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Video: Trans star Dana International misses out on Eurovision final

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Reader comments

  1. Last comment isn’t showing as posted. :(

    I feelreally bad for her, she looked amazing and her performance was good. She is left out but crap goes through including jedward which was just awful and Italy who go through auto magic with a guy pretending to play a piano.

    I blame European transphobia which has been left behind in last few years.

    I wish her all the best for the future and hope she realises she’s better off not worrying about an increasingly fixed event over last 10 years.

    The fact is she looks great, sounds great, and has achieved more in her life than any of them as she had a profound impact on her countries tollerance of transgender people :)

    1. More likely to be anti-Israeli than anti-anything else prejudice in this case, I’m afraid.

    2. Oh please – it is nothing to do with either transphobia or anti-Israel sentiment.

      Her song was utter crap – dreary, dull, and uninspired, and her vocal was extremely weak.

      I think she thought her past glories would keep her safe.

      Jedward may not have much vocal talent but their performance was entertaning and funny

      1. In total agreement re ‘past glories’. I think people automatically assume they’re a shoo-in on that show if they’ve already made an impact in the past.

        1. I don’t think she thought she was a shoo-in (though this year, it’s not like there’s a ton of decent songs). I think she’s done it to pick up her career. I do agree that this particular loss has nothing to do with transphobia or anti-Israel sentiment. The problem was that her performance – for whatever reason – doesn’t even measure up to her performance of this song in Israel’s own contest. The song isn’t bad, but Dana can create much better songs.

          1. I agree it’s not her best song and it wouldn’t win in the finals but a lot worse stuff got through. I don’t think it’s anti Israeli and I’m sure many didn’t like the song … But when was eurovision about music ? Haha. I dunno id there’s is any transphobia but whatever it all is Im sorry she never got trough.

          2. Paddyswurds 13 May 2011, 8:51pm

            ….I dunno id there’s is any transphobia but whatever it all is Im sorry she never got trough.
            She never got through? Didnt she win it a couple of years or so back, so she must have gotten through before. Anyway her song was crap and her singing wasn’t a lot better. Just belonging to a minority group shouldn’t be criteria for getting thsough as some seem to think.
            Jedward were clearly the more entertaining turn on the night and that seems to be more important nowadays than the song, which is after all the origonal purpose of the contest.

    3. It is puzzling that you have chosen to single out a “guy pretending to play a piano” . Was it just a throwaway line or have you an aversion to trained, accomplished and refreshingly humble musicans. Oh well, to each his own.

      Anyone who wants to make their own mind up can look here:

      1. We like our musicians classically trained and our pianists about 9 inches at least.

        1. Jock S. Trap 13 May 2011, 3:21pm

          That short?

          1. I have work in the morning so I don’t really want to spend all night taking on a ‘project’ I won’t get a chance to finish.

      2. It’s not about be able to play a piano. It’s the fact in eurovision you don’t really play instruments. So his entire act is basically fake. I if he was playing the piano live and doing a true performance I would put him one of my favs. But as it is he choose to do this.

        I don’t blame him entirely though, the rules are totally backwards for a music contest. But that life.

    4. Jock S. Trap 13 May 2011, 3:20pm

      So it could be just simply that her entry was crap, then?

  2. Also Blue never won a place.

    They were internally picked first time since 1994 I believe and as one of a number of countries for totally stupid reasons they don’t audioon and automatically go through to the final.

  3. Transphobia? She won it first time round and we knew she had been a he. Her song was cr@pola, she looks nothing like that photo and she’s probably too old for the Jedward followers. And who wouldn’t want to be spit roasted by that pair.

    1. True equality is accepting that transgendered people can make records as crap as anyone else’s.

    2. Dan Filson 13 May 2011, 2:58pm

      Not me! Not if there were no other choices left!

      1. You fussy so and so Dan! If Jedward just managed to keep their yaps shut and their kits off they’d be doing more than just eurovision. I’m sure there’s a market for twinky Hitler youth types.

        1. Give them time.

          They’re still only 19.

