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Ugandan parliament adjourns without vote on anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. Yep their sihtting themselves. If they say yes to the bill they’re screwed internationally. If the say no their fellow countrymen will kill them. Ha!

    1. stan James 15 May 2011, 9:31am

      Like hitelr, if we had only dropped a large large bomb on the Reichstag (and the vatican) in 1930, 55 million would noot have been murdered by that catholic creep

      Who has yet to be excommunicated by his church that “protects life”

      If you want to read in gross detail how the catholi church hid and encouraged endless molestation of children in Philadelphia, USA, go to …….

      Note that in the USA grand juries issue indightments, resulting in the accused being arrested and brought to trial. their proceedings are secret until the arrests are made

      It will make you sick reading about these creeps

      1. stan James 15 May 2011, 9:32am

        sorry I got distracted. We can save the future world from the catholi cchurch – same way we could have saved it from their boy hitler

  2. Jock S. Trap 13 May 2011, 3:54pm

    Gone.. for now.
    I have no doubt it’ll be back.

    1. I agree, can’t see Bahati boy letting this one go !!! but it gives more time to find the rent boys he’s been using.

  3. Transforming Uganda,
    How Uganda’s First Lady Janet Museveni and her sister patience , the minister for finances and taxes, are both closley involved with and manipulated by the Christiian dominionists.
    And why this is far from over.

    1. More:
      An international movement which claims homosexuals are possessed by demons and purports to cure HIV and AIDS through faith healins prayer has gained access to Uganda’s top leaders and is engineering theocratic transformation of the nation

      Key figures behind the internationally notorious “kill the gays” legislation now before Uganda’s parlkiament are closely tied to this movement

      For the global transformations effort, Uganda is a prototype

      (last time I’ll link to this)

      1. Cheers Pavlos

      2. Thanks for the link, Pavlos!

  4. OK – this is a relief – although of course the Bill might come back.

    I think we need to keep the pressure on our government to halt ALL financial aid to Uganda, until homosexuality is fully decriminalised.

    Remember that Uganda remains a banana republic where homosexuality is punishable by 7 years in prison.

    We shouid not be wasting money giving aid to a backward nation which has so little regard for human rights.

    Uganda can serve as a warning to the rest of Africa – if you come to the west with your begging bowl then there will be conditions attached to that aid. If these African countries don’t like the conditions, then who cares. Let them try to beg from China instead.

    When it comes to legislating for sexual genocide, colonial guilt can be ignored. These pig-ignorant African nations are their own worst enemy.

  5. Hmmm. Gone for now, but I don’t believe it’s gone for good.

    1. Hmmm, exactly
      Hi Iris, here is the Guardians analysis on the situation

    2. Interesting reading, JohnK and Stu.

      1. Thanks for the links guys

  6. Lets keep up the pressure as from some reports the two main reasons for this not reaching parliament in todays session is due to the President of Uganda being uncomfortable with the impact this policy could have on international relationships for Uganda and that any laws introduced in this session would be unconstitutional as there was no cabinet in place (having been dissolved by the President – coincidence????)

  7. Even if this bill does go, all financial aid to Uganda should be stopped.

    1. Not convinced …. unless it is part of a complete overhaul for international aid …

      If we do this unilaterally to Uganda then we are punishing the poorest for the actions of their leaders – not convinced that is the point of international aid – which we are constantly complaining should not political but should be ethical

      1. I guess that’s true, but the problem with Foreign Aid is that it is such a corrupt area, the majority of the money really does not go to the most needy, it normally ends up with the rich and corrupt.

        1. That does depend on how it is targetted … we are becoming more sophisticated in the NGOs that we use which has decreased risk on corruption in aid giving (although I accept not eliminated)

    2. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 9:01am

      Trouble is James the threat of removing aid given may well be what stops this Evil Bill going through.
      Stop the aid now and they have no incentive to stop this.

      1. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 9:03am

        Should have put better

        Stop the aid now and they have no incentive to stop this Bill at all.
        I suspect they are waiting and hoping the worlds media focuses on something else before they try and bring this back.
        Thats why we must never take our eye of the bull here.

  8. Pavlos, and look where most of this hatred is emanating from….American right wing religious nutters. Thanks for posting that useful video. I only hope they don’t start infiltrating the UK with their hatred and intolerance. We have enough with Stephen Green et al.

    1. They are already working in UK , the Christian Institute and the Christian Legal Centre who you will now be familiar with for repeated vexatious litigation. They are Christian dominionists who claim belief in the inerrancy of the Bible. Ultimately they have some very extreme and bizarre aims for society and they are very fixated and highly motivated in acheiving their goals, with.Evangelical churches of various denominations working together in alliance.
      As we see in Uganda, Christian Dominionists seek influence or control over secular civil government through political action. The goal is either a nation governed by Christians, or a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law.inclusding among others reintroduction of the death penalty, criminalising homosexuality, adultery abortion treated as murder punishable by execution, the reintroduction of slavery as permitted in the Bible… etc, etc.
      Look up Christian Dominionism, Christian Reconstructivism

      1. The Christian Institute
        Who Are We
        The Christian Institute exists for “the furtherance and promotion of the Christian religion in the United Kingdom” and “the advancement of education”.

