a culture why not us how about you go tell christians stop celebrating christmas in public its shoving there religion down our throats……. but you wouldn’t say that would you, its discriminatory.

          1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:56pm

            never ask anybody to go ‘back in the closet’ at the same time i came out of mine on my own with no need for any shame i can fight my own battles and have done with homophobes and don’t need pride or anything else so there the point i am emphasizing is that there are too many ‘sheep’ on here!

          2. Jeez, we don’t need to hear you life story….

            Have you ever heard of the word “punctuation”, incidentally?

          3. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 3:29pm

            I do have to question something adam
            You stated an hour ago :-
            “can fight my own battles and have done with homophobes”
            Yet 3 hours ago stated:-
            “never encountered much prejudice throughout my life”
            The two don’t really go together do they?

          4. Yeah, Jock, the conclusion is the brat is a liar or a fraud. Hardly two things we have not seen in here before, eh? Given the level of English the boy has and he thinks he’s intellectually smart enough to “wind us up” (now that IS a joke), its probably both.

        3. No…you’re just a t*wat!

          1. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 11:25am

            brat??? ffs and i can use slang or whatever on here – even pidgin english – as the level of intellect on here has a lot to be desired

          2. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 11:26am

            what is a t asterisk wat by the way?????? you gimp!

          3. LOL! What a little bitch tantrum! Beautiful!

            And quite enjoyable. Do carry on adam, I love watching you flap and spit. Like a child. A child who never got to go to school. Awwwh. So sad. Sniff.

          4. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 3:36pm

            Well Will, seems it’s your turn to have a wee PinkNews stalker whipping round your ankles.

          5. Jeez, great, Jock…. I was hoping if I have an obsessed freak chasing me, it wouldn’t be so brain damaged and down right boring! :)

    6. Hey Joe fancy a blg cock up you ass?

      1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:44pm

        as long as it’s a monster yes but i doubt yours is my tiggy winkle

        1. What? Are you 5 years old?

          1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 1:53pm

            yeah six in august freak! i love winding you’s up and getting loads of rubbish back yes i am gay and proud but still enjoy being a twat at times mwahahahahahahaha……

          2. LOL! You poor deluded child. In order to wind me up, you need to have an intellect or wit equal or better to mine. You have neither of these qualities in abundance, as can be seen from your particular scribblings, Adam, which can only be made by a dyslexic child, or by banging your face of the keyboard, and let providence take hold as to what comes out on the screen. Which is it, out of curiosity?

            You do not wind me up, I’m just embarrassed for you. Its really that simple, I’m afraid.

          3. Who the f*** is this adam bloke? Dont we have enough of this childish bull from rich, or what ever he calling himself these days?

          4. “but still enjoy being a twat at times”

            Its good to find out your strengths in life, isn’t it?

        2. Jock S. Trap 19 May 2011, 3:30pm

          So Joe is now adam?
          Was it also Rich?

    7. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 11:55am

      here here joe

  6. This is what i dont like. If it was in Africa words like savages would be all over the comments.

    1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 2:27pm

      hahahaha i got a reply though will….. i would have left it at that if i wasn’t a biter! game over!and i am not a bloke! i am a child justin case you wanted to know as will says i am so that’s final………. see you next wednesday……..

      1. adam (with the little a) 19 May 2011, 2:28pm

        sorry tuesday

      2. “i am a child”

        NO! Really? Wow.

        1. will is ill 19 May 2011, 10:48pm

          biters – i love you lot….. so sad and deluded………..l

        2. will is ill 19 May 2011, 10:51pm

          yes you are you idiot! go and get your english a level……………..

          1. LOL! My, my, I have got to you, haven’t I? Its the superior intellect, it upsets those without it.

          2. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 9:05am

            My, my, Will you’ve really got to ‘im ain’t ya!! :)

          3. I know, Jock! And it took so little! It was like ticking a pin an a balloon – A vacuous balloon :)

            Too easy.

          4. @will is ill
            Your anger with Will, appears to have ascended into outer orbit, let us know when you have returned to earth.

        3. Will, sometimes you are perfect in your sarcasm. Sometimes even an idiot, like you, are perfect in commentary.

          1. Well, duh. I’m clever. Vastly more so than you or adam, it seems.

    2. OI idiots stop replying to the troll

      1. Sorry James, but this is too funny. This one has the brain of a cauliflower, and now that he’s getting all upset, its hilarious.

        1. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 11:59am

          yeah it’s really funny i love it! and shut up james or at least join in hah!

          1. fair enough

            adam you mum is so stupid she failed her blood test

          2. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 3:39pm

            You do make me giggle!!

          3. Agreeed.

  7. Poor Adam, sorry, adam with a little a. You’ve got issues. Sort your head mate.

    1. will is ill 19 May 2011, 10:52pm

      that’s not my monicker really eddy two you freak head

      1. Allow me to help you by correcting that:

        That’s not my moniker. really eddy, you two headed freak.

        There we go. Simple, isn’t it? Its just basic spelling and grammar really. Nothing difficult.

        1. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 12:00pm

          love to know which school you attended – bet it was public and you still failed in life WILL!

          1. Like you? Oh, dear no. God, no.

          2. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 12:18pm

            depends on which way you look at it WILL i always strive to better myself therefore my life is about constantly overcoming failure(s) like you…. run along now child go to school do this do that … ugggghhhh pass me a sick bag i have overdosed on my methadone…………..

          3. No one who comes on a gay site to act like a spoilt brat with puerile insults and pathetic threats is “trying to better themselves”. Don’t flatter yourself.

            You’re just a dumb fool of a child who somehow got access to a PC. Hardly inspirational. Marginally amusing for the wrong reasons. But yet you persist.

  8. johnny33308 19 May 2011, 6:37pm

    There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the Russians! This type of action indicates they are closet cases and do not wish to be discovered. Why else would they be so terribly AFRAID of a few gay people? Such shameful fear they exibit!

  9. Another reason not to allow backward Russia to join the EU which should kick out the bunch of baltic state members who can’t comply with directives applicable to all member states in regard to equality.

    Pea brain Rich needs to get a life instead of wasting precious time on gay websites, assuming he is marginally straight which I doubt. Well adjusted straight men wouldn’t be the slightest bit interested trolling gay sites and I suspect its because of prurient interest. The more he opens his mouth, the more absurd he becomes.

  10. I reported ‘GayWebHosting’ to the equality commission and they are investigating, as you cannot use the title GayWebHosting, as its discriminating to others. Haha!!

    1. adam (with the iccle a just to infuriate will) 20 May 2011, 12:02pm

      too right the goonz who do they think they are???

    2. No it’s not anyone can use it but its target audience is gay people. Idiot!!

    3. Jock S. Trap 20 May 2011, 3:42pm

      Not another crazy person.
      We ain’t ‘alf gettin em at the mo!

      1. Jock
        Yep, is does appear that way

  11. When you, degenerates, get back to the subject of this article?

    1. Probably the same time you take your pills, Rich.

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