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Northern Ireland

Ian Paisley Jr says he has ‘grown up’ over anti-gay views

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Reader comments

  1. How can anyone who looks like that have the cheek to be repulsed by anything

    1. stan James 15 May 2011, 9:26am

      When he comes out for gay marriage, no qualifications, then we’ll believe him

  2. Vile, twisted, bigotted, faith-blinded man. Northern Ireland deserves what it gets if it votes in that kind of nutter….not to mention his revolting father as well. He embodies just how intolerant supposedly all-loving, all-peaceful religions are. Maybe the IRA could do something useful for once and take him out!

    1. Thanks for your compassion, unfortunately he is not in my constituency but I would never vote for his party. It is not within the ability of the LBGT population of his constituency to vote him out and the DUP have a lot of like minded bigots in that area.

      I think telling the LGBT people of NI that they deserve what other people vote for is a bit harsh. Its a bit like me blaming you for Anne Widdecombe.

      1. I didn’t say LGBT people, I just NI. You are a whole entity, you know. I fully accept Anne Widdecombe – or rather the constituency that voted her in. They get what they deserve. That’s democracy babe.

        1. Paul Brownsey 13 May 2011, 8:47pm

          But it’s just not true that this or that gay man gets what he deserves if a homophobe gets voted into a position of power. *He* has done nothing to deserve being subjected to such power. If you want to say he should just go along with the democratic verdict, that’s not open to the same objection, but he still doesn’t *deserve* to have such people in power over him.

          1. Voting is based on majorities. If th majority vote in homophobes, then that’s who they get. And that’s what they deserve. Gay people are all in favour of majorities when tey suit us, but never the other way round. Bit hypocritical to be honest.

            And, again for those not reading properly, I said NI deserves what it gets, not the LGBT people. But ultimately, it’s up to the LGBT of NI to make some noise. They don’t make enough, they are as apathetic as all other voters it seems. And so they get what they deserve for their efforts.

          2. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 2:26pm

            Trouble is your assuming how the LGBT community in Northern Ireland is voting.
            They won’t all vote the same just as they don’t anywhere else, including here.
            So there will be some that what they’ve got they voted for.

    2. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:29am

      For your information the IRA was voted out of existence after the Belfast Agreement some 17 years ago by the 89% of the Irish people.Since when did religion become all loving or peace loving. Have you read their rule books?
      I don’t think however anyone on these oages should be advocating murder no matter how odious you are.

      1. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:31am

        my post was for the odious Hmmmmmm

  3. Aww.. bless him. It’s cute he thinks he has grown up when he still has an invisible friend.

    *ruffles his hair*

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 9:48am

      He may claim he has grown up but he still continuously walks into doors.

  4. He’s still an out and out bigot. Imagine, this b@stard is elected by a voting public.

    1. Large sections of the voting public in his constituency are not unlike him – out and out bigots, and another section are apathetic to his anti – gay views. We have large percentages of right wing christian fundies here (or wackjobs as I like to call them)

      1. Then mobilise your LGBT folks. If everyone of you stood up and marched, there’d be no room for the likes of him. Sadly, LGBT people were probably some of those who voted the nutjob in. I did my marching, appealing, lobbying and all that here and it did eventually pay off because there were so many of us. To think uber-Catholic Eire is more open-minded than NI….that’s quite shocking.

        1. Have a cookie.

          1. Paddyswurds 14 May 2011, 11:29am

            Is it possible Ian Kyle is hiding something. Did y’all know that she is a biker queen and rolls up to Stormont (Parliment Buildings) on her big throbbing Harley and all decked out in leathers. And when he walks there is a definite hint of mincing “queen” I wonder??…… not that he is in any way desireable…yeukk.

        2. In agreement with you re Catholic Ireland vs bigoted Northern Ireland hmmmmm but to be honest I think people in Northern Ireland are much quicker at openly espousing hatred because the province is riddled with hatred from every angle. Over the past number of years there was a huge increase in attacks on eastern european migrants to Northern Ireland- the thinking behind it being that since the Good Friday agreement and the so called ceasefire the locals need some way to occupy their empty lives and as they can’t fight the ‘old enemy’ they turn their attentions to other outsiders. Likewise there was some shocking statistic that animal cruelty in the north of Ireland was at epidemic levels since the ceasefire- again young thugs with nothing better to do. The republic of Ireland is not exactly Mykonos or San Francisco either but bigotry isn’t tolerated or expressed as much as it is north of the border.