        The Christian Institute is a nondenominational Christian charity committed to upholding the truths of the Bible. We are supported by individuals and churches throughout the UK.

        We believe that the Bible is the supreme authority for all of life and we hold to the inerrancy of Scripture. We are committed to upholding the sanctity of life from conception.

        Colin Hart, Director
        (from the Christian Institute website)

        1. The Christian Legal Centre

          “About The Centre
          The Christian Legal Centre exists to promote Christian Truth in the public arena and to protect the freedom of Bible believing Christians to speak the truth on matters such as life, marriage and the family, and to live their lives in accordance with their Christian beliefs.

          To promote and protect the freedoms of Bible believing Christians in the United Kingdom; to promote religious freedom as a fundamental right by means of legal action and public promotion.

          As Christians we believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and is the final authority on all matters connected with our faith. ”
          (from the CLC website)

  9. Just hope the condemnation doesn’t stop here……there may be extremists Christians out there manipulating their leaders but the ABC and Pope are the heads of the churches and have they as yet spoken out against this bill and the harsh anti-gay regime there?

    1. The ABC said the other day that he thought it was a tad harsh and that they really ought to think about the poor christian pastors caught up in the bill who might lose a nights sleep over reporting someone. He’s got our back !!!

  10. Lets just leave it alone and let the country get on with making its law, which has NOTHING to do with anyone anywhere else.

    1. We don’t look the other wsy when a genocide is being planned, you need to keep your disinterested self to yourself if you want..okay!

    2. Joy, Ugandans at Avaaz have asked for our support

      We stand with citizens across Uganda who are calling on their government to withdraw the Anti-Homosexual Bill, and to protect the universal human rights embodied in the Ugandan constitution. We urge Uganda’s leaders and donors to join us in rejecting persecution and upholding values of justice and tolerance.

    3. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 7:17am

      No country, No person has a right to debate and act on murdering innocent people.
      When that kind of behaviour is threatened it becomes ALL our business.
      If you don’t have much regard for your own life that is you problem to deal with but don’t cheapen everyone elses.

    4. @Joy

      This has as much to do with the rest of the world as the genocides in Sudan, the Balkans, Cambodia, Uganda (under Idi Amin), Rwanda, etc

      Or do your morals against murder of innocent people get short circuited when the people being murdered are gay?
      That is fundamentally immorality of the worst kind and makes those sharing that view culpable of genocide (in my humble opinion …), blood will be on the hands of people like you unless those of us who hold an ethical view on this vile law succeed in stopping the damaging bill coming into law in Uganda

    5. “Joy” here made the same comment under the name “Jenny”… split personality, or just forgets what she calls herself these days?

    6. Sill ho

  11. christianity is the curse of the western world every bit, if not more then Islam and the mid east. (reverse the 5 captialized letters)

  12. Ugandian parlament is just bunch of cowards. They should make the bill and never consider any other country’s objection, especially from degenerated english dogs.

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 3:06pm

      LOL, you really should go on the comedy circuit.

    2. So you support genocide then Rich???

      1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 4:43pm

        It certainly sounds like it Stu.
        Would be interesting to hear his thoughts on the despicable Genocide in Bosnia and why that is different to the potential Genocide being debated in Uganda.
        It is all killings of innocent people after all.

    3. No, the coward’s you, Rich. You use PN to post offensive, racist and potentially illegal comments because you think you can’t be traced.
      We all know you’re struggling with your own gay feelings and are very angry and lashing out at everyone, but that doesn’t excuse any of your previous foul comments.
      Sort yourself out, get help and be happier. Even schools have counsellors and access to help.

      1. You make me laugh, because you are so stupid….

        1. I wish we could say the same about you Rich, but your particular brand of stupidity has become really boring now. Run along now, there’s a good boy.

        2. Oh, look, a “rich comment” – (1) use short words, (2) make silly threat/statement, followed by (3) say someone is an “idiot” even though he’s illiterate himself.


        3. Sadly you don’t make me laugh, Rich – tempting as it is to giggle at such stupidity. You’re rather a pathetic, lost person and I can’t help but pity you.

      2. Jock S. Trap 16 May 2011, 8:19am

        Well said Iris.

    4. Rich, in what way is your paedophile prophet mohammed, not a degerate?

    5. excuse me guys but why are you responding to him?

  13. Seems to me the Anti-|Homosexuality Bill, or Kill The Gays Bill as it has become popularly known contains encapsulates the primitive idea of human sacrifice… to the Christian God.
    In a Uganda officially covenanted to the “service of Jesus Christ” certainly Bahati has no concern for the welfare of lesbian and gay citizens, they are completely excluded from any notion of wellbeing and the common good for the Ugandan people envisioned by Bahati, lesbian and gay people are to be excluded and sacrificed for the common good of everyone else. Human sacrifice in the hopes that God will intervene and sort out the enormous problems this country has? it is immoral and it won’t work it won’t work… just as promoted abstinence programs did not work, instead HIV and AIDS infections doubled with the introduction of abstinenec programs.

  14. It seems a battle in a protracted war; the bill wasn’t shelved out of human decency, but because foreign aid might dwindle to zero.

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