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Chaz Bono hopes to marry his girlfriend

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Reader comments

  1. Uh, oh. Another article about Bono. Us trans folk had better put our tin helmets on and grab some pellet guns to defend against the approaching onslaught…

  2. Ahh another nice story. At least they can get married properly

    1. HelenWilson 16 May 2011, 4:42pm

      It make up for those who are married and they force them to divorce.

  3. Congrats Bono. Hope you do and it goes well.

  4. Ugly pig….

    1. HelenWilson 16 May 2011, 11:51pm

      Because how someone looks has any baring on the entitlement to happiness right?….How old are you! does mummy know you are on the computer!

      1. I’m guessing about 14 Helen. An angry and lonely little 14 year old who’s mommy left him and no one bothered to send him to school. That, and the likely hood he’s a closet queer.

        1. Very perceptive guesses sadly, Will. Rich is clearly still at school. I do hope he gets the help he need because he’s one very unhappy boy.

  5. I hope they are very happy together and that they are allowed to settle down and get on with life :-)

  6. Piers Morgan did a great job of the interview.

  7. HelenWilson 17 May 2011, 11:20am

    Its great to see trans men get some media coverage and in Chaz, they seem to have a good advocate.

    I wish Chaz and his girlfriend every happiness together.

    1. Paddyswurds 17 May 2011, 12:20pm

      @Helen Wilson…..
      …..I’m confused. At the weekend the papers said he hasn’t had reassignment surgery “down below” but that he had been declared a man last year. Please explain how this is and the criteria involved?

      1. HelenWilson 17 May 2011, 12:50pm

        Surgical options for lower female to male surgery are not that great, many transsexual men decide to wait it out of a better surgical option to come along, while others reconcile themselves to living with the compromise. Most will or undergone a mastectomy and had ovaries removed ect. Gender is not about genitals, in the UK you can change gender without any surgeries via the gender recognition panel. I understand in America the requirement is you have had a surgery, so by having his mastectomy Chaz has fulfilled the legal requirement and is legally male.

        So you can have a man with a vagina and a woman with a penis.

        1. Helen
          How can a man have a virgina and a woman a penis? Gender is about genitals. I don’t condemn chaz or anyother trans, but surely we have to call a spade a spade. man and woman are meant to come together and procreate thru love, that is why we have different genitals, so that we can form intimate unions. I admire and learn from ur compassion, but I don’t understand your defense of the unnatural. Im sorry if that term is hurtful to the LGBT community, but I think it is wrong to lead people into believing that surgically changing your gender is good. no it is wrong and most likely hurtful to the individual concerned in the long run.

          1. Gender is not about genitals for trans folk. That’s the whole point and it’s a difficult point to grasp (sorry) when we are told our entire lives that it is. It usually comes as quite a shock to the trans person to realise that the organs they have don’t match their own gender identity. The usual approach (for transwomen) is to change the organs….problem solved. For transmen it’s not so simple because to put it very crudely ‘it’s easier to dig a hole than to create a pole.’ Most are hanging out for improved surgical procedures that really work. Believe me if they could have a reliable procedure that would give them a viable penis most would. They are still internally men.
            Having said all of that since you are obviously anti gay and anti trans, why are you sharing your thoughts with the GLBT community when you admit yourself that your thoughts are hurtful to that community? Is hurting others through your actions in line with the teachings of Christ?

          2. You’re welcome to call a spade a spade, but it might first be an idea to check that you know what is and is not a spade. To put it nicely, your comments demonstrate that you need to do a lot more research on digging equipment.

          3. HelenWilson 17 May 2011, 5:03pm

            No Ronnie sex is about genitals. Gender is the inner feeling of who you are, its that inner self recognition you have had throughout life…..We have a fundamental problem in most societies, because we ave accepted a binary gender system that fails to recognise 5 of 7 naturally occurring genders we have. Because somebody once wrote god made Adam and Eve all other genders must suffer as a result…..Children will of been born today in the UK, XX female with a penis and XY male with a vagina, its just to preserve the binary gender system you, will never know about it or need to confront it. The medical profession will be busy correcting gods little mistakes, most of the time against the wishes of the child.

          4. *is absolutely unequivocally NOT a spade*

          5. Jeez, that Ronnie is obsessed! Penis this, vagina that. We can clearly where you’re brains are stored, Ronnie, but keep in mind, not all of us as so, how can I put this mildly, “unhinged” when it comes to sexuality.

  8. rose white 8 Jun 2011, 2:14pm

    Chas is stretching the truth a little about being a straight up and down child as the family pix show a very nice happy little girl.
    Chaz may be displaying the pseudo-transsexualism caused by long time lesbian sexual activity.

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