        3. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:36am

          ……”uber catholic Eire” really? what planet are you screaming from cause it certainly isnt the one i live on in 2011. Abot 22% of Irish people are practicing today. Most GLB people in the Six Counties vote for Nationalist politicians i will have you know ……Stop posting racist rubbish, idiot.

    2. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 9:50am

      Elected by a voring public that still fights and kills just because they happen to be different kinds of Christians.
      Are we really surprised?

      1. I’m surprised you think that. Judging a country on its past is pretty closed minded. The people of NI condemn violence and murder. Small groups that hate and murder one another don’t hold the right to speak for the majority. Peace.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 1:41pm

          Actually my point is that Religion is still very much on the front footing in NI.

          1. Yeah, very much so. It’s kinda backwards here in terms of gay rights, but it’s surely getting better.

            The DUP get away with being overly offensive too many times. Although I do kinda find them entertaining, like in a dog trying to go through a door with a stick that’s too long kind of way.

          2. Jock S. Trap 16 May 2011, 8:22am

            I’m sure as time goes by Equal rights will gradually improve in NI,
            I just wish they’d get on with it! ;)

        2. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 2:21pm

          Should have added more so than even the UK.

          1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 2:21pm

            Sorry the rest of the UK – Doh! :)

  5. I never get these people. How can they disagree with being gay? It’s like disagreeing with being white.
    I’m glad he’s moderated his language somewhat, but it’s not up to him to ‘agree’ with who we are.

    1. They can and do disagree – their bible tells them so. Fortunately we do now have some parties who have pro gay policies here so the ability of this gimp’s views actually impacting too negatively on us are diluted.

      It will be interesting to see when marriage equality is legislated for in England and Wales how they will all react here (it is a devolved matter). His father managed to hold back the legalisation of homosexuality in NI until 1982 when Thatcher forced it through against his will (yes I said Thatcher). Will they try a similar thing with marriage equality.

    2. de Villiers 13 May 2011, 5:49pm

      I understand the basis behind their disagreement with being gay, albeit I disagree with it. Only on appreciating the foundation of their argument is it possible to engage them on it. Otherwise, any discussion involves the participants talking past each other and not understanding each other’s terms.

      1. The ‘foundation’ of their bigotry is that an imaginary, malevolent sky-fairy says that homosexuality is an abomination. How on earth are we supposed to engage with such wilfully deluded people.

      2. True, de Villiers. But if his reasons are religious, then he’s blindly following a very dubious interpretation. And his comment about same sex relationships repulsing him is just daft. So? I’m not that struck on straight sex actually, but I don’t go round fussing about it, nor do I try to limit straight people’s rights.
        I get what you’re saying and you’re technically correct. I’m just sick of people using religion as an excuse for bigotry. In fact, from what I’ve read, I don’t think Mr Paisley Jr’s reaction is as much driven by religion as by his own personal dislike. See, I can understand that – he doesn’t fancy gay sex, fine – but what I DON’T understand is why he can’t leave other people alone and seeks to comment on whether he ‘agrees’ with them or not. I wouldn’t DREAM of making such arrogant pronouncements about straight people, so I don’t get that at all. And if you say that it’s because he believes in god, then that’s no excuse either as god would be the one judging, not him

        1. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:43am

          Actually, Iris it probably is his religion. Paisley snr was trained and ordained in an southern American bible college of the evangical kind and then returned to Ireland and set up his own Free Presbyterian church of which Ian Kyle is a member along with most members of the DUP.

          1. Scary! How easily some people are brainwashed and made to hate.

      3. You can’t engage with people who are only following what they have been told to do by the Church. It’s either the Church or us..some people are just blind believers , if they weren’t then they would be bad Christians. Unless the pope or whatever leader tells them to change then it’s hopeless.. Decisions are made by some politicians based solely on their Christian belief (it happens in Australia all the time and they’re quite blatant about it). I really think it’s nothing personal, it’s religious brainwashing, dogma. Luckily , usually , in Western countries they don’t make up the majority and they tend to modify their extreme views becuase of pressure from changes in the law etc and pressure to keep their jobs and polical Christian influence in a party……

    3. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 9:53am

      Yes Iris but not so long ago didnt these same types of people around the world have the same loathing of all things woman and all things black no so long ago?
      As for this man personally, I have to question why these people feel the need to focus only ever on sex and not the person?
      Then they have the cheek to call us perverted.

