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Illinois trans woman sues employer over toilet ban

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Reader comments

  1. Sigh…..toilet stuff again. I think the recent event at mcDonalds has highlighted that transfolk are much more at risk in ‘toilet situations’ than the het community. A transwoman using the ‘mens’ is likely to be raped and/or killed for her troubles. It goes to the “your not a real woman therefore your a man’ arguement that is used consistently to bash rape and kill us. Please….one day…please….realise that wew are not bullshitting/ deluded/ confused about our gender. *sigh*

  2. Staircase2 17 May 2011, 4:49pm

    Whether someone is confused about their gender is not the issue: this is about basic human dignity…(not about which toilet we all use)
    Having ‘grown up’ in gay clubs it seems stupid now to even contemplate the idea that theres a difference between one toilet and another based on the sign on the door. Aside from the Urinal furniture theyre exactly the same – maybe all toilets should be unisex….
    Its especially daft in a female toilet simply because everyone does their ‘toilet’ in individual cubicles anyway. The whole ‘gender divide’ thing strikes me as very stupid to start with.

  3. Staircase – I sort of agree with you, but I have to say that whenever I’ve used communal toilets here in the UK I’ve been a bit put off by walking past the blokes peeing in the urinals. Perhaps I’m too sensitive LOL. PS I’m a transwoman too :-)

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