          1. 19?! I thought they were like 15 or something. If I were one of those rich Sultans of Brunei types who pay a million quid to get Rod Stewart to sing at their daughter’s birthday I’d actually much prefer spending a couple of grand getting John and Edward Grimes to do things only Louis Walsh had previously gotten them to do in the back of the tour van. And I ain’t talking practising their scales.

  4. Jock S. Trap 13 May 2011, 3:18pm

    Thats incorrect information, Blue didn’t win a place in the final, the UK is one of the countries that automatically has a final entry.

    1. And lucky for Blue.

      Based on the quality of their song, I expect them to romp home to a 17th position finish.

      1. My money is on the blond one in the band to say something inappropriate (again) and it all being laughed off cause he’s a bit fick anyway (again).

  5. Didn’t/won’t watch it, but… er… “Ding Dong”? Sounds like a throwback to those 70’s and 80’s songs.

    Shame we won’t get to see Dana though; I might even have tuned in to see her in the Final!

    1. Check out the lyrics, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ it ain’t. And it sounds like she’s found religion albeit of the ding dong variety. In my day a ‘dong’ was something that dangled magnificently between the legs of a guy. Or in Dana International’s case in the waste bin of the surgery. Still its not the end of the world for her, Blue winning, now that’s the end of the world.

      Ding dong say no more
      I hear silent prayer and its making me
      high and fly I know where to go
      and I’m coming now
      Praise the day that brings the night
      Praise the time that will shine on you
      It will bring you salvation

    2. Jock S. Trap 13 May 2011, 4:11pm

      Yeah the original was don’t by Leslie Phillips.
      Wait for it… Who?

      1. Jock S. Trap 13 May 2011, 4:11pm

        Oops done by even.

      2. And he managed to fit a lot more innuendo into just using the phrase ‘ding dong’.

        1. She did interview with Scott mills. Saw it last night he asked what was she thinking naming that song. Se said she was horny.

          I don’t care if the song ain’t the best thats enough to put someone in te final for me.

          1. I saw her that interview, she seemed a bit non-committal really, like Scott Mills was boring her or something. She had her time in the sun and the public are looking for a new gimmick now to keep them entertained; roll up one and all to watch two aryan looking Irish lads sing, dance and back flip out of time to a backing track. This is there moment Adam, don’t take that away from them!

          2. ‘their’ moment.

          3. @ cmyb she did seem a bit meh in the interview but mills ain’t the most riveting interviewer is he. Not as bad as the what’s her name interviewing the other entrants. That’s was cringe worthy.

            I don’t think Dana was a fad that does her an injustice but it does seem to just be someone else’s time, I’ll stand by though she was better than a lot that got through … Including jedward.

            Ok yay for them they got through but if they get in the top 5 something is so wrong.

            They say about two words in the song that’s lame by eurovision standards and their choreography was just bad.

            Overall tho I think this is one of the worst eurovisions I’ve seen , blue may win tho it would be hollow victory but I’m pretty sure sweeden have it in the bag with that terrible popular song with a guy who looks part bieber and part 80’s Jackson.

          4. Scott bloody mills i’d have fallen asleep listening to him. He’s so dull , a pathetic creature. I still cringe at his fluffy attempt to report about evil homophobia in uganda and talking to militant homophobes and then saying how charming they were.

  6. It’s not her. It’s Eurovision. There were many quality acts and in the way of Eurovision mostly they didn’t get through. Is there an awfulness measure they have to achieve before progressing? Seriously…….

  7. It is really a shame that Dana did get to complete in the final on Saturday, May 14th. She really gave it the ‘old college try’, however, writing the music and lyrics herself and singing half the song in the native language of her country.
    I’ve either watched live, or had tapes shipped to me of this contest for most of the last 40 years. The contest now has so many contestants and rules, along with skells that know how to work the system that this is now more of a game of chance than a contest based on merit.
    In interviews, Dana indicated she participated to have a good time. Sure, she will earn money from performance fees and record sales. I think there were other good acts that were didn’t make the cut because of bloc voting, and don’t think transphobia was a significant factor.
    Dana did state in an interview that she hopes her example will lead others to come out of the closet and live the life they need to. That alone is enough reason for taking part in the contest.

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