      1. Paddyswurds 14 May 2011, 11:43am

        Thats the Xtian way. Sex is all they have left after slavery was abolished and women had the cheek to leave the kitchen……
        Don’t forget Iris the 63 year old Proddy harlot who, while ranting on morning radio that “queers” were an abomination and were “intrinsically disordered” and advocating “gay cure” by a “lovely man in my office” was having it away with her 19 year old toyboy and setting him up in business with money she extorted from DUP stalwarts.
        All behind her freakishly xtian hubby, First Minister of the Devolved government of the Six Counties.
        Xtians like all religious freaks who believe in the Abrahamic fiction cults want to have their cake and eat while denying everyone else even the crumbs from that same cake.

        1. Too true, Paddyswurds. Hypocrisy often seems to be a ‘Christian’ value.

      2. Yes, it’s weird. They seem to be struggling with their own repressed obsessions and take it out on other people.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 7:21am

          Yes exactly.
          It seems these kinds of people are never happy unless they are trying to put down someone in society which begs the question…
          With so many doing it is that really what Religion is about?
          Putting others down to make themselves feel more superior?

          1. For some people, yes it is. I think some (note the ‘some’ there) people latch on to religion as a way to boost their self-esteem. Not only can they become part of a club and feel special, they are also provided with examples of inferior people – non-believers, women, LGBT people, etc – that they can congratulate themselves on not being. I’ve met religious people who are quite extreme examples of that, and vicious with it.

          2. Jock S. Trap 16 May 2011, 8:26am

            Yeah, I have meant the same kind you refer to.
            Though as you say not all are the same.
            The people I feel for are the ones who are religious and just happen to be Gay or Lesbian etc
            For the likes of me I can switch off but for them these vicious types, it is a lot more personal.

  6. He doesn’t hate us just what we do thats the biggest bullsh!t answer I’ve heard in ages

    1. LGBT people are LGBT before they even ‘do’ anything. And thus he does just hate us. Full stop. He can’t even lie properly. An embarrassment to NI, not that most people there don’t share his views. Still, it was quite a comedy moment seeing Paisley Jr being dressed down by Martin McGuinness over his homophobia!

      1. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:51am

        @ hmmmmmm
        More rubbish… The DUP got just 38% of the votes so that is hardly “not 13that most people there don’t share his views.” As i suggested earlier do some research before you post such bigoted rubbish.

        1. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 6:15pm

          …….@ hmmmmmm
          More rubbish… The DUP got just 38% of the votes so that is hardly; “not that most people there don’t share his views.”
          As i suggested earlier do some research before you post such bigoted rubbish.

    2. It’s the latest excuse from religious people, Hamish. “No, we don’t hate you. We just want you to hide away and never be intimate with the person you love, OK?” Pathetic.

  7. So he used to treat homosexuals with contempt, now he just doesn’t agree with us as people.
    And this is his idea of growing up? It’s like listening to a 6 year old who thinks they’re a big boy now they can tie their shoelaces and use the toilet, but still throws hissy fits at the confectionary stand at Tesco.
    He’s not exactly stretching himself here is he?

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 9:58am

      Yeah in other words “nothing personal but he just can’t stand us.”
      “Everything personal, I cant stand them ‘Gays'”
      “Keep it quiet but do you have a number for a good rent boy for the weekend”

      1. Paddyswurds 14 May 2011, 11:46am

        You may not be far wrong there JST. Google Kincora Boys Home and see what went on there a few years ago. His Da was deeply involved in the murky goings on there.

        1. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 12:20pm

          Doesn’t surprise me, there’s always something ‘lurking’ with these types.

  8. Dan Filson 13 May 2011, 5:46pm

    How about a tiny bit of charity here – he had a prehistoric monster of a father, getting in a word edgeways with whom must have been a real trial – and is a great improvement on the old horror. He’s making tentative steps and give it, oh, fifty years, he yet may step onto the dance floor.

    1. He’s a big enough – and well-educated enough – boy to be able to look at his father’s views objectively. He will only be changed by his party demanding so. And even then it will just be window dressing to stay in favour with his political brethren. By the time we get to his age, our views are pretty fixed. He isn’t going to move from being repulsed to being comfortable with gay people….it’s a bridge too far.

