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US basketball chief Rick Welts announces he’s gay

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Reader comments

  1. ahh he sounds so sweet..Well done

    1. yup. good luck to him

  2. Staircase2 16 May 2011, 4:00pm

    Bless ya! good for you! :o)
    Sport needs more men with balls to step up to the mark! Our young people desperately need that.

  3. Well done, lets see more of this!

  4. About time.

    I’m glad he is out.

    But this guy is a 58 year, very wealthy person.

    I do not think it is a huge cause for celebration or respect that an aging millionaire has decided to be honest about his life.

    I think it’s a cause for celebration and respect when a 16 year old who is financially deptendent on his christian parents out. That teenager faces real consequences to his life and safety by being honest.

    Rick Welts faces absolutely no consequences by coming out.

    Which begs the question – what took him so long.

    I get extremely bored of people getting so excited by these celebrities coming out.

    Look at Ricky Martin – he won a GLAAD award for doing what millions of people have done before him ie coming out.

    1. DJ Sheepiesheep 16 May 2011, 7:22pm

      While I accept what you say, it does mean that one of his Team’s players (a young man who is wholly dependent on the approval of others) could have someone supportive to turn to if he too wanted to come out. It’s only a small step I know, but it’s start.

    2. It doesnt matter whether you are 16 or 58, whether you have loads of money or none, whether you are in the public eye or not – saying those 3 words is incredibly difficult and I see no reason why those of us who have done it can’t congratulate all those who follow us – regardless of their age, wealth, or how difficult a decision we may perceive it to be. On that note, well done xxx

      1. Well said. And sometimes being older could make it harder simply because people might assume they ‘know’ you’re straight. Also, surely keeping a secret like that for so long must weigh heavily on somebody?
        I wish Rick Welts all the best.

  5. Awesome. Well done

  6. Makes me feel sad that he went through the passing of his long term partner, with little or no support.

    1. How do you know that?

      1. He said so in the article. No one knew he was gay.

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