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Minnesota Senate approves referendum on gay marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 12 May 2011, 4:09pm

    Another step back from yet another vile republican bigot in America, Land of the Joke.

  2. Connor Wallace 12 May 2011, 4:34pm

    It’s one thing to not have it legal yet, but to ban it? Seriously, what’s so wrong with same-sex marriage?!

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  3. What can we expect, its America, the so called “land of the free” where EVERYBODY is supposed to be equal according to their flawed constitution.

    Connor, its religion at the root of it all. America is arguably one of the most bigoted of all western societies. Virtually NO man or woman who seeks elective office can be considered let alone win unless he or she professes a religious belief. It brags about its freedom for all yet can’t even manage to grant one entire group of people their full “civil” equality.

    Although we in the UK don’t have our full equality yet, LGBT people enjoy far more equality freedoms than their counterparts in America, far more. We will be light years ahead of them once marriage equality becomes a reality across the UK.

    1. David Myers 14 May 2011, 7:32am

      Actually Robert, there are flaws in the US constitution, but it explicitly prohibits the establishment of a state religion or interfering with freedom of religion. Until the 13th amendment was passed, it also explicitly approved of slavery. In addition, I would say the main flaw is the 2nd amendment which guarantees “the right to bear arms”. This has been interpreted, due to the undue influence of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and its lobbyists on the American political system, to ban nearly all laws limiting possession of guns and weapons. The original intent of that amendent was to prohibit the government from banning citizens from owning their own rifles. The founding fathers certainly had never contemplated the possibility of weapons of mass killing such as machine guns, bazookas, etc.
      You are totally correct that religion is the root of American bigotry and hate, but it is not due to their constitution which “guarantees” “separation of church and state”

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