      1. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:56am

        Well his father went form being a ranting foaming at the mouth anti sinn Fein to being the “chuckle brothers” with Martin McGuiness, an ex Provo at nearly 80 years of age and also went to Dublin and shook hands with the Taoiseach. So there is definitely hope for change in Ian Jnr. BY the way he is not well educated Distinctly average would be charitable.

    2. But he’s a middle-aged man already. He’s never going to change.

      1. Exactly David, are people expecting some road to Damascus style conversion? He’s a bigot and a thug like his father and a lot of other people in the North, he’s from the same school of thought as Iris Robinson.

    3. He must have got his good side from his mum?

  9. He needs corrective eye surgery! I’m always amazed at these so called “christians” who veil their hatred by saying they respect people and their social background and hate what we do, the loving the sinner hating the sin mantra. Its so transparent. A bigot is a bigot, plain and simple.

    Dave G, you can bet that N. Ireland will do exactly that. Its as backward as the republican controlled states in America. Their brains are also devolved, not much bigger than a sperm head with precious little substance in it, a cultural wasteland.

    1. de Villiers 13 May 2011, 5:52pm

      Robert, if you think that the views are stupid then just say so. It is unnecessary to start making points about eyes or hair, as someone else above did, or the size of their brains, which is the same as ours. Those points are so clearly unrealistic that they detract from the very real criticism. Just say that the views are stupid – don’t get sidetracked on froth.

      1. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 9:59am

        Exactly, say is as it is, the blokes a loon!

  10. Mood music. And I love the stuff about being advised against a political career. Large pinch of salt recommended.

  11. To be perfectly frank, I don’t care a less what Mr Paisley Junior (or his father for that matter) think about my orientation …

    They are offensive in so many areas in their vile rhetoric that their opinion is irrelevant

    1. Here Here
      How any one can allow them time to promote their hate, is testimony to the under currents of vilification which are just below the surface waiting to break through, for which the Paisley’s have been an enduring mouth piece.

  12. A superstitous troll who still lives in the dark ages – he has no voice of any consequence – if I wanted to read this backward paddy, I would read the F’#kin magazine – Pinknews if you need to fill space – hire some real journalists!

    1. He’s not a paddy JohnD, that most certainly he is not, he and his father were so anti the republic of Ireland that what he’s saying now about the LGBT community he and his father were saying about Catholics until under a decade ago.

      1. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 1:44am

        ….Pity you missed it CMYB, but the JonnD cretin above was being crudely racist. You may not be aware of it but “paddy” ( in lower case) is often used in Britain as a derogatory term for anyone born in Ireland. It is the crude “pigs in the parlour” shyte that was prevelant in the british rag Punch for decades.
        BTW, Ian Kyle is most certainly as Irish as i am, as he was born on the island of Ireland and is entitled to an Irish passport and may even have one as many so call British from the Six Counties have.. Politically he may be British but he is still Irish even when he goes to the offshore island of Britain to sit in their House of Commons.

  13. What a repulsive, patronising man……let’s hope in another 3 yrs he makes a slightly more gigantic step towards accepting gay people, I don’t hold out much hope. though….I have a horrible feeling with more gay rights around the world these people may get worse rather than better…the Christian lobby may engage with them sooner than we do and they’re on the same wave length ,they’re on the brink of extrmism already, so I for one, have no real hope for this one……like father like son..

  14. Karin Hakalax 13 May 2011, 7:26pm

    Sorry guys,
    I find your comments spitefull and mocking, you’re talking like bullies – out of contempt. Not at all tolerant.
    We’re supposed to be the good guys, aren’t we? :-(

    1. What did you expect?
      “Thankyou Ian Paisley Jnr for finally treating us like human beings instead of pariahs, though I appreciate we shouldn’t expect base level respect from you, after all we are basically sinners as you said”.
      If he can’t be bothered to do more than damn us with faint praise and backhanded compliments (which are only incrimentally different to his previous bigoted agenda) he should call us back when he has something worth saying on the subject.
      “I’m marginally less of a bigot than I was yesterday” – what does he want, a round of applause?

    2. Since when should gay people be tolerant of intolerance?

    3. WTF are you on Karin? Our comments are spiteful? You dumb f–k. You dumb head in the sand ar$e in the air f–k. If you read or heard HALF of what he and his father have said about Catholics, the LGBT community and everyone else they don’t agree with you’d reconsider who were the bullies. Sheesh you p1ssed me off big time you f–king gimp.

    4. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 10:01am

      Er, crazy says what now?

  15. Yes and my names Mary!
    The apple never falls far from the tree does it?

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 4:32pm

      Hi Mary!

  16. Are Christians supposed to HATE anything?

    1. But he says he doesn’t hate us..but as all good Christians know being gay is sinful and that means as a MP, who is also Christian, it’s your godly duty to block every damn bill that gives any rights to gays and hey to be make absolutely sure you enter heaven you may want to go a step beyond that and introduce a few bills of your own to discourage gays, like banging them up in prison etc. …..No Christians aren’t supposed to hate people but they can make it awfully hard for you to be a happy, normal person, especially if they have a bit of political power!

      1. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 10:03am

        Thats right, Kraig he doesn’t hate us, he just can’t bloody stand us.
        Nothing persona, like.

  17. Well, if he’s still saying things like this then he obviously hasn’t “grown up” at all.

  18. and at what age does he intend to be fully grown up?

  19. “…you have to realise that while sin is black and white, life is a lot of grey.”

    What is he trying to tell us?

  20. Simon Halliwell 13 May 2011, 11:46pm

    He should have married Iris Robinson, never have a couple be more suited.

    County Antrim

  21. simple answer – want equality vote Sinn Féin.

    1. Hilarious answer. If you trust them, then you need your ead read. They’re only jumping on the pro-gay bandwagon to differentiate themselves from nutters like Paisley, they clearly don’t mean it. But then they thought funding terrorists to go against the will of the NI majority was fine too.

      1. Paddyswurds 14 May 2011, 12:00pm

        ….Well actually, Sinn Fein have always been pro Gay and pro Equality. Viz the terrorist thing, One mans terrorist is another mans liberator. Don’t forget that Nelson Mandela was once the most wanted man in the entire world now he is on the verge of being made a living saint.
        Also don’t forget that the IRA weren’t the only terrorists in the north of Ireland. I’m sure you saw Call me Dave Cameron on Telly last year apologising for the terrorism of the British Army and in particular the SAS who murdered 14 unarmend men and teenagers in Derry on Bloody Sunday because they had the cheek to demand civil rights and One man One vote, which up until then was denied Catholics in the Six Counties. I respectfully suggest you familiarise yourself with the whole Irish Question before making unfounded and inflammatory statements. It isn’t all as clearcut as you seem to think.

        1. Erm, you don’t have a monopoly on Northern Ireland just because you’re called Paddy. Not to mention you have based your argument on a mere six lines. For all you know, I might have written a book on the subject. But, by all means, assume away with your blinkered, one-sided views.

          And as for Sinn Fein always being pro-gay? Sorry, as of when? Oh, you mean when they could score a few points against the DUP, ah right. Of course, it LGBT rights were always top of their agenda, silly me. That’s slightly different to them supporting LGBT from the outset, hence why anyone with any sense is cautious. Both sides are as petty and belligerent as each other, always have been – they’re both heavily focused on religion.

          You obviously have some national identity issues going on here, but this thread is about LGBT people, not independence, so kindly refrain from dragging your republicanism into it. Cheers, much appreciated.

          1. And please, don’t EVER compare Nelson Mandela with the pathetic Gerry Adams or his ilk again. It is a gross insult to the man. If you think that apartheid (colonials not allowing blacks and whites to mix) is the same as the situation on Northern Ireland (Catholics and Protestants refusing to mix with each other) then I would kindly request you to read up on South African apartheid. Much obliged, chap.

          2. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:00am

            What you wrote is the biggest load of shyte that was ever written on these pages and marks you out for what you clearly are. Nowhere did i compare Mandela to anyone I merely pointed out that he was once a wanted man which you cannot deny.You conveniently ignored the FACT that the british army were as much guilty of terrorism in Ireland as anyone else, That also you cannot deny. You were the one who mentioned terrorists first. I will bring whatever i like on to this thread . How dare you try dictate the terms on these pages. Who the fcuk do you think you are, you scumbag racist fcuker.
            And yes GLB rights were always on the Sinn Fein agenda. It is there for all to see and not recent either if you cared to research it when you “wrote a book” But of course it doesnt fit your agenda to admit that. Now fcuk off and be racist somewhere else like the Daily Mail where you are most suited. Dont you have some Muslims to scream about.

          3. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:13am

            The arrogance of you to come on these pages to tell anyone what the must and must not do is staggering. If i wanted to call Nelson Mandela what the british called him for decades i would have to stoop pretty low.
            For your information the conflict in Ireland is not a religious on. It just so happens that the two sides are of different religions and that is another consequence of the british occupation when they planted ulster with the dregs of british cities in the 17th century. The conflict started because those same planters denied the Indiginous people the civil rights which came to a head in 1969 when the protestant police force were sent on to the streets by the bvritish prime minister to quell Civil rights marchs. like i said earlier familiarise yourself with the Irish Question before you come on here with your onesided false rhetoric. As i also said earlier, don’t you have some Asians or Muslims to scream about?

          4. Paddyswurds 16 May 2011, 2:21am

            The arrogance of you to come on these pages to tell anyone what they must and must not do is staggering. I live in the Six Counties BTW and know the place
            If i wanted to call Nelson Mandela what the british called him for decades i would have to stoop pretty low.
            For your information the conflict in Ireland is not a religious one. It just happens that the two sides are of different religions and that is consequence of the british occupation, when they planted Ulster with the dregs of british cities in the 17th century. The conflict started because those same planters denied the Indiginous people their civil rights, and which came to a head in 1969 when the wholly protestant police force were sent on to the streets by the british prime minister to quell Civil rights marches. like i said earlier familiarise yourself with the Irish Question before you come on here with your onesided false rhetoric. As i also said earlier, don’t you have some Asians or Muslims to scream about?

  22. In the past he was correct, currently he degraded himself. Surely, homosexuality do great harm to society. Always. Everywhere.

    1. Oh look, another wandering homophobe who spends his time on gay websites looking for answers as to why he’s drawn to gay issues. (get a boyfriend would be the obvious answer.)

      If your straight life is so wonderful, ‘Rich’, why are you not out there enjoying it?

    2. Rich, you are still here?

    3. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 10:05am

      There was me thinking Dana International’s song was for Rich..
      Ding Dong the witch is…
      It’s back… apparently.

    4. Paddyswurds 14 May 2011, 12:08pm

      ….Would you care to elaborate as to how queers do great harm to society.
      It certainly isn’t affecting the population. The breeders seem to be doing a fairly good job of overpopulating an already overstretched planet. Almost 7 billion at this stage. it seems to me we need a lot more GLBs at tis stage if society is to survive. By the way would you as a relioionist not be better employed out doing for the poor than on here harassing a few gays about what they do in bed.?? Just a thought don’t ya know.

      1. Paddyswurds 14 May 2011, 12:11pm

        ………. Almost 7 billion at this stage and that isn’t counting the 30 million abortions every year.

        religionist** obv.

        1. Paddyswurds 14 May 2011, 12:14pm

          ….Would you care to elaborate as to how queers do great harm to society.
          It certainly isn’t affecting the population. The breeders seem to be doing a fairly good job of overpopulating an already overstretched planet. Almost 7 billion at this stage and that isn’t counting the almost 30 million abortions yearly. it seems to me we need a lot more GLBs at tis stage if society is to survive. By the way would you as a religionist, not be better employed out doing for the poor than on here harassing a few gays about what they do in bed.?? Just a thought don’t ya know.

    5. Poor Rich. Back again now school’s over for the week? Such a fab life you’re leading – so fab and ‘straigh’t that you can’t stop yourself coming back here again and again, taking out all your self-hatred on us. Why not come out – or get support to do so as you clearly need it.
      We do pity you, Rich.

      1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 7:25am

        I’m wondering if the authorites know Rich is being left on his own all this time?

    6. Rich

      How often do you have to cleanse yourself when you sully yourself with the filth and depravity that is Pink News?

      Your bigoted attitudes are the most degrading thing on this thread

  23. Where do people concoct that someone’s sex life is ‘harming’ to them or anyone else in society, given the variety of sexual relationships, dalliances and other intrigue that goes on daily, just within the straight community?

    Is two gays having sex privately any more harmful than two straights having sex and breaking up two families with children for want of that same act? Who exactly, is being ‘more harmful’ here? You only have to watch a week’s worth of Jeremy Kyle to see a.) how straight people are populating society with kids they cannot or will not look after, prioritising drugs, sex and booze above their kids b.) how little gays figure in all of this main body of parenting/societal malaise nationwide.

    I don’t get how these religious types can be so ludicriously off-kilter with their reasoning but then I am not religious and am not steered by some fictional storybook that has been no doubt rammed down my throat by my screaming, angry, biased father as a child.

    1. I think the Christian/nutter view is that sex outside of marriage is a sin (black and white theory) and using the a la stephen Green/Christian Raabe theory gays harm society becuase for instance we’re bad for the health of the nation eg spread STIs/HIV/cancer , being gay makes you miserable thats why we drink/smoke/commit suicide and if you’re really into their propaganda then I’m sure they have various reports and stats on other negative things showing we harm society. Of course we can engage in polite conversation with them and explain the stats and reasoning behind them but then you’d probably come full circle again where they’d simply argue that the bible says that we are doubly sinful to straighst becuase we not only have sex outside of marriage (gays can’t marry in Christian terms) but have sex with people of the same sex…hopeless sitution!!

    2. Cof E’s reasoning , I think it’s becuase we’re outside the natural order, misfits – difficult not to hate these bastards ‘… a parallel and alternative form of human sexuality as complete within the terms of the created order as the heterosexual. The convergence of Scripture, Tradition and reasoned reflection on experience, even including the newly sympathetic and perceptive thinking of our own day, makes it impossible for the Church to come with integrity to any other conclusion. Heterosexuality and homosexuality are not equally congruous with the observed order of creation or with the insights of revelation as the Church engages with these in the light of her pastoral ministry.’

  24. If you are prepared to make a statement that homosexuality harms society you should be prepared to explain in what way you think homosexuality harms society and give some examples, Ian Paisley Jr does neither.

  25. Jock S. Trap 14 May 2011, 9:46am

    Still confused about how a committed same sex couple ‘harms society’.
    Is it because we don’t naturally have children while it is a fact that many are starving because of over population and not enough food to feed the world.
    What with oil and food prices going up.
    It is because these bigots homophobia just feeds on spreading homphobia for their own pathetic lives and fears?
    How exactly do LGBT people affect them personally if they are not LGBT or don’t actually know anyone who is LGBT?
    Or are they doing what most in religion does So well?

    1. Connor Wallace 14 May 2011, 4:01pm

      They never have a direct answer, because there isn’t one (obviously), and they can’t even make up a good lie.

      1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 7:26am

        I’m not sure why they bother to be honest.

  26. His stance, ironically is *very* close to Catholicism, love the sinner hate the sin. Grown up? I don’t think so, he can’t even grow a pair and get out from under daddy’s shadow. There’s something vile about the DUP’s stance on homosexuality that has more to do with their closeted mindset than anything else. Do most heterosexual men “relfect” on homosexuality? No.Riddle me this: what is the DUP so obsessed about this issue? At least that bigoted slag Iris shagged a member of the opposite sex (even if a baby hetero), Paisley jnr would have crapped his pants if she’d turned into a dyke. Seriously, the party of homophobia. end of.

  27. Jock, the fact that we can’t naturally have children, although lesbians can via in vitro of course is just a red herring, but that worn out lame excuse about procreation would have to be applied to straight women beyond child bearing years or those straight couples who choose not to procreate or who can’t from being allowed to marry if one applies the view of the right wing religious nutters. The problem with them is that they want it both ways and think that they should control civil marriage which according to my knowledge of christianity, isn’t a sacrament reserved only for straight couples.

    I looked at the new international version of the bible. In Genesis 2:22-25, it was actually the mythical Adam NOT God who implied that woman was brought to man and they would be one and from that the religious nutters assume it meant marriage if you can believe in that nonsense.

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 7:34am

      Indeed Robert a worthy point but unfortunately when it comes to Straight people doing exactly the same as the LGBT community Religious people just seems to deny any knowledge as if it can’t be true.
      Many a time I have continuously answered a Religious persons question on that but they wish to remain blind in order to somehow assume us different even though we are not.
      It is definitely one of the lamest of excuses but somehow they just can’t stop themselves doing their utmost best to keep the them and us attitude even though deep down they Must know we are all human beings.

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 7:36am

      This is why they want to continue fighting against out rights.
      It has nothing to do with the Bible, or the Koran etc, it have Everything to do with not wanting us to look and live normally just like everyone else, even though we do, because then to view us as just the same somehow would make them question themselves.
      That is what they are afraid of.
      It’s as if they just can’t trust themselves, so deny us.
      It’s all about them, no one else.
      But then how many times have we heard about a homophobe suddenly being caught out with some rent boy or on some Heath after fighting against us?
      Too many times, I think.

  28. Connor Wallace 14 May 2011, 4:00pm

    The whole “hate what they do, not hate them” thing is pretty stupid. It’s not just a thing we “do” like driving a car. People like him should be ignored until they dissapear.

  29. I don’t hate him either, just the way he thinks.
    (And perhaps that anyone thinks his opinions worth publicising.)

  30. johnny33308 14 May 2011, 4:43pm

    Ahhh, the old “hate the sin, not the sinner” argument! We hear that here in the US; it is code for “we hate these people but cannot say this out loud because it gives away our radical religious beliefs that are in conflict with any sort of civilized society”. Yes, we hear this often from KKKristians, but this is AmeriKKKa after all. Bar these sorts from public office or the consequences will be severe-look over here across the pond and see for yourself the true consequences of these people getting elected to ANYTHING.

  31. So, Son-of-Knobhead is repelled by it is he?
    I have exactly the same feelings for the weather, today, here in SALFORD and there’s not a lot I can do about it.

    Not a lot you can do about homosexuality, turd-brain, either, both being fonnomonommonomommomms of Nature.
    (Now where did I put that dickshunnry?)

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 7:38am

      Yes he repells us usually means that he is curious.

    2. “Son-of-Knobhead”… love it, perhaps Arnold Schwarzenneger could play the part of Paisly Jr when it’s made into a movie.

      (at cinema’s everywhere)

      1. Actually “Son-of-Knobhead” is Paisley Jr’s story though “Knobhead” could be the shocking prequel about Paisley Sr.

  32. ….and has a LOT more growing up to do.
    In Christian charity, for a start.

    Keith (again)

  33. Creep.

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 8:25am

      …and creepy!

  34. I imagine Ian Paisley Sr mostly used to screw Mrs Paisley in the r’s as a method of birth control rather than use a condom, obviously one devilishly horny night they cocked up, threw caution to the wind and took the penile vagina route resulting in the lovely Ian Paisley Jr’s conception (Paisley’s mini me) .
    Paisley Sr in his public life promotes Biblical literalism, he has preached against homosexuality and supports laws criminalising its practice.

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 11:14am

      Oh Lordy!! Now there’s an image.
      I think I might need some warning before you put these graphic images into my head.
      Who would have though breakfast could repeat after all this time…

      1. Yes, anti-gay biblical literalism is enough to make anyone chuck-up.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 May 2011, 4:33pm


  35. Ina Parsley Jr says she has ‘grown up’ over anti-moon views and she is not selenophobic

    Ina Parsley Jr says she has “grown up” since condemning the moon in an interview four years ago but still strongly disagrees with it.

    In 2007, the DUP MP said he was “repulsed” by the moon and that it “harm[s] society”

    In the 2007 magazine interview, Ina said: “I am pretty repulsed by the phases of the moon. I think it is wrong. I think that the moon harms itself and – without caring about it – harm society.

    “That doesn’t mean to say that I hate the moon. I mean, I hate what the moon does.”

  36. So he’s evolved all the way to Neanderthal. How many millions of years will he need before he becomes HUMAN?

  37. Spiritbody 16 May 2011, 2:06pm

    I dont see much evidence of ‘growing up’ Mr Paisley. You still sound like an 8 year old. (And thats disrespectful to 8 year olds)

  38. I see a religious person expressing bigotry towards a minority – no change here folks. I also strongly disagree with the previous commenters assertion that this is a ‘dubious interpretation’ of the bible. Unfortunately, this position is predicated on quite a logical and literal reading of the scripture. Mr. Paisley’s views – taken to their logic conclusions – are those of the Mullahs in Iran who publically hang homosexuals. Religion is, without a doubt, the biggest threat to the LGBT community.

    1. George,: “this position is predicated on quite a logical and literal reading of the scripture.”

      I don’t think so George, there is nothing logical in believing the Bible is the inerrant word of God, but when they claim literal belief in the Bible it is literal belief in a particular and a lazy, anti-gay interpretation of the Bible that is really not supported by the text when examined logically in it’s context.

    2. George, the homosexuality bits of the Bible have been misinterpreted and misunderstood and misrepresented. They are NOT about consensual, loving relationships between adults of the same sex, they are about a selection of things relevant at the time, eg temple sex (straight men having sex with other men as part of a religious ritual – NOT Christian and thus disliked by Christians). To think that that proscription about temple sex means that ALL gay sex is wrong, is equivalent to thinking that the proscription of adultery is ‘because god hates straight people’.
      I agree about religion being a threat to LGBT people – very much so.

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